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Conduct Books and the History of the Ideal Woman

Author : Tabitha Kenlon
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The longest-running war is the battle over how women should behave. “Conduct Books and the History of the Ideal Woman” examines six centuries of advice literature, analyzing the print origins of gendered expectations that continue to inform our thinking about women’s roles and abilities. Close readings of numerous conduct manuals from Britain and America, written by men and women, explain and contextualize the legacy of sexism as represented in prescriptive writing for women from 1372 to the present. While existing period-specific studies of conduct manuals consider advice literature within the society that wrote and read them, “Conduct Books and the History of the Ideal Woman” provides the only analysis of both the volumes themselves and the larger debates taking place within their pages across the centuries. Combining textual literary analysis with a social history sensibility while remaining accessible to expert and novice, this book will help readers understand the on-going debate about the often-contradictory guidelines for female behavior.


Author : Susan Faludi
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What has made women unhappy in the last decade? Faludi writes 'is not their equality' - which they don't yet have - but the rising pressure to halt, even worse, women's quest for that equality.

Compatible Companion The Essential Woman s Guide to Selecting a Forever Love

Author : April a. Carter
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There are more than 58 million single women in America. Some women are single because they want to be, but some are single of no choice of their own. Many women would like to be married or in a long-term rewarding relationship with a great guy. Unfortunately, they haven't met someone who they believe will enhance their life. April A. Carter aims to change that one relationship at a time with Compatible Companion, a guide for attracting a relationship - ready man. Based on her experience as the founder and director of a relationship coaching corporation that she built from the ground up, April has transformed the lives of women seeking mutually beneficial relationships (including her own) and gives practical tips so other ladies can also enjoy a gratifying life with their Forever Love. With real advice and thought-provoking exercises, April's book is a necessary reference for single professionals who are now finally ready to invite and accept real love into their lives.

Midcentury Cocktails

Author : Cecelia Tichi
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"Midcentury America was on the move when powerful autos sped along the new interstate highways while suburbs sprouted, and a baby-booming middle class enjoyed TV favorites, passenger jet travel, atomic engineering, and cocktails toasting all things modern"--

W H O L E Women Handling The Oppositions of Life Exceptionally

Author : Betty M. Knight
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A Call to the Black Man Give ear to what I'm about to say What in the world happened? It's not supposed to be this way. We fought so hard for freedom And you have put me back in chains Commitment, trust, seems to be bad words. I'm in bondage to your mind games Remember, you have a mother, sister, or daughter But it was me you gave the ring. I have come to this conclusion I don't need a king TO BE A QUEEN! I've had to raise the children alone Like when the master sold you astray Now I have to look for you And again you've become a runaway A man that can walk out on his family Is a part of slavery's aftermath? But enough with the dumb stuff The past is the past. I am still that woman Who made you feel like a man? Now you are so out of place Still, you want me to understand. Another form of rejection I'm asking myself "what's wrong with me" Why am I always to blame? For your misplaced priorities? Either you get it together Either you are right or you are wrong. I can raise the children with you. I should not have to do it alone. Come inside these pages. Allow me to tailor you to fit Coming from the strength of this Whole Woman. I should not be penalized for it I'm going to speak to the Whole Man in you Like I do in our time of intimacy. That's when I give you the freedom to be you And you give me the freedom to be me. Men are checking me out "right now" Making statements and, my, how they do flatter. They ask "Why are you alone or single?" Realize! I do have a choice in the matter. I was asked if I were to define the book WHOLE in one sentence, what would I say? "WHOLE is a groundbreaking, ground shaking, revolution that demands results!" "I recall the day as though it was yesterday. I stood in the mirror looking at a reflection of defeat never knowing if I would reach my God-ordained destiny. All my dreams, hopes, and desires devastated. I was distrait, frail, and I had gone from a size 12 to a size 6. I was beyond distressed I was destroyed. Lifelines can come in many ways. I knew I wanted and needed to come out, but I didn't know how. This is the time when I had to get real with myself and everyone else-so I threw out a lifeline. I made a simple telephone call to a friend and the Revolution began!"

A Handbook of Treatment

Author : H.W. Proctor
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This book attempts to provide we general physicians with a conveniently sized work for daily reference. It deals with an area of medical practice which is rapidly changing. For that reason regular updating with new material will need to be considered. The book does not profess to be encyc1opaedic. In order to keep the size of the book within bounds. there are no sections devoted solely to psychological medicine or to paediatrics. but the book does deal with the more common diseases as revealed by morbidity studies. The main section of the book-A-is concerned with these commoner diseases and is set out in conventional fashion. It is in two parts; the one dealing with therapeutics. the other with clinical phannacology. The second section-B-reviews therapy in some selected areas. Cancer. pain and tenninal care. contraception. and hyperlipoproteinaemias. It also contains pieces on common emergencies. home renal dialysis and tropical diseases in non-tropical countries. The creation of 'pain c1inics·. and the possibilities for the treatment of intractable pain are innovations calculated to be more widely used as we become more aware of theirvalue. The field of rehabilitation is one of which we general physicians are on less familiar ground. To say that by us it is a neglected field is perhaps not too strong a statement. The section on Drugs concentrates on the practical side of drug administration and hence the stress is on the incompatibilities. side etfects and contraindications.

Sex and the Single Woman

Author : Eliza M. Smith
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This fresh, voice-driven feminist anthology reimagines Helen Gurley Brown's seminal work Sex and the Single Girl in time for its 60th anniversary, featuring twenty-four essays from acclaimed and bestselling authors, including Kristen Arnett, Morgan Parker, Evette Dionne, and Melissa Febos. In May 1962, Helen Gurley Brown's Sex and the Single Girl sent shockwaves through the United States, selling more than two million copies in three weeks. The future Cosmopolitan Editor-in-Chief's book promoted the message that a woman's needs, ambition, and success during her single years could actually take precedence over the search for a husband. While much of Brown's advice is outdated and even offensive by today's standards, her central message remains relevant. In this exceptional anthology, Eliza Smith and Haley Swanson bring together insights from many of today's leading feminist thinkers and writers to pay homage to Brown's original work and reinterpret it for a new generation. These contributors provide a much-needed reckoning while addressing today's central issues, from contraception and abortion (topics the publisher banned from the original) to queer and trans womanhood, racial double standards, dating with disabilities, sexual consent, singlehood by choice, single parenting, and more. Written for today's women, this revisionist anthology honors Brown's irreverent spirit just as it celebrates and validates women's sexual lives and individual eras of singlehood, encouraging us all to reclaim joy where it's so often been denied.

All American Girl

Author : Frances B. Cogan
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Our image of nineteenth-century American women is generally divided into two broad classifications: victims and revolutionaries. This divide has served the purposes of modern feminists well, allowing them to claim feminism as the only viable role model for women of the nineteenth century. In All-American Girl, however, Frances B. Cogan identifies amid these extremes a third ideal of femininity: the “Real Woman.” Cogan's Real Woman exists in advice books and manuals, as well as in magazine short stories whose characters did not dedicate their lives to passivity or demand the vote. Appearing in the popular reading of middle-class America from 1842 to 1880, these women embodied qualities that neither the “True Women”—conventional ladies of leisure—nor the early feminists fully advocated, such as intelligence, physical fitness, self sufficiency, economic self-reliance, judicious marriage, and a balance between self and family. Cogan's All-American Girl reveals a system of feminine values that demanded women be neither idle nor militant.

Bachelors Domesticity and Domestic Space in Postwar American Culture 1945 1960

Author : Claire Morgan Tichi
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Screw Who You Want and Forget about What People Think

Author : Lawrence Wilson
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"Screw Whoever You Want and Forget About What People Think: A Guide for Single Women Dating Men that Play Games," completely changes the idea of searching for love after having your heart broken time after time. This dating book offers realistic dating advice for women and emphasizes dating boundaries. It provides tips and recommendations based on: real men that play games, real women and their broken hearts, real trials and tribulations, and finally, real results. This dating book explore the extremes to which "game playing" men go to convince women that they are into them when they really aren't. My objective is to provide dating advice to women to help them recognize the "game" and provide them with dating boundaries to beat it, keeping their hearts intact. The guide strips away the entrenched dating platitudes of the past, including: 1.The 90-day rule-wait before sex. Screw Who You Want Dating Advice: No way! If you want to have sex, do it, but remember it's just for fun, and not love! 2.Trust is the Key to Any Relationship. Screw Who You Want Dating Advice: No way! Don't trust any man until you know for sure he is genuine and his intent in the relationship aligns with yours. Go into the situation with your eyes wide open, not allowing anything to be overlooked. "Screw Whoever You Want and Forget About What People Think: A Guide for Single Women Dating Men that Play Games" is a must-have for single women navigating the dating scene today. Its bold new rules bust the myths of the past, and give women the "frames" to see "game" from day one-protecting themselves from those types of men.