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Born Into This

Author : Adam Thompson
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The remarkable stories in Born Into This are eye-opening, razor-sharp and entertaining, often all at once. From an Aboriginal ranger trying to instil some pride in wayward urban teens on the harsh islands off the coast of Tasmania, to those scraping by on the margins of white society railroaded into complex and compromised decisions, Adam Thompson presents a powerful indictment of colonialism and racism. With humour, pathos and the occasional sly twist, Thompson's characters confront discrimination, untimely funerals, classroom politics, the ongoing legacy of cultural destruction and &– overhanging all like a discomforting, burgeoning awareness for both white and black Australia &– the inexorable disappearance of the remnant natural world.

Into This House We re Born

Author : James Hunt
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Penetrating the meaning and the mystery of Jim Morrison and The Doors

Born Into Unity

Author : P. D. Crawford
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Today, many of us live under the impact of cultural pressures urging us to adopt an independent, me-first (or us-first) orientation towards life. "Born into Unity: Embracing Our Common Spirituality" urges us to do the opposite. This collection of essays encourages readers to acknowledge our fundamental togetherness—our interdependence—and reflect on its implications for everyday life. It reminds us that we are always co-creators rather than solitary makers of our experiences. And because our basic personal attributes and experiences are universal, it speaks about spirituality in a way that looks beyond the boundaries of specific religions. In the light of our common spirituality, "Born into Unity" points to the obvious but often overlooked insight that we participate most fully and creatively in the growth and development of both ourselves and our world by embracing the unity into which we have been born.

Born Into Sin Transformed Into Destiny

Author : Gina R. Prince
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When life serves up a steady flow of ever-darker pains and misfortunes, it can be tempting to give up hope or to believe that joy and peacefulness are only dreams possessed by those better off than we are.But there is a force infinitely more powerful than our feeble human tendency for dread and sadness.

Born into the Mob

Author : Tami Lund
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Deceased mafia boss Gino Sarvilli’s daughter Nina is all grown up. And she’s back in Detroit, exactly where she shouldn’t be. She’s looking for closure. A quick tour around town, and then she’ll catch the next flight back to her uneventful, not-dangerous life. That was the plan, until she meets Luca Russo, nephew to the man who kidnapped her when she was a child and sent her life spiraling out of control. Instead of running the other way, she asks Luca out. One date leads to another, and, suddenly, Nina’s in no hurry to leave town anymore. But she has to, because there are dangerous men in Detroit, and they have long memories. And they all remember one thing: When Nina’s father died, he left a whole lot of money to… Her. Detroit Mafia series, in reading order: Trapped by the Mob Freed from the Mob Born into the Mob Controlled by the Mob Return to the Mob

I Was Born into a Den of Wolves

Author : Clifton Davis
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Many Americans express their desires to obtain a piece of what is called the American dream. They also said that the fundamentals of that dream contain the basic essentials of a foundation established by immigrants who are said to be the founders of this country.

Born into Greyworld

Author : Kathleen Medina
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Twelve-year-old Kate wakes every morning to the bitter reality of Greyworld a barren, industrial land locked in perpetual twilight since the cataclysmic event known as the Shift. Protocol monitors all aspect of citizens lives. Imagination and individuality are suppressed. Children are disciplined and controlled through the use of behavior-moderating substances. Kate tries to bury herself in the underground world of books and movies that her mysterious friend and mentor, Mrs. Hatpin, left to her before her sudden disappearance. Kate escapes into her dreams and travels to other realms of beauty and nature and magical possibilities. But as the horrifying specter of Shadowman begins to infiltrate her dreams, she realizes nowhere is safe. Then Kate sees him outside her school. Is he real? How could he be both in her dreams and in her everyday life? Could he be behind the epidemic of missing students? The dimensions of reality and imagination begin to overlap as clues to an existence beyond Greyworld emerge. Can Kate access this other world before it is too late and Protocol gains control of her mind? Can dreams be just as real as waking life?

Born Into Crazy

Author : Diana Heldenbrand
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This story is based on real events. This is written from the perspective of a child living with a parent, diagnosed with a severe mental illness. It is a coming of age story about addiction, mental illness, abuse, healing, family, and forgiveness. It shows the viewpoint of a child getting caught in the chaos, pain, and confusion of mental illness. Writing this was cathartic and painful. It forced me to confront feelings, accept harsh truths, and grieve the reality of the losses experienced. It also helped me to appreciate the gifts that the past provided and helped me to gain deeper compassion for my mother and her illness. I got to know myself and my family very well in reflecting on my life. In the 23 years since I left home, I have confronted my feelings about my mother's schizoaffective diagnosis and accepted the experiences of my unusual childhood. The complexity, shame, loss, anger, and difficulty of living with mental illness is not easy, especially for children. It has taken time and reflection for me to get to a place of freedom. Showing my scars no longer feels frightening. I no longer need to hide my truth. This crazy, painful, tragic, and beautiful life - is a painting with a thousand strokes and varied colors that don't always match perfectly alongside each other. The painting that is my life is both beautiful and ugly, and this is my story.

Born into Hitler s War

Author : Gisela Wicks
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This memoir is the story of my childhood and teen years. It begins when I was very young with my parents' divorce, then goes on to living with a spiteful and unloving stepmother, World War II, my father being wounded, the fear of the approaching Russian front, our fleeing from them and bombings. After the end of war, as we tried to make our way back home, I was terrified of the Russian soldiers and war prisoners who roamed our countryside. I feared my father would be shot or imprisoned. I listened to women screaming for help while being raped. I endured the sorrow of losing my beloved father, followed by living with my stepmother's cruelty. My agony ended with the happy reunion with my real mother, my sister, Oma my loving grandmother, and family. After WWII ended, my family and I lived behind the "Iron Curtain" in East Germany under the Russian occupation Stalin's "Iron Fist." His communist regime imposed such strict isolation and extreme hunger on us that in June of 1953 the citizens of East Germany waged an unsuccessful uprising to gain freedom from Russia and communism. Finally, in the fall of 1953, when I was eighteen, we escaped to West Germany. These are the memories of my childhood and teen years.

BORN INTO JOURNALISM Memoir of a Newspaper Reporter

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This book is the perfect guide and self-help book for young journalists who are aspiring to pursue their career by following their ideals. The true essence of journalism has been kept alive in this book for everyone to understand the demands and benefits of this profession. There is a lot more than what meets the eye.