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A Cursed Embrace

Author : Cecy Robson
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Celia Wird and her three sisters are just like other twentysomething girls—with one tiny exception: They are the products of a curse that backfired and gave each of them unique powers that made them, well, a little weird.… After Celia Wird and her sisters help master vampire Misha save his family, their powers are exposed to the supernatural community of the Lake Tahoe region. But fame comes at a price, and being “weird” isn’t always welcome. To make matters worse, Celia desires the love of Alpha werewolf Aric, but his pack is bent on destroying their relationship to preserve his pureblood status. And once weres start turning up dead—with evidence pointing to the vampires—she must face the prospect of losing Aric forever. But the chaos only masks a new threat. An evil known as the Tribe has risen—and their sights are set on Celia and her sisters.

Of Flame and Fate

Author : Cecy Robson
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Taran Wird, who commands the power to wield fire and lightning, is an oddity in the supernatural world. But neither Taran nor her unique sisters compare to the bizarre entity known as Destiny. And Taran is assigned to protect her. Born of two witches, Destiny is revered among the supernatural elite for her acute ability to predict the future. Her biggest prophecy involves Taran’s sister, Celia, whom Destiny decreed will bear children strong enough to take on the evil that’s rising. Yet Destiny is not alone in her predictions, or individuality. When Johnny Fate, a rock star among humans and a male version of Destiny is discovered, his powers and Destiny’s clash, triggering the start of Destiny’s demise and altering the fate of Celia’s unborn children. Taran, her werewolf lover Gemini, and their allies must determine if it’s Fate who will decide what will become of Celia’s children, or if their lives and the world will perish with Destiny.


Author : Cecy Robson
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Carolina Beach Box Set

Author : Cecy Robson
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Hailed as “heartfelt and beautiful” by USA Today, HEA and “Unforgettable!” by USA Today bestselling author, Jamie K. Schmidt, Cecy Robson’s Carolina Beach series has everything: unbridled passion, second chance love, millionaire romance, and laugh out loud humor. All three books are connected by the close friendships and love they share on beautiful Kiawah Island, in South Carolina. Now all three novels—Inseverable, Eternal, and Infinite—are together in one steamy eBook bundle. INSEVERABLE Callahan is a former army sniper who wants to make an escape from his past and everything he experienced at war. When he inherits a house on South Carolina’s Kiawah Island, he packs his bags, believing he will finally have the peace and seclusion he craves. Unfortunately, Callahan never counted on meeting Trinity. She is a native who has returned to Kiawah for one last memorable summer with friends before leaving for the Peace Corps. Callahan doesn’t want to get close to anyone—let alone Trinity. He finds her perkiness insufferable and her attempts to entice his smile distracting. After all, he’s in Kiawah to leave all feelings behind. But when it comes to Trinity, who feels everything, it's hard not to feel something. Neither expected to fall in love. And no one could have predicted how inseverable they’d become. ETERNAL After months of bad luck and even worse men, Luciana Diaz just wants to crawl under the covers and forget the year ever happened. Her friend has other plans, convincing Luci to attend a New Year’s Eve party on the affluent shores of Kiawah Island. Luci never expected to have fun. She also never expected to wake up next to Landon Summers, a man she just met. Unfortunately, she soon finds out that this man happens to be the new attorney at her firm! After an ugly separation and even worse divorce, Landon has no desire to jump into another relationship. Neither Luci nor Landon planned on meeting each other, and they definitely didn’t plan on love. But the New Year means a fresh start, and eternal possibilities neither can deny . . . INFINiTE Hale Wilder and Becca Shields grew up together on Kiawah Island. They were close in high school but have not seen each other since that humiliating night long ago when her family caught them on the beach, barely clothed. He strived to be the best student and the best athlete and grew into a successful businessman taking the finance world by storm. Hale is rich, powerful, and seemingly unstoppable. That is until a company scandal threatens to destroy his reputation and bring down everything he has worked for. Becca is now a kickass public relations goddess spinning scandals into gold and launching has-beens into superstardom. She never expected to see Hale again. But, when Becca discovers Hale is in trouble, she can’t turn her back on the boy who was once her world and the man she never forgot. Hale never thought he’d have another shot at greatness or with Becca. Now that he has both, he won’t let either go without a fight.


Author : Craig S. Keener
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Drawing on a range of ancient background, this commentary makes Galatians easier to understand today.

Fifty Years in Journalism Embracing Recollections and Personal Experiences with an Autobiography

Author : Beman Brockway
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Just Middle Manager Next Great Leader

Author : David J. Hulings
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Just Middle Manager is traveling to the celestial city of influence to be renamed Next Great Leader. But what is a great leader? Is there one style of leadership or many? These questions and many more weigh on both Just Middle Managers back and his heart as he sets out to follow his dream. Just Middle Manager is the story every leader should read, bringing to life the archetypes of Carl Jung into the real world of leadership style. Just Middle Manager is brought face-to-face with typical leader archetypes like ruler and warrior but also discovers nuggets of truth from the lesser known destroyer, lover, and orphan. Reading this enchanting fable that is more than just another boring business book will challenge you: Just Middle Manager or Next Great Leader? What other leaders* are saying about Just Middle Manager: Next Great Leader Leader InnocentProvides leadership hope Leader OrphanWords warning leaders Leader WarriorProvides discipline for leaders Leader CaregiverHelps leaders Leader SeekerA great adventure for all leaders Leader LoverA leadership book to embrace Leader DestroyerTeaches leaders how to let go Leader CreatorInspires leaders to be creative Leader RulerWell-organized thoughts for leaders Leader MagicianTransforming words for leaders Leader SageNuggets of wisdom for leaders Leader JesterA great and fun story for leaders *Not familiar with these twelve leaders? Allow them to introduce themselves through the story of Just Middle Manager: Next Great Leader. When you finish, you may find one or two of them may actually be you!

A Knight s Vow

Author : Lynn Kurland
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Fantasies are made of knights in shining armor. Men whose ferocity in battle was tempered by a code of chivalry…whose passions brought them to their knees before the women they desired…whose loyalty and honor never wavered—and whose vows were never broken. These are the men of our dreams—and now you can find them in four breathtaking Medieval tales by today’s most acclaimed writers of historical romance... In Lynn Kurland's "The Traveller," a bedraggled knight makes a solemn vow to protect, defend, and rescue any and all maidens in distress—even those from Manhattan. A vow to marry for love transforms a marquis into a minstrel who must sing for his supper—and for a woman whose heart is true in Patricia Potter's "The Minstrel." In Deborah Simmons' "The Bachelor Knight," a forgotten vow comes back to haunt the greatest knight in all the land, when a fair maiden asks for his hand in marriage. Trapped underground with his unwilling betrothed, a determined knight vows to free her—body and soul in Glynnis Campbell's "The Siege."

Culture Precepts and Social Change in Southeastern Nigeria

Author : Apollos O. Nwauwa
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This book provides a unique insight into understanding the Igbo social, economic, and political world through comprehensive analyses of indigenous and foreign religious practices, issues surrounding women, literature, language, sexism in musical lyrics, films, and community development and government. It also explores thought-provoking cultural practices relating to marriage and divorce, reincarnation, naming, and masquerade dance. The themes covered in the book help readers appreciate the often-neglected multifaceted local and external forces that continue to shape the Igbo experience in southeastern Nigeria.

Parting Worlds Once Upon a Curse Book 4

Author : Kaitlyn Davis
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**A USA Today Recommended Series!** She'll risk it all to be with the man she loves… Don't miss PARTING WORLDS, a fantasy romance from bestselling author Kaitlyn Davis that reimagines the classic fairy tale of The Little Mermaid. "I know humans like to start these sorts of stories with 'once upon a time,' but I'm worried that's setting the stage for false hopes. Because we don't all live, and we aren't all happy. Not every curse can be broken, after all." Humans are dangerous. That's the lesson faeries are taught as soon as their flower petals unfurl, welcoming them into the world. It's the first thing Aerewyn remembers the priestesses telling her as a young girl. Humans are dangerous—don't show them your magic and never cross into their lands. Why then, when she stumbles upon a human boy in the woods, does she find him so intriguing? His blue eyes don't shine with malice. His smile doesn't menace. His laughter is as warm as the sun against her cheeks. And when she later discovers he's been knocked unconscious in a storm, injured and alone in the forest, the only thing he seems in danger of is dying. So she saves his life—a single act that will change the fate of both their worlds… *This is the fourth book in Once Upon a Curse, a series of interconnected stand-alone novels all set in the same fantasy universe.