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Breaking the Spirit of Addiction

Author : Sam Jones
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Jones provides an in-depth look at how Jesus Christ offers complete and permanent deliverance from Satans traps, as opposed to the constant recycling process in which many addicts find themselves just "going through the motions" of secular recovery programs. (Practical Life)

Addiction Breaking 101

Author : Noah Daniels
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There are numerous types of dependencies that will bear a ravaging impact on your life. Alcohol addiction is the most researched type of dependency. Exemption from dependencies is frequently referred to as "recovery". Here we will look at several dependencies and ways to overpower them. "Addiction Breaking 101" - Develop The Mental Strength To Break Any Bad Habit In Life.

Breaking Free from Critical Addiction

Author : Kalie Marino
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Critical addiction, a social disease we catch from others, is the underlying cause of all addictions and most social problems. Yet it sweeps our world unnoticedcreating an epidemic of immense proportion and leaving chaos in its wake. The roots of critical addiction are perpetuated through our Inner Critic, who finds fault with others and ourselves. Breaking Free from Critical Addiction clearly explains causes and symptoms of critical addiction. Using the Four Steps to Freedom, it then offers relief from your Inner Critics tyranny. This mental detox prepares you to create a life you enjoy. After all, you cant brew good coffee in a dirty pot! Thats the real secret. Kalie Marinos masterpiece paves the route to dissolve individual and global self-defeating ways with stories, physics, and age-old wisdom set to the tune of inner and external peace. Be prepared for your Inner Critic to be transformed into an Inner Coach with a new set of songs, all in the key of gratitude. Perhaps you are very familiar with your Inner Critic, but the two of you have never been properly introduced. Kalie aptly makes that introduction and then skillfully speaks to both of you throughout this book, inviting you to make peace with the mental roommate that pays no rent and was never really invited to stay in the first place. She invites you both to grab a seat and have a listen. It will change your world and the world of those around you. - Pamela Maliniak

Breaking the Octopus Grip of Addiction

Author : Dr. Douglas E. Carr
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Addiction is multi-faceted and each facet must be addressed. Breaking the Octopus Grip of Addiction came through revelation of an octopus. The head represents the spirit of bondage, the tentacles represent: rejection, iniquity, rebellion, python, fragmentation, trauma and imprinting. This book equips addicts and their mentors to address a plethora of issues leading to the truth that will set them free. Addictions have become one of the top problems in today’s North America. Almost every family has at least one addicted member. How do we as believers assist true seekers in finding freedom? Dr. Douglas and Pamela Carr not only layout the problem but describe in detail the steps to freedom. They noted the characteristics of the octopus and used it to frame the addiction challenges, outlining each issue and the route to freedom. I know both Doug and Pam well. I have watched them blossom over the years we have been in relationship. They started with healing and delivering themselves of their own issues and broke through into helping others. Now they are flourishing. I highly recommend both them and this book. —Barbara J Yoder Lead Apostle Shekinah Regional Apostolic Center Breakthrough Apostolic Ministries Network

Breaking Addiction

Author : Lance M. Dodes, M.D.
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“Dr. Dodes’s approach runs directly counter to the paralyzing, but standard, message of ‘powerlessness’—a mes­sage that reinforces the sense of helplessness that is at the root of addicts’ life predicaments! Many psychiatrists recognize that this is where we must head, but Dr. Dodes is one with the guts to shine a beacon in the right direction.” —Stanton Peele, PhD, author of 7 Tools to Beat Addiction and The Life Process Program of Treatment The follow-up to his groundbreaking volume The Heart of Addiction, Dr. Lance Dodes’s Breaking Addiction is a step-by-step guide to beating addiction of any kind—from drugs and gambling to alcoholism, overeating, and sex addiction. By recognizing and understanding the emotional forces underlying addictive behaviors, Dr. Dodes says any dangerous, life-destroying obsession can be overcome. Including special bonus sections for both families and health-care professionals, Breaking Addiction is the new handbook for those suffering from addiction—a valuable resource that addresses addiction’s root causes and serves as an alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous and similar recovery programs.

Psychology Today Breaking the Bonds of Food Addiction

Author : Susan McQuillan
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From Alpha Books and Psychology Today magazine comes expert advice that explains the whys and hows of food obsession and compulsive overeating. Readers will gain the background and tools needed to fashion a plan for happier, healthier living and help themselves out of compulsive overeating-starting right now. It also shows readers how to work out individual food issues, move beyond addiction, and maintain a healthy, lifelong relationship with food. * More than 135 million Americans are estimated to be either overweight or obese * American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that Americans spend nearly $45 billion annually on weight-loss products and services and the American Dietary Association indicates that 65% ofall women are currently dieting or plan to start a diet in 2004

Community Solutions to Breaking the Cycle of Heroin and Opioid Addiction

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary
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Breaking Addictions with Biblio Poetry Therapy

Author : M. D. Elliott Perlin
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Fighting Addictions ithe Biblio/Poetry Therapy is a book that reviews this therapeutic tool with respect to its application in the management of drug and other addictions. It is intended for use by caregivers who wish to utilize this form of adjunctive therapy, addicted clients who might benefit from it, family members of addicted individuals and all others interested in learning about it. The introductory poems related to the various addictions and its unique focus on this form of therapy make it a valuable tool for all types of caregivers, patients themselves, and all others who view literature and poetry especially as a therapeutic medium..

Overcoming Addiction

Author : Gregory E. Pence
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With an estimated 20 million people addicted to drugs or alcohol, North America is in the grip of an unrivaled epidemic. Overcoming Addition reveals how seemingly contradictory treatment theories must come together to understand and end dangerous substance abuse. Addiction treatment has become a billion-dollar industry based on innumerable clinical and psychological perspectives. Zealous clinicians and researchers have gathered around the theories, proclaiming each as the sole truth and excluding alternate views. In this book, leading bioethicist Gregory Pence demystifies seven foundational theories of addiction and addiction treatment. From Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous to methadone clinics and brain chemistry studies, each method holds foundation beliefs about human nature, free will, and biology. Understanding the diversity of these theories allows us to build a framework for more effective treatment for all addiction types. For individuals suffering from addiction, their families, and those who devote their lives to ending addiction’s grasp on our society, this book offers a fresh perspective and a framework for long-term solutions.

Overcoming Pornography Addiction

Author : United Church of God
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Pornography addiction is a real and very serious problem for people of all types and backgrounds. It may even be a serious problem for you. If you or someone to know is struggling with the sexual sin of porn addiction, this study aid can help break the chains of slavery to sin. Inside this booklet: - Pornography Addiction - It's a problem... - What is Pornography Addiction? - Internet Pornography Affects Christians - Coming Out of Slavery to Sexual Sin - The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous Adapted for Sexual Addicts - From Slavery to Freedom - 3 Bible Tips on Avoiding Pornography and Lust - Breaking Free from Sexual Addictions - Tools of Recovery