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Brain Repair

Author : Mathias Bähr
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Brain Repair, addresses all relevant issues underlying the mechanisms of brain damage, brain plasticity and post-traumatic reorganisation after CNS lesions. This book is divided the three major sections that follow; cellular and molecular basis of brain repair, plasticity and reorganisation of neural networks, and experimental therapy strategies. Brain Repair is written by high profile, international experts who describe in detail the newest results from basic research and highlight new model systems, techniques and therapy approaches. Based on a careful analysis of the cellular and molecular reaction patterns of the CNS to lesions, the contributions cover possibilities for endogenous reorganisation and repair as well as exciting new therapies emerging from basic research, some of which have already been introduced into the clinics. Thus, this book is unique in bridging the gap between basic and clinical research. It will be a valuable tool for all students, researchers and clinicians interested in understanding the brain's capacity to cope with lesions and interested in learning about emerging new therapy concepts.

Brain Repair

Author : Donald G. Stein
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Sixty years ago, the Nobel laureate Santiago Ramon y Cajal stated that in the adult brain, nervous pathways are fixed and immutable; everything may die, nothing may be regenerated. Cajal's influence has been legendary--and conventional wisdom still holds that the human brain cannot repair itself. Today, however, remarkable discoveries from laboratories around the world offer a much more optimistic prognosis. In Brain Repair, three internationally renowned neuroscientists team up to offer an intriguing and up-to-the-minute introduction to the explosive advances being made in the research, technology, and treatment of brain damage. The key to neuroscience's most exciting discoveries to date is a theory that is rapidly gaining adherents in the scientific community--the theory of neuroplasticity. Unlike the prevalent notion that mental processes--like seeing, remembering, and speaking--take place only within highly specialized brain regions made up of irreplaceable and non-regenerating cells, neuroplasticity stresses that cells throughout the brain can not only regenerate, but can adapt their function to assume critical roles once performed by damaged tissue. In clear, accessible language, the authors show us that the brain manufactures a host of complex chemicals that actually foster growth in damaged brain cells. We visit the laboratories where researchers are untangling the mystery of Parkinson's disease and trying to understand what goes wrong in stroke victims, and why some, thought permanently impaired, show remarkable improvements. In addition, they discuss how even today misguided ideas can adversely affect how physicians treat patients--for example, they describe common drug treatments given to stroke and head trauma patients that can actually worsen the effects of brain damage. And, along the way, they detail the fascinating history of how brain structure and functioning has been understood and studied, from prehistoric times to the present. Over a half million people each year suffer brain-damaging injuries and diseases--but the outlook for their eventual recovery is far more hopeful than it was just a short while ago. A best-selling volume in France and Mexico, Brain Repair provides a vividly written, wide-ranging look at the leading edge of one of science's most exciting frontiers.

Regeneration and Brain Repair

Author : Daniella Rylander Ottosson
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Adult neurogenesis twenty years later physiological function versus brain repair

Author : Paolo Peretto
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The discovery that mammalian brains contain neural stem cells which perform adult neurogenesis - the production and integration of new neurons into mature neural circuits - has provided a fully new vision of neural plasticity. On a theoretical basis, this achievement opened new perspectives for therapeutic approaches in restorative and regenerative neurology. Nevertheless, in spite of striking advancement concerning the molecular and cellular mechanisms which allow and regulate the neurogenic process, its exploitation in mammals for brain repair strategies remains unsolved. In non-mammalian vertebrates, adult neurogenesis also contributes to brain repair/regeneration. In mammals, neural stem cells do respond to pathological conditions in the so called "reactive neurogenesis", yet without substantial regenerative outcome. Why, even in the presence of stem cells in the brain, we lack an effective reparative outcome in terms of regenerative neurology, and which factors hamper the attainment of this goal? Essentially, what remains unanswered is the question whether (and how) physiological functions of adult neurogenesis in mammals can be exploited for brain repair purposes.

Brain Damage and Repair

Author : T. Herdegen
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Brain Damage and Repair aims to attract the interest of neuroscientists and clinical neurologists by building a novel bridge from molecular research to clinical therapy. This novel approach reveals the functional features of neurons and glia in the particular context of vulnerability and self-protection, intracellular properties and extracellular matrix. Arising from this platform, this volume unfolds the molecular and systemic processes underlying migration disorders, axonal injury, repair and regeneration. Comprehensive chapters on neurological diseases, such as M. Alzheimer, M. Parkinson, ALS, stroke or trauma, take this knowledge, apply it at the clinical level to provide a basis for novel therapeutic strategies. Brain Damage and Repair is completed with chapters on imaging techniques, viral gene transfer or legal international handling of stem cell transfer and patents of DNA/proteins.

Biomaterials for Brain Therapy and Repair

Author : Sara Pedron
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Prevalence of brain related diseases is expected to increase significantly in the next decades. Therefore, there is a vital need to develop effective, personalized models of human brain that can provide information about brain development, and the unique neurobiology of brain disorders. The use of biomaterials can play a strategic role for the future understanding and treatment of complex CNS diseases. Three-dimensional brain cultures have shown promise in disease modelling, cell transplantation and modulation of tissue repair.

Brain Injury and Repair Following Cerebrovascular Diseases From Bench to Bedside

Author : Gaiqing Wang
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Brain Disorders in Critical Illness

Author : Robert D. Stevens
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Brain dysfunction is a major clinical problem in intensive care, with potentially debilitating long-term consequences for post-ICU patients of any age. This concise clinical text provides a practical review of the pathophysiology of brain dysfunction and a thorough account of the diagnostic and therapeutic options available.

Cell Therapy for Brain Injury

Author : David C. Hess
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Cell Therapy for Brain Injury is a thorough examination of using state-of-the-art cell therapy in the treatment of strokes and other traumatic brain injuries. This invaluable book covers this niche topic in depth from basic stem cell biology and principles of cell therapy through proposed mechanisms of action of cell therapy in stroke, pre-clinical data in stroke models, ongoing clinical trials, imaging and tracking of cells with MRI, neural stem cells in stroke and the "big pharma" perspective of cell therapy. Each chapter is written by well-known leaders in each field, thus providing a wealth of expertise. The breadth of this book makes it essential reading for neuroscientists, stem cell biologists, researchers or clinical trialists at pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies. It also serves as a thorough introduction for graduate students or post-doctoral fellows who hope to work in these fields.

Make Your Brain Smarter

Author : Sandra Bond Chapman, Ph.D.
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Draws on the latest scientific discoveries to outline tests and exercises for improving cognitive fitness, in a reference that focuses on recent understandings about the frontal lobe to explain how to promote brain health at any age.