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Ancient India

Author : Time-Life Books
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Discusses the archaeology and civilizations of the Indus Valley, the Indo-Aryans of the Vedic era, the first Buddhists, and the Gupta empire

Literature Connections to World History 7 12

Author : Lynda G. Adamson
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Provides annotated entries for historical fiction titles, biographies, and multimedia items

Exploring Art A Global Thematic Approach

Author : Margaret Lazzari
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Making art relevant to everyday life, EXPLORING ART: A GLOBAL, THEMATIC APPROACH, 5E provides a solid foundation of art basics and then presents art from across time and around the world through themes such as religion, power and politics, sexuality, mind and body, mortality and immortality, nature and technology, and entertainment and visual culture. Art Experiences features in every chapter and an all-new Chapter 15, Art in Your Life, draw explicit connections between art and students' lives, illustrating how art is all around us as well as providing suggestions for interacting with art. Timelines with thumbnail images help students easily draw chronological connections between works, and detailed world maps illustrate geographical relevance. In addition to new works, the fifth edition offers expanded representation of contemporary artists from around the globe. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

MacBurnie King in SoulMates

Author : John Henry Ballard
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When the letters stop coming from the Indian boy sponsored by MacBurnie King's class, she and her father go to India to find him

Pirates and the Lost Templar Fleet

Author : David Hatcher Childress
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When the Templars were disbanded by papal order in 1307, their fleet disappeared from its base at La Rochelle. The author maintains that a portion of the fleet became the first pirates to fly the Skull and Crossbones - marauding through the Mediterranean, and later preying on the ships of the Vatican coming from the rich ports of the Americas as the Pirates of the Caribbean. Another portion of the fleet fled to the deep fiords of Scotland and came under the command of the St Clair family of Rosslyn - the founders of freemasonry. These Templars made a voyage to Canada in the year 1398, nearly 100 years before Columbus.

Children s Books in Print

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Mysteries of Ancient South America

Author : Harold T. Wilkins
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The reprint of Wilkin's classic book on the megaliths and mysteries of South America. This book predates Wilkin's book Secret Cities of Old South America published in 1952. Mysteries of Ancient South America was first published in 1947 and is considered a classic book of its kind. With diagrams, photographs and maps, Wilkins digs into old manuscripts and books to bring us some truly amazing stories of South America: a bizarre subterranean tunnel system; lost cities in the remote border jungles of Brazil; legends of Atlantis in South America; cataclysmic changes that shaped South America; and other strange stories from one of the world's greatest researchers.

Predictions for a New Millennium

Author : Noel Tyl
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Uses the techniques of astrology to predict the events of the upcoming century

Mystery in Acambaro

Author : Charles H. Hapgood
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The Acambaro collection comprises hundreds of clay figurines that are apparently thousands of years old; however, they depict such bizarre animals and scenes that most archaeologists dismiss them as an elaborate hoax. The collection shows humans interacting with dinosaurs and various other 'monsters' such as horned men. Both Hapgood and Earl Stanley Gardner were convinced that the figurines from Acambaro were authentic ancient artifacts that indicated that men and dinosaurs had cohabited together in the recent past, and that dinosaurs had not become extinct many millions of years ago as commonly thought. David Hatcher Childress writes a lengthy introduction concerning Acambaro, the latest testing, and other evidence of 'living' dinosaurs.

In Search of Quetzalcoatl

Author : Pierre Honore
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Pre-historic Native American legends tell of white men with beards landing on the shores of the New World, bringing knowledge of science, engineering, and laws, and more. This work introduces readers to the mysterious heritage of South and Central American civilisation.