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Sord in Prosperity Hope Beyond the Apocalypse

Author : Blade Cort
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Sord was born after the second Great Debacle. He attends high school in Prosperity, the domed nation-state and last known assemblage of humans and hybrids on Earth. His father disappeared in a mysterious physics experiment, and his mother makes him read his ancestor's diary to understand what life was like before the debacles. Trouble seems to follow the poor kid. And then there's Daisy, his ebullient new girlfriend, and they're embarking on an edgy adventure . . .

Beyond the Apocalypse

Author :
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Moving Beyond Apocalypse

Author : Christine Patricia Cavanaugh
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Beyond Apocalypse

Author : Romeo Cloma
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Suddenly, clouds of smoke billowed in front of the two friends, with sparks of fire popping. The stench of ash and sulfur pervaded the stalls, alarming the animals. Mago had to calm them down. Satan emerged from the smoke, preceded by his chortling. "Hello, hello, hello, Satan greeted them with a veneer of glee. "I knew I could find you here, my friend Lugo. It seems you anticipated my visit. The time of tribulation has passed, and the Saints of the Earth live in peace and harmony. And yet, even in this respite from seven millennia of turmoil and havoc, there are those who cavort with their sinful nature. Drunken with their bloated egos, they wander far from the Triune God until they fall of the cliff of rebellion. Too late to turn back, they are too befuddled to realize that they have rejected Paradise in exchange for their own self-centered desires. Matt has fortune and fame as an athlete and a technician. He is contented; with no strong feelings about life and God. He is not aware that he needs a spiritual rejuvenation or that battle lines are being drawn all around him. His family, the Transformed Ones, and the Legate Commander Joshua (sent by King Jesus) tried to lead him to the Triune God, to no avail, it seems. Who else and under what circumstances could move him from the path he is taking? Will Matt realize that his choices may have eternal consequences? Will he turn back to the truth and take his rightful place in the army of God before it is too late? Find out as the human race moves Beyond Apocalypse.

Apocalypse and Beyond

Author : Phil Gibson
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Beyond the End of the World 2012 and apocalypse

Author : Will Black
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This book cuts through rampant misinformation circulating about 2012 to present a coherent understanding of the Mayan calendar and the significance of the date. As an anthropologist and journalist, Will Black has conducted research into 2012 millenarianism for several years. He consequently offers a much broader and clearer picture than other books on the subject. In their haste to jump onto the 2012 bandwagon, most authors seem to have forgotten that the Maya are a real people, often living in as violently precarious circumstances as their ancestors. Will Black demolishes fantasies about crumbling calendar stones before examining the brutal cocaine wars blighting Central America. The hedonistic world of many westerners who have become interested in 2012 is contrasted sharply with the lives of ancient and modern Maya. The extraordinary world of shamans is contrasted with that of New Age seekers. Information about key visionary substances is offered.

Beyond the Apocalypse

Author : Michael Mozeleski
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In Earth's medieval future, when civilization begins again at it's final attempt for survival, an unlikely band of heroes takes up both sword and spell to face the one creature that has haunted man's existence since the dawn of time.

Beyond the Apocalypse

Author : Rubotkin
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Beyond the Valley of the Apocalypse Donkeys

Author : Jordan Krall
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A nudist colony. A rare film. A donkey-headed woman. A murder. The hummingbird. Explore identity, marriage, madness, and obsession in a phantasmagoric orgy of violence and voyeurism.


Author : T. M. Edwards
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Most folks don't have "survive the zombie apocalypse" on their bucket list. Thelma was no different.But when the undead start roaming, the 85-year-old farm owner is forced to put her feisty and stubborn nature to a new use.Turns out, zombies are basically just another invasive critter that only responds to some lead between the eyes.When Thelma must face the fact that her family is gone, she turns her rage on the virus which killed them.She doesn't know if it'll be the zombies or old age that will get her first.But gosh darn it if she won't go down swinging, and take as many of them with her as she can.If she can manage to save a few other people in the process of kicking the zombie apocalypse's butt, well, that'll just be icing on the cake.

The Left Behind Apocalypse Collection Apocalypse Dawn Apocalypse Crucible Apocalypse Burning Apocalypse Unleashed

Author : Mel Odom
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This collection bundles all 4 of Mel Odom’s blockbuster Left Behind: Apocalypse novels into one e-book for a great value! #1 Apocalypse Dawn From the decks of U.S. Navy carriers patrolling the Mediterranean to Fort Benning, Georgia, and the dusty sands of the Turkish-Syrian border, this suspense thriller runs side by side with the phenomenal series that has sold more than 50 million copies. Characters and situations are added to those from the Left Behind series to raise the tension to a fever pitch. With technical accuracy from the same people who create best-selling military thrillers, this series will satisfy the fans of the Left Behind series who are looking for more. #2 Apocalypse Crucible Danger and personal crisis on land, sea, and air combine with a level of spiritual warfare that is unparalleled in a Christian book. Crucible is a page-turning thriller that runs side by side with the phenomenal Left Behind series. The world is exploding in confusion and terror following the disappearances in book one. Meanwhile, Army Rangers and Marine Special Forces are struggling to keep the peace, while fighting spiritual battles of their own in the sands of Turkey and back home. #3 Apocalypse Burning First Sergeant Samuel Adams “Goose” Gander is on the front lines, fighting a battle against superior forces. Goose’s wife, Megan, is fighting for her freedom in a court case where all the facts seem stacked against her. Meanwhile, Chaplain Delroy Harte believes that the Rapture may have happened but can’t be sure until he has dealt with the demons of his past. #4 Apocalypse Unleashed In this a much-anticipated conclusion to the Apocalypse series, First Sergeant “Goose” Gander of the United States Army Rangers is in over his head, and he knows it. Trapped by the Rapture in the carnage of Middle Eastern war, far from his wife and kid back home, he’s living every day on the edge, afraid each moment might be his last, terrified that he’ll never see the people he loves again. The war on the Syrian/Turkish border is heating up, and the opposition armies and the local warlords are skirmishing for power in a no-man’s land filled with innocent victims that Goose hopes to protect. Goose soon discovers elements within his own forces, fearful of his leadership, are determined to bring him down. With everybody gunning for him, Goose is going to need a miracle to pull off his mission. Even as he struggles to believe in the God of miracles, Goose is about to discover the power of redemption and the bulwark of pure faith. And as the Hand of God closes over him and he accepts salvation, Goose Gander will finally find the peace he seeks, even as the war-torn land around him explodes in violence.

Looking Beyond

Author : Colum Hourihane
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"A collection of essays examining the the concept of representing visions and dreams in the medieval period. Includes discussions of modern visions which highlight how our belief in the non-corporal world still exists"--Provided by publisher.

A Personal Zombie Apocalypse

Author : Mary Hope Ibach
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The newest book written by Mary Hope Ibach is a somewhat uncomfortable truth. A life destined for the overcomer in us all. Some of this story has been deliberately left out. You will have to do some soul searching to discover the depth of an insanity that turned a curse into a blessing. Somewhere on the other side of reality there lies a saving, supernatural Grace.

From Apocalypse to Entropy and Beyond

Author : Peter Freese
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Anatomies of the Gospels and Beyond

Author :
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The twenty-five essays of Anatomies of the Gospels and Beyond are offered by internationally recognized New Testament scholars to honor the deep and broad legacy of R. Alan Culpepper by presenting a snapshot of current research in the field.


Author : Jeremy Fabiano
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PLEASE NOTE: This book is a standalone short read which is part of the collection "Tales of Courage From Beyond the Apocalypse". These stories can be read in any order, and each features a different main character while still being connected to all the others. That zombie shooter game addiction finally came in handy. Roger is the typical pasty, skinny video game nerd. When the zombie apocalypse breaks out and Boston is bombed to stop the spread of the virus, he's is thrown into the ultimate fight for survival. Three weeks later, Roger considers himself lucky to still be alive. He has a fortified base and hopes that he'll soon find more survivors. But winter is fast approaching, and if he doesn't find a more long-term solution for food and shelter, it'll be a toss-up between whether the zombies or hunger and exposure get to him first. When a zombie battle leaves Roger with a bite wound, his survival becomes even more precarious. Even the possibility of other survivors is small consolation when the fever takes hold. How can he survive if the virus already courses through his veins? Check out the other stories in the collection! Thelma Robin Keiko Amy

The Apocalypse Explained According to the Spiritual Sense

Author : Emanuel Swedenborg
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Apocalypse Revisited A Critical Study on End Times

Author : Melis Mulazimoglu Erkal
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Apocalypse, Revisited: A Critical Study on End Times explores why and how Apocalypse has been revisited in myriad contexts from literature to history, religion to social life and media to popular culture.

Beyond the Essene Hypothesis

Author : Gabriele Boccaccini
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Convincingly argued, this work will surely spark fresh debate in the discussion on the Qumran community and the famous Dead Sea Scrolls.

On the Apocalypse

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