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Bodies in Crisis

Author : Barbara Sutton
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Born and raised in Argentina, Barbara Sutton examines the complex, and often hidden, bodily worlds of diverse women in that country during a period of profound social upheaval. Based primarily on women's experiential narratives and set against the backdrop of a severe economic crisis and intensified social movement activism post-2001, Bodies in Crisis illuminates how multiple forms of injustice converge in and are contested through women's bodies and suggests that social policy, economic systems, cultural ideologies, and political resistance are ultimately fleshly matters.

Borders Bodies and Narratives of Crisis in Europe

Author : Thanasis Lagios
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This book addresses two interrelated discourses of crisis in contemporary Europe: the migrant crisis vs. the economic crisis. The chapters shed light on the thread that links these two issues by first examining immigration and the transformations regarding its control and administration via border technologies, as well as on the centrality of the body as a means and carrier of border within contemporary biopolitical societies. In a second step, the authors proceed to a genealogy of the current discourses regarding the financial and political crisis through a Foucauldian and Lacanian perspective, focusing on the co-articulation of scientific knowledge and biopolitical power in Western societies.

The Body in Crisis

Author : Christine Greiner
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A major theoretical work by Brazilian dance scholar Christine Greiner explores the political relevance of bodily arts in the age of neoliberal globalization

Filming the Body in Crisis

Author : Davina Quinlivan
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How does film affect the way we understand crises of the body and mind and how does it manifest other kinds of crises levelled at the spectator? This book offers vital scholarly analysis of the embodied nature of film viewing and the ways in which film deals with the question of loss, the healing body and its material registering of trauma.

Bodies in Crisis Series

Author : Jacqueline L. Harris
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The Crisis Woman

Author : Natasha V. Chang
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Using a rich assortment of scientific, medical, and popular literature, Natasha V. Chang's The Crisis-Woman examines the donna-crisi's position within the gendered body politics of fascist Italy.

Vile Bodies

Author : Chris Townsend
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Published to coincide with a touring exhibition in the UK and North America in 1998-99, and to accompany C4 series.

Bodies of Crisis

Author : Maria Hetzer
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Healing Crisis and Trauma with Mind Body and Spirit

Author : Barbara Rubin Wainrib, EdD
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Designated a Doody's Core Title! We live in a changed world, a world where the enemy is no longer in uniform on the other side of a trench. There is no longer an identified "war zone" and the "enemy" may be the innocent looking person standing next to us. Clear boundaries and an assumption of safety no longer exist. Learning new skills to address the injuries incurred by sudden trauma and unpredictable lives is essential. This book is written for those persons in the "helping professions." It is also written for those who have a sufficient understanding of psychology and a sufficient awareness of our current world, and want to gain some knowledge about being helpful. This book offers the educator and the practitioner training methods, exercises, and intervention techniques applicable to the gamut of experiences that we currently encounter. It also will introduce readers to newer concepts and their applications such as role play, spirituality, the role of animals in healing, and the concept of forgiveness. Throughout the book, whether it is in those who represent the highly resilient or those who continue to struggle, a strengths perspective is emphasized. Finally, this book describes the "Phoenix Phenomenon", a concept Wainrib developed during the course of her teaching and practice, which articulates and illustrates an inherent ability to use resilience in the process of converting pain into growth.

Urban Water Crisis and Management

Author : Arun Lal Srivastav
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Urban Water Crisis and Management: Strategies for Sustainable Development, Sixth Edition presents solutions for the current challenges of urban water and management strategies. Through contributed chapters, a framework is laid out for a reduction of the use of groundwater (heavily overused as a solution) and the alternative options for the supply of water to cities, or for urban water. Sections discuss urban water, its problems and management approaches, address the root causes of the water crisis in urban areas, and cover the scientific and technical knowledge necessary to manage water resources. Significant gaps between developed and developing nations in the procedure of water management are also addressed, along with practical information regarding recycling and the reuse of wastewater which is useful as baseline data for the future. Presents the quantitative study of water supply in urban areas, identifies water scarcity in megacities, and provides management approaches for sustainable development Identifies technology and the instruments required for the management and safe supply of water Includes case studies where these technologies have been successfully used