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Asian Seasoning to Spice Up Your Kitchen

Author : Martha Stone
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Creating your own homemade spice blends can be very easy, and fun if you have the right tools to do so. The very first tool you will need for success is your very own copy of this Asian Seasoning and Spices Mix Cookbook. This book will equip you with a vast knowledge of how to mix and match Asian spices including, but not limited to, Asian Rice Seasoning recipes, classic Asian Spice recipes, and much more. With the turn of every page we will equip you with enough arsenal for you to embark on a delicious culinary journey down the rigid path of Asian cuisine that will leave your whole family craving for more. So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy of the Asian Seasoning and Spices Mix Cookbook and let's get this adventure started!

Steamy Kitchen s Healthy Asian Favorites

Author : Jaden Hair
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Steamy Kitchen creator Jaden Hair, top Asian cooking blogger, gives a healthy and truly inspired overhaul to more than 120 classic Asian recipes, making them accessible and easy for home cooks. As the creator of the beloved blog Steamy Kitchen, Jaden Hair knows how to make Asian food accessible—and exciting—to home cooks. Now, with humor and a can-do attitude, Jaden presents this collection of her quick and flavorful recipes for healthy Asian dishes, most of which are naturally gluten-free and light on meat. With her infectious passion for cooking, Jaden teaches you how to shop for the best Asian ingredients, stock your pantry to streamline weeknight meals, and master delicious Asian cooking at home. Featuring good-enough-to-eat photography shot by Jaden herself, this book speaks to a new wave of healthy eaters without sacrificing flavor, ease, and fun. Jaden makes Asian foods seem approachable, not intimidating, and also offers new material for experienced Asian cooks looking to expand their repertoires. Doing away with gloppy sauces, oily stir-fries, and high calorie counts, these vibrant and unquestionably unique dishes are inspired makeovers of authentic dishes from China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. Recipes such as Chicken-Mango Lettuce Cups, Seafood Curry Noodle Soup, Vietnamese Summer Rolls with Grilled Tofu, Korean Tacos My Way, and a Thai-inspired Peach and Basil Smoothie are perfectly suited for everything from casual dinners to impromptu parties and gatherings. Jaden’s conversational style will make you feel as if you have a knowledgeable friend in the kitchen, guiding you through the process. With Jaden on your side, you can learn to cook fast, fresh, tasty Asian dishes that family and friends—from seasoned foodies to picky kids—will enjoy and request time and time again!

Routledge Handbook of Food in Asia

Author : Cecilia Leong-Salobir
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Throwing new light on how colonisation and globalization have affected the food practices of different communities in Asia, the Routledge Handbook of Food in Asia explores the changes and variations in the region’s dishes, meals and ways of eating. By demonstrating the different methodologies and theoretical approaches employed by scholars, the contributions discuss everyday food practices in Asian cultures and provide a fascinating coverage of less common phenomenon, such as the practice of wood eating and the evolution of pufferfish eating in Japan. In doing so, the handbook not only covers a wide geographical area, including Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, India, China, South Korea and Malaysia, but also examines the Asian diasporic communities in Canada, the United States and Australia through five key themes: Food, Identity and Diasporic Communities Food Rites and Rituals Food and the Media Food and Health Food and State Matters. Interdisciplinary in nature, this handbook is a useful reference guide for students and scholars of anthropology, sociology and world history, in addition to food history, cultural studies and Asian studies in general.

Vegetarian Times

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Everybody s San Francisco Cookbook

Author : Charles Lemos
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An exciting celebration of San Francisco's vibrant ethnic cuisine, revealing the secrets of cooking the city's global dishes. Features the foods of Italy, India, China, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and much more. Demystifies ethnic cooking, featuring recipes, menus, a glossary of ingredients and where to find them in the Bay Area, making it easy to get started cooking the city's favorite foods.

Asian Cooking

Author : Sunset Books
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Look no further for a wealth of exotic recipes from China, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia. This colorful book is filed with recipes for such favorite dishes as won ton soup, sushi, and tea-smoked duck--made simple to prepare with the help of step-by-step color photos. 150+ recipes.

Joy of Cooking

Author : Irma S. Rombauer
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“Cooking shouldn’t just be about making a delicious dish—owning the process and enjoying the experience ought to be just as important as the meal itself. The new Joy of Cooking is a reminder that nothing can compare to gathering around the table for a home cooked meal with the people who matter most.” —Joanna Gaines, author of Magnolia Table “Generation after generation, Joy has been a warm, encouraging presence in American kitchens, teaching us to cook with grace and humor. This luminous new edition continues on that important tradition while seamlessly weaving in modern touches, making it all the more indispensable for generations to come.” —Samin Nosrat, author of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat In the nearly ninety years since Irma S. Rombauer self-published the first three thousand copies of Joy of Cooking in 1931, it has become the kitchen bible, with more than 20 million copies in print. This new edition of Joy has been thoroughly revised and expanded by Irma’s great-grandson John Becker and his wife, Megan Scott. John and Megan developed more than six hundred new recipes for this edition, tested and tweaked thousands of classic recipes, and updated every section of every chapter to reflect the latest ingredients and techniques available to today’s home cooks. Their strategy for revising this edition was the same one Irma and Marion employed: Vet, research, and improve Joy’s coverage of legacy recipes while introducing new dishes, modern cooking techniques, and comprehensive information on ingredients now available at farmers’ markets and grocery stores. You will find tried-and-true favorites like Banana Bread Cockaigne, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Southern Corn Bread—all retested and faithfully improved—as well as new favorites like Chana Masala, Beef Rendang, Megan’s Seeded Olive Oil Granola, and Smoked Pork Shoulder. In addition to a thoroughly modernized vegetable chapter, there are many more vegan and vegetarian recipes, including Caramelized Tamarind Tempeh, Crispy Pan-Fried Tofu, Spicy Chickpea Soup, and Roasted Mushroom Burgers. Joy’s baking chapters now include gram weights for accuracy, along with a refreshed lineup of baked goods like Cannelés de Bordeaux, Rustic No-Knead Sourdough, Ciabatta, Chocolate-Walnut Babka, and Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza, as well as gluten-free recipes for pizza dough and yeast breads. A new chapter on streamlined cooking explains how to economize time, money, and ingredients and avoid waste. You will learn how to use a diverse array of ingredients, from amaranth to za’atar. New techniques include low-temperature and sous vide cooking, fermentation, and cooking with both traditional and electric pressure cookers. Barbecuing, smoking, and other outdoor cooking methods are covered in even greater detail. This new edition of Joy is the perfect combination of classic recipes, new dishes, and indispensable reference information for today’s home cooks. Whether it is the only cookbook on your shelf or one of many, Joy is and has been the essential and trusted guide for home cooks for almost a century. This new edition continues that legacy.

Restaurant Business

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Delicious Heart Healthy Meals

Author : Charlene Bolstad
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If you think "heart-healthy" means bland, dry food, think again. Delicious Heart Healthy Meals In No Time is the heart-conscious person's "food bible." Full of recipes you can make quickly and easily, you can awake your bored taste-buds to a new world of mouth-watering, low-fat, low-cholesterol meals. By using easy-to-find ingredients and giving you tips on food substitutions, dietary menu planning and ways to cook ahead for the week, you will be eating healthier, tastier meals in no time!

The Culinarian

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Pan Asian Express

Author : Barbara Witt
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You're probably sick of eating pasta for dinner every night. And you probably love Asian food. And you probably reach for the take-out menu to satisfy these cravings, since you believe that cooking Asian meals yourself would be too complicated, too difficult and beyond your culinary ability. Well, basically, you're wrong. You can incorporate delicious Asian cuisine into your cooking repertoire. Don't reach for the nearest take-out menu! Reach for Pan-Asian Express. This book is a lively collection of 100 main-dish recipes from all over Asia--from China and Japan to Indonesia and Thailand and to lesser known regions--and features either traditional recipes with a twist, or new inventions with authentic Asian taste. The recipes are all designed to work in American kitchens with minimum preparation. Exciting meals can be made in minutes, providing a welcome alternative to the usual fare. In order to simplify and speed up the cooking process, the book features an introductory section on how to stock your pantry with Asian condiments, information on techniques and equipment, and each recipe will be accompanied by serving suggestions, as well as ideas for dressing them up for company. Pan-Asian Express provides a way for you to cook your own Asian meals without forcing you to resort to the giant tomes on the subject (which is the only thing currently on the bookshelves). Written in a fun, inviting, accessible and easy-to-follow style, this book offers a way to bring new ideas, new techniques and tantalizing new tastes to everyday cooking.

the Kitchen Almanac

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Lower Your Blood Pressure in Eight Weeks

Author : Stephen T. Sinatra
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Combining cutting-edge medical information with expert advice, this practical program explains how to prevent and alleviate hypertension through a series of four safe and effective steps--nutrition, supplementation, exercise, and emotional healing. Original.

Restaurant Startup Growth

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Southeast Asia on a Shoestring

Author : China Williams
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Provides information for the budget traveller on getting around Southeast Asia and recommends places to see, accomodations, and restaurants.

Cleveland Ethnic Eats

Author : Laura Taxel
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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New edition--completely updated. (Edition is now numbered, no longer dated with year.) Follow this unusual dining guide to a world of exotic cuisines?right here in our own backyard. These 365 authentic ethnic restaurants and markets (from 50 different countries and cultures) are recommended by the experts: Cleveland's ethnic citizens themselves. Laura Taxel found out where they go for an authentic meal; her book shares those delicious discoveries. Each detailed listing tells what you?ll find when you go, from menu items and specialties to prices, hours, ambiance, attire, and parking.

The Foods of Vietnam

Author : Nicole Routhier
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Discusse the development of Vietnamese cuisine from a variety of foriegn influences, and presents more than 150 traditional easy-to-follow recipes, a glossary of ingredients, a list of mail order sources, menu ideas, and more

Classic Chinese Cooking for the Vegetarian Gourmet

Author : Joanne Hush
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Explains basic Chinese cooking techniques and offers recipes for appetizers, soups, noodles, vegetables, eggs, bean curd, rice, salads, dim sum, breads, and desserts

Laurel s Kitchen Recipes

Author : Laurel Robertson
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Gathers vegetarian recipes that feature organic foods, including breads, breakfast dishes, sandwiches, salads, soups, main dishes, and desserts

Taipei Review

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