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Advanced Heterogeneous Catalysts Volume 1

Author : Sudarsanam Putla
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Advances and applications of nanosized catalysts Over the last five years, tremendous advances have been made in heterogeneous catalysis. In particular, catalysts' design from the bulk to nano-scale (1-100 nm), with desirable active sites, has received great attention in current catalysis research with the aim to fill the gap between homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis. This volume focuses on applications of nanosized catalysts. Articles describe characterization, synthesis, and applications in biomass conversion, auto-exhaust purification, selective oxidation/hydrogenation, syngas conversion, and other important reactions. Readers will find examples of catalysts designed to be tunable for specific outcomes, inspiring their research. Scientists and engineers in chemistry, materials science, nanotechnology, and chemical engineering will find this volume useful.

Assessment of Research Needs for Advanced Heterogeneous Catalysts for Energy Applications Final Report

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This report assesses the direction, technical content, and priority of research needs judged to provide the best chance of yielding new and improved heterogeneous catalysts for energy-related applications over a period of 5--20 years. It addresses issues of energy conservation, alternate fuels and feedstocks, and the economics and applications that could alleviate pollution from energy processes. Recommended goals are defined in 3 major, closely linked research thrusts: catalytic science, environmental protection by catalysis, and industrial catalytic applications. This volume provides a comprehensive executive summary, including research recommendations.

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Heterogeneous Catalysis in Sustainable Synthesis

Author : Bela Torok
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Heterogeneous Catalysis in Sustainable Synthesis is a practical guide to the use of solid catalysts in synthetic chemistry that focuses on environmentally benign applications. Collating essential information on solid catalysts into a single volume, it reveals how the efficient use of heterogeneous catalysts in synthetic chemistry can support sustainable applications. Beginning with a review of the fundamentals of heterogeneous catalytic synthesis, the book then explores the basic concepts of heterogeneous catalytic reactions from adsorption to catalyst poisons, the use of non-traditional activation methods, recommended solvents, the major types of both metal and non-metal solid catalysts, and applications of these catalysts in sustainable synthesis. Based on the extensive experience of its expert author, this book aims to encourage and support synthetic chemists in using solid catalysts in their own work, while also highlighting the important link between heterogeneous catalysis and sustainability to all those interested. Combines foundational knowledge with a focus on practical applications Organizes information by reaction type, allowing readers to easily find examples of how to carry out specific reaction types with solid catalysts Highlights emerging areas such as nanoparticle catalysis and metal-organic framework (MOF) based catalysts

Heterogeneous Catalysis for Energy Applications

Author : Tomas R. Reina
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This book aims to provide an overview of the design, limitations and challenges of heterogeneous catalysts for energy applications.

Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports

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Lists citations with abstracts for aerospace related reports obtained from world wide sources and announces documents that have recently been entered into the NASA Scientific and Technical Information Database.

Heterogeneous Catalysts

Author : Wey Yang Teoh
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Presents state-of-the-art knowledge of heterogeneous catalysts including new applications in energy and environmental fields This book focuses on emerging techniques in heterogeneous catalysis, from new methodology for catalysts design and synthesis, surface studies and operando spectroscopies, ab initio techniques, to critical catalytic systems as relevant to energy and the environment. It provides the vision of addressing the foreseeable knowledge gap unfilled by classical knowledge in the field. Heterogeneous Catalysts: Advanced Design, Characterization and Applications begins with an overview on the evolution in catalysts synthesis and introduces readers to facets engineering on catalysts; electrochemical synthesis of nanostructured catalytic thin films; and bandgap engineering of semiconductor photocatalysts. Next, it examines how we are gaining a more precise understanding of catalytic events and materials under working conditions. It covers bridging pressure gap in surface catalytic studies; tomography in catalysts design; and resolving catalyst performance at nanoscale via fluorescence microscopy. Quantum approaches to predicting molecular reactions on catalytic surfaces follows that, along with chapters on Density Functional Theory in heterogeneous catalysis; first principles simulation of electrified interfaces in electrochemistry; and high-throughput computational design of novel catalytic materials. The book also discusses embracing the energy and environmental challenges of the 21st century through heterogeneous catalysis and much more. Presents recent developments in heterogeneous catalysis with emphasis on new fundamentals and emerging techniques Offers a comprehensive look at the important aspects of heterogeneous catalysis Provides an applications-oriented, bottoms-up approach to a high-interest subject that plays a vital role in industry and is widely applied in areas related to energy and environment Heterogeneous Catalysts: Advanced Design, Characterization and Applications is an important book for catalytic chemists, materials scientists, surface chemists, physical chemists, inorganic chemists, chemical engineers, and other professionals working in the chemical industry.

Energy Research Abstracts

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Advanced Catalytic Materials Current Status and Future Progress

Author : José Manuel Domínguez-Esquivel
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This book presents advances in computational methods, experimental synthesis, and advanced characterizations for novel catalytic materials. The authors show how catalytical materials can be used for various engineering oil & gas applications – mainly in low contaminants fuel production. All contributors, describe in detail novel experimental and theoretical techniques techniques and concepts for synthesis, evaluation and scaling catalytic materials and research advances in evaluation, extensive characterization and theoretical modeling using computer assisted methods and algorithms. Describes computational methods, experimental synthesis and advanced characterization for novel catalytic materials; Examines catalytic materials and corresponding engineering applications with a focus on low contaminant fuel production and derivatives; Covers the application of computer assisted quantum mechanical for fundamental understanding of electronic structure of molecular dimension catalytic materials.

Nanotechnology in Catalysis Volumes 1 and 2

Author : Bing Zhou
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This book is mainly based on the first and second symposia on Nanotechnology in Catalysis held in 2001 and 2002, but it also includes several contributions not presented in the symposia to round out the scope of the subject. The contents are the most up to date developments made by researchers all over the world in the catalysis field in this fascinating nanotechnology era. It reflects some of the frontier areas of nanoscience and nanotechnology in fabricating and characterizing catalysts and carrying out studies to prove their superior selectivity and activity. The field of application of nanotechnology for the development of catalysts for green chemistry is likely to grow rapidly during the next decade. This book hopes to contribute to the evolution of nanotechnology in that direction.