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An Introduction To Macro And Close Up Photography

Author : Brent G. Betz
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An Introduction To Macro & Close-Up Photography, part of the DSLR Fundamentals series, is an eBook written specifically for those interested in learning more about the basics of macro and close-up photography. The book uses text, video links, diagrams, graphs, and charts to explain and teach a variety of concepts such as: - Understanding the difference between macro and close-up photography - Choosing dedicated macro equipment and learning how to use it - Modifying existing equipment for macro and close-up photography using reversing rings, extension tubes, macro couplers, and diopters - Creating on-camera, off-camera, and external lighting solutions - Do-It-Yourself projects for creating a variety of reflectors and diffusers - Learning an array of macro and close-up shooting techniques - Mastering the fundamental issues of shooting macro and close-up, such as depth of field, natural and artificial lighting, proper exposure, subject and camera movement, and principles of light and shadow - Employing elements of art and style for better bokeh, creative focus, unique perspective, inventive exposure, and proper composition - Processing macro and close-up photographs using editing software The volume also includes information and links to useful gadgets, equipment, graphics, and online communities relevant to macro and close-up photography. If you're a new or established photographer, someone interested in a different genre of photography, or someone who has an interest in shooting close-ups, this book will help you learn the basics needed to take beautiful macro and close-up photos.

Digital Macro and Close Up Photography For Dummies

Author : Thomas Clark
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Provides information and examples on the equipment and techniques of macro and close-up photography.

Digital Macro Close up Photography Revised and Expanded Edition

Author : Ross Hoddinott
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Ross Hoddinott has completely revised, and also expanded upon, his hugely successful Digital Macro Photography book published by GMC Publications in 2007. This book takes you on an incredible journey into the macro world where you can see insects that look like aliens or the hidden symmetries of plants. Technical terms, the basic techniques and how to get the best from your camera are all explained in an easy-to-follow way, accompanied by stunning example shots and invaluable tips.

Focus on Close up and Macro Photography

Author : Clive Branson
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"Macro and close-up photography isn't all about the equipment. In fact, most DLSR users that love to shoot close-up do not even have a Macro lens. This type of photography does, however, involve a unique set of challenges and skills. The composition and lighting are key elements of shooting something close-up. Done right, a photographer can make the most extraordinary photo out of something common without being too complex. This author shows you how to achieve stunning and creative results without overloading the reader with too much technical info"--

Close up and Macro Photography

Author : Robert Thompson
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Focusing on fieldcraft techniques for macro and close-up photography, Thompson covers the vital but often overlooked skills necessary to achieve consistent professional results in the field. Case studies covering a broad and often challenging group of subjects from the seashore to your back garden form the core of the lavishly illustrated book. Biology, life history, subject behaviour and ethics along with best practice approaches are discussed in detail and underpinned with photographic tips. The book is divided into four sections—Digital Fundamentals, Fieldcraft & Methodology, Portfolio Case Studies, Digital Workflow & Presentation—covering the full photographic process from capture through to editing, captioning, development and storage are discussed. Moving beyond the surface-level approach to macro instruction, this book provides readers with techniques that work in the field. Illustrated with over 250 of the author's own inspiring images, this publication is a must for photographers, naturalists and anyone interested in improving their macro skills in the field.

Close Up and Macro Photography

Author : John Humphrey
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High magnification photography is immensely exciting and rewarding. Through the close-up lens, everyday objects produce striking images, and small creatures show amazing detail that usually goes unnoticed. This book is both a practical guide to each step of the close-up process, as well as a source of inspirational ideas and subjects for producing high-impact images. Topics covered include: cameras, lenses and equipment; step-by-step techniques for high quality results; ideas for close-up subjects, including flowers, insects and still life; composing close-up pictures for maximum impact; using software for creative effect and suggestions for presenting macro photographs.Superbly illustrated with 229 stunning colour photographs.

Close Up and Macro Photography

Author : Adrian Davies
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In this exhaustive guide to macro photography, respected author and Photographer Adrian Davies takes a comprehensive approach to the subject, covering every aspect of the multi-faceted and often complicated world of close-up Photography. Everything about Adrian's approach is both practical and diverse, with optimal output always in mind. His coverage of equipment, for example, goes beyond cameras to cover the application of flatbed and film scanners for close-up shots (2D, 3D, reflective and translucent subjects). Seperate sections cover cameras and equipment, lenses, lighting, workflow and image processing. Additionally, a seperate section on 'special subjects' covers techniques for shooting both common macro subjects (including insects, fossils and coins), as well as a range of technical elements such as shiny surfaces, texture, and polarised light. The appendix includes a technical discussion on depth of field, including detailed tables, and a range of optical formulae. Clear, concise and comprehensive, and packed with stunning images, this is a must-have purchase for all photographers looking for professional quality macro results.

Starting Macro Photography

Author : David Bigwood
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An introduction to close up photography of flowers, insects and other subjects with macro and close up lenses plus learning to see the parts that make up the whole of the landscape.

Beyond Extreme Close Up Photography

Author : Julian Cremona
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Extreme macrophotography opens up a new world for photographers, particularly biologists. By photographing subjects way beyond just life size magnifications, this book takes you a step closer to the very cells that make up organisms. Written with clarity and detail, Julian Cremona's book is the perfect guide and sister title to Extreme Close-Up Photography and Focus Stacking. His enthusiasm for and knowledge of his subject makes this book an essential companion for everyone interested in photography and discovering the minutiae of the natural world. Advises on equipment and on low-cost and DIY photography solutions. Explains how to use a microscope and its potential for photographers. Instructs how to light, support and prepare a subject for best results. Covers focus stacking: how to produce composite images with incredible depth of field. Encourages experimentation and suggests ways to develop extreme close-up ideas. A superb guide to taking stunning, detailed photographs at x5 to x30 magnification and more. Captures nature as rarely seen before. Will be of great interest to photographers, biologists, naturalists, scientists and natural historians. A natural companion title to Extreme Close-Up Photography and Focus Stacking.

The Ilex Introduction to Photography

Author : Haje Jan Kamps
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This is the easy guide to turning everyday snapshot photos into great pictures that you’ll want to keep and share. By understanding the basics of how your camera works, and the few simple rules that make photos work, you’ll soon find your own pictures filling with life and character. - Shoot with confidence, with your smartphone or digital camera - Understand the simple principles that will give your pictures energy and colour - Capture the personalities of your friends and family, and share their best moments with the world