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Bigfoot Sasquatch Evidence

Author : Grover S. Krantz
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Unlike many other sasquatch books on the market, this book takes a calm, scientific view of the creature. Dr Krantz examines data that cannot be discounted as fakes, mistakes, hoaxes or lies. Information offered for scrutinisation includes frames of Patterson's 1967 film, a number of footprint events, the problems of faking and anatomies of handprints. Krantz also presents support for his opinion that sasquatch is a normal animal species -- a higher primate related to man and the great apes. An addendum provides readers with the most up-to-date developments in the field. This authoritative publication is sure to stimulate discussion and interest within both the general public and the scientific community.

Raincoast Sasquatch

Author : Robert J Alley
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Bigfoot, Sasquatch evidence & sightings from Indian lore. Leave the civilized world behind as Raincoast Sasquatch takes you out into the rain-drenched forests of the Pacific Northwest on the trail of a living, breathing species of hominid, unlike any known primate today. Enjoy the mystery as you explore the existence of this elusive creature along the remote coasts of British Columbia and Alaska. Raincoast Sasquatch is an impressive collection of the first-hand accounts, historical reports and Native folklore that surround Bigfoot/Sasquatch. Sure to be enjoyed by believers and skeptics alike, this book will make you take a closer look into forests everywhere.

Bigfoot Evidence

Author : William Jevning
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There has been a lot of confusion about evidence of the existence of the Sasquatch. Just what is evidence? how is determined? In this book Evidence will be presented from a different perspective than has been previously considered.

Raincoast Sasquatch

Author : J. Robert Alley
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Presents a collection of first-hand accounts of sightings, historical reports, and native folklore surrounding bigfoot/sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

Sasquatch Reports from the Field Encounters Across North America

Author : Gary Swanson
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Welcome to the world of Bigfoot/Sasquatch! This is the fifth in our collection of encounters with this mysterious and reclusive creature. Reclusive as these animals are, they do resemble humans in several ways; their appearance is "humanoid" and there is evidence they have family units and a hierarchy of command not unlike humans. They ask nothing from us, and they infrequently take anything from man! This volume of Sasquatch sightings and encounters span North America; from British Columbia, to our Eastern and Southern states; Pennsylvania, Maine and North Carolina, and then to the western part of the United States; including Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Northern California and Washington state. Our friends at The Sasquatch Outpost in Bailey, Colorado are featured in this book because not only have they brought us contributors of Colorado Bigfoot sightings, they have been dedicated to researching the Sasquatch and preserving evidence of Bigfoot. Their museum, "The Sasquatch Encounter Discovery Museum" provides a great learning tool for those who have never had a Sasquatch experience or would just like to learn more. Our many thanks to Jim and Daphne Myers at The Sasquatch Outpost for their support and their dedication to protecting North America's endangered indigenous species of Bigfoot! Since these mysterious beings have convinced vast numbers of us of their existence, and also of their desire to live peaceably, we have the same goal. Thank you for your courtesy in observing and enjoying the realization that there are some things that man has not yet destroyed! We have taken great care to guarantee the privacy of every submitter, and due to having proven our confidentiality, more stories have arrived and are in this fifth volume; "SASQUATCH! Reports from the Field." We try to do verification of the stories we accept, and although we cannot guarantee the validity of any submissions, we use due diligence to interview those whose story seems to be outside what the majority have established as the "norm;" if there could be one. Although our personal experiences with Bigfoot are limited to only a few instances, as we are always accompanied by two curious and noisy dogs; we have interviewed enough people from all walks of life, many with highly respected credentials that we must believe that Sasquatch lives!

Bigfoot Encounters in New York and New England

Author : Robert E. Bartholomew
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For over thirty years, two New York State brothers, Robert and Paul Bartholomew, have methodically researched, documented, and studied the Bigfoot question in both New York and the New England states.

Existence of Sasquatch and Yeti

Author : Carol Hand
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Put on your detective hat and uncover the facts and myths about the existence of Sasquatch and Yeti. Topics discussed include early account of strange, unknown creatures, cryptids and cryptozoology, how investigators analyze sightings, the history of yeti and Sasquatch, types of Sasquatch evidence, Sasquatch video evidence, footprints and body prints as evidence, and evidence that tells who or what may be Bigfoot. Features include a Tools and Clues section that highlights research tools, technology, and investigative methods, a timeline, a glossary, selected bibliography, further readings, places to visit, source notes, and an index. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Essential Library is an imprint of Abdo Publishing, a division of ABDO.

On the Trail of Bigfoot

Author : Mike Dupler
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“Join Mike Dupler on his journey of adventure and discovery for the enigmatic giants of the forests. I highly recommend this book!” —Loren Coleman, author and founder of the International Cryptozoology Museum “Refreshing, thoughtful, thoroughly entertaining! Dupler is an experienced investigator who addresses many facets of the Sasquatch phenomenon.” —Ken Gerhard, cryptozoologist and author of Encounters with Flying Humanoids On the Trail of Bigfoot is a firsthand account from paranormal researcher and skilled outdoorsman Mike Dupler on his many years of investigations into the Bigfoot phenomena. It features his own encounters with these enigmatic creatures, complete with photographs. This plainspoken guide explores a variety of fascinating aspects of the Bigfoot mystery: Whether Bigfoot are interdimensional beings or biological—or both The similarities and disparities between the Sasquatch phenomena and other paranormal manifestations (fairies, wild men, Mothman, and the strange events at the notorious Skinwalker Ranch) Bigfoot’s origins and their place on the primate evolutionary tree On the Trail of Bigfoot also offers compelling theories as to the origins and arrival of Bigfoot in North America. Unique to this book is a detailed examination of stick structures attributed to Sasquatch, providing a wealth of information and reasoned speculation on the nature of these enigmatic calling cards that serve as haunting reminders of Bigfoot’s presence. Other evidence examined provides insight into possible communication techniques, such as tree knocks and perhaps even a spoken language, and an exploration of the implications of Bigfoot’s social interactions and higher intelligence.


Author : John Russell Napier
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Explores the validity of reported sightings of giant man-like apes in northwestern America, British Columbia, and the Himalayas


Author : Emily Rose Oachs
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Reports of Bigfoot go back to the early 1800s. Since then, several footprints, films, and pictures have been used as evidence that Sasquatch roams the Pacific Northwest. This title examines the history of Bigfoot reports, the tools and technology used by researchers, and considers whether or not Bigfoot exists.

Sasquatch Yeti Abominable Snowman Big Foot For Kids Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers

Author : John Davidson
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Bestselling author John Davidson presents "Sasquatch, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Big Foot For Kids – Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers". Beautiful Pictures and easy reading format will help children fall in love with Sasquatch, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Big Foot. This is one of over 30 books in the Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers Series. Less Bestselling author John Davidson presents "Sasquatch, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Big Foot For Kids – Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers". Beautiful Pictures and easy reading format will help children fall in love with Sasquatch, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Big Foot. This is one of over 30 books in the Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers Series. The series is known as one of the most beautiful on the kindle. The pictures look great even in black and white and are excellent in full color. Lots of facts and photos will help your children learn about this mystical animal. Children are given a well-rounded understanding of Sasquatch, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Big Foot: anatomy, feeding habits and behavior. *** You and your kids will love learning about Sasquatch, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Big Foot*** Answer the question for your kids "Do they really exist?" Table of Contents 1. Facts About Sasquatch 2. Sasquatch Evidence 3. Bigfoot or Sasquatch Sightings 4. Sasquatch Tracks 5. Facts About the Abominable Snowman 6. Facts About Yeti

The Evidence for Bigfoot and Other Man beasts

Author : Janet Bord
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The Bigfoot Book

Author : Nick Redfern
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Does a hulking, hairy, 800-pound, nine-foot-tall, elusive primate roam the woods and forests throughout North America—and the world? What should we make of the grainy videos and photos and the thousands of eyewitness reports? Audio-recordings exist purporting to be the creatures’ eerie chatter and bone-chilling screaming. Whether called Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot, or something else, bipedal primates appear in folklore, legends, and eyewitness accounts in every state of the union and many places around the world. The fascination with the man-beast is stronger than ever in today’s pop culture. Exploring the history, movies, and literature, the conspiracy theorizing, and the world of the supernatural, The Encyclopedia of Sasquatch, Yeti and Cryptid Primates is a comprehensive resource to the man-beast. With nearly 200 entries and 120 photographs, drawings, and illustrations, it is the definitive guide to understanding, hunting, and avoiding the brute, as well as discovering the facts behind the sightings and horrifying tales. It covers 400 years of folklore, mythology, history, and pop culture, including Native American lore, the “wild men” reports in the pages of 19th century-era American newspapers, Florida's Myakka Skunk Ape, Australia's Yowie, China's Yeren, Himalayas’ Yeti, Russian expeditions, Harry and the Hendersons, Exists and the countless movies titled Bigfoot, as well as specials on the television shows Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel, scientific reports and findings, and much, much more. Various documentaries and reality television shows have all superficially tackled the subject, but Nick Redfern presents a truly encyclopedic look at cryptid primates. It is a richly researched reference, overflowing with fascinating information to make readers think—and reconsider their next camping trip.

Sasquatch Legend Meets Science

Author : Jeff Meldrum
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In this landmark work on a subject too often dismissed as paranormal or disreputable, Jeff Meldrum gives us the first book on sasquatch to be written by a scientist with impeccable academic credentials, an objective look at the facts in a field mined with hoaxes and sensationalism. Meldrum reports on the work of a team of experts from a wide variety of fields who were assembled to examine the evidence for a large, yet undiscovered, North American primate. He reviews the long history of this mystery--which long predates the "bigfoot" flap of the late fifties--and explains all the scientific pros and cons in a clear and accessible style, amplified by over 150 illustrations. Anyone who has pondered the mysteries of human evolution will be fascinated and eager to join Dr. Meldrum in drawing their own conclusion. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Understanding Sasquatch Behavior How to Find Bigfoot

Author : Dave Gibson
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This book is sold as nonfiction, but it is more accurately an op-ed piece. It is my opinion of the behavior of the Keepers of the Forest, based on three years of habituating with Sasquatch. All of the evidence presented in this booklet is nonfiction, but opinions are what they are.


Author : Tom King
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Many people across the world believe in an ape-like humanoid creature who is covered with hair and walks on two legs. Those who claim to have seen this creature generally say that he has reddish-brown hair, is approximately seven to 10 feet tall, has a conical-shaped head, emits a powerfully obnoxious stench, and has enormous, human-like feet. In the United States, this creature is known as the Sasquatch or Bigfoot. He is attested to in Native American myths and legends that speak of giants, as well as in eyewitness accounts that predate the birth of the country. Bigfoot has relatives all across the world. In the Himalayan countries of Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan, the local people believe in and even revere a creature that they call the Yeti, known to many Westerners as the Abominable Snowman. Many Chinese believe in the Yeren, or Wild Man, who is said to inhabit mountainous areas of the country. The Yowie is attested to by the aborigines of Australia, and the Orang Pendek (or short man) is believed to live on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. The fact that so many cultures attest to the existence of an ape-like bipedal humanoid who lives on the outskirts of society is seen by many as evidence that such a creature does, in fact, exist. Bigfoot is generally believed by the scientific community to be something known as a cryptid, or a legendary animal whose existence has not been proven. However, thousands of people every year claim to see the creature known as Bigfoot. The number of eyewitnesses grows each year as more and more people profess to have seen Bigfoot Some have presented photographic and video evidence of him, and some have even given hair, skin, and other DNA samples! Still, there is no consensus between the scientific community and Bigfoot eyewitnesses as to whether or not the creature actually does exist. If you are reading this, you are probably interested in Bigfoot and want to know more about the mysterious creature. Maybe you have had an eyewitness encounter with the beast yourself or want to visit an area known to be inhabited by Bigfoot in the hopes of seeing the elusive creature. You are not alone. People all over the world are searching for their own opportunity to see him. This book contains valuable, easy-to-understand information about the cryptid, including what he is and different theories - some more believable than others - that attempt to explain his existence. It talks about early Native American stories about Bigfoot as well as the role that he played in the people's spiritual life. From there, it discusses numerous Bigfoot sightings across the United States, including Alaska, as well as some in Canada. It also contains information about other cryptids, such as the Loch Ness monster, Yeti, and the giant squid. By the time you finish this book, you will have gained immense knowledge about the creature known as Bigfoot. If you are a sideline believer, unsure of whether or not he actually does exist, you will surely have come to your own opinion by the time you finish reading. Hopefully, this book will make a believer out of you. It may even lead you to seek out Bigfoot for yourself. Scroll to the top of the page and click Add To Cart to learn more

Seeking Bigfoot

Author : Michael Newton
File Size : 45.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Journey with cryptozoologist Michael Newton as he seeks Bigfoot in North America. BHMs ("Big Hairy Monsters") have been called Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Oh-Mah, Skookum, Momo, Skunk Ape, and more throughout history, and the quest for these elusive beings has been reported and pursued from time immemorial. Read seven classic cases that put Bigfoot "on the map" and established the riddle of its existence in public consciousness. Then wander through 47 states and 6 Canadian provinces where there have been sightings since the year 2000. Meet Bigfoot hunters and learn methods employed in ongoing quests. Examine details of the debate considering whether Bigfoot should be killed (to prove the species exists) or if conclusive evidence may be obtained by other means. Discover physical evidence for Bigfoot's existence, ranging from footprints to DNA sampling. Read about hoaxes and the creature's portrayal in modern media and advertising.

Bigfoot and Yeti

Author : Mary Colson
File Size : 39.26 MB
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"Provides evidence and tools with which readers can investigate the possibility of the existence of creatures known as bigfoot and yeti"--

Abominable Snowmen Legend Comes to Life Bigfoot Sasquatch Oh Mah Grassman and Skunk Ape

Author : Ivan T. Sanderson
File Size : 38.51 MB
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Ivan T. Sanderson, who captured the most famous film footage of Big Foot in Northern California, a graduate of Cambridge University and world famous zoologist, naturalist and writer, presents evidence for not one, but possibly four separate kinds of unidentified hominids that walk the earth, on every continent except the AntArtic and Australia. From the foothills of the Himalayas, to the steppes of Russia and the Klamath mountains of Northern California, thousands have witnessed these incredible and elusive creatures. With more than 30 years of evidence and dozens of maps and photgraphs, Sanderson presents the case for the existence of the Abomidible Smowman, and the reasons why this elusive creature has avoided capture

Sasquatch Field Guide

Author : Jeff Meldrum
File Size : 39.28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Review by Cliff Barackman producer of Finding Bigfoot. "Finally, a concise and well-written field guide has been published to help the Bigfoot field investigator document various types of evidence in an appropriate way. Dr. Jeff Meldrum has put together a field guide on heavy-duty, waterproof card stock that literally fits in your back pocket or backpack, adding little weight to those ounce-sensitive backpackers with an interest in collecting data from the backcountry. Seemingly thinking of everything, Dr. Meldrum has even included a ruler along the top margin of the Guide so the researcher will always have a scale item for any photos taken in the woods. The Sasquatch Field Guide not only helps researchers with identifying possible spoor left by bigfoots, but it also helps him or her reduce the possibility of misidentifying signs of other animals for those of sasquatches. Also included in the Field Guide are easy-to-understand directions on how to gather and store data in the field in preparation for future analysis. The Guide uses colors and diagrams making it easy to read and understand which could be the difference between successfully gathering data and blowing it when under the pressure of dealing with the real thing out in the field. Sections in the Sasquatch Field Guide include information on visual identification, footprint identification, track casting, gathering footprint metrics, hair samples, scat samples, tree breaks, nests, cultural signs, stacked rocks, habitat and distribution, diet, vocalizations, possible origins, and taphonomy. This hefty brochure-style guide is densely-packed with valuable information that all field researchers should be intimately acquainted with."