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Analysing Conversation

Author : Beatrice Szczepek Reed
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Spoken interaction is impossible without prosody. Intonation, pitch register, tempo, rhythm, pausing, loudness and voice quality all contribute to the spontaneous negotiation process that is everyday talk. This highly accessible introduction to the prosody and analysis of everyday conversation explains basic concepts and methods of interpretation using a wealth of examples from real-life conversations. Readers are introduced to the many conversational practices prosody plays a part in through sample analyses, all of which are available to listen to as downloadable audio files on the accompanying companion website: Packed with authentic examples, practical suggestions for analysis, suggestions for further reading and a helpful glossary, this clear and comprehensive guide is essential reading for students and researchers alike.

Analysing Casual Conversation

Author : Suzanne Eggins
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Analysing Casual Conversation develops a systematic model for the analysis and description of casual conversation in English.

An Introduction to Conversation Analysis

Author : Anthony J. Liddicoat
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This introduction is designed to give an overview of conversation analysis. It begins by locating conversation analysis as a methodology amongst other methodologies, and describing conversation analysis as body of knowledge which reveals the ways in which language works in communication. The chapters introduce every aspect of conversation analysis in a logical, step-by-step examination, including coverage of transcription, turn-taking, sequence organisation, repair, and storytelling. The new edition is revised and expanded with an accompanying Companion Website. Comprehensive and accessible, An Introduction to Conversation Analysis is essential reading for undergraduate and graduate students in sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, sociology and applied linguistics courses.

Conversation Analysis

Author : Ian Hutchby
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Talk is a central activity in social life. But how is ordinary talk organized? How do people coordinate their talk in interaction? And what is the role of talk in wider social processes? Conversation Analysis has developed over the past forty years as a key method for studying social interaction and language use. Its unique perspective and systematic methods make it attractive to an interdisciplinary audience. In this second edition of their highly acclaimed introduction, Ian Hutchby and Robin Wooffitt offer a wide-ranging and accessible overview of key issues in the field. The second edition has been substantially revised to incorporate recent developments, including an entirely new final chapter exploring the contribution of Conversation Analysis to key issues in social science. The book provides a grounding in the theory and methods of Conversation Analysis, and demonstrates its procedures by analyzing a variety of concrete examples. Written in a lively and engaging style, Conversation Analysis has become indispensable reading for students and researchers in sociology, sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, social psychology, communication studies and anthropology.

Applied Conversation Analysis

Author : Charles Antaki
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Each of us is highly skilled at designing our turns at talk, and meshing them with those of the people around us. Conversation Analysis (CA) is the study of just how that is done, and how the choreography of conversation brings off the business we conduct with each other. Conversation Analysis is beginning to have a strong record not only of understanding interaction, but also of seeing how it might be changed. This volume collects together some of the most exciting developments in CA as it is applied to intervention programs in medical communication, speech therapy, mediation, welfare interviewing, surveying, telephone helplines, and other insitutional encounters. The contributors explain the difficulties and the benefits of applying CA in the real world, and with working with external agencies like government institutions, charities, and the medical establishment.

Discussing Conversation Analysis

Author : Carlo Prevignano
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By addressing these and other questions this volume proposes a critical guide to CA and its applications with an extraordinary interview with Emanuel A. Schegloff, and new contributions towards a debate on his work by six commentators - conversation analysts (John Heritage and Charles Goodwin), critics (Rick Iedema and Par Segerdahl) and appliers of CA in the study of human-computer interaction (Pirkko Raudaskoski) and language disorders (Ruth Lesser). Schegloff's Response and a closing discussion with the editors conclude the volume, which also features a comprehensive bibliography of his work edited by Susan Eerdmans.

Doing Conversation Analysis

Author : Paul ten Have
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"This is the book for introducing and getting to grips with conversation analysis. Accessible, comprehensive and very applied." - Steven Wright, Lancaster University "A clearly written book. It puts CA into perspective by presenting exemplary studies and differentiating CA from other approaches to discourse. It is full of advice concerning the technicalities of recording, transcription and analysis. It will be most useful to my students." - Spiros Moschonas, University of Athens The Second Edition of Paul ten Have's classic text Doing Conversation Analysis has been substantially revised to bring the book up-to-date with the many changes that have occurred in conversation analysis over recent years. The book has a dual purpose: to introduce the reader to conversation analysis (CA) as a specific research approach in the human sciences, and to provide students and novice researchers with methodological and practical suggestions for actually doing CA research. The first part of the book sets out the core theoretical concepts that underpin CA and relates these to other approaches to qualitative analysis. The second and third parts detail the specifics of CA in its production of data, recordings and transcripts, and its analytic strategies. The final part discusses ways in which CA can be 'applied' in the study of specific institutional settings and for practical or critical purposes.

Analysing Conversation

Author : Talbot J. Taylor
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In the last fifteen years the analysis of conversation has become one of the most active and fastest developing fields in the study of language and communication but so far there has been no comprehensive critical account of its overall strengths and weaknesses. The authors of this volume have broken the pattern with their critical survey of the concepts and methods of conversation analysis. They examine various approaches to the study of conversation, demonstrating that they share implicit assumptions carried over from the tradition of modern descriptive linguistics. They consider - in relation to literature from philosophy, psychology, sociology and linguistics - whether current models of conversation illumine the phenomena of talk and suggest some new directions for our thinking about these phenomena.

Facebook and Conversation Analysis

Author : Matteo Farina
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Facebook and Conversation Analysis investigates the structure and organization of comments on a major social media platform, Facebook, using applied conversation analysis methods. Providing previously undocumented insights into the structure of comment threads, this book demonstrates that they have a meaningful organization, rather than casually following one another. Although normally used to explore the structure of spoken conversations, in recent years conversation analysis approaches have been successfully applied to examine online interactions on Twitter, discussion forums and email exchanges. By turning this approach towards Facebook comments, Matteo Farina provides clear and important insights into the organization of this type of social interaction. Supported by a large sample of data, with findings based on a corpus of 213 comment threads, with over 1,200 comments exchanged by 266 contributors, this book makes an important contribution to our understanding of the way people communicate on Facebook.

Conversation Analysis and Second Language Pedagogy

Author : Jean Wong
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Now in its second edition, this volume offers a strong synthesis of classic and current work in conversation analysis (CA), usefully encapsulated in a model of interactional practices that comprise interactional competence. Through this synthesis, Wong and Waring demonstrate how CA findings can help to increase language teachers’ awareness of the spoken language and suggest ways of applying that knowledge to teaching second language interaction skills. The Second Edition features: Substantial updates that include new findings on interactional practices Reconceptualized, reorganized, and revised content for greater accuracy, clarity, and readability Expanded key concepts glossary at the end of each chapter New tasks with more transcripts of actual talk New authors' stories The book is geared towards current and prospective second or foreign language teachers, material developers, and other language professionals, and assumes neither background knowledge of conversation analysis nor its connection to second language teaching. It also serves as a handy reference for those interested in key CA findings on social interaction.

Doing Conversation Discourse and Document Analysis

Author : Tim Rapley
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Introducing the theory and practice of conversation, discourse and document analysis, this book proves how useful these methods are in addressing key questions in the social sciences. A true masterclass on practical issues such as generating an archive, transcribing video material, and analyzing discourses using a full range of documentary and verbal data. It is the essential guide to exploring the rich rewards of working with text and talk.

Analysing Citizenship Talk

Author : Heiko Hausendorf
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Citizenship talk refers to various types of discourse initiated to make citizens take part in politically and socially contested decision-making processes ('citizen participation'). 'Citizenship' has, accordingly, become one of the dazzling key words whenever the democratic deficit of modern societies is moaned about. Asking for citizenship to be conceived of as a communicative achievement, the present book shows that sociolinguistics and pragmatics can essentially contribute to this interdisciplinary up-to-date issue of research: the volume offers a theoretically innovative concept of communicated citizenship and it presents a set of methodological approaches suited to deal with this concept at an empirical level (including contributions from Conversation Analysis, Critical Discourse Analysis, Social Positioning Theory, Speech Act Theory and Ethnography). Furthermore, concrete data and empirical analyses are provided which take up the case of decision-making processes around the application of modern 'green' biotechnology ('GMO field trials'). The volume thus illustrates the kind of findings and results that can be expected from this new and promising approach towards citizenship talk.

Analysing Conversation

Author : Talbot J. Taylor
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In the last fifteen years the analysis of conversation has become one of the most active and fastest developing fields in the study of language and communication but so far there has been no comprehensive critical account of its overall strengths and weaknesses. The authors of this volume have broken the pattern with their critical survey of the concepts and methods of conversation analysis. They examine various approaches to the study of conversation, demonstrating that they share implicit assumptions carried over from the tradition of modern descriptive linguistics. They consider - in relation to literature from philosophy, psychology, sociology and linguistics - whether current models of conversation illumine the phenomena of talk and suggest some new directions for our thinking about these phenomena.

Telephone Conversations From A Conversation Analysis Perspective

Author : Eva Kiss
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Bachelor Thesis from the year 2003 in the subject American Studies - Linguistics, grade: 2,7 (B-), University of Bayreuth (Language and Literature Sciences), 10 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: Although we converse almost every day, we never have exactly the same conversation twice. Nevertheless, certain parts of conversations occur in forms which are very alike. They seem to be constructed according to sets of rules. These rules were examined in the 1970’s for the first time. The mechanisms which govern our conversations are especially observable in telephone conversations. But since the 1970’s, new technologies have come up and society changed. The aim of this paper is to examine the mechanisms of telephone conversation and how the systems working in telephone conversations have changed since the establishment of the mobile telephone. For this, the focus on Conversation Analysis as research methodology is explained, before coming to the basic features of every conversation. Following this, telephone conversations are examined according to their structure of opening, topic-talk and closing. Finally, the changes of this structure for mobile telephone conversations are pointed out. The basis for the observations on mobile telephone conversation is a survey carried out among 20 Canadian citizens and material provided by the participants of the survey. Two different main methodologies exist for analysing and examining conversation – conversation in general, or telephone conversation in special – from a linguistic perspective: Conversation Analysis and Discourse Analysis. To understand my decision to focus on the discipline of Conversation Analysis, I will shortly point out the main differences and parallels of these methodologies. Of course, both disciplines examine conversation. But the methods used for this, the thereby resulting findings and the main understanding of conversation differ immensely. A common aim of Conversation Analysis and Discourse Analysis is to be able to give “an account of how coherence and sequential organization is produced and understood” (Levinson 1983: 286). Discourse Analysis uses primitive and basic concepts of linguistics for this. It attempts to extend the rules applying to sentences over the boundaries of sentences. The main method of the discipline is the isolation of sets of units of discourse, followed by a formulation of rules according to these units and finally the division of units into well-formed and ill-formed sequences. [...]

Analysing Media Discourses

Author : John E. Richardson
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The continual growth in the significance of mass-mediated communication makes it essential that we are able to reflect upon and critically appreciate the semiotic processes that are involved in their impact upon social and cultural life. This edited collection showcases a range of diverse approaches to the analysis of various forms of mediated communications, including varying degrees of attention to their associated textual, discursive and social practices. Individual contributions are devoted to exploring, in analytical depth, multiple dimensions of each of the following media: newspaper articles, magazines (both historical advertising and contemporary editorial discourse), television (both situation comedy and "reality" TV programmes), books (covers and content in two genres), political leaflets, and a flight simulation computer game. The collection will be an important resource for scholars and students within disciplines including communication studies, sociology, media studies, cultural studies, discourse studies, and journalism studies. This book was published as a special issue of Social Semiotics.

Analysing Interactions in Childhood

Author : Hilary Gardner
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Offers a fresh perspective on how conversation analysis can be used to highlight the sophisticated nature of what children actually do when interacting with their peers, parents, and other adults. Brings together a contributor team of leading experts in the emerging field of child-focused conversation analytic studies, from both academic and professional research backgrounds Includes examples of typically developing children and those who face a variety of challenges to participation, as they interact with parents and friends, teachers, counsellors and health professionals Encompasses linguistic, psychological and sociological perspectives Offers new insights into children’s communication as they move from home into wider society, highlighting how this is expressed in different cultural contexts

Analysing Health Communication

Author : Gavin Brookes
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Discourse Analysis

Author : Brian Paltridge
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This is the new edition of Discourse Analysis: An Introduction, an accessible and widely-used introduction to the analysis of discourse. In its 10 chapters the book examines different approaches to discourse, looking at discourse and society, discourse and pragmatics, discourse and genre, discourse and conversation, discourse grammar, corpus-based approaches to discourse and critical discourse analysis. The book includes the following features: -A full companion website, featuring student and lecturer resources -A new chapter on multimodal discourse analysis -Chapter summaries outlining the key areas covered -Updated examples drawn from film, television, the media and everyday life -Explanations of technical terms in each chapter -Discussion tasks and data analysis projects at the end of each chapter -Student exercises and answer keys for each chapter-Suggestions for further reading This engagingly written introduction to discourse analysis is essential for students encountering discourse analysis for the first time, whether at undergraduate or postgraduate level. It should be on every reading list.

Analysing the Pragmatics of Speech Acts in Sitcom and Drama Audiovisual Genres

Author : Manuel Rodríguez Peñarroja
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This book provides positive evidence regarding the validity of the language used in sitcom and drama audiovisual genres and its possible applicability to the teaching of pragmatics in English as second and foreign language contexts. The first part of the text includes a description of pragmatics and its components, speech act theories development, and the use of audiovisual input for the teaching of pragmatic aspects. The second section is devoted to the sitcom and drama transcripts analysis of direct and indirect realisations of multiple speech acts as pragmalinguistic resources, sociopragmatic variables that may influence conversation, such as politeness needs and context, and interactional patterns, including turn-taking, sequences and adjacency pairs. The book provides insightful quantitative and qualitative results which will serve to confirm, along with previous research, the usefulness and validity of this type of input, not only for teaching pragmatics, but also for the development of tasks and activities with different pedagogical outcomes and students’ needs. As such, this volume is a useful resource for pragmaticians and discourse analysis scholars since its complete analysis of transcripts justifies the validity of audiovisual input and its different applications.

Using Conversation Analysis for Business and Management Students

Author : David Greatbatch
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In Using Conversation Analysis, David Greatbatch and Timothy Clark introduce the key elements of conversation analysis, an increasingly prominent form of business research analysis, which involves analysing audio and visual recordings of naturally occurring talk-in-interaction such as television speeches and interview exchanges, to see how meanings are constructed. Ideal for Business and Management students reading for a Master’s degree, each book in the series may also serve as reference books for doctoral students and faculty members interested in the method. Part of SAGE’s Mastering Business Research Methods Series, conceived and edited by Bill Lee, Mark N. K. Saunders and Vadake K. Narayanan and designed to support researchers by providing in-depth and practical guidance on using a chosen method of data collection or analysis. Watch the editors introduce the Mastering Business Research Methods series and tell you more about the first three books.