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Breaking Out of Food Jail

Author : Jean Antonello
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Argues against the famine-feast method of dieting, suggesting that eating until one feels satisfied and avoiding the bathroom scale is the best way to control weight

Drop The Fat Act and Live Lean

Author : Ryan Andrews
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Drop The Fat Act & Live Lean employs the "opposites approach" to behavioral learning with a humorous, take-no-prisoners style of dialogue that can be more motivating than simple words of encouragement. Each chapter deals with common "fattitudes", habits, routines, or beliefs that fat people favor. These patterns actually guarantee keeping the pounds on. Knowing what "not" to is one of the keys to losing weight. Andrews also provides a new set of weight management skills, outlining the basics of healthy nutrition including how processed foods vs whole foods, animal vs plant-based diets and the speed they're consumed at all make a difference. Readers are shown that it's the ability to make good decisions on everyday choices that is the real formula to weight-loss success.

Growing Strong Daughters

Author : Lisa Graham McMinn
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Today's culture offers broadening opportunities for women; yet it still pressures them to fit long-standing stereotypes. McMinn challenges parents, teachers, churches, and civic communities to create a social environment that nurtures strong, confident girls. Combining careful research with personal experience, McMinn takes a thoughtful look at gender differences and patterns limiting women's full participation in society. She discusses what it means to raise strong daughters made in the image of God and covers the various aspects of strength--confidence, interdependence, voice, and self-image.

Libby Prison Breakout

Author : Joseph Wheelan
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While many books have been inspired by the horrors of Andersonville prison, none have chronicled with any depth or detail the amazing tunnel escape from Libby Prison in Richmond. Now Joseph Wheelan examines what became the most important escape of the Civil War from a Confederate prison, one that ultimately increased the North's and South's willingness to use prisoners in waging "total war." In a converted tobacco warehouse, Libby's 1,200 Union officers survived on cornbread and bug-infested soup, and slept without blankets on the bare floor. With prisoner exchanges suspended, escape and death were the only ways out. Libby Prison Breakout recounts the largely unknown story of the escape of 109 steel-nerved officers through a 55-foot tunnel, and their flight in winter through the heart of the enemy homeland, amid an all-out Rebel manhunt. The officers' later testimony in Washington spurred two far-reaching investigations and a new cycle of retaliation against Rebel captives.

The Self Compassion Diet

Author : Jean Fain
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Self-Love: Your Greatest Guide on the Path to Healthy Weight The secret to sustainable weight loss isn’t counting calories or depriving yourself at the dinner table. Jean Fain tells us it’s about cultivating awareness and self-acceptance wherever you are. With The Self-Compassion Diet, this Harvard Medical School–affiliated psychotherapist prescribes a practical program for transforming the way you think and feel about food and your whole self—a shift that, paradoxically, inspires physical change. Combining loving-kindness, self-hypnosis, and other winning weight-loss strategies, The Self Compassion Diet is available in two complementary formats to help you naturally progress toward genuine self-acceptance and a healthy, sustainable weight. With more than 30 different tools including quizzes, breathing exercises, and visualizations, the book explores four powerful weight-loss methods. The audio edition guides you through 11 key practices described in the book. Used together, this powerful combination can speed learning and boost success. Additional topics include: How to appreciate the everyday activity of eating, and learn to trust your body’s signals that it’s nourished Gradual change—a guided visualization for developing mindful eating habits A meditation for getting to know the diet coach who knows you best—your compassionate inner advisor “Most dieters try to ‘kill cravings’ and break habits with self-discipline,” teaches Fain. “Self-kindness can help quiet the shame that traditional diets instill, and establish a harmonious relationship with food.” The Self Compassion Diet book and audio offer a treasury of heart-opening mind-body teachings and practices for improving the way you live, breathe, and eat.

The Everything Guide to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Author : Ellen Bowers
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A beginner's guide to cognitive behavioral therapy offers guidance on understanding how CBT works, transforming negative thoughts into positive actions, using CBT to advance professionally, and setting attainable goals.

The Texas Sheriff

Author : Thad Sitton
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The Texas Sheriff takes a fresh, colorful, and insightful look at Texas law enforcement during the decades before 1960. In the first half of the twentieth century, rural Texas was a strange, often violent, and complicated place. Nineteenth-century lifestyles persisted, blood relationships made a difference, and racial apartheid was still rigidly enforced. Citizens expected their county sheriff to uphold local customs as well as state laws. He had to help constituents with their personal problems, which often had little or nothing to do with law enforcement. The rural sheriff served as his county’s “Mr. Fixit,” its resident “good old boy,” and the lord of an intricate rural society. Basing his interpretations on primary sources and extensive interviews, Thad Sitton explores the dual nature of Texas sheriffs, demonstrating their far-reaching power both to do good and to abuse the law.

First Fifty seventh annual administration report of the Madras sanitary commission Continued as Fifty eighth c annual report of the director of public health

Author : Madras presidency, director of publ. health
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English Phrasal Verbs in Use Intermediate

Author : Michael McCarthy
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This reference and practice book contains 70 attractive two-page units featuring approximately 1,000 phrasal verbs. English Phrasal Verbs in Use is a comprehensive reference and practice book suitable for students from good intermediate level onwards. Over 1000 of the most useful and frequent phrasal verbs are clearly explained and practised in typical contexts. The material is designed for self-study, as well as classroom use, and has a student-friendly answer key.

The Dublin Journal of Medical Science

Author :
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