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Angels Watching Over Me Shenandoah Sisters Book 1

Author : Michael Phillips
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Book 1 of SHENANDOAH SISTERS. Two young Southern girls, one the daughter of a plantation owner and one the daughter of a slave, barely survive the onset of the Civil War and the loss of both their families. When these tragic circumstances bring them together, they join forces to discover if they can make a life for themselves. As their preconceptions give way to experience, they gradually learn to value their contrasting and complementing strengths and skills as they face the formidable task of keeping body and soul together in the aftermath of this devastating war. But is it possible the Lord they have come to know has something bigger in mind for the plantation than either of them can imagine?

Angels Watching Over Me

Author : Jacky Newcomb
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The souls of our loved ones take a keen interest in our lives here on earth. Angels Watching Over Me offers a glimpse into the magical stories of communication between our world and the next. These messages will bring comfort and healing to anyone who has lost someone close to them, whether recently or long ago. In this book, Jacky Newcomb illustrates the power of real-life spontaneous afterlife experiences and how they show that life goes on after we leave the physical realm. These stories have much in common with the classic angel experience, and show that the souls of your loved ones watch over you as you live your life.

Angels Watching Over Me

Author : Carol Roach
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Carissa Forbes, a young Black girl of seventeen, leaves her beloved family in rural Nova Scotia to make a life for herself in the Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Much befalls this young girl as she tries to adapt to big city life. She meets and falls in love with a French Canadian man and is faced with an awful truth at the end of their relationship that changes her life forever. Carissa has an extraordinary ability to communicate with angels. In all of this, Carissa maintains contact with the spirit world even when she ignores the warnings. Imaginary friends, dreams, fortune tellers and special numbers all play an integral part of this woman's life until the end of her journey. Once her daughter marries and creates a life for herself, Carissa is finally at peace. Her angels have come through for her and she is finally happy.

Angels Watching Over Me

Author : Lurlene McDaniel
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It's Christmas time, and Leah Lewis-Hall finds herself spending the holiday season alone and stuck in the hospital. Luckily, she quickly befriends her hospital roommate, a young Amish girl, and her close-knit Amish family. She becomes especially close to Ethan, the handsome and gentle older brother who can barely look Leah in the eye. When Leah receives frightening news about her condition, Ethan will show her that miracles can happen- and that sometimes angels appear in the most unexpected places. This nationally bestselling book is the first of three stories in The Angels Trilogy by Lurlene McDaniel.

Angels Watching Over Me

Author : Michael Phillips
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Losing both of their families during the onset of the Civil War, the daughter of a plantation owner and a daughter of a slave join forces and work to overcome their preconceptions in order to make a life for themselves. Simultaneous.

The 100 Most Important Bible Verses for Mothers

Author : W Publishing Group
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An uplifting selection of Scripture passages speaks directly to the hearts of moms everywhere, providing encouragement, comfort, and thought-provoking inspiration for the days they need it most.

Angels Watching Over Me

Author : Betty Malz
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All Night All Day Angels Watching Over Me

Author : Evelyn Bence
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From the firefighter who was rescued by an angel to the convicted criminal who encountered a powerful 'presence' in his cell, the twenty-two stories in this book demonstrate that special envoys from heaven are at work to bring us healing, comfort, insight, and protection.

The Bleeding Heart

Author : Shellbie Breaux
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The Bleeding Heart: The Eternal Love Novels By: Shellbie Breaux What would you do in a world that was not what it seemed? In a world that our deepest, darkest fears, and the boogie monsters that we swore were under our beds at night were real. Join me in a story about a girl that should have never existed and a guy that was disowned by his pack and left to fight for himself. What will happen and is love to overcome all boundaries and taboos of their world? My feet pounding against the ground. My heart racing to keep up, I ran, I ran as hard I could, I can’t fail. I thought I can’t fail her, she must live for Abigail, she must live for all who suffered at the hands of those monsters. His speed slowed at the memory of his beautiful wife that died only a couple hours ago giving birth to his one and only baby girl. FLEE!! His Bain screamed at him. They are right behind me. RUN!! He could sense his pursuit behind him, he could hear them thrashing through the forest screaming at and cursing as they chased him. He increased his speed. Yes, he thought chase me because every step you take is a step away from my angel Isabella, you will not have her. “Give up they screamed behind me there is nowhere to run you will burn for the crimes you committed against your race.” He couldn’t help but laugh at that as he ran through the thick brush and undergrowth of the forest in the northern mountains of Montana, he laughed so hard he almost lost his footing, gathering his wits again, he screamed over his shoulder, “If loving another is a crime, then I would do it a thousand times more.” The Bleeding Heart follows a young lady who progresses through life that is constantly challenging her in her mortality, her personality, and basically everything about her. It throws obstacles at her that normal people probably wouldn't get over and with her. It makes her personality and her overall character grow in to a story line hero, even though she doesn't really want to be a hero. The Bleeding Heart reminds us that we should never think we don't have a voice, and even though this life may make us seem as if we are on a rollercoaster going up and down and we can't seem to stop, we can't seem to make anything go right, we do have people who surround us who care enough about us to help.

The Awakening

Author : Brenda D. Henson
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These poems where floating around in my head and I started to write them down and wanted to share them with people to determine if they felt they were as good as I feel they are. They are divided into four sections. They range from sad to thought provoking prose. I think that you can read some of these and find a kindship with some of them at different times of your life.