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Antonio Gramsci A Pedagogy to Change the World

Author : Nicola Pizzolato
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This volume provides evidence for the argument of a central place of pedagogy in the interpretation of Gramsci’s political theory. Gramsci’s view that ‘every relationship of hegemony is necessarily a pedagogical relationship’ makes it imperative to dismiss narrow and formal interpretations of his educational theories as applying to schooling only. This book argues that what is required rather is an inquiry into the Italian thinker’s broad conceptualisation of pedagogy, which he thought of as a quintessential political activity, central to understanding and transforming society. Preceded by a broad introduction that positions Gramsci in his context and in the literature, the essays in this book critically revisit the many passages of the Prison Notebooks and pre-prison writings where Gramsci addresses the nexus between politics and pedagogy. Some essays apply those concepts to specific contexts. The book for the first time brings to the attention of an English-speaking audience voices from the current historiography in Italy and Latin America. We are forced at regular intervals to consider how Gramsci might still be useful, in particular national territories, in an international context. How can we carry on with pessimism of the intelligence, but find some basis for optimism of the will? From the foreword of Anne Showstack Sassoon, Visiting Professor of Politics at the Department of Politics at Birbeck, University of London

Antonio Gramsci

Author : Mehmet Ali Dikerdem
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This book overviews Gramsci's educational theories and pedagogical approach, arguing that both are firmly embedded in his revolutionary political practice and writings, especially during his long incarceration in the 1920s and 1930s, when he theorised a new 'philosophy of praxis'. Gramsci's view that 'every relationship of hegemony is necessarily a pedagogical relationship' makes it imperative to dismiss narrow and formal interpretations of his educational theories as applying to schooling only. This book argues that what is required rather is an enquiry into the Italian thinker's broad conceptualisation of pedagogy, which he thought as a quintessential political activity, central to understanding and transforming society. The book is divided in five chapters which examine Gramsci's pedagogical approach within its historical and intellectual context. Chapter one provides the biographical information and historical context informing Gramsci's thinking up to his imprisonment by the Fascist state. Chapter two examines Gramsci's pedagogy in the context of the theoretical framework advanced mainly in the Prison Notebooks.Chapter three investigates Gramsci's ideas on schooling and school reform. Chapter four focuses on Gramsci extensive writings on adult education, which he saw as being central to political change. The last chapter maps out the legacy of Gramsci's ideas on post-war educational theory and pedagogical approaches.

Gramsci Freire and Adult Education

Author : Peter Mayo
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This book focuses on two of the most cited figures in the debate on radical education - Antonio Gramsci and Paulo Freire. Both regarded forms of adult education as having an important role to play in the struggle for liberation from oppression. In this book Peter Mayo examines the extent to which their combined insights can provide the foundation for a theory for our own times of transformative adult education. He focuses on three aspects of the pedagogical process in particular -- social relations, sites of practice and the content of adult education. He analyses their ideas and identifies some of the limitations in their work, notably the critical issues of gender and race which they do not address. The book concludes with a seminal attempt at synthesising their ideas in the context of other adult educators' more recent contributions in order to develop a theory of transformative adult education, including an assessment of its feasibility in the era of globalization and neoliberalism.

Sociology for Changing the World

Author : Caelie Frampton
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This volume sets out practical ways activists can map the social relations of struggle they are engaged in and produce knowledge for more effective forms of activism for changing the world.

Teaching for Global Community

Author : César Augusto Rossatto
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Education has long been viewed as a vehicle for building community. However, the critical role of education and schools for constructing community resistance is undermined by recent trends toward the centralization of educational policymaking (e.g. racial profiling new laws in the US—Arizona and Texas; No Child Left Behind and global racism), the normalization of “globalization” as a vehicle for the advancement of economic neoliberalism and social hegemony, and the commodification of schooling in the service of corporate capitalism. Alternative visions of schooling are urgently needed to transform these dangerous trends so as to reconstruct public education as an emancipatory social project. Teaching for Global Community: Overcoming the Divide and Conquer Strategies of the Oppressor examines these issues among related others as a way to honor and reexamine Freirean principles and aim to take critical pedagogy in new directions for a new generation. The goal is to build upon past accomplishments of Paulo Freire’s work and critical pedagogy while moving beyond its historical limitations. This includes efforts that revisit and reevaluate established topics in the field or take on new areas of contestation. Issues related to education, labor, and emancipation, broadly defined and from diverse geographical context, are addressed. The theoretical perspectives used to look at these emerge from critical pedagogy, critical race theory, critiques of globalization and neoliberalism, marxist and neomarxist perspectives, social constructivism, comparative/international education, postmodernism indigenous perspectives, feminist theory, queer theory, poststructuralism, critical environmental studies, postcolonial studies, liberation theology, with a deep commitment to social justice.

Pre Text

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Alberta Journal of Educational Research

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Pedagogy of Multiliteracies

Author : Heather Lotherington
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A CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title 2012! Based on case studies from public schools in Toronto, Canada, this book chronicles an inspiring five-year journey to develop thinking about and teaching literacy for the 21st century. The research, which was classroom-based and developed by public school teachers in collaboration with university researchers, was stimulated by an ethnographic study at Joyce Public School to track children learning to read in an era of multiliteracies. Following the kindergarteners’ interest in Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Lotherington asked the principal: What would Goldilocks look like, retold through the eyes of the children? The resulting classroom experiment to transform learning to read a storybook into multimodal collaborative story-telling sparked the development of an award-winning school-university learning community dedicated to the development of multimodal literacies in the culturally diverse, urban classroom. Pedagogy of Multiliteracies tells the evolving story of teachers’ trial-and-error interventions to engage children in multiple modes of expression involving structured play with contemporary media. Using the complex texts created, the teachers carve spaces to welcome the voices of children and the languages of the community into the English-medium classroom.

Resources in education

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Education of Officers in Selected NATO Armies

Author : Wojciech Horyń
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Teaching for Change

Author : Kathryn Geismar
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Teaching For Change is a unique and indispensable collection of articles that speaks directly to college educators about classroom learning and issues of difference. The contributors describe how they address issues of race, gender, and class in their courses, and attempt to ensure that their curricula and class discussions represent the perspectives of all students. The contributors, who all teach at the college level, first provide the background situations at their institutions that led them to develop their curricula and courses. They then describe and evaluate the practical methods they use to encourage students to re-think their assumptions and behavior around issues of difference. And, finally, they address an important element of classroom learning: the difficulty of breaking down barriers that prevent productive dialogue about these issues. Teaching for Change provides concrete examples of successful curricula that enhance the learning process for all students, making it an essential resource for today's college educators.

The Western Humanities Review

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A Pedagogy of Anticapitalist Antiracism

Author : Zachary A. Casey
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Argues that the economic system itself is culpable in maintaining our oppressive educational status quo. Through an analysis of whiteness, capitalism, and teacher education, A Pedagogy of Anticapitalist Antiracism sheds light on the current conditions of public education in the United States. We have created an environment wherein market-based logics of efficiency, lowering costs, and increasing returns have worked to disadvantage those populations most in need of educational opportunities that work to combat poverty. This book traces the history of whiteness in the United States with an explicit emphasis on the ways in which the economic system of capitalism functions to maintain historical practices that function in racist ways. Practitioners and researchers alike will find important insights into the ways that the history of white racial identity and capitalism in the United States impact our present reality in schools. Casey concludes with a discussion of “revolutionary hope” and possibilities for resistance to the barrage of dehumanizing reforms and privatization engulfing much of the contemporary educational landscape. “This book is groundbreaking. It stands alone in its sophisticated use and explanation of theory, praxis, and their interrelationship in the field of critical whiteness studies.” — Jeremy N. Price, author of Against the Odds: The Meaning of School and Relationships in the Lives of Six Young African-American Men

Critical Pedagogy and Oppositional Politics in Education

Author : Tanya Devra Kravatz
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Changing the Field of Practice

Author : Anthony Martin Smith
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Rhetoric and Ideology

Author : Charles W. Kneupper
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Conflict and Subordination

Author : Gilberto Arriaza
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Between Identity and Location

Author : Rajagopalan Radhakrishnan
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Contents covers- 1. The Changing Subject and the Politics of Theory, 2. Toward an Effective Intellectual: Foucault or Gramsci?, 3. Ethnic Identity and Postructuralist Difference, 4. Culture as Common Ground: Ethnicity and Beyond, 5. Canonicity and Theory: Toward a Poststructuralist Pedagogy, 6. Negotiating Subject Position in an Uneven World, 7. Cultural Theory and the Politics of Location, 8. Postcolonialityand the Boundaries of Identity, 9. Nationalism, Gender, and the Narrative of Identity, 10. Is the Ethnic Authentic in the Diaspora?, 11. Conjuntural Identities, Academic Adjacencies, 12. Diaspora, Hybridity, Pedagogy.

Current Index to Journals in Education

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