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Time and Presence in Art

Author : Armin Bergmeier
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This volume explores the relationship between temporality and presence in medieval artworks from the third to the sixteenth centuries. It is the first extensive treatment of the interconnections between medieval artworks' varied presences and their ever-shifting places in time. The volume begins with reflections on the study of temporality and presence in medieval and early modern art history. A second section presents case studies delving into the different ways medieval artworks once created and transformed their original viewers' experience of the present. These range from late antique Constantinople, early Islamic Jerusalem and medieval Italy, to early modern Venice and the Low Countries. A final section explores how medieval artworks remain powerful and relevant today. This section includes case studies on reconstructing presence in medieval art through embodied experience of pilgrimage, art historical research and museum education. In doing so, the volume provides a first dialog between museum educators and art historians on the presence of medieval artifacts. It includes contributions by Hans Belting, Keith Moxey, Rika Burnham and others.

Working the Margins of Community Based Adult Learning

Author : Shauna Butterwick
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This volume gathers stories about how various art and creative forms of expression are used to enable voices from the margins, that is, of underrepresented individuals and communities, to take shape and form. Voice is not enough; stories and truths must be heard, must be listened to. And so the stories gathered here also speak to how creative processes enable conditions for listening and the development of empathy for other perspectives, which is essential for democracy. The chapters, including some that describe international projects, illustrate a variety of art-making practices such as poetry, visual art, film, theatre, music, and dance, and how they can support individuals and groups at the edges of mainstream society to tell their story and speak their truths, often the first steps to valuing one’s identity and organizing for change. Some of the authors are community-based artists who share stories thus bringing these creative endeavors into the wider conversation about the power of arts-making to open up spaces for dialogue across differences. Art practices outlined in this book can expand our visions by encouraging critical thinking and broadening our worldview. At this time on the earth when we face many serious challenges, the arts can stimulate hope, openness, and individual and collective imaginations for preferred futures. Inspiration comes from people who, at the edges of their community, communicate their experience.

Visual Arts in the Worshiping Church

Author : Lisa DeBoer
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Although numerous studies have examined biblical and theological rationales for using the visual arts in worship, this book by Lisa J. DeBoer fills in a piece of the picture missing so far — the social dimensions of both our churches and the various art worlds represented in our congregations. The first part of the book looks at Orthodoxy, Catholicism, and Protestantism in turn — including case studies of specific congregations — showing how each tradition’s use of the visual arts reveals an underlying ecclesiology. DeBoer then focuses on six themes that emerge when Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant uses of the visual arts are examined together — the arts as expressions of the church’s local and universal character, the meanings attributed to particular styles of art for the church, the role of the arts in enculturating the gospel, and more. DeBoer’s Visual Arts in the Worshiping Church will focus and deepen the thinking of pastors, worship leaders, artists, students, and laypeople regarding what the arts might do in the midst of their congregations.

A Concordance to the Constitution of the United States of America

Author : Charles Woodward Stearns
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The Methuen Drama Companion to Performance Art

Author : Bertie Ferdman
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The Methuen Drama Companion to Performance Art offers a comprehensive guide to the major issues and interdisciplinary debates concerning performance in art contexts that have developed over the last decade. It understands performance art as an institutional, cultural, and economic phenomenon rather than as a label or object. Following the ever-increasing institutionalization and mainstreaming of performance, the book's chapters identify a marked change in the economies and labor practices surrounding performance art, and explore how this development is reflective of capitalist approaches to art and event production. Embracing what we perceive to be the 'oxymoronic status' of performance art-where it is simultaneously precarious and highly profitable-the essays in this book map the myriad gestures and radical possibilities of this extreme contradiction. This Companion adopts an interdisciplinary perspective to present performance art's legacies and its current practices. It brings together specially commissioned essays from leading innovative scholars from a wide range of approaches including art history, visual and performance studies, dance and theatre scholarship in order to provide a comprehensive and multifocal overview of the emerging research trends and methodologies devoted to performance art.

The Art of Mathematics

Author : Jerry P. King
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The beauty of mathematics eludes all but a small, select handful of people. This monumental classic will illuminate the aesthetic delights of mathematics for all to behold. Why should only a tiny aristocracy hold the key to appreciating the elegance of mathematics? Why should intelligent, cultured people, who can easily articulate the brilliance of Shakespeare's imagery, quake at the prospect of deciphering a simple algebraic formula? Jerry King, a mathematics professor and a poet, razes the barriers between a world of two cultures and hands us the tools for appreciating the art and treasures of this elegant discipline. In his fluid, poetic voice, he initiates us into the splendid wonders of the Mathworld. He provides us with an original framework for contemplating mathematics as art. He deepens our ultimate comprehension of art by comparing the beauty of a Rembrandt as well as a Jackson Pollock with the riches to be mined in an elegant proof. Like the great philosophers of the past, Dr. King searches for pure Truth--a quest possible today only in the realm of mathematics. With his infectious enthusiasm, he explains with utmost clarity the intellectually stimulating underpinnings of both pure and applied mathematics. He goes on to decry how our educational system has failed by perfunctorily teaching us mathematics, depriving us of the pillars of beauty upon which mathematics rests. Never before has a book spoken so eloquently to our soul in instilling an appreciation for the grandeur of mathematics. Through Dr. King, the muses of mathematics will no longer sing for others and not for us. The elegant world of mathematics awaits us all to savor.

The Sermons of Henry Ward Beecher in Plymouth Church Brooklyn

Author : Henry Ward Beecher
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Text and Image in Pre Columbian Art

Author : Janet Catherine Berlo
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Texas Criminal Forms

Author : Robert K. Gill
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In this edition of Texas Criminal Forms, you receive new forms and practice tips, plus revised and/or updated coverage of the law, to help you navigate the issues that may arise at various stages of a criminal case, including: Client Relations and Communications Discovery Motion Practice Punishment Expunctions and Non-Disclosure The highlights include: 33 NEW FORMS Letter Advising Client of Right to Order of Nondisclosure Defendant’s Ex parte Motion For Approval of Funds For Consulting Immigration Law Expert Motion for Court Order Protecting Defendant from Law Enforcement Recording Custodial and Private Telephone Calls Controverting Motion to (State or Defendant’s) First Motion for Continuance Request For Attachment of a Witness; Affidavit in Support of Request; and Writ of Attachment for four different fact scenarios Affidavit of No Records Order Discharging Probation Motion Containing Proof of Eligibility For Automatic Order of Nondisclosure Under Tex. Gov’t Code § 411.072 (Certain Nonviolent Misdemeanors) 13 different Petitions for Nondisclosure of Criminal History Record Information, covering various fact scenarios under Tex. Gov’t Code § 411.0725 – .0728; and §411.073-.0736. PLUS… NEW AND UPDATED TEXT Protecting an Indigent defendant’s right to counsel with the appointment of an expert immigration attorney Protecting the defendant’s right to privacy while in custody Challenging enhancement allegations Crime victim compensation law and forms

Language Mind and Art

Author : D. Jamieson
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This book is a collection of essays in honor of Paul Ziff written by his col leagues, students, and friends. Many of the authors address topics that Ziff has discussed in his writings: understanding, rules and regularities, proper names, the feelings of machines, expression, and aesthetic experience. Paul Ziff began his professional career as an artist, went on to study painting with J. M. Hanson at Cornell, and then studied for the Ph. D. in philosophy, also at Cornell, with Max Black. Over the next three decades he produced a series of remarkable papers in philosophy of art, culminating in 1984 with the publica tion of Antiaesthetics: An Appreciation of the Cow with the Subtile Nose. In 1960 he published Semantic Analysis, his masterwork in philosophy of lan guage. Throughout his career he made important contributions to philosophy of mind in such papers as "The Simplicity of Other Minds" (1965) and "About Behaviourism" (1958). In addition to his work in these areas, his lec tures at Harvard on philosophy of religion are an underground classic; and throughout his career he has continued to make art and to search for the meaning of life in the properties of prime numbers. Although his interests are wide and deep, questions about language, art, and mind have dominated his philosophical work, and it is problems in these areas that provide the topics of most of the essays in this volume.