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A Turn of Light

Author : Julie E. Czerneda
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The Aurora Award winning first book of the Night's Edge series introduces a rich and atmospheric fantasy world. The pastoral valley of Marrowdell is home to a small pioneer settlement of refugees, lush fields of grain, enigmatic house toads—and Jenn Nalynn, the miller's daughter. Life here is full of laughter and peace, as well as hard work, and no one bothers overmuch about the outside world. Except Jenn Nalynn. Jenn longs to travel, to seek what's missing in her life. Not that she's sure what that is, but since this summer began, she's felt a strange and powerful yearning. She's certain she'll find what she needs, if only she can leave the valley. But she must not. Jenn is turn-born and cursed, born by the light of two worlds and bound to both. For the valley is more than it seems. Long ago, a cataclysm of misused power pinned Marrowdell to the Verge, a place of wild magic, home to dragons and even stranger creatures. Should Jenn step beyond Marrowdell, she will pull the worlds asunder. To prevent this, powers from the Verge have sent a guard to watch over her, a disgraced dragon Jenn knows as Wisp, her invisible playmate. Wisp's duty is to keep Jenn in Marrowdell. By love, if he can. By her death, if he must. But time is running out. What Jenn unknowingly feels is the rise of the Verge's magic within her, a magic that will threaten her and those she loves. Worse, this summer will end with a Great Turn, and strangers seeking power at any cost have come to Marrowdell to try to force an opening into the Verge, to the ruin of all.

Turn of Light

Author : Julie E. Czerneda
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Turn Off That Light

Author : John Crossingham
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Hedgehog just wants to get some sleep. So, please, won't you stop turning on the light?

State Laws Allowing Drivers to Turn on Red Lights

Author : Edward F. Kearney
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I Turn to the Light

Author :
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A series of brief statements designed to help readers feel connected to God.

Turn on the Light So I Can Hear

Author : Teri Kanefield
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Electric Light

Author : Sandy Isenstadt
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How electric light created new spaces that transformed the built environment and the perception of modern architecture. In this book, Sandy Isenstadt examines electric light as a form of architecture—as a new, uniquely modern kind of building material. Electric light was more than just a novel way of brightening a room or illuminating a streetscape; it brought with it new ways of perceiving and experiencing space itself. If modernity can be characterized by rapid, incessant change, and modernism as the creative response to such change, Isenstadt argues, then electricity—instantaneous, malleable, ubiquitous, evanescent—is modernity's medium. Isenstadt shows how the introduction of electric lighting at the end of the nineteenth century created new architectural spaces that altered and sometimes eclipsed previously existing spaces. He constructs an architectural history of these new spaces through five examples, ranging from the tangible miracle of the light switch to the immaterial and borderless gloom of the wartime blackout. He describes what it means when an ordinary person can play God by flipping a switch; when the roving cone of automobile headlights places driver and passenger at the vertex of a luminous cavity; when lighting in factories is seen to enhance productivity; when Times Square became an emblem of illuminated commercial speech; and when the absence of electric light in a blackout produced a new type of space. In this book, the first sustained examination of the spatial effects of electric lighting, Isenstadt reconceives modernism in architecture to account for the new perceptual conditions and visual habits that followed widespread electrification.

Turn Lights On How to Light Up Your World and Live a Life You Love Now

Author : Georgina Jones
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When you’re distracted, worried, or unhappy, it can be easy to look through people and let your thoughts wander. But when you pay attention to the energy you give off, you can change how you view the world and interact with others. In fact, you can instantly be happier, healthier, and more successful by channeling the positive energy inside you with the help of Georgina Jones, who walks you through the practice of turning lights on so you can live in the moment. Learn how to build confidence, control stress and anxiety, boost your energy, and maximize the value of relationships. Throughout the book, you’ll be asked to answer questions about yourself that will help you embrace each day. As you tweak your approach to life, you’ll discover that there’s a big difference between shuffling along and feeling like the world is against you and walking with a spring in your step, fired up to accomplish great things as you Turn Lights On.

Will the Last Physician in America Please Turn Off the Lights

Author : James Merritt
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A Call to the Unconverted to Turn and Live etc

Author : Richard BAXTER
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Double Refraction and Polarisation of Light

Author : David Brewster
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Turn on the Light Thomas Edison

Author : Peter Roop
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A biography of Thomas Edison as a boy.

Standing Orders of the 13th Light Dragoons

Author : Great Britain. Army. Regiment of Light Dragoons, 13th
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The London magazine of light literature conducted by W Williams Vol 3 is entitled London tales poetry sketches and travels

Author : Will Williams
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Turn Your Porch Lights Off

Author : Clinton Maynard
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After 49 years of trying the Cronulla Sharks won their first NRL Premiership in 2016 ending one of Australian sports longest droughts. Turn Your Porch Light Off tells the story of the years leading up to the Premiership which saw the club survive scandal after scandal including the Asada drugs controversy and almost go broke to winning winning a Grand Final. The book also documents the 2016 season game by game and the players who finally won a competition for Cronulla.

On the Way Out Turn Off the Light

Author : Marge Piercy
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A bountiful group of poems--direct, honest, and revelatory--that reflect on language, nature, old age, young love, Judaism, and our current politics, from one of our most read and admired poets "Words are my business," Marge Piercy begins her twentieth collection of poetry, a glance back at a lifetime of learning, loving, grieving, and fighting for the disenfranchised, and a look forward at what the future holds for herself, her family and friends, and her embattled country. In the opening section, Piercy tells of her childhood in Detroit, with its vacant lots and scrappy children, the bike that gave her wings, her ambition at fourteen to "gobble" down all knowledge, and a too-early marriage ("I put on my first marriage / like a girdle my skinny body / didn't need"). We then leap into the present, her "twilight zone," where she is "learning to be quiet," learning to give praise despite it all. There are funny poems about medicine ads with their dire warnings, and some possible plusses about being dead: "I'll never do another load of laundry . . ." There is "comfort in old bodies / coming together," in a partner's warmth--"You're always warm: warm hands / smooth back sleek as a Burmese cat./ Sunny weather outside and in." Piercy has long been known for her political poems, and here we have her thoughts on illegal immigrants, dying languages, fraught landscapes, abortion, President-speak. She examines her nonbeliever's need for religious holidays and spiritual depth, and the natural world is appreciated throughout. On the Way Out, Turn Off the Light is yet more proof of Piercy's love and mastery of language--it is moving, stimulating, funny, and full of the stuff of life.

The Turn of the Balance

Author : Brand Whitlock
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"The Turn of the Balance" by Brand Whitlock. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Exiles in Babylon or Children of light by A L O E

Author : Charlotte Maria Tucker
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Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution

Author : Smithsonian Institution
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Reports for 1884-1886/87 issued in 2 pts., pt. 2 being the Report of the National Museum.

The A B C of Skirmishing being the Light Infantry movements of a Company In accordance with the Field Exercise and Evolutions of Infantry

Author : William Dawes MALTON
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