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Education on Digital Cultural and Social Media

Author : Dr. S. Saileela and Dr. S. Kalaivani
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Primary Well Being Case Studies for the Growing Child

Author : Deborah Kramer
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This book offers solutions on how to enhance the normal development of the well child incorporating complementary medicine. The primary care provider is the only healthcare professional to see every child (0-18) and their parent, and can assess the child’s health and advise parents on how to provide a healthy environment and important practices to nurture healthy children. The book provides realistic scenarios encountered by new nurse practitioners in their clinical training. It is structured in a question and answer framework to help practitioners critically think through the best practices to be implemented during the well child visit and develop a plan of action for the family. This book provides assessment and diagnostic criteria and tools and presents common developmental and behavioral issues for each age group. The book promotes the role of professional as advocate by making recommendations for broad social policies to help all children succeed.

Developmental Coaching

Author : Stephen Palmer
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Developmental Coaching explores many of the common transition points we experience throughout life, including teenage transitions, becoming a parent, mid-life and retirement. The book sets these transitions in their social context and reviews them in the light of generational factors. The book is introduced with key psychological concepts from areas such as lifespan development and positive psychology, in addition to insights from other disciplines, including management theory and sociology. The main topics of discussion are: coaching tools and techniques broader societal and generational trends how coaching can help individuals to realise positive growth. With case studies throughout, Developmental Coaching offers an essential resource for practising coaches, coaching psychologists, counsellors and other professionals who wish to further their knowledge of the developmental aspects of coaching and dealing with life transitions.

ICASI 2020

Author : Rahmat Hidayat
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As an annual event, The 3rd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ADVANCE & SCIENTIFIC INNOVATION (ICASI) 2020 continued the agenda to bring together researcher, academics, experts and professionals in examining selected theme by applying multidisciplinary approaches. In 2020, this event will be held in 20 June at Garuda Plaza Hotel Medan. The conference from any kind of stakeholders related with Management, Economy, Administration Business, Tourism, Policy, Law, Operation Management and all research in Social Science and Humanities. Each contributed paper was refereed before being accepted for publication. The double-blind peer reviewed was used in the paper selection.

Teaching Social and Emotional Learning in Health Education

Author : Mary Connolly
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"This text will be targeted to both active health educators, as well as students and instructors in health education teacher preparation programs. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are roughly 118,500 health educators in the United States, with a 16% increase in jobs projected through 2026. This includes health educators working with audien

Engaging Your Teen s World

Author : David Eaton
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"Netflix and chill," "broccoli," and LGBTTQQIAAP+. If you don't know what these words and phrases really mean to your teen, you are not alone. The verbal terrain of today's youth can be difficult to navigate, and sometimes requires a guide--a culture translator to help parents of teens decipher the codes and unlock the doors to an ongoing conversation about faith and life. David Eaton and Jeremiah Callihan provide just that in Engaging Your Teen's World, teaching you how to maintain open communication about everything from relationships to technology and media in order to help teens grow in their faith and successfully deal with difficult issues. Eaton and Callihan bring a wealth of frontline experience, sharing a big-picture view of your teen's world and how to interact with it, followed by more specific information on · what your teen is thinking, doing, and watching · conversations about sex, gender, porn, sexting, and drugs · being a missionary to your teen · and much more Despite the many challenges facing teens and their parents, this frank, insightful, and practical book offers a hopeful view toward the long-term goals of your relationship with your teen and for their relationship with the Lord.

Navigating Social Journalism

Author : Martin Hirst
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Public trust in the once powerful institutions of the News Establishment is declining. Sharing, curating and producing news via social media channels may offer an alternative, if the difficult process of verification can be mastered by social journalists operating outside of the newsroom. Navigating Social Journalism examines the importance of digital media literacy and how we should all be students of the media. Author Martin Hirst emphasizes the responsibility that individuals should take when consuming the massive amounts of media we encounter on a daily basis. This includes information we gather from online media, streaming, podcasts, social media and other formats. The tools found here will help students critically evaluate any incoming media and, in turn, produce their own media with their own message. This book aims both to help readers understand the current state of news media through theory and provide practical techniques and skills to partake in constructive social journalism.

Celebrity and Mediated Social Connections

Author : Neil M. Alperstein
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Celebrity and Mediated Social Connections is a critical examination of the multiple realities of the mediated culture we traverse, extending from our imaginary inner worlds to the imagined communities of digital media. Chapters explore the dialogic at work when we connect with celebrities and internalize aspects of their personas due to the various social roles they serve within our everyday lives. What might begin as strong identification and internalization within our imaginary worlds, in this digital age, sometimes seeps out as we connect to celebrities, their fans, friends and followers in ways that were not formerly possible. The book contains topics that range from the degradation of micro-celebrities, the role of celebrities in promoting prescription drugs and their role in contemporary social movements. The common thread that runs through the book presents a mediated world that paradoxically allows if not encourages people to daydream, engage in stream of consciousness thinking and fantasize about celebrities, all while concurrently compelling us to engage in a digitally based objective world. The possibility of interaction on and through digital media intensifies the emotional connection between celebrity and fan. The more personal details one gives up, the closer we feel we become—digital intimacy based on the excessive self. Digital media entice us to engage and remain tethered to technology, staying continuously connected so as not to miss the latest post or meme. To suggest we should build a proverbial wall between the two—imaginary and objective worlds—runs counter to the reality of an always on, always connected culture in which we presently live.

Behind Closed Doors

Author : Jessica L. Peck
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Believe it or not, your kids WANT to talk to you about the social and health challenges they’re facing. But are you ready? Jessica Peck, a pediatric nurse practitioner and mom of four, helps parents escape the secrecy and shame surrounding tough conversations and approach them from a Christian foundation. Today’s teens are feeling more isolated, anxious, and depressed than previous generations, and are struggling with more complex challenges. Jessica Peck (DNP, APRN) has spent countless hours advising and encouraging parents after talking to their teens behind closed doors. In the privacy of her exam room, she has treated teens with mental illnesses, responded to suicide attempts, treated self-harm wounds as well as the emotional trauma of cyberbullying, sexting, pornography addictions, and numerous other issues. Through it all, Jessica found that teens really want to talk to their parents but don’t know how. Jessica seeks to move the private conversations that happen in the clinic to relationship-building conversations at home. Behind Closed Doors is a guided lifeline to help you strengthen your connection with your kids. You will be able to: Get professional advice on tough teenage issues from a medical perspective, as well as the true stories of patients Discover suggested settings, activities, and question prompts to give you conversation keys to unlock doors for open dialogue on tough issues with your teens Share a time of reflection with devotional readings, relevant Bible verses, Scripture-based prayers, themed music playlists, and more Prompts to write 12 Legacy Letters: a generational keepsake for teens Covering topics including mental health, social media, suicide, sexting, gender identity, substance abuse (with a chapter focusing on vaping), and more, Jessica Peck's book will encourage and strengthen all parents—married, single, or divorced; grandparents, stepparents, godparents, bonus parents, adopted parents—anyone who is serving a parental role in a teen's life.

Parent Guides to Social Media

Author : Axis
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It’s common for parents to feel lost in their teen’s world. They can sift through the social media slang, texting shorthand, and viral quotes, and still feel disconnected and confused. Axis Parent’s Guide to Social Media is a generational translator of a teen’s world, featuring easy-to-understand explanations, relevant descriptions, and life applications. Enjoy answers to questions including: Why do teens like it? How did this become popular? What are the potential dangers? How do I talk to my teens about it? This is your go-to guide for understanding your teen’s world and sparking a deep, ongoing faith conversation that matters. Guides include: A Parent’s Guide to Teen FOMO A Parent’s Guide to Influencers A Parent’s Guide to Instagram A Parent’s Guide to TikTok A Parent’s Guide to YouTube