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5S for Operators

Author : Hiroyuki Hirano
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Hiroyuki Hirano’s five pillars of the visual workplace: sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain are the most fundamental and often overlooked aspects in continuous improvement initiatives. Together, these concepts form the framework of the 5S System, a set of principles whose simplicity often betrays its powerful impact on the workplace. So much of the 5S System seems like common sense, that it is astonishing how often such seemingly simple practices are absent in manufacturing operations. That is why Productivity Press is proud to bring you 5S for Operators: 5 Pillars of the Visual Workplace, a hands-on book that explains the principles, rationale and implementation details of the 5S System. Easy-to-read and apply, each section of the text is loaded with questions, outlines, summaries, diagrams and illustrations. Most importantly, 5S for Operators provides the foundational knowledge that is essential for implementing not just the 5S System, but overall manufacturing improvements like shorter equipment changeovers, just-in-time inventory, total quality management and total productive maintenance. Since its publication in 1996, 5S for Operators has been and continues to be hugely popular, consistently ranking among Productivity's list of top-sellers, and its popularity is not hard to understand. 5S has proven its worth in one company after another, consistently reducing waste, guaranteeing product quality, ensuring safety and increasing the bottom line. With 5S for Operators, the 5S System can have the same profound effect on your operations. To introduce the 5S system and sell its use to executives as well as workers, consider purchasing— 5S System: An Introduction DVD Catalog no. PP5934, Adhering to the principle of efficiency that defines this revolutionary and proven system, this video succinctly explains what is involved, who should participate, and what it will take to get started.

5S for Operators Learning Package

Author : Hiroyuki Hirano
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Learning Package Special Features: - Designed to give team leaders everything necessary to facilitate study groups.- Encourages workers to become actively involved in their own learning.- Prepares operators to participate in company improvement efforts.;

5S for Operators A Leader s

Author : Productivity Press Development Team
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Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain. Together, these five simple principles form the basis of the 5S System - a powerful front-line tool for simplifying work processes, improving equipment maintenance, ensuring safety and product quality and eliminating waste. 5S is the basis for any on-the-floor improvement activity and the 5S for Operators Learning Package is a fantastic way to bring that knowledge to the shop floor. Thorough, flexible and almost infinitely customizable, the 5S for Operators Learning Package allows your instructor to conduct learning sessions tailored specifically to your organization. That customizability combined with modules specifically designed to encourage workers to become actively involved in the learning process makes for a high-impact learning experience your workforce won't soon forget. Based on the classic manufacturing text 5 Pillars of the Visual Workplace, the 5S for Operators Learning Package brings that knowledge to the shop floor and will prove to be an excellent support in your companies' continuous improvement efforts.

The Lean Expert

Author : Joseph Niederstadt
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The Lean Expert: Educating and Elevating Lean Practitioners Throughout Your Organization outlines a method that can help organizations engage associates and empower them to achieve "expert status" in the nine core principles of Lean. By implementing the Lean Discipline Expert process detailed in the book, companies will demonstrate to their associates that they believe they are the organization’s greatest assets, while empowering them to make lasting improvements to the organization. The book provides a robust and proven process for creating a Lean culture. It outlines a method, with defined steps, for the development of Lean Discipline Resource People that will help associates achieve "expert status" in the core Lean principles of 5S–Visual Management, Value Stream Mapping, Standard Work, Total Productive Maintenance, Quick Changeover, Error Proofing, Process Problem Solving, Material Management, and Continuous Improvement. You will be able develop Lean strategies, create a Master Schedule, initiate activities for supporting goals and objectives, and complete a Train-the-Trainer class as well as achieve facilitation skills to teach, communicate, guide, and lead Lean overview training as well as comprehensive subject-matter training. In addition, you will understand how the Lean Discipline Expert process can help to support associate involvement at all levels and learn where and how the nine principles overlap and interact. By engaging and empowering various levels of associates throughout the organization, you will provide strength and ownership for your business and, most importantly, your associates. The book includes access to additional resources on the book’s page at It includes a tracking mechanism for monitoring candidate progress, facilitation feedback forms, LDE checklists, and certificates of accomplishment you can use to acknowledge associates that achieve Lean Discipline Expert status.

5 Pillars of the Visual Workplace

Author : Hiroyuki Hirano
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Increase Profitability and Decrease Liability with 5S A criticalyet often overlooked area in the visual workplace is the concept of continuous improvement. In this important work, JIT expert Hiroyuki Hirano introduces his 5S System: Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. These steps are designed to improve efficiency, strengthen maintenance, and provide continuous improvement in all facets of a company’s operations. Addressing the skepticism of executives who deride the 5S System for its simplicity, the author, revered for his no-nonsense approach, warns of disastrous consequences for companies that fail to recognize its value; if they cannot successfully implement 5S, there is little hope of integrating large-scale changes such as JIT or re-engineering. Presented in a thorough, detailed style, 5 Pillars of the Visual Workplace explains why the 5S's are so important, as well as the nuts- and-bolts of 5S implementation. Filled with numerous case studies, hundreds of graphic illustrations, and training materials, including over forty 5S user forms, this volume is a must-have guide for organizations seeking to thrive. To introduce the 5S system and sell its use to executives as well as workers, consider purchasing— 5S System: An Introduction DVD Catalog no. PP5934, Adhering to the principle of efficiency that defines this revolutionary and proven system, this video succinctly explains what is involved, who should participate, and what it will take to get started.

International Examples of Lean in Healthcare

Author : Elaine Mead
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Typically entrenched and systemic, healthcare problems require the sort of comprehensive solutions that can only be addressed by a change in culture and a shift in thinking. Organizations around the world are using Lean to redesign care and improve processes in a way that achieves and sustains meaningful results for patients, staff, physicians, and health systems. This book demonstrates how honest appraisal, intelligent planning, and vigilant follow-up have led to dramatic improvements in a variety of healthcare settings across the world. It teaches us how innovative organizations can find sustainable solutions to seemingly intractable problems by following a path guided by Lean Thinking. Lean methods may not solve every healthcare problem, but as these cases prove, changing a culture rather than personnel results in more effective sustainable change. This multi-authored book provides expert descriptions of Lean methods and their application in healthcare, written by the people who developed and tested the methods in healthcare settings. Each chapter brings together a description of the technique or approach, with examples of application in practice from the author’s own practice. Authors use an engaging approach to their narrative, with examples from their personal experience or engagement being described to illustrate the practical application of theoretic approaches. In painting a picture of the environment in which these tools and techniques have been applied, readers will understand the transferability to their own workplace environment. This will be an opportunity to tell real stories of the application of Lean in healthcare and give readers the opportunity to learn from people from across the world, on subjects on which they are acknowledged topic experts, based on day-to-day Lean practice.

Relentless Improvement

Author : Bill Trudell
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Tracing the author’s decades-long continuous improvement journey, Relentless Improvement: True Stories of Lean Transformations walks readers through vivid shop floor experiences to convey a genuine feel for the environments in which Lean Six Sigma transformations occur. Recounting numerous Lean Six Sigma transformations, it illustrates the spectrum of successful operational tactics. The story starts just outside Detroit, Michigan in the 1970s when the auto industry was booming, and most people in the area worked in the car factories, or in one of the component factories that supplied the Big Three. The complexity and detail of the projects grow chapter by chapter. The book begins by explaining how to manage Lean basics such as applying 5S, shortening product cycle times, and creating standard work. It then progresses to factory Lean Six Sigma transformations. Providing implementation guidance geared to functions on the operational level, the book: Presents stories based on the author’s interactions with company leaders and shop-floor employees in the midst of great change Illustrates real-world plant politics and manufacturing situations using compelling stories Highlights valuable lessons learned at the end of each chapter Using an engaging story format, the book recounts the author’s career experiences to provide you with a real-world understanding of how to use Lean tools. The stories in the book illustrate everything from standard work and takt time to Kaizen events and Total Productive Maintenance. The text also includes accounts of "front end" or administrative processes such as product development and materials handling.

Pull Production for the Shopfloor

Author : Productivity Press Development Team
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In a "pull" production system, the final process pulls needed parts from the previous process, which pulls from the process before it, and so on, as determined by customer demand. This allows you to operate without preset schedules and avoid unnecessary costs, wastes, and delays on the manufacturing floor.Pull Production for the Shopfloor introduce

Lean Transformation

Author : Suresh Patel
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Books in the Quality and Business Excellence series can help readers improve customer value and satisfaction by integrating the voice of the customer into design, manufacturing, supply chain, and field processes. Lean Transformation: Cultural Enablers and Enterprise Alignment is about the Lean system. It begins by describing the reasons why so many Lean implementations fail and explaining why managers need to focus their valuable time on early adopters rather than on trying to convert resistors. This book describes the guiding principles of the Shingo process for continuous improvement layout and evaluation. It examines the principles, systems, and tools of continuous improvement and demonstrates how to deploy these proven methods in plants and distribution centers. The book covers time-tested continuous improvement process tools and practices, including the visual workplace, mistake proofing, PDCA, 5S, Heijunka, standard work, Kaizen, and value stream mapping. It also examines Lean performance measures and introduces a comprehensive Lean tool assessment system. Presenting seven proven techniques for altering and guiding a Lean culture, the book identifies a formal process for overcoming common roadblocks. It also illustrates the proliferation of the Lean initiative across an organization's various sites. This book describes how proper assessment of Lean system tools can help your organization remain focused on system standardization and boost your organization’s sustainability efforts. It includes job descriptions of various roles in the improvement process, including those for Lean supervisor and Lean team leader, as well as a glossary that defines key terms.

Production Management and Engineering Sciences

Author : Milan Majerník
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These are the proceedings of the International Conference on Engineering Science and Production Management, 16th 17th April 2015, Tatransktrba, High Tatras Mountains - Slovak Republic . The proceedings contain articles focusing on:- Production Management, Logistics- Industrial development, sustainable production- Planning, management and pr