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A Companion to Lollardy

Author : Mishtooni Bose
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In A Companion to Lollardy, Patrick Hornbeck sums up what we know about lollardy, describes, its fortunes in the hands of its most recent chroniclers, explores the many individuals, practices, texts, and beliefs that have been called lollard.

A Companion to Job in the Middle Ages

Author :
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A Companion to Job in the Middle Ages provides a thorough introduction to the wide range of interpretations of Job produced in the medieval Christian West, from those in exegetical and theological works to those in poetry and art.


Author : M. Anne Overell
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In Nicodemites: Faith and Concealment Between Italy and Tudor England, Anne Overell examines those who concealed their beliefs, thus avoiding persecution. Focusing on dilemmas in England and Italy, she concludes that Nicodemites contributed to the erratic development of toleration.

A Companion to The Book of Margery Kempe

Author : Professor of Medieval History John H Arnold
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Margery Kempe and her Book studied in both literary and historical context.

A Companion to Middle English Prose

Author : Anthony Stockwell Garfield Edwards
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Survey of and guide to all the major authors and genres in Middle English prose.

A Companion to Tudor Literature

Author : Kent Cartwright
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A Companion to Tudor Literature presents a collection of thirty-one newly commissioned essays focusing on English literature and culture from the reign of Henry VII in 1485 to the death of Elizabeth I in 1603. Presents students with a valuable historical and cultural context to the period Discusses key texts and representative subjects, and explores issues including international influences, religious change, travel and New World discoveries, women’s writing, technological innovations, medievalism, print culture, and developments in music and in modes of seeing and reading

A Companion to Chaucer and his Contemporaries

Author : Laurel Amtower
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A Companion to Chaucer and his Contemporaries provides a detailed introduction to medieval culture, broadly considered. This sourcebook gives readers fuller access to Middle English literary works by situating these works within their sometimes alien historical and cultural contexts. Chapters open with an overview that suggests how contemporary debates and attitudes influence meaning in works like the Canterbury Tales, Piers Plowman, and Mankind. The main body of the text is thematically arranged primary documents and illustrations, such as excerpts from the chronicles, law treatises, sermons, court records, medical and alchemical tracts, and performance records, as well as maps and manuscript illustrations.

A Companion to the English Dominican Province

Author : Eleanor J. Giraud
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An account of Dominican activities in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales from their arrival in 1221 until their dissolution at the Reformation

A Companion to Ancrene Wisse

Author : Yoko Wada
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Ancrene Wisse introduced through a variety of cultural and critical approaches which establish the originality and interest of the treatise.

A Companion to the Great Western Schism 1378 1417

Author : Joëlle Rollo-Koster
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The division of the Church or Schism that took place between 1378 and 1417 had no precedent in Christianity. No conclave since the twelfth century had acted as had those in April and September 1378, electing two concurrent popes. This crisis was neither an issue of the authority claimed by the pope and the Holy Roman Emperor nor an issue of authority and liturgy. The Great Western Schism was unique because it forced upon Christianity a rethinking of the traditional medieval mental frame. It raised question of personality, authority, human fallibility, ecclesiastical jurisdiction and taxation, and in the end responsibility in holding power and authority. This collection presents the broadest range of experiences, center and periphery, clerical and lay, male and female, Christian and Muslim. Theology, including exegesis of Scripture, diplomacy, French literature, reform, art, and finance all receive attention.

The Lollards Or Some Account of the Witnesses for the Truth in Great Britain Between the Years 1400 and 1546 With a Brief Notice of Events Connected with the Early History of the Reformation Originally Published as a Series of Tracts Fourth Edition By George Stokes

Author :
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A Companion to Tudor Britain

Author : Robert Tittler
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A Companion to Tudor Britain provides an authoritativeoverview of historical debates about this period, focusing on thewhole British Isles. An authoritative overview of scholarly debates about TudorBritain Focuses on the whole British Isles, exploring what was commonand what was distinct to its four constituent elements Emphasises big cultural, social, intellectual, religious andeconomic themes Describes differing political and personal experiences of thetime Discusses unusual subjects, such as the sense of the pastamongst British constituent identities, the relationship ofcultural forms to social and political issues, and the role ofscientific inquiry Bibliographies point readers to further sources ofinformation

A Companion to Britain in the Later Middle Ages

Author : S. H. Rigby
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Format : PDF, Docs
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This authoritative survey of Britain in the later Middle Ages comprises 28 chapters written by leading figures in the field. Covers social, economic, political, religious, and cultural history in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales Provides a guide to the historical debates over the later Middle Ages Addresses questions at the leading edge of historical scholarship Each chapter includes suggestions for further reading

A Companion to Chaucer

Author : Peter Brown
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Designed as both a contribution to original research and as a stimulating and accessible text, this volume is a helpful, reliable, responsive and adaptable resource for students of Chaucer at all levels.

A Companion to Medieval English Literature and Culture c 1350 c 1500

Author : Peter Brown
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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A Companion to Medieval English Literature and Culture,c.1350-c.1500 challenges readers to think beyond a narrowlydefined canon and conventional disciplinary boundaries. A ground-breaking collection of newly-commissioned essays onmedieval literature and culture. Encourages students to think beyond a narrowly defined canonand conventional disciplinary boundaries. Reflects the erosion of the traditional, rigid boundary betweenmedieval and early modern literature. Stresses the importance of constructing contexts for readingliterature. Explores the extent to which medieval literature is in dialoguewith other cultural products, including the literature of othercountries, manuscripts and religion. Includes close readings of frequently-studied texts, includingtexts by Chaucer, Langland, the Gawain poet, and Hoccleve. Confronts some of the controversies that exercise students ofmedieval literature, such as those connected with literary theory,love, and chivalry and war.

A Companion to the Reformation World

Author : R. Po-chia Hsia
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This volume brings together 29 new essays by leading international scholars, to provide an inclusive overview of recent work in Reformation history. Presents Catholic Renewal as a continuum of the Protestant Reformation. Examines Reformation in Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and the Americas. Takes a broad, inclusive approach – covering both traditional topics and cutting-edge areas of debate.

The Gawain Poet and the Fourteenth Century English Anticlerical Tradition

Author : Ethan Campbell
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Ethan Campbell argues that a central feature of the Gawain-poet's Middle English works' moral rhetoric is anticlerical critique. Written in an era when clerical corruption was a key concern for polemicists such as Richard FitzRalph and John Wyclif, as well as satirical poets such as John Gower, William Langland, and Geoffrey Chaucer, the Gawain poems feature an explicit attack on hypocritical priests in the opening lines of Cleanness as well as more subtle critiques embedded within depictions of flawed priest-like characters.

A Companion to British Literature Volume 1

Author : Heesok Chang
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The Cambridge Companion to Reformation Theology

Author : David Bagchi
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The European Reformation of the sixteenth century was one of the most formative periods in the history of Christian thought and remains one of the most fascinating events in Western history. The Cambridge Companion to Reformation Theology provides a comprehensive guide to the theology and theologians of the Reformation period. Each of the eighteen chapters is written by a leading authority in the field and provides an up-to-date account and analysis of the thought associated with a particular figure or movement. There are chapters focusing on lesser reformers such as Martin Bucer, and on the Catholic and Radical Reformations, as well as the major Protestant reformers. A detailed bibliography and comprehensive index allows comparison of the treatment of specific themes by different figures. This authoritative and accessible guide will appeal to students of history and literature as well as specialist theologians.

The Lollards

Author : George Stokes
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