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Art Deco London

Author : Colin Hines
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London Art Deco

Author : Arnold Schwartzman
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London Art Deco presents a visual catalogue of the capital's Art Deco legacy that was handed down to us from the florid 20s and the streamlined 30s. It features cinemas, theatres, hotels, department stores, Underground stations, factories, civic, corporate and residential buildings and shows the way in which the style influenced architects and designers working on every scale, from entire buildings to the finest decorative detail.

Art Nouveau and Art Deco

Author : Sotheby's (Firm)
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Art Deco City

Author : Arnold Schwartzman
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'My passion for the Art Deco style probably stems from the fact that I was born in that glorious era... I hope the audience of "The Art Deco City" will enjoy the fruits of my Art Deco travels throughout the world.' Art Deco reflected the new industrial age drawing from a variety of influences including ancient Egyptian, Moorish and Mayan motifs and the Cubism, Fauvism and De Stijl movements. The Art Deco style gained prominence in the 1920s, but it was not only architects that embraced its new design ideas: interior and product designers and craftsmen also took inspiration and none more so than architectural furniture designers. Drawing inspiration from the UK, Europe and the USA, this beautiful and comprehensive book celebrates the world's greatest Art Deco buildings, displaying the stunning and diverse range of architecture and design that announced this new movement's aesthetic intent. AUTHOR: Arnold Schwartzman is an Oscar-winning film-maker, a noted graphic designer, and the author of a score of books. He began his design career in British television. In 1978, he moved to Hollywood. He was the Director of Design for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, and for a number of years has designed many of the key graphic elements for the annual Academy Awards. In 2010, he created the two murals for the Grand Lobby of Cunard's "Queen Elizabeth". In 2001, he was awarded an OBE and in 2006 he was appointed a Royal Designer by the RSA. He is the author of London At Deco (Palazzo Editions 2010, 2013). SELLING POINTS: * A beautiful collection of some of the world's greatest Art Deco buildings - from factories, hotels and underground stations to theatres and private * More than 200 stunning photographs offer a visual journey through Europe's cities, the USA and UK * By the author/photographer of London Art Deco (TCM 8595) Full colour throughout

Art Nouveau

Author : Victor Arwas
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Rarely has a subject been served by a book of this stature. Five years in the making, it covers all aspects of Art Nouveau in France in 624 authoritative pages and 740 illustrations. Arwas traces the evolution of the movement as it developed, primarily in Nancy and Paris, with the help of carefully chosen illustrations, many never published before. Ranging from the 1900 Paris exhibition to paintings, graphics and posters and such collecting fields as furniture, jewellery, ceramics, book bindings and sculpture, the informative, witty text ranges over architecture, haute couture, and the role of women in Art Nouveau with a particular look at such theatrical icons as Sarah Bernhardt, Loïe Fuller and the Grandes Horizontales. Destined to become the standard book on the subject, both content and design will appeal widely to the connoisseur, the specialist and the collector, as well as to the novice who will be introduced to the magical wonders of the style.

Art Deco Style

Author : Bevis Hillier
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The first book to explore Art Deco's influence in all areas of life.

Essential Art Deco

Author : Ghislaine Wood
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Essential Art Deco captures the essence of the style which swept across the globe in the 1920s and 1930s, altering the skyline of cities from Shanghai to Rio, and adding an exotic vibrant edge to everything from cinema and fashion to ocean lines and automobiles. Beautifully illustrated throughout, the book explores the extraordinary visual language of the style. Skilful juxtaposition of source material and iconic Deco pieces shows how designers borrowed from the exotic cultures of Ancient Egypt, Meso-America, the oriental East and Africa and from the man-made world of skyscrapers and machines, developing in the process a new and highly distinctive iconography. Images inspired by the natural world of plants and animals, sunbursts and fountains, contrast with the geometric forms of avant-garde painting and design, culminating eventually in the symbolic idiom of streamlining. Deeply eclectic and highly decorative, Art Deco was all about fantasy, fun and glamour - themes that are celebrated in this attractive book and which still strike a popular chord today.

Art Deco

Author : Michael Windover
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The Routledge Companion to Art Deco

Author : Bridget Elliott
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Scholarly interest in Art Deco has grown rapidly over the past fifty years, spanning different academic disciplines. This volume provides a guide to the current state of the field of Art Deco research by highlighting past accomplishments and promising new directions. Chapters are presented in five sections based on key concepts: migration, public culture, fashion, politics, and Art Deco’s afterlife in heritage restoration and new media. The book provides a range of perspectives on and approaches to these issues, as well as to the concept of Art Deco itself. It highlights the slipperiness of Art Deco yet points to its potential to shed new light on the complexities of modernity.

Washington and Baltimore Art Deco

Author : Richard Striner
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The bold lines and decorative details of Art Deco have stood the test of time since one of its first appearances in the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in Paris in 1925. Reflecting the confidence of modern mentality—streamlined, chrome, and glossy black—along with simple elegance, sharp lines, and cosmopolitan aspirations, Art Deco carried surprises, juxtaposing designs growing out of speed (racecars and airplanes) with ancient Egyptian and Mexican details, visual references to Russian ballet, and allusions to Asian art. While most often associated with such masterworks as New York’s Chrysler Building, Art Deco is evident in the architecture of many U.S. cities, including Washington and Baltimore. By updating the findings of two regional studies from the 1980s with new research, Richard Striner and Melissa Blair explore the most significant Art Deco buildings still standing and mourn those that have been lost. This comparative study illuminates contrasts between the white-collar New Deal capital and the blue-collar industrial port city, while noting such striking commonalities as the regional patterns of Baltimore’s John Jacob Zinc, who designed Art Deco cinemas in both cities. Uneven preservation efforts have allowed significant losses, but surviving examples of Art Deco architecture include the Bank of America building in Baltimore (now better known as 10 Light Street) and the Uptown Theater on Connecticut Avenue NW in Washington. Although possibly less glamorous or flamboyant than exemplars in New York or Miami, the authors find these structures—along with apartment houses and government buildings—typical of the Deco architecture found throughout the United States and well worth preserving. Demonstrating how an international design movement found its way into ordinary places, this study will appeal to architectural historians, as well as regional residents interested in developing a greater appreciation of Art Deco architecture in the mid-Atlantic region.

London Deco

Author : Thibaud Herem
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Astoundingly detailed drawings of twelve of London's finest art deco buildiings.

Art Deco Architecture

Author : Patricia Bayer
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Surveys 1920s and 1930s buildings that epitomize the art deco movement, including hotels, residences, movie theaters, and restaurants

The World of Art Deco

Author : Minneapolis Institute of Arts
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Captioned photographs and text depict furniture, sculpture, and miscellaneous objects in the decorative art style of the 1930's.

Art Deco Complete

Author : Alastair Duncan
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work on the subject for many years to come." "With over 1,000 illustrations in colour and black-and-white." --Book Jacket.

Art Nouveau and Art Deco Silver

Author : Annelies Krekel-Aalberse
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Examines the work of designers and silversmiths of the art nouveau and art deco periods and depicts silverwork from Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria, the Scandinavian countries, the Soviet Union, and the United States

Art Deco

Author : Arnold Schwartzman
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Arnold Schwartzman's stunning photographs of the finest examples of Art Deco from all over the world are collected here as a celebration of one of the world's most popular decorative styles. Art deco is the 20th century's most glamorous architectural style, and the one that shaped popular ideas of modern luxury. With over 200 photographs, this is a visual celebration of this very popular style. Unlike most other books on the subject that tend to be regionally specific, this book highlights Art Deco buildings from all over the world, from Australia to South America, with an emphasis on London, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami, and Paris. Art Deco features much careful and exacting detail, and of special interest in this book are photos that zoom in on murals, mosaics, flooring, ironwork, and other ornamental flourishes. Art Deco began in 1925 and quickly swept the globe becoming the style epitomizing Jazz Age glamor and sophistication. It drew from a variety of influences including ancient Egyptian, Moorish, and Mayan motifs but also modernist movements like Cubism, Fauvism, and De Stijl. Its influence was felt everywhere, from the skylines of New York to Shanghai, and it gained prominence not only with architects and designers but enjoyed a passionate following among the public as well.

Polish Art Studies

Author :
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Art Deco and British Car Design

Author : Barrie Down
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The Art Deco movement influenced many different industries in the 1930s, and the British motor industry was no exception. Featuring a comprehensive examination of Art Deco styling elements, and a beautifully illustrated portrayal of British streamlined production cars, this is a unique account of a radical era in automotive design.

Art Nouveau Catalogs

Author : Sotheby & Co. (London, England)
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Art Deco Textiles

Author : Charlotte Samuels
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This book presents a pictorial record of the fabrics which clothed the smart women and furnished the stylish interiors of Europe and America during the age of the Ballets Russes and jazz. The Paris 1925 Exhibition brought the richly exotic designs of Paul Poiret and Raoul Dufy to world-wide attention and the fabrics pictured here trace the Art Deco style as it evolves from its initial vibrant blossoming to a starker, more geometric look. This was a time when abstract decoration came into its own by focusing attention on pattern and ornament, as artists and designers looked afresh at the conventions of pictorial representation, and felt free to innovate with dazzling results. More than a hundred colour photographs provide a rich survey of the work of designers such as Robert Bonfils, Ruth Reeves and Marion Dorn. The V&A's collection of Art Deco textiles encompasses luxury silks, handblock printed pieces and functional man-made synthetics, and this overview features outstanding French, American and British examples from 1910-1939. Published to coincide with the Art Deco 1910-1939 exhibition, this volume is a valuable addition to the series of books illustrating the V&A's world-renowned collection of textiles, providing an essential resource for students and collectors, and an indispensable general introduction to a particularly lively and popular period of textile design. Book jacket.