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Always Yes Always Expect Miracles

Author : Kassie Wright
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Many of us simply don't have time in our busy lifestyles for anything spiritual. We don't set aside 'me' times. Often we skip reading 'Inspirational' stuff because we rationalize that we have more important things to do. I was one of those people. This was one of those things. Too busy to read any self-help or inspirational stuff, let alone 'Law of Attraction' books. I thought I was above that. I didn't need self-help. At least, not until Miracles started to happen. When things seem to be as bad as they can be, if we look within, we all can discover 'The Power'. Each one of us has it. It exists within us all. It's love. And when we become aware and conscious, we can feel the energy. We can use this energy to guide us through our life. To find happiness and peace. The Power doesn't exist outside. It lives within our hearts. Understand the Universal Laws and use them to design the life of your dreams. Set yourself up to receive everything you always wanted in life. Once you begin to see the light, you'll never go back to darkness. Surround yourself with positive people. And remember, you 'get what you give'. And always, yes always, EXPECT Miracles!

His Only Son

Author : Leopoldo Alas
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The unlikely hero of His Only Son, Bonifacio Reyes, is a romantic and a flautist by vocation—and a failed clerk and kept husband by necessity—who dreams of a novelesque life. Tied to his shrill and sickly wife by her purse strings, he enters timidly into a love affair with Serafina, a seductive second-rate opera singer, encouraged by her manager who mistakes Bonifacio for a potential patron. Meanwhile, Bonifacio’s wife experiences a parallel awakening and in the midst of a long-barren marriage, surprises them both with a son—but is it Bonifacio’s? In the accompanying novella, Doña Berta, the heroine of the title, an aged, poor, but well-born woman, forfeits her beloved estate in search of a portrait that may be all that remains of the secret love of her life. While largely unknown outside of Spain, Leopoldo Alas was one of the most celebrated writers of criticism in nineteenth-century Spain and employed his satirical talents to powerful and humorous effect in fiction. His Only Son was Alas’s second and final novel, full of characteristic humor, naturalistic detail, descriptive beauty, and moral complexity. His frail and pitiful characters—irrational, emotional actors drawn inexorably toward their foolish fates—are yet multidimensional individuals, often conscious of their own weaknesses and stymied by their very yearnings to be more than the parts they find themselves playing.

Minor Miracle

Author : Al Morgan
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A comedy about a parish priest for St. Martin's Catholic Church in Yorkville, Manhattan, N.Y. The priest is rather bored with the unimaginative confessions of his parishioners and turns to picking horse race winners to relieve boredom. Book made into a play and performed in the Henry Miller's Theater in New York in September and October 1965.

The American Pressman

Author :
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Herr Paulus His Rise His Greatness and His Fall

Author : Walter Besant
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Roll Back the Sea

Author : A. den Doolaard
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From This Day Forward

Author : Sandra Marton
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From This Day Forwar by Sandra Marton released on Aug 24, 1990 is available now for purchase.

Expecting Miracles

Author : Linda Howard
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The Daily Guide to Miracles

Author : Oral Roberts
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The Arkansas Lawyer

Author :
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Expecting Miracles

Author : Christo Zouves
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Offering hope for infertile couples, the medical director of the Pacific Coast Fertility Center reveals the combination of compassion and technology that can make the difference in conceiving a child. Reprint.

Healing Miracles from Macrobiotics

Author : Jean Charles Kohler
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Celebrating Anger

Author : Angela Jackson
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Is There Anything I Can Do

Author : Sol Gordon
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A sensitive hands-on guide to helping friends survive difficult times explains the different ways people can react to trials, showing when gentle compassion is the appropriate response and when "tough love" might be more effective. Tour.

You Can Expect a Miracle

Author : John Hinwood
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In 2008 with the publication of You Can EXPECT A MIRACLE ... The Book To Change Your Life, the 'ripple effect' was set in motion. This very powerful thought, alongside the magnetic 'Expect A Miracle' Cards, has seen a worldwide movement spring to life. This simple, yet very powerful message has been spread in book stores by the sale of the first book, online with the eBook edition available on Kindle, Smashwords and from our online shop. I had personally handed out over fifty thousand Expect A Miracle cards to people I'd met all over the world in the previous 21 years. Four years on, that number of Expect A Miracle cards I have handed out has grown to over ninety six thousand. Since 2008, thousands of visitors to have printed hundreds and thousands of 'Expect A Miracle' cards. In Australia over the past year, on a number of occasions, I have had people give me an Expect A Miracle card. When I have shared with them that I'm 'The Miracle Man' and the cards started with me twenty six years ago, they are amazed. On each occasion the person involved has displayed a wonderful attitude of gratitude. In the four years since the book has been published in the US and Australia, it has gone to three printings and been made available in bookstores across the country, on Amazon and many other websites. I enjoyed the personal contact of book signings at Angus & Robertson in Australia, and at Borders and Barnes and Noble in the United States. Probably the best moment for me personally is when so many people I give a card to, no matter what their station in life is, turn the card over to find it blank on the back. After a pause, I say, "Would you like a miracle?" They almost always say, "Oh yes!" The change in state of most individuals on receiving the card, reading the words Expect A Miracle, turning the card over to find no name, no advertising, no gimmick, purely a message of hope, from this an unconditional gift, is heart-rending to witness. Most people move to an enlivened state of well being after reading these three powerful words. For some, who only show a glimmer of hope that it's possible for their life to be even a bit better than it is right now, it can be a hugely uplifting event.


Author : International Association of Quality Circles. Conference
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The Pummeled Heart

Author : Antoinette Bosco
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In this personal sharing of life experiences, author Antoinette Bosco looks honestly at pain and how it can lead to the growth of faith, love, and profound joy.

Debates of the Senate Hansard

Author : South Africa. Parliament (1994- ). Senate
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Plays for the Theatre

Author : Oscar Gross Brockett
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PLAYS FOR THE THEATRE, Seventh Edition, continues its rich tradition of providing insightful and absorbing plays for the contemporary stage. The plays selected typify a wide range of cultural diversity and dramatic power. PLAYS FOR THE THEATRE, edited by Oscar G. Brockett with Robert Ball, is a companion to THE ESSENTIAL THEATRE, Seventh Edition, which places selections from Plays within historical and cultural context, providing a richer and more rewarding exploration of the people and the ideas that have shaped today's theatre.