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Boundless Healing

Author : Tulku Thondup
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This book offers simple meditation techniques to awaken healing energies in the body and mind. Using Buddhist principles as a basis, Tulku Thondup has created a universal guide that anyone can use. It will benefit those who want to preserve good health as well as those who need comfort and relief from illness or mental distress. Boundless Healing offers: • Ways to employ the four healing powers: positive images, positive words, positive feelings, and positive belief • Detailed healing exercises that can be done individually or as part of a twelve-stage program • Exercises for dispelling anxiety • Healing prayers for the dying and the deceased, plus advice for helpers and survivors These meditations draw on our innate capacity for imagination and memory, our natural enjoyment of beauty, and our deep-seated longing for a state of quiet calm. For all those who wish to become healthier, happier, and more peaceful in everyday life.

Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong Healing

Author : Yap Master Soon Yeong
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Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong Techniques for Healing Self, Healing Others Renowned Qigong healer Master Yap Soon Yeong and psychology professor and Qigong trainer Chok C. Hiew team up to release the quintessential guide on the ancient art of Qigong – Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong Healing: Healing Self, Healing Others (published by iUniverse). In Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong Healing, Yap and Hiew detail the meditative movements and practices that allow individuals to begin to heal on a physiological and psychological level. Readers are guided in how to rid the blocked negative energies that is often the root cause of pain, trauma, disease, aging and various chronic issues. Qigong, a centuries-old Chinese system of physical and mental training, has seen a rise in popularity as other Eastern codifications, such as yoga and martial arts, continue to spread in Western societies. Yap and Hiew understand the attractiveness of alternative health care approaches. "Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong (CFQ) Healing stems from the esoteric Qigong tradition in which one actualizes one's inherent self-healing mechanism to free the mind and body from pain and disease without any external input," the authors write. "It is a therapeutic approach whose effectiveness in sustaining and extending life and overcoming most known diseases and genetic disorders has been demonstrated. Conventional medicine explains and treats diseases from a physical basis. Eastern holistic medicine goes deeper." Master Yap Soon Yeong & Chok C. Hiew, Ph.D. In Qigong energy medicine, the most fundamental principle is that life is the consequence of the presence of a harmonious mind flowing smoothly in the body. Problems arise when mind is separated from the body, a state that robs precious life energy from the body blocking the inherent self-healing mechanism responsible for homeostasis and healthy physiological functioning. Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong (CFQ) is the primeval life science of re-connecting or keeping mind in the body to become more alive and to live a long and healthy life. The book's authors, the Founders of CFQ, introduce state-of-the-art healing methods based on authentic internal or energy exercises and meditation techniques. They are original easy-to-learn healing techniques to train on how to remove the common antecedent of disease—the stale energy forces or blockages—to restore life and for self-repair. Psychological and social trauma, chronic pain, disability are rapidly eliminated. CFQ training harmonizes mind, body and spirit holistically instilling a state of deep relaxation and peace as a form of reality. The ultimate purpose is to deepen healing ability for self-care and for healing others.

The Healing Power of Loving Kindness

Author : Tulku Thondup
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From the author of The Healing Power of Mind, an accessible guide to Tibetan Buddhist loving-kindness meditation--with downloadable guided meditations. All Buddhist traditions teach that the practice of loving-kindness can transform our lives. Here, Tulku Thondup offers a step-by-step guide to a Tibetan Buddhist approach to loving-kindness meditation, which focuses on connecting to Avalokitesvara, the bodhisattva of compassion. Dividing the practice into twelve simple steps, this book provides everything readers need to uncover their innate joy and compassion. The accompanying downloadable audio program guides meditators through the steps of visualizing Avalokitesvara, generating devotion to the ideals he embodies, and radiating loving-kindness to all beings in the universe.

The Wellness Rx

Author : Edward A. Taub
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Offers a self-help program to improve physical and mental health through diet, exercise, and meditation, and includes recipes for healthy meals

Healing Rebirth and the Work of Michael Eigen

Author : Ken Fuchsman
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This important book features collected essays on the distinguished psychoanalyst Dr Michael Eigen, who is an influential innovator within and beyond psychoanalysis. Drawing on the ideas of Bion, Winnicott, Kabbalah, and artists, Eigen’s work is noted for fusing spirituality with psychoanalysis and his extraordinary creativity. The book begins with Dr Eigen’s new essay "Rebirth: It’s been around a long time." The other essays feature a rich array of subjects and reflections, with many clinical examples and applications to domains beyond psychotherapy and include such titles as "Healing longing in the midst of damage: Eigen's psychoanalytic vision" and "Breakdown and recovery: Going Berserk and other rhythmic concerns." Dr Eigen is one of the most influential psychoanalysts of the current era and this collection of essays provides insightful discussion on his ideas. This celebration of Michael Eigen will fascinate any psychoanalyst interested in his work.

News of Boundless Riches

Author : Max L. Stackhouse
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Jacob s Hands

Author : Christopher Isherwood
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Jacob Ericson is a quiet, kind and somewhat simple man who works as a ranch hand for crotchety Professor Carter and his crippled daughter, Sharon, in California's Mojave Desert in the 1920s. Jacob is a good man, genuine, honorable, but hardly extraordinary–until he miraculously heals a dying calf with his hands. However, while he is content to cure the town's animals, it isn't long before he is persuaded to use his gift in other ways. When Sharon, whom he adores, begs him to heal her leg, he cannot deny her. His acquiescence causes them both to be exploited. Sharon runs away to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of stardom. Jacob follows her, hopeful that they will meet again. And they do–as miserable performers in a seedy stage show. While they plan their escape from the dreary stage life, Jacob is asked to heal a self–absorbed young millionaire. And with his assent, Jacob's plans and all of his dreams begin to crumble. Written in tight, vivid, and seamlessly crafter prose, this previously unpublished tale by two of the greatest storytellers of the twentieth century shows the dangers a magical gift holds for even the noblest of characters.


Author : Rose Shapiro
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'Alternative' medicine is now used by one in three of us. In the UK we spend an estimated £4.5 billion a year on it and its practitioners are now insinuating themselves into the mainstream. There are methods based on ancient or far-eastern medicine, as well as ones invented in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Many are promoted as natural treatments. What they have in common is that there is no hard evidence that any of them work. Treatments like homeopathy, acupuncture and chiropractic are widely available and considered reputable by many. Ever more bizarre therapies, from naturopathy to nutraceuticals, ear candling to ergogenics, are increasingly favoured. Endorsed by celebrities and embraced by the middle classes, alternative medicine's appeal is based on the spurious rediscovery of ancient wisdom and the supposedly benign quality of nature. Surrounded by an aura of unquestioning respect and promoted through uncritical airtime and column inches, alternative medicine has become a lifestyle choice. Its global market is predicted to be worth $5 trillion by 2050. Suckers reveals how alternative medicine can jeopardise the health of those it claims to treat, leaches resources from treatments of proven efficacy and is largely unaccountable and unregulated. In short, it is an industry that preys on human vulnerability and makes fools of us all. Suckers is a calling to account of a social and intellectual fraud; a bracing, funny and popular take on a global delusion.

Boundless Heart

Author : Christina Feldman
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An esteemed Insight Meditation teacher leads you through the sublime qualities of Buddhism—kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity—and how they can enrich your life Compassion, kindness, equanimity, and joy are not only the fruits of the awakened life but also the path to it—attitudes of mind that can be cultivated through intention and dedication. Also known as the brahma viharas (sublime abodes) and the “Four Immeasurables,” these enobling qualities are far more than simply the “feel-good” states they are often mistaken for. They must be pursued sincerely as a spiritual practice—not just as a means of getting a “spiritual high”—in order to experience the full extent of their power. In Boundless Heart, Christina Feldman presents teachings on the Four Immeasurables, exploring how they balance each other in a way that enhances them all. Her simple practices will lead you toward a life infused with kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity—and to a way of being that promotes those qualities to the world at large.

Heal to Live

Author : Kerry Clancey
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This book is about enlightenment, spiritual wisdom, and transformation. It is a tool to help you heal to live. Unhappiness, fear, anxiety, depression, and grief are all cries from the soul looking for remedy and solace. Learn how to build self-love, eradicate negative behaviours, and find path to spiritual awakening, with context to holistic healing; science aligning with spirituality; healing with affirmations; chakra balancing and clearing; Ayurvedic body, mind, and spirit balance; and diet of the three doshas—Pitta, Vata, and Kapha. Learn to use your inner wisdom and the laws of the universe to create whatever you desire. Align with your purpose in life ‘to go within and let the healing begin’.

African Traditions in the Study of Religion in Africa

Author : Ezra Chitando
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The historiography of African religions and religions in Africa presents a remarkable shift from the study of 'Africa as Object' to 'Africa as Subject', thus translating the subject from obscurity into the global community of the academic study of religion. This book presents a unique multidisciplinary exploration of African traditions in the study of religion in Africa and the new African diaspora. The book is structured under three main sections - Emerging trends in the teaching of African Religions; Indigenous Thought and Spirituality; and Christianity, Hinduism and Islam. Contributors drawn from diverse African and global contexts situate current scholarly traditions of the study of African religions within the purview of academic encounter and exchanges with non-African scholars and non-African contexts. African scholars enrich the study of religions from their respective academic and methodological orientations. Jacob Kehinde Olupona stands out as a pioneer in the socio-scientific interpretation of African indigenous religion and religions in Africa. This book is to his honour and marks his immense contribution to an emerging field of study and research.

Scientific Government and Self government

Author :
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Wings of Love

Author : Zeno de la Mare Stachowicz
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The poetry book "Wings of Love" is characterized by inspiring words and optimistic visions of life's purposes, moving the reader to experience various deep-seated emotions. It takes the reader on a journey to recognize inwardly oneself as the inner being temporarily living on earth in this world. The life is teaching all of us if we are willing to learn more about it. Our destinies are such as we created them in the past for today, and what we do in the present surely will be reflected in the future. Notable in this poetry book is my sentiment, delicate feeling and meditative depth. This is collection consisting of inspirational uplifting poems. In my creative works I would rather venture into the human hearts, hoping, that you will like my poems filled with love to humanity. My faith is in the things unseen and in the irresistible truth that God kingdom is within ourselves, if we will be worthy enough to reach in us to that pure and highest plane of perfect livingness. These are poems to be savored and cherished, they are simple but meaningful. Enter "Wings of Love" whenever you want to get spiritual inspiration, my poetry can help you to stay in peace and clearly think about life and who you truly are within yourself.

The Healing Power of Mind

Author : Tulku Thondup
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Presents meditative exercises to heal specific health problems and offers Buddhist meditations designed to promote enlightenment

Immersed in the Life of God

Author : William James Abraham
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In this volume honoring William J. Abraham, noted theologians, philosophers, and historians offer erudite analysis of various aspects of the faith Scripture, conversion, initiation, liturgy, confession, reconciliation, and more and explore how those elements can serve to effect healing in broken lives. Brilliantly highlighting the therapeutic function of the means of grace available in Christian tradition, Immersed in the Life of God opens a conversation concerning an important theme too often neglected in the church today. / Contributors: Frederick D. Aquino, Ellen T. Charry, Paul L. Gavrilyuk, Douglas M. Koskela, Sandra Menssen, R. R. Reno, Thomas D. Sullivan, Jason E. Vickers, Geoffrey Wainwright, Robert W. Wall and Jerry L. Wals.

The Tibetan Yoga of Breath

Author : Anyen Rinpoche
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Modern science and classic spiritual traditions agree: regulating the breath leads to radiance and wellness of body, mind, and spirit. With the simple teachings and cutting-edge research offered in The Tibetan Yoga of Breath, you can start thriving just by integrating breathwork into your daily practice. Basic Yantra Yoga techniques—also called wind energy training—are the key to achieving this kind of vitality, down to the cellular level. Anyen Rinpoche and Allison Choying Zangmo skillfully examine the teachings of Yantra Yoga and Buddhism through the lens of Western medical science. Their wise and accessible instruction reveals practices that are nourishing and transformative, delivering dramatic results—no experience with yoga or Buddhist meditation necessary.

The Boundless Sea

Author : Gary Y. Okihiro
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The last book in a trilogy of explorations on space and time from a preeminent scholar, The Boundless Sea is Gary Y. Okihiro’s most innovative yet. Whereas Okihiro’s previous books, Island World and Pineapple Culture, sought to deconstruct islands and continents, tropical and temperate zones, this book interrogates the assumed divides between space and time, memoir and history, and the historian and the writing of history. Okihiro uses himself—from Okinawan roots, growing up on a sugar plantation in Hawai'i, researching in Botswana, and teaching in California—to reveal the historian’s craft involving diverse methodologies and subject matters. Okihiro’s imaginative narrative weaves back and forth through decades and across vast spatial and societal differences, theorized as historical formations, to critique history’s conventions. Taking its title from a translation of the author’s surname, The Boundless Sea is a deeply personal and reflective volume that challenges how we think about time and space, notions of history.

Shambhala Sun

Author :
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Dzogchen Essentials

Author : Padmasambhava
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Dzogchen Essentials offers a collection of teachings which are principally about clarifying confusion, the mistaken ways we normally relate to our perceptions of environment, body, and senses. Rather than continue the habits of insisting on a solid reality, we are given skillful alternatives and practices and the method to integrate them with the view of the Great Perfection. Dzogchen Essentials is for the dedicated Vajrayana student. Carrying on from The Dzogchen Primer, it contains a wide range of selections upholding the style of the simple meditator, including pieces by Padmasambhava, Tulku Thondup, Dilgo Khyentse, Dudjom, Tulku Urgyen, Sogyal and Chugyam Trungpa, Rinpoches. Additional sources and facilitator's guidelines enrich study groups and nurture the lone practitioner.


Author : Mukara Meredith
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MatrixWorks is a facilitation model that uses practical application of Buddhism, systems thinking, holistic leadership, and neuroscience to make groups thrive as living systems. Our approach is designed to generate a feeling of aliveness in every individual and the whole group, so that the collective may become a dynamic body that self-organizes in harmony with its environment. Weve developed this model to share the theory and practice of whats needed to create groups that work for everyone, and we imagine that youre here because you have within you a sense of whats possible when groups come together to make magic. These tools are needed to understand and transform the complexities of relationships among partners, families, teams, organizations, and groups of any kind. As we decode the mysteries of relational health, we unleash the creative, and often hidden potential of groups to experience evolutionary transformation. This book will prepare matrix-inspired leaders to function effectively and nourish life in times of chaos and profound change.