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God s Angels Walk Among Us

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Throughout her life-from childhood to adulthood, author Veronica Matthews has been touched by God's angels. She believes God sends his angels to protect us from harm, to guide us when we need direction, and to minister to us when we have a broken heart and feel hopeless. In God's Angels Walk among Us, she shares personal accounts of her encounters with God's angels and also calls on scripture to describe and discuss these important beings. Matthews tells how God dispatches his angels to comfort you, give you faith, and encourage you to believe God has a plan for your life. Uplifting, inspirational, and insightful, God's Angels Walk among Us delivers a message about the importance of having hope and the trust in God to overcome the difficulties and hardships in life regardless of the circumstances. God is always working behind the scenes, whether you see it or not.

Angels Walk Among Us

Author : Joseph Oloimooja
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This is the story of a Maasai tribal village chief from Kenya who was born under an acacia tree outside of his parent's hut in Africa, because there was no hospital in his village. For the first nine years of Joseph's life, his existence was consumed with work and caring for siblings. But his thirst for knowledge drove him to seek out the only education available in his village. His bold move transformed the village and gave many of the children there an opportunity to learn. Joseph went from that humble beginning to being a much respected pastor in one of the largest cities in the United States-Los Angeles. There are seventy-five angelic encounters in all; each one is a revelation about how important any one of us can be to the people who come into our lives. And you never know when the help you provide will lift someone toward a life of greatness.

Angels Walking Among Us

Author : Ronald McClure
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McClure describes his life-changing experience of meeting Jesus after a tragic helicopter crash. Several key Scriptures taken from the book of Matthew are presented as "keys to the Kingdom of Heaven." (Practical Life)

Angels Among Us Magabook

Author : E. Lonnie Melashenko
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Angels Live Among Us

Author : Dr. Franklin D. Battle Sr
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Many people in the body of Christ may not be aware of the role of angels in our lives and how vitally important they are to believers. There are two worlds at workthe visible and the invisibleand angels are important participants. In his book Angels Live among Us, author Franklin D. Battle outlines the many instances in the Bible where angels play important roles in Gods relationships with humankind. He provides Scriptures that will educate you on who these angels really are. You will learn the ranks and names of the angels, as well as those who have fallen. Battle also provides guidance in how to ask God to send angels to minister to you. He shares many of his experiences with angels, which will encourage and inspire you to believe. Angels Live among Us puts angels in their proper place in biblical history. Whether used for group Bible study, individual study, or seminars, it provides the opportunity to appreciate the roles angels played in Christianity and can play in your life.

In Search of the Lost

Author : Emily Jane; Jeffrey Eugene Elliott
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Since the publication of the first volume of “In Search of the Lost”, Volume Two, still the poems in this work are a humble attempt to explore our human search for meaning and purpose. We hope you enjoy the poems in Volume Two. We believe both works should be explored together. Included in the Second Volume of “In Search of the Lost”, by Emily Jane Elliott and Jeffrey Eugene Elliott are four poems originally included in the First Volume of “In Search of the Lost”. The four poems from the first volume also included in this volume are, Streets of Fire, Gauisus Dia, Heaven Descends to Dwell, Amelia and Memories. Additionally, the poem, “Search” was added upon from the version found in Volume One. We hope that you enjoy Volume Two as much as readers indicated they enjoyed Volume One. This poetry is dedicated to Owen, Ryder, Matthew and Trace with great love and pride.

Thoughts for Those who are Thoughtful

Author : Elihu (pseud.)
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They Walk Among Us

Author : Emma Heathcote James
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Is there life after death? Bestselling author Emma Heathcote-James is the first to present the astonishing and compelling evidence that suggests spirits can be made to appear in physical form. Drawing on scientific research from colleagues and her own recordings and eyewitness accounts, Emma reveals the incredible cases that may provide conclusive proof of an afterlife. Charting the phenomena of moving apparitions and objects passed from the spirit world to ours, this book takes the field of psychic study into the 21st century. Written in an accessible style, "They Walk Among Us" will appeal to anyone with an open mind and an interest in alternative views of what happens to us when we die.

Angels and men a poem

Author : Wellen Smith
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Tender and True A Novel

Author : William Arthur Law
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Angel Encounters

Author : Karen Goldman
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A collection of true stories includes human and celestial rescues, fortuitous coincidences, and other life-changing experiences while demonstrating how angels can help us lead happier, more fulfilling lives. 100,000 first printing.

Angels Among Us Even in Iraq

Author : Diane Hassan
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In a highly entertaining fashion, the American wife of a prominent member of Saddam Hussein's political hierarchy chronicles her life in Iraq until she and her family dramatically escape after an attempted assassination of her husband during Saddam's purge following Desert Storm. (Motivation)

Angels Among Us

Author : Don Fearheiley
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Gale was a strong swimmer -- but halfway across the lake she realized she couldn't make it to the other side ...Annabel and her three-year-old daughter turned suddenly -- and saw a car hurtling straight toward them ...Ken fell and his hunting rifle accidentally went off -- leaving him wounded, bleeding and alone in the frozen woods...and then they appeared! Angels do exist -- as illustrated in these moving,compelling and true contemporary accounts of ordinary people whose lives were touched and saved by the extraordinary.

The Journey is the Reward

Author : Doug LaViolette
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Embraced by Angels

Author : William A. Burt
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This inspiring collection not only contains dozens of true stories of ordinary and celebrity men and women who have received the invaluable assistance of angels, but also offers solid guidance on how to get in touch with one's own guardian angel.

Starship Traveler Aquarius

Author : John C. Bruno
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This is a tale set in the distant future. The hero, Wildstar, and his team face danger and tasks that will challenge them on their journeys through deep space. They are a group of superheroes that are tasked with making the universes a better place to live in for all beings that want a better future. Wildstar works very closely with his immediate team and his ship, Starship Traveler.

Where Angels Walk

Author : Joan Wester Anderson
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True stories of ordinary people encountering God's angels in their daily life. This 25th Anniversary edition of the New York Timesbest-sellerincludes new stories of angelic encounters."

Falling HarperImpulse Paranormal Romance A Novella Angels Among Us Book 1

Author : Linn B. Halton
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HarperImpulse Paranormal Romance Novella FALLING ... Ceri thinks she sees angels ... everywhere.

They Walk Among Us

Author : Stephen Shaw
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They Walk Among Us is a love story spanning two realities. Explore the mystery of the angels. Discover the secrets of Love Whispering.

Lessing s Nathan the Wise

Author : Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
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