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Elizabeth Bishop in the 21st Century

Author : Angus J. Cleghorn
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In recent years, a series of major collections of posthumous writings by Elizabeth Bishop--one of the most widely read and discussed poets of the twentieth century--have been published, profoundly affecting how we look at her life and work. The hundreds of letters, poems, and other writings in these volumes have expanded Bishop‘s published work by well over a thousand pages and placed before the public a "new" Bishop whose complexity was previously familiar to only a small circle of scholars and devoted readers. This collection of essays by many of the leading figures in Bishop studies provides a deep and multifaceted account of the impact of these new editions and how they both enlarge and complicate our understanding of Bishop as a cultural icon. Contributors: Charles Berger, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville * Jacqueline Vaught Brogan, University of Notre Dame * Angus Cleghorn, Seneca College * Jonathan Ellis, University of Sheffield * Richard Flynn, Georgia Southern University * Lorrie Goldensohn * Jeffrey Gray, Seton Hall University * Bethany Hicok, Westminster College * George Lensing, University of North Carolina * Carmen L. Oliveira * Barbara Page, Vassar College * Christina Pugh, University of Illinois at Chicago * Francesco Rognoni, Catholic University in Milan * Peggy Samuels, Drew University * Lloyd Schwartz, University of Massachusetts, Boston * Thomas Travisano, Hartwick College * Heather Treseler, Worcester State University * Gillian White, University of Michigan

Scotland in the Age of Two Revolutions

Author : Sharon Adams
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The Reformation of the Church of England A D 1514 1547

Author : John Henry Blunt
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Kings and Bishops in Medieval England 1066 1216

Author : Roger Wickson
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The relationship between kings and bishops in Medieval England could be tricky. Thomas Becket summed it up succinctly when he said to Henry II, 'You are my lord, you are my king, you are my spiritual son.' Bishops were the king's greatest subjects, and yet no man could be secure as King without being crowned and anointed by a bishop. For much of the period, kings and bishops worked harmoniously to shape England into a country with one of the most sophisticated governments in Western Europe. Yet sometimes, as in the case of Henry II and Becket, there was conflict between them. This introductory text explores the central relationship between the kings of England and their bishops, from the Norman Conquest to Magna Carta. Wickson provides an approachable overview of the key scholarship on this subject, from historical to contemporary viewpoints. He also draws readers to the major primary sources, such as monastic chroniclers, making this an ideal starting-point for anyone studying high medieval England.

The Reformation of the Church of England Its History Principles and Results A D 1514 1547

Author : John Henry Blunt
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The History of Scotland

Author : John Hill Burton
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The Letters of S Ambrose Bishop of Milan

Author : Saint Ambrose (Bishop of Milan)
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The Letters of S Ambrose Bishop of Milan

Author : Ambrose
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The Letters of Saint Ambrose Bishop of Milan

Author : Saint Ambrose
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THE Translation of S. Ambrose’s Epistles was made in the early days of the Library of the Fathers by a friend, now with God, before the check which the Series received through various sorrowful losses. It has now been revised by an accomplished scholar, the Rev. H. Walford, M.A., one of the Masters at Hayleybury. Aeterna Press

Bishop Burnet s History of the Reformation of the Church of England

Author : Gilbert Burnet
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