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Blue Smoke and Murder

Author : Elizabeth Lowell
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Jill Breck was just doing her job as a river guide when she saved the life of Lane Faroe, son of two of St. Kilda Consulting's premier operators. But when a string of ominous events—including a mysterious fire that kills her great-aunt and a furor in the Western art world raised by a dozen Breck family paintings—culminates in a threat to her life, Jill reluctantly calls in a favor. Zach Balfour works part-time as a consultant for St. Kilda. His expertise is gathering and analyzing information from unlikely and often dangerous sources. Though he's got the skills to be a highly effective bodyguard, being a bullet catcher isn't his preferred way to spend time. Protecting Jill will take him into familiar territory—among a strange, savagely competitive bunch of collectors who'll do anything to stay at the top. But Jill is in deeper waters than she's ever known; as she soon discovers, the perils of running wild rivers are tame compared with the hidden dangers in the high-stakes game of art collecting. From the cozy rooms of the Breck homestead cabin to the cold multimillion-dollar galleries of the Western art circuit, Zach and Jill must race against time to unmask a ruthless killer hidden in a blue smoke of money, threats, lies, and death. . . .

Blue Smoke and Murder

Author : Elizabeth Lowell
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Protecting a river guide with ties to the art world, private information collector and reluctant bodyguard Zach Balfour realizes his charge is in more danger than previously known, a situation that pits them against the ruthless multi-million-dollar Western art circuit.

Blue Smoke

Author : Nora Roberts
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Reena Hale has always understood the destructive power of fire. When she was a child, her family's Baltimore restaurant was burned to the ground in a cruel arson attack. The Hale family banded together to rebuild, and Reena found her life's calling: to become an arson investigator. Reena loves her job - but the danger and crazy hours have left her unlucky in love. When she meets handsome carpenter Bo Goodnight, things look promising - until a series of suspicious fires are connected not just to each other, but to Reena herself. As danger ignites all around her, Reena must rely on hard-won experience and gut instinct to catch a man determined to burn down everything - and everyone - she loves.

Romance Fiction

Author : Kristin Ramsdell
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Presents a comprehensive guide for librarians and readers' advisors, provides a brief history of the romance novel, and offers reading lists and subgenre definitions.

Murder is Forever

Author : Roger DeBeers, Sr.
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A pro-life congressman has been murdered in cold blood in the parking lot of a New Hampshire abortion clinic. Margarita O'Brien, a novice detective, and Andy Pick, a former government operative, are quickly assigned to the investigation to get to the bottom of things. Who wanted the congressman dead, and why? And are there other lives at risk? Abandoned by the authorities, the pair digs deeper into the case, only to uncover a vast web of corruption and lies. With only ten days to the presidential primary and a cover-up already in motion, they race against the clock to find the killer. But the closer they are to solving the crime, the closer they are to becoming victims, themselves....

Murder in the Smithsonian

Author : Margaret Truman
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In a mystery replete with “nonstop action and a brilliantly evocative setting,” a noted historian is murdered at the National Museum of Art (Booklist). Dr. Lewis Tunney, a brilliant historian who had stumbled onto an international art scandal, was brutally murdered in front of two hundred guests at an elegant party at the Smithsonian. Taking the case, DC police Cpt. Mac Hanrahan begins to uncover a web of secrets, lies, and revenge surrounding the historian’s killing. From the deceased Tunney’s strong-willed fiancée, Heather McBean, to the congressmen with secrets to hide, Hanrahan finds himself unsure who to believe. Soon after, two more murders add to the intrigue. Murder in the Smithsonian is the fourth volume in Margaret Truman’s beloved Capital Crimes series, in which Truman enlivens history with her first-hand knowledge as the daughter of US President Harry S. Truman. Each of the novels revolve around Washington, DC, and its landmarks. The Smithsonian’s museums, with their quirky staff, forensic scientists, and sometimes-spooky exhibits are the perfect setting for a thrilling political crime novel. “Truman’s novels of Washington will continue to entertain both mystery and Washington buffs.” —The Washington Post

Murder is Our Business

Author : B.R. Stateham
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Ten stories from the Case Files of homicide detectives Turner Hahn and Frank Morales, these are tales of murder, deception, greed and mayhem only this duo can solve. Murder is the operative word in this collection: from hardened criminals to deceitful damsels, to the cold minds of serial killers. Come along for the ride as Turner and Frank face off with the crazies, the cunning and the brilliant, as they try to get away with murder. For Turner and Frank, the city pays them to do a job. But that's okay... they're good at what they do.

Murder at the Cappuccino Cup

Author : James McCormack
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Every year at the upscale Mohawk HIlls Country Club, the members fight tooth and nail to win the club’s coveted Cappuccino Cup. This annual contest pits the club’s members of Italian ancestry against those of other heritages. The matches are always hard fought and at times bitter, but when a dead body turns up on the eighteenth green, the competition may have spun out of control. Sheriff Billy Hogan, a lawman more accustomed to traffic accidents and trespassers than homicide investigation, is confronted with a murder mystery eerily similar to one that took place on the same putting green forty years ago when his father was the Sheriff. Hogan’s investigation of the murder and subsequent killings lead him down a perilous path and brings him face to face with a shadowy and powerful adversary. Vincent Falcone is the club’s wealthiest and most frightening figure and he stands much to lose if Hogan learns the truth. It is a truth that will force the Sheriff to confront much of his own family’s tragic past and reveal startling facts about one of the most dark and infamous moments in our country’s history. As Hogan and his band of deputies stumble and bumble their way through their investigation, Falcone and his dark forces threaten to destroy all that the Sheriff holds dear. But the key to the case is held by a quiet and unexpected source, and as the events surrounding the Cappuccino Cup draw to a close, it is a dangerous and deadly chase along the back nine of life.

Murder in the Palais Royal

Author : Cara Black
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Just as Aimée is about to leave for New York City to follow up on a lead about a possible younger brother, her partner in Leduc Detective, René Friant, is wounded by a near-fatal gun shot. Eyewitnesses identify Aimée as the culprit. The police have pegged her as the guilty party. Aimée is distraught over René’s condition and horrified to be under suspicion. At the same time, a large, mysterious sum appears in their firm’s bank account, and the tax authorities descend upon Aimée. She has no idea who would have sent this money. It seems that someone is impersonating Aimée, someone who wants revenge. But for what? Two murders ensue. How do they relate to the youth whom Aimée’s testimony sent to jail in the very first Aimée Leduc investigation, Murder in the Marais?

90 Spy Thrillers Murder Mysteries Detective Stories Illustrated

Author : Fred M. White
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This carefully crafted ebook: "90+ Spy Thrillers, Murder Mysteries & Detective Stories (Illustrated)" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents: The Crimson Blind The Cardinal Moth The Corner House The Ends of Justice The House of Schemers The Lord of the Manor The Slave of Silence The Yellow Face The Nether Millstone The Midnight Guest A Fatal Dose The Five Knots The Edge of the Sword The Lonely Bride Craven Fortune The Law of the Land The Mystery of the Four Fingers A Golden Argosy By Order of the League A Daughter of Israel Tregarthen's Wife Blackmail The Weight of the Crown A Shadowed Love The Sundial Netta A Queen of the Stage The Scales of Justice A Crime on Canvas The Golden Rose Paul Quentin A Front of Brass Hard Pressed The White Glove A Mummer's Throne The Secret of the Sands The Man Called Gilray The House of Mammon A Royal Wrong A Secret Service The Sentence of the Court Powers of Darkness The Mystery of the Ravenspurs The Day Ambition's Slave The Salt of the Earth The Lady in Blue The Case for the Crown The Wings of Victory The Leopard's Spots The Honour of His House The Man who was Two The Mystery of Room 75 The Councillors of Falconhoe The Mystery of Crocksands The Turn of the Tide The Green Bungalow The Devil's Advocate The Golden Bat The Price of Silence The House on the River The Shadow of the Dead Hand The King Diamond The Riddle of the Rail The Grey Woman Queen of Hearts On The Night Express The Phantom Car A Clue in Wax Found Dead The Man Who Knew A Broken Memory Secret of the River The Blue Daffodil The Master Criminal (True Crime Tales) The Romance of the Secret Service Fund… Frederick White (1859–1935), mostly known for mysteries, is considered also as one of the pioneers of the spy story.