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The Collected Poems of W B Yeats

Author : William Butler Yeats
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Selected Poems

Author : William Yeats
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This selection of the works of W B Yeats, includes the final book from the unfairly neglected narrative poem 'The Wanderings of Oisin' and a number of lyrics from Yeats's work as poetic dramatist. It breaks new ground by allowing the reader to engage with a dozen poems in alternative versions; in many other cases it provides significant variants, so that Yeats's struggle to revise his poetry can be experienced with unusual immediacy.

Dry Bones

Author : Peter Quinn
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A novel of suspense amid the chaos of WWII: “Peter Quinn has just about reinvented the historical detective novel” (James Patterson). As the Red Army continues its unstoppable march toward Berlin in the winter of 1945, Fintan Dunne and his fellow soldier Dick Van Hull volunteer for a dangerous drop behind enemy lines to rescue a team of OSS officers trying to abet the Czech resistance. When the plan goes south, Dunne and Van Hull uncover a secret that will change both of their lives. A literary thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end, Dry Bones is “a savvy, suspenseful tale of WWII espionage and Cold War skullduggery” (William Kennedy). “One of our finest storytellers . . . He can carve mystery out of mystery.” —Colum McCann

Wisdom of Two

Author : Margaret Mills Harper
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New Peterson Magazine

Author :
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Critical Companion to William Butler Yeats

Author : David A. Ross
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Examines the life and writings of William Butler Yeats, including a biographical sketch, detailed synopses of his works, social and historical influences, and more.

Amid the Crowd of Stars

Author : Stephen Leigh
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This innovative sci-fi novel explores the potential impact of alien infection on humankind as they traverse the stars and find themselves stranded on new and strange planets. Amid the Crowd of Stars is a grand scale science fiction novel examining the ethical implications of interstellar travel, a topic rarely addressed in science fiction novels. What responsibilities do we have to isolate ourselves from the bacteria, viruses, and other life of another world, and to prevent any of that alien biome from being brought back to Earth? What happens when a group of humans are stranded for centuries on another world with no choice but to expose themselves to that world? After such long exposure, are they still Homo sapiens or have they become another species entirely? These questions are at the heart of this intriguing novel, explored through the complicated lives and the viewpoints of the people who have come to rescue the stranded colony, the members of that colony, and the sentient alien life that dwells on the planet. Difficult life and death choices will be made by all involved.

Poems that Live Forever

Author : Hazel Felleman
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Over 175,000 copies have been sold of this perennially popular collection of America's favorite poems.

Talking about Poetry

Author : Bert Hornback
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Six essays written as lectures and given at Bellarmine University.

Peace Amidst Conflict

Author : Rene Reid
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A fictional love story set during and after the shocking reality of 9/11, this narrative parallels the plight of America as the characters search for solutions to a senseless and ill-conceived war during which a couple struggles to work through their own personal conflicts. A romance set against one of the greatest tragedies in U.S. history, Peace Amidst Conflict beautifully demonstrates how understanding the opposition is an essential step toward healing rifts between individuals as well as nations. Peace Amidst Conflict opens with the tragic scene of two airplanes flying into the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001. Through two twin brothers, one the attorney general of California and the other a staff member in the office of the U.S. secretary of state in Washington, the narrative weaves together the ill-preparedness of the intelligence agencies before the attack on the World Trade Center; the determination of the Bush administration to rearrange the map of the Middle East; the manipulation of the CIA who were ordered to find a reason to go into Iraq; the op-ed article released by Ambassador Joseph Wilson attacking President Bush for using the infamous Niger Report as a justification; the retaliation of the administration by leaking the identity of Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, as a CIA agent; and the inhumane treatment of the detainees in Abu Ghraib. Tying together these separate but related issues in a compelling narrative that offers a general understanding of what happened behind-the-scenes in the lead-up to the Iraqi war, the story is both compelling and informative. Ultimately, through interviews with international experts, the brothers create a new diplomatic foreign policy for the next presidential administration that will open the way to more peaceful solutions to world relations.