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The Blue Planet

Author : Mark Rogo
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The first book of this series, 23 Hours, was a labor of love and an intense lesson in the skills of writing. I dont even pretend to have those skills, but I do fool myself into thinking they might have some value to someone other than myself. If you enjoyed 23 Hours, I think you will love The Blue Planet. Its shorter and more focused, and less oriented as a social commentary, an outcry against the wrongs of the world. All in all, its just a lot more fun, with an incredible ending.

Memoirs of the Blue Planet As told from the Moon

Author : Alvaro Angee
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In his childhood, Albert Einstein begins to have experiences that connect him with events from a past, seemingly unknown, located beyond the boundaries of his existence. How is he related to these characters from the blue planet’s history that unexpectedly bombard him from the depths of his febrile dreams? Will his reasoning as a man of science find a logical explanation for these episodes scattered along the course of his life, without having to renounce the objectivity that pervades his scientific work? Find the answers to these questions in this story, and further discover the link between The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the final works of this illustrious scientist, which the world—mistakenly—considers to be nonexistent: The unified field theory.

A Very Human Mission

Author : Joel Weddington
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A group of beings on a faraway planet seeks to help a troubled Earth, giving a member, Numan, the opportunity of a lifetime.  His mission: travel to Earth to be born among them, embracing humanity. His only confidante is Angelic Mentor, a personal guide from a higher dimension. But Numan's life as a human is more difficult than he ever imagined. Born to a young mother, baby "Bradley" is neglected and abused, fighting for survival in an imperfect world. Due to the Veil of Forgetting, the poor, young boy has no recollection of his mission or his true alien identity. He's forced to battle the woes of poverty and hardship. The moment Bradley climbs out of his unfortunate upbringing, he is immediately knocked back down again. When he finally meets his soulmate, Bradley begins to grow and evolve. But he has no idea who she really is. Can Bradley's soulmate help him on his mission or was he doomed to fail from the beginning?

Communities and the Clean Energy Revolution

Author : Melanie J. La Rosa
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"Communities and the Clean Energy Revolution profiles people in eight locations across the U.S. leading unique clean energy projects. This book provides unique insight into transitioning to solar, wind, and other types of clean, renewable power and the transformation of America's energy system"--

The Art of Teaching Science

Author : Jack Hassard
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The Art of Teaching Science emphasizes a humanistic, experiential, and constructivist approach to teaching and learning, and integrates a wide variety of pedagogical tools. Becoming a science teacher is a creative process, and this innovative textbook encourages students to construct ideas about science teaching through their interactions with peers, mentors, and instructors, and through hands-on, minds-on activities designed to foster a collaborative, thoughtful learning environment. This second edition retains key features such as inquiry-based activities and case studies throughout, while simultaneously adding new material on the impact of standardized testing on inquiry-based science, and explicit links to science teaching standards. Also included are expanded resources like a comprehensive website, a streamlined format and updated content, making the experiential tools in the book even more useful for both pre- and in-service science teachers. Special Features: Each chapter is organized into two sections: one that focuses on content and theme; and one that contains a variety of strategies for extending chapter concepts outside the classroom Case studies open each chapter to highlight real-world scenarios and to connect theory to teaching practice Contains 33 Inquiry Activities that provide opportunities to explore the dimensions of science teaching and increase professional expertise Problems and Extensions, On the Web Resources and Readings guide students to further critical investigation of important concepts and topics. An extensive companion website includes even more student and instructor resources, such as interviews with practicing science teachers, articles from the literature, chapter PowerPoint slides, syllabus helpers, additional case studies, activities, and more. Visit to access this additional material.

Blue Planet Space

Author : Gina Hamilton
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Millikens new Blue Planet series covers Earth Science for grades 9 to 12 in five concise yet thorough volumes: Earth, Water, Atmosphere, Space, and Energy. Each book includes 12 fullcolor transparencies to enhance classroom demonstrations, plus 60 reproducible pages. Space focuses on astronomy. The Earth was created by cosmic forces, and is impacted by the Sun, the Moon, and its neighbors in space on a daily basis. The book covers the composition of the Sun and solar effects, The Moon and its effects on Earth, solar system astronomy, stellar types, temperatures, and life cycles, galaxies and deep sky objects, theories of the origin of the universe, relativity, and fundamental force theory.

Blue Planet Blue God

Author : Meric Srokosz
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The ocean dominates the surface of the earth and is in the pages of the Bible too. The Bible offers a view of the sea and the life it supports which affirms its intrinsic value to God as a good, and indeed essential, part of creation. At the same time, it also speaks perceptively of the sea’s vulnerability to damage and change. The Bible’s focus on the sea raises questions about economics and the interconnectedness of communities, whilst further references to the sea raise questions about our human-centredness and spirituality, and about our fear of chaos and disaster. In a unique collaborative project, the oceanographer Meric Srokosz and the biblical scholar Rebecca Watson not only offer environmental insights on the sea, but also connect the ocean with other key issues of broader concern—spirituality, economics, chaos, and our place in the world. Each chapter concludes with ideas for discussion and reflection, and for suggested actions in the light of the issues raised. The book will present a fresh new lens through which to view the Bible and as such inform biblical scholars, students, and preachers alike. Table of Contents: 1. The Sea and Salvation 2. The Sea and Spirituality 3. The God of the Sea and All that Fills It 4. Human Creatures and the Life of the Sea 5. The Sacred Sea 6. Coping with Chaos and Uncertainty: The ‘Chaotic’ Sea 7. The Vast, Vulnerable Sea: A Spacious Sea? 8. Economics, Hubris and Human Community: Travel and Trade on the Sea 9. Blue Planet, Blue God

Tales of One Star Light

Author : E-L-Paula
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Accompanied by her soul mate, Ahrgyan-Sy, Princess Thyan-B descends from "The-One" and is strategically placed within the Orion constellation. The couple is prepared to embrace a mission in "Earth-lands" that will help humankind in their quest to evolve. The mission is complex and dangerous, and failure carries with it the possibility of creating serious imbalances in the "Earth-lands" and at the same time exposing the the "Ones" to living the challenging existence of humans. As a missionary, Thyan-B takes her role seriously as she tries to lead humankind to freedom and enlightenment. But during her journey, she is separated from her prince and betrayed by her comrades. Thyan-B wonders if she can overcome the clutches of the human "hamster-wheel," be reunited with her soul mate, and once again become a "One-Star-Light-Princess." A tale of the metaphysical, One-Star-Light narrates a story of loss, love, hope, and compassion.

Observation of the Earth and Its Environment

Author : Herbert J. Kramer
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This book is about spaceborne missions and instruments. In addition, surveys of airborne missions and of campaigns can be found on the accompanying CD-ROM in pdf-format. Compared with the 3rd edition the spaceborne part grew from about 300 to 1000 pages. The complete text - including the electronic-only chapters - contains more than 1900 pages. New chapters treat the history of Earth observation and university missions. The number of commercial Earth imaging missions has grown significantly. A chapter contains reference data and definitions. Extensive appendices provide a comprehensive glossary, acronyms and abbreviations and an index of sensors. An effort has been made to present the information in context, to point out relationships and interconnections. The book may serve as a reference and guide to all involved in the various national and international space programs: researchers and managers, service providers and data users, teachers and students.

Blue Planet

Author : Carolyn E. Schmidt
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A collection of information, activities and resources on environmental and Earth science topics for teachers of students in grades 3-12.