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Children of the Streets

Author : Richard W. Stavros
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A suburban golden boy, an inner-city girl forced to grow up too soon, and a street kid doing whatever it takes to survive cross paths in New York City. As their fates intertwine, they find themselves wrapped up in the underworld workings of a powerful crime boss. In a struggle to find salvation and meaning in dark times, they search for forgiveness and understanding in places where there seem to be none. When one family is torn apart, another is brought together as Children of the Streets, Part 1: The Runaways and Part 2: The Aftermath are presented together in one volume: Scott's Story.

A Christmas to Remember

Author : Anton Du Beke
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Be swept away by the new breath-taking romantic novel from Sunday Times bestselling author and Strictly Come Dancing star Anton Du Beke. This Christmas, you are cordially invited to the wedding of the year! London, 1938. When fiercely independent chambermaid Nancy Nettleton first moved to London and the Buckingham hotel, the last thing on her mind was finding love, let alone falling for the debonair demonstration dancer Raymond de Guise. As the festive season approaches, life at the exclusive hotel is busier than ever, with guests arriving from around the world, seeking comfort, relaxation and refuge as tensions build across Europe and it looks like another war is imminent. Behind the scenes, the staff work tirelessly, ensuring the smooth operation of the hotel, guarding the secrets of their guests - but they have many of their own that they fear will be revealed. As the band strikes up in the Grand Ballroom to celebrate Nancy and Raymond's wedding, one thing is certain - this will be a Christmas to remember.

National Geographic

Author :
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Author : Lisa Blower
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A love story in the slow lane about loss and getting lost—two childhood sweethearts take a trip via pints, ponds and pitstops to find their future on a road less travelled from Stoke-on-Trent to Wales Apparently, we spend almost two weeks of our life completely lost. If you add up all the times you take a wrong turn or find yourself somewhere you don’t want to be, it equates to fourteen days of essentially being missing. One Monday afternoon, around three o’clock, pond supplies salesman Selwyn Robby arrives home towing the Toogood Aquatics exhibition caravan and orders his like-wife, Imogen ‘Ginny’ Dare, to get into the car. He’s taking her on a little holiday, he says. To Wales. So begins their road trip west, via blasts from Selwyn’s past, and a fortnight’s journey of self-discovery for them both. But it’s a fishy business towing this caravan, with its saucy mermaid curtains and fully stocked bar, and Ginny must untangle the pondweed to get to the bottom of it, even it does mean unearthing her own murky past to find out.

Piece by Piece

Author : Laura Bradford
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A grieving mother learns to heal in Amish country, in this heartfelt, beautifully told novel from national bestselling author Laura Bradford. Danielle Parker is a gold-medal mom—the kind who volunteers in her children’s classrooms, shuttles them between activities, throws legendary birthday parties, and has a remedy on hand for any emergency. Whatever her husband, Jeff, and their children need, Dani is there, always. Except for one day. On that day—the day that Dani reluctantly takes some “me time” while her mom and Jeff drive the children to the park—the unthinkable happens. The car crash leaves no survivors. Somehow, Dani gets through the funerals and visits, accepting neighbors’ sympathy and dropped-off meals. All the while, guilt and grief make her wish the accident had claimed her life too. Then a call comes from Lydia Schlabach, an Amish woman Dani befriended in childhood. In addition to condolences, Lydia offers Dani something more: a place to escape to. In Pennsylvania’s Amish country, Dani’s days take on a new rhythm, marked by the clip-clop of buggies and the bustle of chores. Lydia gives Dani space to mourn, to think, and to realize how long it’s been since she felt like a person in her own right. And with the help of friendships old and new, Dani learns about the ways life continues to surprise us—even after the deepest loss—with joy, love, and second chances. . . . Praise for Portrait of a Sister “Laura Bradford is a master storyteller; this book will stay with you for a long, long time.” —New York Times bestselling author Tasha Alexander “A charming, well-told story of love and devotion between sisters.” —New York Times bestselling author Rachel Hauck

When I Come Home Again

Author : Caroline Scott
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‘A page-turning literary gem’ THE TIMES, BEST BOOKS OF 2020 From the highly acclaimed author of The Photographer of the Lost, a BBC Radio 2 Book Club Pick, comes a beautiful and compelling story based on true events, perfect for fans of Maggie O'Farrell and Helen Dunmore. One Great War soldier with no memory. Three women who claim him as their own. 1918. A soldier is arrested in Durham Cathedral in the last week of the First World War, but he has no memory of who he is or how he came to be there. He is given the name Adam and transferred to a rehabilitation institution in the Lake District where Doctor James Haworth is determined to uncover his identity. But, unwilling to relive the trauma of war, Adam has locked his memory away, seemingly for good. Then a newspaper publishes a feature about Adam, and three women come forward, each claiming that he is someone she lost in the war. But without memory, how do you know who to believe? Based on true events, When I Come Home Again is a beautiful and compelling story about love, loss and longing in the aftermath of war, perfect for fans of Maggie O'Farrell and Helen Dunmore. Praise for When I Come Home Again: ‘A superb and quietly devastating novel’ The Times, Book of the Month 'Scott unravels her haunting tale in unpretentious but persuasive prose' Sunday Times ‘A heartbreaking read… I highly recommend it’ Anita Frank 'Breathtaking exploration of loss, love and precious memories’ My Weekly, Pick of the Month ‘Achingly moving and most beautifully written’ Rachel Hore ‘This beautiful book packs a huge emotional punch’ Fabulous ‘Drew me in from the first line and held me enthralled until the very end' Fiona Valpy ‘Quietly devastating' Daily Mail 'A compulsive, heart-wrenching read' Liz Trenow ‘Powerful’ Woman & Home 'Page turning, mysterious, engrossing and compelling' Lorna Cook ‘A carefully nuanced, complex story’ Woman’s Weekly ‘Caroline Scott evokes the damage and desolation of the Great War with aching authenticity' Iona Grey ‘Poignant’ Best ‘Wonderful and evocative’ Suzanne Goldring ‘Based on true events, this is a powerful story’ Bella ‘Immersive, poignant, intricately woven’ Judith Kinghorn ‘An evocative read’ heat ‘The story left me breathless. Powerful, heartrending, and oh so tender’ Kate Furnivall ‘Tense and compelling’ Lancashire Post ‘Scott litters her tale with clues and red herrings in the best mystery-writer way so we are kept guessing as to where the truth really lies’ The BookBag

Blockchain Chicken Farm

Author : Xiaowei Wang
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From FSGO x Logic: stories about rural China, food, and tech that reveal new truths about the globalized world In Blockchain Chicken Farm, the technologist and writer Xiaowei Wang explores the political and social entanglements of technology in rural China. Their discoveries force them to challenge the standard idea that rural culture and people are backward, conservative, and intolerant. Instead, they find that rural China has not only adapted to rapid globalization but has actually innovated the technology we all use today. From pork farmers using AI to produce the perfect pig, to disruptive luxury counterfeits and the political intersections of e-commerce villages, Wang unravels the ties between globalization, technology, agriculture, and commerce in unprecedented fashion. Accompanied by humorous “Sinofuturist” recipes that frame meals as they transform under new technology, Blockchain Chicken Farm is an original and probing look into innovation, connectivity, and collaboration in the digitized rural world. FSG Originals × Logic dissects the way technology functions in everyday lives. The titans of Silicon Valley, for all their utopian imaginings, never really had our best interests at heart: recent threats to democracy, truth, privacy, and safety, as a result of tech’s reckless pursuit of progress, have shown as much. We present an alternate story, one that delights in capturing technology in all its contradictions and innovation, across borders and socioeconomic divisions, from history through the future, beyond platitudes and PR hype, and past doom and gloom. Our collaboration features four brief but provocative forays into the tech industry’s many worlds, and aspires to incite fresh conversations about technology focused on nuanced and accessible explorations of the emerging tools that reorganize and redefine life today.

Popular Science

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Popular Science gives our readers the information and tools to improve their technology and their world. The core belief that Popular Science and our readers share: The future is going to be better, and science and technology are the driving forces that will help make it better.

Building Time

Author : David Leatherbarrow
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While most books on architecture concentrate on spatial themes, this book explores architecture's temporal dimensions. Through a series of close readings of buildings, both contemporary and classic, it demonstrates the centrality of time in modern architecture, and shows why an understanding of time is critical to understanding good architecture. All buildings exist in time. Even if designed for permanence, they change, slowly but inevitably. They change use, they accrue history and meaning, they decay – all of these processes are inscribed in time. So too is the path traced by the sun through a building, and the movements of the human body from room to room. Time, this book argues, is the framework for our spatial experience of architecture, and a key dimension of a building's structure and significance. Building Time presents twelve close readings of buildings and artworks which explore this idea. Examining works by distinctive modern architects – from Eileen Gray to Álvaro Siza and Wang Shu – it takes the reader, in some cases literally step-by-step, through a built work, and provides insightful reflections on the importance of 'making space for time' in architectural design. This is a book for both theorists and for architectural designers. Through it, theorists will find a way to rethink the fundamental premises and aims of design work, while designers will rediscover the order and ideas that shape the world around them-its buildings, interiors, and landscapes.

Essential Novelists Frank Norris

Author : Frank Norris
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Welcome to the Essential Novelists book series, were we present to you the best works of remarkable authors. For this book, the literary critic August Nemo has chosen the two most important and meaningful novels ofFrank Norriswhich areMcTeague and The Octopus. Naturalism describes the details of everyday existence, expressing the social milieu of the characters. Frank Norris concentrated on society's seamier side and the travails of the lower classes as the focal point of his writing. Novels selected for this book: - McTeague - The Octopus This is one of many books in the series Essential Novelists. If you liked this book, look for the other titles in the series, we are sure you will like some of the authors.

The Queen of Emerald Falls

Author : J.J. DiBenedetto
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She’s spontaneous, passionate and has a habit of mangling the English language. He’s calm and controlled and always has the perfect thing to say in every situation. If their differing personalities were the only obstacle, they’d probably have smooth sailing. Unfortunately, things aren’t that simple in the town of Emerald Falls, and life keeps throwing curveballs at Sheryl Jones and Dr. Jon Hardy. If they’re going to find true love, they’ll have to deal with Sheryl’s archenemy trying to destroy her business, and Jon’s interfering brother showing up to try and ruin his life. And then there’s the vindictive daughter of the richest man in town, not to mention a stolen vintage Rolls Royce. Can this star-crossed couple fight their way past all the obstacles and make their way back to each other without losing their jobs, their sanity or going bankrupt in the meantime? Romantic comedy fans will love this quirky mix of “How I Met Your Mother” and “General Hospital!”

A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels

Author : Robert Kerr
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Reproduction of the original: A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels by Robert Kerr

The Archaeology and Prehistoric Annals of Scotland

Author : Sir Daniel Wilson
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The zeal for Archæological investigation which has recently manifested itself in nearly every country of Europe, has been traced, not without reason, to the impulse which proceeded from Abbotsford. Though such is not exactly the source which we might expect to give birth to the transition from profitless dilettantism to the intelligent spirit of scientific investigation, yet it is unquestionable that Sir Walter Scott was the first of modern writers "to teach all men this truth, which looks like a truism, and yet was as good as unknown to writers of history and others, till so taught,—that the bygone ages of the world were actually filled by living men." If, however, the impulse to the pursuit of Archæology as a science be thus traceable to our own country, neither Scotland nor England can lay claim to the merit of having been the first to recognise its true character, or to develop its fruits. The spirit of antiquarianism has not, indeed, slumbered among us. It has taken form in Roxburgh, Bannatyne, Abbotsford, and other literary Clubs, producing valuable results for the use of the historian, but limiting its range within the Medieval era, and abandoning to isolated labourers that ampler field of research which embraces the prehistoric period of nations, and belongs not to literature but to the science of Nature. It was not till continental Archæologists had shewn what legitimate induction is capable of, that those of Britain were content to forsake laborious trifling, and associate themselves with renewed energy of purpose to establish the study on its true footing as an indispensable link in the circle of the sciences. Amid the increasing zeal for the advancement of knowledge, the time appears to have at length come for the thorough elucidation of Primeval Archæology as an element in the history of man. The British Association, expressly constituted for the purpose of giving a stronger impulse and a more systematic direction to scientific inquiry, embraced within its original scheme no provision for the encouragement of those investigations which most directly tend to throw light on the origin and progress of the human race. Physical archæology was indeed admissible, in so far as it dealt with the extinct fauna of the palæontologist; but it was practically pronounced to be without the scientific pale whenever it touched on that portion of the archæology of the globe which comprehends the history of the race of human beings to which we ourselves belong. A delusive hope was indeed raised by the publication in the first volume of the Transactions of the Association, of one memoir on the contributions afforded by physical and philological researches to the history of the human species,—but the ethnologist was doomed to disappointment. During several annual meetings, elaborate and valuable memoirs, prepared on various questions relating to this important branch of knowledge, and to the primeval population of the British Isles, were returned to their authors without being read. This pregnant fact has excited little notice hitherto; but when the scientific history of the first half of the nineteenth century shall come to be reviewed by those who succeed us, and reap the fruits of such advancement as we now aim at, it will not be overlooked as an evidence of the exoteric character of much of the overestimated science of the age. Through the persevering zeal of a few resolute men of distinguished ability, ethnology was at length afforded a partial footing among the recognised sciences, and at the meeting of the Association to be held at Ipswich in 1851, it will for the first time take its place as a distinct section of British Science.

The Rebus and the Parrot The End Game

Author : CR Searle
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Having reached Eden in 4930 in search of the last pieces of the Rebus of Akhenaten and the treasure it promises, a world populated by robots controlled by Montard, Billy discovers space, time and reality are an illusion of pulsating light and dark we perceive not outside but inside, in our consciousness of our unconsciousness. But amazingly learns our unconsciousness is the quantum unconsciousness of all things, solids, liquids and gases, the source of all that is real to us. And the future, once the home of Nanochromes is a virtual reality game controlled by the Toba Men. A game he must escape if he is to reveal the secret of the Rebus and prevent the mass extinction event of 2084. But not without hazarding the most perilous dangers imaginable and suffering the death of a friend that will change his life.

Three Man

Author : Maxim Gorky
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Reproduction of the original: Three Man by Maxim Gorky

To Him That Hath

Author : Leroy Scott
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Reproduction of the original: To Him That Hath by Leroy Scott

Solomon Crow s Christmas Pockets and Other Tales

Author : Stuart Ruth McEnery
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Reproduction of the original: Solomon Crow’s Christmas Pockets and Other Tales by Stuart Ruth McEnery

7 best short stories by Ruth McEnery Stuart

Author : Ruth McEnery Stuart
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Ruth McEnery Stuart was among the best known and most popular of nineteenth-century Louisiana writers.She was, both financially and critically, one of the most successful fiction writers of her time, and in recent years has been studied by feminist and social literary critics. This selection chosen by the critic August Nemocontains the following stories: - Sonny's Christenin' - Solomon Crow's Christmas Pockets - The Two Tims - Old Easter - Saint Idyl's Light - Little Mother Quackalina - Blink

Seamus McCree Series Second Boxed Set

Author : James M Jackson
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"The series just keeps getting better." Page-turners that keep you reading late into the night. Doubtful Relations (Seamus McCree #4) Financial crimes investigator Seamus McCree has wife problems, and Lizzie’s not even his wife anymore. Her current husband disappeared on a business trip to Savannah. Was he kidnapped? Dispatched by his hedge fund partners? Or did he run off with another woman? Police assume he’s AWOL, and Lizzie turns to Seamus for help. How far can you trust your family? Seamus has no desire to be sucked into Lizzie’s drama again, but her angst is also affecting their son, Paddy. Seamus agrees to help discover the truth, a quest that soon involves the entire extended family. Long buried secrets surface and in this fourth book in the Seamus McCree series, each member must confront the question, “How far can you trust your family?” Equal parts road trip, who done what, and domestic thriller This novel takes psychological suspense to a new level. Seamus McCree fans and newcomers alike will delight in this fast-paced novel that leaves no one in the family unchanged and keeps you guessing until the very end. Empty Promises (Seamus McCree #5) If you love the suspense and plot twists of domestic thrillers, this page-turner will be for you. Seamus McCree’s first assignment hiding a witness goes from bad to worse. His client disappears. His granddog finds a buried human bone. Police find a fresh human body. His client is to testify in a Chicago money laundering trial. He’s paranoid that with a price on his head, if the police know where he’s staying, the information will leak. Seamus promised his business partner and lover, Abigail Hancock, that he’d keep the witness safe at the McCree family camp located deep in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan’s woods. Abigail is furious at his incompetence and their relationship flounders. Even his often-helpful son, Paddy, must put family safety ahead of helping his father. Seamus risks his own safety and freedom to turn amateur sleuth in hopes he can solve the crimes, fulfill his promise of protection, and win back Abigail. Wit and grit are on his side in this fifth book in the Seamus McCree series, but the clock is ticking . . . and the hit man is on his way. False Bottom (Seamus McCree #6) Secrets have a life of their own. There’s no place like home Seamus McCree returns to his native Boston to bury his Uncle Mike, a retired Boston police captain, who has been murdered. Seamus has been named executor of the estate, which is easy enough for him to settle. But he soon learns Uncle Mike has left a second, secret legacy - and that triggers an earthquake's worth of problems. But wait, there’s more . . . Adding to his troubles, Uncle Mike's killer is now gunning for Seamus and his family, and the family does not agree how they should respond: Run and hide? Stay and fight? Hire their own killer? In this sixth book in the Seamus McCree series, he must find a path through a labyrinth of lies and secrets stemming from his father's death more than forty years earlier and resolve all of Uncle Mike's legacies before the killer strikes again. Order your copy now and follow Seamus and his family on their adventures. The Seamus McCree Series Order Ant Farm Bad Policy Cabin Fever Doubtful Relations Empty Promises False Bottom Low Tide at Tybee (a novella)

Sunday School Times

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