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4 Keys to Hearing God s Voice

Author : Mark Virkler
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Based on the highly popular and successful book, How to Hear God’s Voice, this exciting new book emphasizes the 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice. “When I learned to hear God’s voice after 11 years as a believer without it, every part of me was radically transformed. Thousands have told me they have had this same metamorphosis, and I believe that this will become your testimony also,” writes co-author, Mark Virkler. The keys that are examined, discussed in detail, and can be immediately applied to your life are: How to recognize God’s voice as spontaneous thoughts. Learning how to become still before the Lord. Looking for vision as you pray. Realizing the importance of two-way journaling. Filled with insights from years of hearing from God, 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice also includes visual aids that enhance the teaching and learning experience. Very reader-friendly, you will find that the concepts and principles are easily adapted to your personal circumstances and lifestyle. Designed to bring even more depth to your relationship with God, this book is part of an integrated package that includes a DVD and seminar guide for either individual or group study. Either as a stand-alone book or as part of a package, you are sure to gain valuable encouragement and motivation to seek intimate communication with God, your heavenly Father.

How Does God Speak Understand Your Dreams Hear God s Voice

Author : Arinola Araba
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Learning to Hear God s Voice

Author : Harold Smith
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This book is a compilation of personal journals (conversations with God) that have been documented on the computer. The responses from God to the authors are often quite insightful and amazing. The subjects covered are wide-ranging. Also in this book, is the complete outline of the class “How to Hear God’s Voice,” which the authors have taught in the prisons.

Hearing God

Author : Mark Virkler
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What does it sound like to hear from Heaven? In this interactive journal, Dr. Mark Virkler takes you on a life-changing journey that reveals three powerful ways you can hear God’s voice and recognize how He is speaking in your life everyday. You will: Hear… Discover the four keys to hearing God’s voice and start listening to the Holy Spirit with supernatural clarity Meditate… Practice the seven steps to meditating on what God is saying and watch His Word come alive to you in a fresh new way Dream… Learn how God is uniquely speaking to you through your dreams As you hear God’s voice and respond to what He is saying, you will receive direction, experience healing, and unlock creativity in your life like never before!

Five keys to hearing from God

Author : Theresa Kutsoati
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This is a must read book. There is a lot to learn. Contents are inspired by the Holy Spirit. Once read, you will experience an amazing relationship with your creator and be able to teach others the principles to enable them experience a fulfilling life.God first instituted his love for us through the giving of His son. He wants a relationship with us. He made Adam a mate called Eve so that he would have a companion.

Overflow of the Spirit

Author : Mark Virkler
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All of the gifts of the Holy Spirit are available continuously, effortlessly, and naturally to every Christian. First Corinthians 12:7–11 reveals the nine-fold manifestation—wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miraculous powers, prophecy, distinguishing between spirits, speaking in tongues, and interpretation of tongues—but the Holy Spirit has much more that He wants to share with all Christians and He is ready to fill them to overflowing. Most people believe they can only have one or two of the gifts mentioned in Paul’s letter, yet the Bible clearly shows that believers can receive all of them. In fact, the apostle himself probably evidenced all nine gifts. However, these are only examples of the way the Spirit of God may reveal Himself to His people. They are not the only ways He will do so. In Overflow of the Spirit: How to Release His Gifts in Every Area of Your Life, Dr. Mark Virkler and co-author Charity Virkler Kayembe, his daughter, endeavor to teach you how to connect with the Holy Spirit moment by moment and intentionally draw upon His supernatural abilities. You will learn how to tune to the indwelling Holy Spirit and release Him into every situation of your life. Rather than life being you in action, it will be the Holy Spirit in action through you. Blessings will overtake you as you live and walk by the Spirit. The overflow of the Spirit opens the door to an entire lifestyle of intimacy with God that, once mastered, releases the heavens and God’s provisions for your life. The authors’ clear, lineal, biblical teaching is interspersed with real-life stories that clearly illustrate each point. Application exercises at the end of each chapter help to guide you into putting the lessons into action.

Prayers that Heal the Heart Revised and Expanded

Author : Dr. Mark Virkler
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Prayer counseling that breaks every yoke by Mark & Patti Virkler Have you ever prayed for healing of a heart wound and found that you experienced only partial healing, or perhaps no healing at all? If so, this book brings you hope! The heart has its own language that we must use if we want to bring healing to it. The language of the mind will not touch the deep places of the heart. And since a heart wound usually has multiple contributing causes, we need to use the right prayers to address each of these roots. The synergy of seven different prayers working together provides the spiritual energy necessary to release full, complete healing to the heart. This prayer counseling model has proven effective in thousands of lives. Biblical training on each of the seven prayers is given, along with worksheets which guide you easily through each prayer. These become a coach at your side. Extremely practical teaching on how to hear the voice of the Wonderful Counselor is included.

I Was Busy Now I m Not

Author : Joseph Peck
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Do you know time is your life? When you waste your time, you waste your life. Does your time seem to be in short supply? Have you had enough of feeling overwhelmed? Are you ready to find time for what matters most? If so, this book will help you discover how to: * simplify your complicated life, * make time for what matters most, and * live your big dreams!

What if Listening to God Was Easy

Author : Neil Miller
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What if listening to God was easy? What if you could learn how to hear God’s voice and hear him speak to you all within fifteen minutes? What if after developing a practice of listening to God, your life was totally transformed? God wants to talk to us, and he doesn’t want it to be difficult. With over sixty stories of listening to God interspersed throughout the text, this highly readable book gives a simple method we can immediately adopt to help us hear God’s voice on a daily basis. The later chapters show us how we can employ listening to God in discipleship and inner healing prayer. The final chapter demonstrates how people from other religions progress in their spiritual journeys when we help them listen to Jesus. What does this book have that other books lack? A practical step-by-step that has worked hundreds of times.

Hearing God Through Your Dreams

Author : Dr. Mark Virkler
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Learn How to Hear Gods Voice, Even When You Are Sleeping On average, people spend 33% of their entire lives sleeping. Even when you are asleep, Heaven is still communicating. Your spirit is still awake, though your body is not. Through your dreams, you can hear and discern the voice of God. The question is: How do you simply and Biblically hear God speak through your dreams? Hearing God Through Your Dreams is a practical and powerful guide to understanding the language that God speaks at night. Through revelatory teaching, supernatural stories, and a refreshing, down-to-earth approach, Mark Virkler and his daughter, Charity Virkler Kayembe, will help you learn how to begin hearing Gods voice through your dreams. Discover how: Your dreams are bridges that connect you with the supernatural realm Visions and dreams are Biblically sound and relevant for your life, today Dreams access and unlock divine creativity that is deep within you Bad dreams can be transformed into blessings You can interpret dreams using proven tools and Biblical techniques The meaning of personalized symbols in your dreams can be unlocked Dont miss out on what God is saying to you while youre sleeping. Start Hearing God Through Your Dreams today!