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Bernard V Bothmer Egyptologist in the Making 1912 Through July 1946

Author : Marianne Eaton-Krauss
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Due to his disapproval of National Socialism the German-American curator and art historian Bernard V. Bothmer (1912-1993) saw himself forced to interrupt his study of Egyptology and lost his employment at the Egyptological department of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. This biography follows Bothmer's career from his birth in Berlin-Charlottenburg and his youth as a member of the "Circle" surrounding the poet Stefan George, his emigration to Switzerland in 1939, his journey to the USA 1941 and his service in the US Army until August 1946, when he was able to resume his Egyptological career anew. The study is based on family correspondence, Bothmer's own diaries and documents from archives in Boston, New York, Milan and Basel. Bothmer's own description of his escape from Geneva via Lisbon to the USA in October 1941 is edited as an appendix.

Walking Among Pharaohs

Author : Peter Der Manuelian
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In this expansive new biography of George Reisner, Egyptologist Peter Der Manuelian examines the life and work of America's greatest archaeologist. Manuelian presents Reisner's undeniable impact and considers his life within the context of Western colonialism, racism, and nationalism. Pyramids with hidden burial chambers. Colossal royal statues and minuscule gold jewelry. Decorated tomb chapels, temples, settlements, fortresses, ceramics, furniture, stone vessels, and hieroglyphic inscriptions everywhere. This is the legacy of forty-three years of breathtakingly successful excavations at twenty-three different archaeological sites in Egypt and Sudan (ancient Nubia). George Reisner (1867-1942) discovered all this and more during a remarkable career that revolutionized archaeological method in both the Old World and the New. Leading the Harvard University-Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition, Reisner put American Egyptology on the world stage. His uniquely American success story unfolded despite British control of Egyptian politics, French control of Egyptian antiquities, and an Egyptian yearning for independence, all while his Egyptian teams achieved the fieldwork results and mastered the arts of recording and documentation. Reisner's lifespan covers the birth of modern archaeology. It also intersects powerfully with aspects of colonialism, racism, and nationalism, as Western powers imposed their influence on Egypt and sought to control the Suez Canal during especially the two World Wars. The wholesale export of dynastic Egypt's treasures to museums in London, New York, and Boston also raised issues of repatriation and cultural patrimony long before they became the hot topics they are today. Walking Among Pharaohs, by author and recognized Egyptologist Peter Der Manuelian, gathers unpublished documents from all over the world to present the untold story of one of the founding fathers of modern Egyptology and restore his place in the history of world archaeology, while not overlooking some of his cultural interpretations that may be easily rejected today.

The Egyptian Elite as Roman Citizens

Author : Giorgia Cafici
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In The Egyptian Elite as Roman Citizens: Looking at Ptolemaic Private Portraiture Giorgia Cafici offers the analysis of private, male portrait sculptures as attested in Egypt between the end of the Ptolemaic and the beginning of the Roman Period.

Deutsche in Pal stina und ihr Anteil an der Modernisierung des Landes

Author : Jakob Eisler
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Als Napoleon Palastina 1799 eroberte, lebten im Lande lediglich einige Dutzend europaische Christen. Bis zum Vorabend des Ersten Weltkrieges steigerte sich die Zahl der deutschen Christen auf uber 3.000, von denen der grosste Teil (ca. 2.500) aus dem evangelischen Wurttemberg kam. Als Missionare und Siedler leisteten sie einen bedeutenden Beitrag zur kulturellen Entwicklung des Heiligen Landes. Die Aufsatze im Sammelband zeigen die tiefen und zum Teil auch bleibenden Spuren der deutschen Missions- und Siedlungstatigkeit im Heiligen Land. Stadteplanung und Landwirtschaft, Handwerk und beginnende Industrialisierung geraten ebenso in den Blick wie das aus der Missionstatigkeit entfaltete Engagement im Bereich der Bildung und Diakonie. Aber auch das Ende des deutschen christlichen Engagements wahrend der NS-Zeit wird beschrieben, ebenso wie die Versuche eines Neubeginns.Nicht nur der deutsche christliche Beitrag wird dargestellt, sondern auch der Beitrag der deutschen Juden. Es waren zwar vor dem Ersten Weltkrieg nur wenige deutsche Juden im Lande, die allerdings vieles bewirkten. Die Geschichte der deutschen Juden im Lande Zions nach der Machtergreifung Hitlers und der folgenden massenhaften Einwanderung muss anderen Veroffentlichungen vorbehalten bleiben, da sie den Rahmen des Bandes sprengen wurde.