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Pascalian Meditations

Author : Pierre Bourdieu
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A brilliant example of Bourdieu's unique ability to link sociological theory, historical information, and philosophical thought.

Philosophy and Phenomenology of the Body

Author : M. Henry
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THE SEEMING CONTINGENCY OF THE QUESTION CONCERNING THE BODY AND THE NECESSITY FOR AN ONTOLOGICAL ANALYSIS OF THE BODY When we disclose and bring forth, within ontological investigations aimed at making possible the elaboration of a phenomenology of the ego, a prob lematic concerning the body, we may well seem, with respect to the general direction of our analysis, to elaborate only a contingent and accidental specification of such an analysis and to forget its true goal.! Up to the present, we pursued the clarification of the being of the ego [2] on the level of absolute subjectivity and in the form of an ontological analysis. Is it not possible that the reasons which motivated the project of conducting the investigations relative to the problem of the ego within a sphere of abso lute immanence may cease to be valid because we might be led to believe that the body also constitutes the object of these investigations and belongs to a first reality whose study is the task of fundamental ontology? Actually, does not the body present itself to us as a transcendent being, as an inhabi tant of this world of ours wherein subjectivity does not reside? If, con sequently, the body must constitute the theme of our philosophical reflec tion, is it not on condition that the latter submit to a radical modification and cease to be turned toward subjectivity in order to be a reflection on

Bodily Citations

Author : Ellen T. Armour
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In such works as Gender Trouble and Bodies That Matter Judith Butler broke new ground in understanding the construction and performance of identities. While Butler's writings have been crucial and often controversial in the development of feminist and queer theory, Bodily Citations is the first anthology centered on applying her theories to religion. In this collection scholars in anthropology, biblical studies, theology, ethics, and ritual studies use Butler's work to investigate a variety of topics in biblical, Islamic, Buddhist, and Christian traditions. The authors shed new light on Butler's ideas and highlight their ethical and political import. They also broaden the scope of religious studies as they bring it into conversation with feminist and queer theory. Subjects discussed include the woman's mosque movement in Cairo, the ordination of women in the Catholic Church, the possibility of queer ethics, religious ritual, and biblical constructions of sexuality. Contributors include: Karen Trimble Alliaume, Lewis University; Teresa Hornsby, Drury University; Amy Hollywood, Harvard Divinity School; Christina Hutchins, Pacific School of Religion; Saba Mahmood, University of California, Berkeley; Susanne Mrozik, Mount Holyoke College; Claudia Schippert, University of Central Florida; Rebecca Schneider, Brown University; Ken Stone, Chicago Theological Seminary

Knowledge Management

Author : Ikujirō Nonaka
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Bodily Arts

Author : Debra Hawhee
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The role of athletics in ancient Greece extended well beyond the realms of kinesiology, competition, and entertainment. In teaching and philosophy, athletic practices overlapped with rhetorical ones and formed a shared mode of knowledge production. Bodily Arts examines this intriguing intersection, offering an important context for understanding the attitudes of ancient Greeks toward themselves and their environment. In classical society, rhetoric was an activity, one that was in essence "performed." Detailing how athletics came to be rhetoric's "twin art" in the bodily aspects of learning and performance, Bodily Arts draws on diverse orators and philosophers such as Isocrates, Demosthenes, and Plato, as well as medical treatises and a wealth of artifacts from the time, including statues and vases. Debra Hawhee's insightful study spotlights the notion of a classical gymnasium as the location for a habitual "mingling" of athletic and rhetorical performances, and the use of ancient athletic instruction to create rhetorical training based on rhythm, repetition, and response. Presenting her data against the backdrop of a broad cultural perspective rather than a narrow disciplinary one, Hawhee presents a pioneering interpretation of Greek civilization from the sixth, fifth, and fourth centuries BCE by observing its citizens in action.

Bodily Expression in Electronic Music

Author : Deniz Peters
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In this book, scholars and artists explore the relation between electronic music and bodily expression from perspectives including aesthetics, philosophy of mind, phenomenology, dance and interactive performance arts, sociology, computer music and sonic arts, and music theory, transgressing disciplinary boundaries and established beliefs. The historic decoupling of action and sound generation might be seen to have distorted or even effaced the expressive body, with the retention of performance qualities via recoupling not equally retaining bodily expressivity. When, where, and what is the body expressed in electronic music then? The authors of this book reveal composers’, performers’, improvisers’ and listeners’ bodies, as well as the works’ and technologies’ figurative bodies as a rich source of expressive articulation. Bringing together humanities’ scholarship and musical arts contingent upon new media, the contributors offer inspiring thought and critical reflection for all those seriously engaged with the aesthetics of electronic music, interactive performance, and the body’s role in aesthetic experience and expression. Performativity is not only seen as being reclaimed in live electronic music, interactive arts, and installations; it is also exposed as embodied in the music and the listeners themselves.

Bodies of Knowledge Embodied Learning in Adult Education

Author : Randee Lipson Lawrence
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Explore the multiple ways adults learn through their bodies.Embodied or somatic learning is a way of learning that relies onthe body’s knowledge. Our most basic form of learning inchildhood is preverbal; however, traditional schooling forces us tocheck our bodies at the door, requiring us to sit at a desk andraise our hands, focusing primarily on cognition to the exclusionof other ways of knowing. By the time we reach adulthood,“being in our bodies” is a foreign concept and a sourceof discomfort for many of us. This volume challenges the dominant paradigm of how knowledge isconstructed and shared. Embodied learning is examined through avariety of practice contexts, including higher education, communityeducation, health care, and the workplace, and through multiplemethods, including dance, theater, and outdoor experientialeducation. This is 134th volume of the Jossey-Bass quarterlyreport series ahref=""NewDirections for Adult and Continuing Education/a. Noted forits depth of coverage, it explores issues of common interestto instructors, administrators, counselors, and policymakers in abroad range of adult and continuing education settings, such ascolleges and universities, extension programs, businesses,libraries, and museums.

Knowledge and the Scholarly Medical Traditions

Author : Don Bates
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This collection of essays offers a historical and cross-cultural examination of medical knowledge.

Aural Education

Author : Monika Andrianopoulou
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Aural Education: Reconceptualising Ear Training in Higher Music Learning explores the practice of musical ‘aural training’ from historical, pedagogical, psychological, musicological, and cultural perspectives, and uses these to draw implications for its pedagogy, particularly within the context of higher music education. The multi-perspective approach adopted by the author affords a broader and deeper understanding of this branch of music education, and of how humans relate to music more generally. The book extracts and examines one by one different parameters that appear central to ‘aural training’, proceeding in a gradual and well-organised way, while at the same time constantly highlighting the multiple interconnections and organic unity of the many different operations that take place when we interact with music through any music-related activity. The resulting complex profile of the nature of our relationship with music, combined with an exploration of non-Western cultural perspectives, offer fresh insights on issues relating to musical ‘aural training’. Emerging implications are proposed in the form of broad pedagogical principles, applicable in a variety of different music educational settings. Andrianopoulou propounds a holistic alternative to ‘aural training’, which acknowledges the richness of our relationship to music and is rooted in absorbed aural experience. The book is a key contribution to the existing literature on aural education, designed with researchers and educators in mind.

The Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology of Stroke

Author : Olivier Godefroy
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The ever-improving emergency care of those who have suffered serious cerebrovascular disease has shifted the treatment objective towards helping sufferers regain independence - meaning that there is an increased need to understand, manage and treat the residual deficits. The Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology of Stroke focuses on the diagnosis and management of behavioral and cognitive problems in patients with cerebrovascular disease. Written to be practical for clinical use, the book contains diagnosis and management strategies for all disorders observed in stroke patients, including acute and later problems, and aiming to minimize long-term disability. All important information related to each disorder is summarized in key-point tables. Fully updated throughout and containing five new chapters, this new edition brings the book up to date with the major advances of the last five years. This book will be of value to all clinicians caring for stroke patients, neuroscientists, neuropsychologists, neurorehabilitationists and a wide range of therapists.

Silent Messengers

Author : Sven Dupré
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This book speaks about a world of mute objects ranging from plant bulbs, divining rods, and archeological findings to drawn, painted, or printed images. It describes the functions of these objects as ambiguous and polyvalent carriers of knowledge, and it analyzes the ways in which networks of scholars, craftsmen, mathematicians, anatomy professors, or merchants active in the Low Countries attributed new meanings to them. The book examines a period in which cities like Antwerp and Amsterdam were nodal points in the international exchange of goods, news, and skills. (Series: Low Countries Studies on the Circulation of Natural Knowledge - Vol. 1)

Gender body knowledge

Author : Alison M. Jaggar
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The essays in this interdisciplinary collection share the conviction that modern western paradigms of knowledge and reality are gender-biased. Some contributors challenge and revise western conceptions of the body as the domain of the biological and 'natural, ' the enemy of reason, typically associated with women.

The Body Sociology nature and the body

Author : Andrew Blaikie
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This collection offers a uniquely comprehensive guide to the sociology of the body. With a strong historical scope and conceptual framework, it provides an indispensable reference for undergraduate and postgraduate students, and a robust source for scholars working in the area. The central focus is on understanding sociology through the body; what is often described as re-reading sociology in a 'more corporeal light'. This is an interdisciplinary process, drawing on history, feminism, cultural history, art history, anthropology, social psychology, philosophy, medical sociology and media and communications, as well as sociology. While this has been primarily a Western practice, The Body seeks to broaden the perspective to include references that draw on alternative cultural assumptions, beliefs and practices (including Japan, and South America.)

Making Knowledge

Author : Trevor H. J. Marchand
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Making Knowledge presents the work of leading anthropologists who promote pioneering approaches to understanding the nature and social constitution of human knowledge. The book offers a progressive interdisciplinary approach to the subject and covers a rich and diverse ethnography. Presents cutting-edge research and theory in anthropology Includes many beautiful illustrations throughout The contributions cover a rich and diverse ethnography Offers a progressive interdisciplinary approach to the eternal questions concerning ‘human knowledge’ Contributions by leading scholars in the field who explore a wide range of disciplines through an anthropological perspective

Routledge Handbook of Body Studies

Author : Bryan S Turner
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In the last three decades, the human body has gained increasing prominence in contemporary political debates, and it has become a central topic of modern social sciences and humanities. Modern technologies – such as organ transplants, stem-cell research, nanotechnology, cosmetic surgery and cryonics – have changed how we think about the body. In this collection of thirty original essays by leading figures in the field, these issues are explored across a number of theoretical and disciplinary perspectives, including pragmatism, feminism, queer theory, post-modernism, post-humanism, cultural sociology, philosophy and anthropology. A wide range of case studies, which include cosmetics, diet, organ transplants, racial bodies, masculinity and sexuality, eating disorders, religion and the sacred body, and disability, are used to appraise these different perspectives. In addition, this Handbook explores various epistemological approaches to the basic question: what is a body? It also offers a strongly themed range of chapters on empirical topics that are organized around religion, medicine, gender, technology and consumption. It also contributes to the debate over the globalization of the body: how have military technology, modern medicine, sport and consumption led to this contemporary obsession with matters corporeal? The Handbook’s clear, direct style will appeal to a wide undergraduate audience in the social sciences, particularly for those studying medical sociology, gender studies, sports studies, disability studies, social gerontology, or the sociology of religion. It will serve to consolidate the new field of body studies.

Embracing the Divine

Author : Akram Khater
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Embracing the Divine narrates the transformation of Christianity in the Middle East during the 18th century. It traces the tumultuous events surrounding the life of Hindiyya al-Ujaimi, a visionary nun determined to establish her own religious order in the Levant against the will of the Vatican. This Christ-centered and driven desire led to two inquisitions by the Holy See, a concerted campaign on the part of Latin missionaries to discredit her, turmoil within her Maronite church between supporter and detractor, and tragic exorcisms and deaths. Thus, beyond its compelling cinematic scope, Embracing the Divine presents a critical chapter in the history of Christianity in the Middle East, a history that has been largely absent from both Middle Eastern studies and from histories of Christianity. Moreover, this story relates the radical nature and perceived magnitude of Hindiyya's transgressions across gender lines constructed locally and by a universalizing Roman Catholic Church.

Knowledge Management Information Technology

Author : Georg Hüttenegger
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Doctoral Thesis / Dissertation from the year 2004 in the subject Computer Science - Commercial Information Technology, grade: A, Vienna University of Technology, 120 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: This thesis examines the relationship of Knowledge Management (KM) and Information Technology (IT) using a holistic view. The first chapter presents definitions of knowledge and KM, discusses related fields to KM and knowledge types, argues what KM activities can be supported by IT, examines areas of IT related to KM, defines the focus of this thesis, and presents interesting artifacts. As areas that require flexibility, creativity, and learning are especially in need of KM, this thesis concentrates on them. The next chapter analyzes the goals of KM, problems to be addressed by KM-systems, goals and problems of a university, problems of (existing) KM-systems, and the requirements of a KM-system that supports a KM initiative that addresses the mentioned problems and does not suffer from the described problems. Following the identification of requirements for KM-systems, chapter 3 discusses important preconditions and foundations for KM and KM-systems. As a "complete'' KM-system can only be part of a "complete'' and holistic KM initiative, this examination presents indispensable issues for such KM initiatives and discusses the importance and relevance of them. The next chapter presents three existing solutions (CYMANTIX.NET / Oracle / Lotus/IBM). Finally, the chapter examines to what extent the three solutions address the requirements identified and what is missing. The main chapter of this thesis describes the proposed IT solution in the context of a holistic KM initiative. It starts with a discussion of principles such as participatory design, etc. that have to be adhered to when designing, implementing, and introducing the proposed KM-system. Then, the proposed KM-system is presented consisting of three major building blocks, namely the central

Cyborg Babies

Author : Robbie Davis-Floyd
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Cyborg Babies tracks the process of reproducing children in symbiosis with pervasive technology and offers a range of perspectives, from resistance to ethnographic analysis to science fiction.

Bodily Dimension in Thinking The

Author : Daniela Vallega-Neu
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An ontology of bodily being featuring Plato, Nietzsche, Scheler, Merleau-Ponty, Heidegger, and Foucault.

Body of Knowledge

Author : Robert L. Marrone
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This book introduces readers to the many facets of body/mind psychology such as its history and its basis in physiological processes; the framework of its theories and models; its clinical application in counseling, psychotherapy, and the treatment of psychosomatic disorders; and its growing impact on our understanding of healing, communication, and conscious living. From Freud, Reich, and Lowen to holography and Tibetan Buddhist theories of madness; from Perls, Laslow, and self-actualization to acupressure, Rolfing, and insight medication; Marrone provides a challenging and sophisticated synthesis of highly diverse and powerful ideas in an exciting and readable style.