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Business Ecosystems in China

Author : Mark J. Greeven
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We cannot afford to miss the remarkable rise of Chinese business ecosystems. Alibaba and their peers Baidu, Tencent, Xiaomi, and LeEco showcase unprecedented growth and success in China and are expanding their impact globally. With a combined market capitalization of close to 600 billion USD, incubating over 1,000 new ventures and an average annual growth of over 50%, they have become a force to reckon with for the likes of Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and IBM. 'Business ecosystem' is a frequently used concept to describe the unique competitive advantages of the American technology giants. This book explores not only the application of a business ecosystem approach in the Chinese context but also deals with the key strategic question: How did these five Chinese business ecosystems grow so rapidly and successfully? The book takes the growth and transformation of Alibaba's business ecosystem as a focus case in comparison with Baidu, Tencent, Xiaomi, and LeEco. These business ecosystems developed in less than 20 years and transformed from organic growth to rapid expansion by investment and acquisition, entrepreneurship and incubation of new ventures, continuous innovation, and internationalization. This book brings insights and practical lessons on leading, creating, and disrupting markets for corporate executives and professionals in global business, a comparative case study for researchers and students of management, and food for thought on Chinese ways of doing business.

The Digital Business Ecosystem

Author : Angelo Corallo
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By bringing together elements of a radical new approach to the firm based on a biological metaphor of the ecosystem, this unique book extends the limits of existing theories traditionally used to investigate business networks.

Driving Innovation and Business Success in the Digital Economy

Author : Oncioiu, Ionica
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Advancements in the digital world are bringing about rapid waves of change in organizational management. As such, it is increasingly imperative to discover ways for businesses to adapt to changes in the markets and seize various digital market opportunities. Driving Innovation and Business Success in the Digital Economy is an essential reference source for the latest research on the impact of digital computing and emerging technological innovations in the realm of business success. Featuring extensive coverage across a range of relevant perspectives and topics, such as IT outsourcing, sustainable development and online advertising, this publication is ideally designed for researchers, professionals and students seeking current research on the complex scope of the new economy.

Business Ecosystems

Author : K. Rong
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The book examines business ecosystems in an emerging industry context whilst exploring four essential areas of business ecosystems: the business ecosystems' key constructive elements, their typical patterns of the element configurations, the five phase process of their life cycle, and the nurturing strategies and processes from a firm perspective.

Culture Trust and Business Ecosystems the Mediating Role of Online Chat in China

Author :
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This paper analyses the case of Taobao (the B2C and C2C platform of Alibaba Group), the 'focal firm' in a large online shopping ecosystem in China. The study attempts to reframe the business ecosystem considering the impact of cultural dimensions. Findings show that in a society with strong culture of guanxi and collectivism, a computer-mediated online communication tool works as a surrogate for real-life experience of socially binding behaviours to organise ecosystem stakeholders such as online marketplace owners, customers and sellers. The perception of collectivism affects the effectiveness of the communication tool, which, in turn, facilitates trust building between sellers and buyers. The result is unique and tied to a society dominated by guanxi and collectivism, and shows how it addresses socio-cultural needs through a computer-mediated communication technology.

Sustainability in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Operating Mechanisms and Enterprise Growth

Author : Gao, Yang
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The construction of a sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem is critical for every country in the world, with Silicon Valley an example of a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem that determines the level of national innovation capability and sustainable global competitiveness for the United States. However, at present, the research on entrepreneurial ecosystems in academia is still in its primary stage with few scholars studying the characteristics, composition, and sustainability of the ecosystem. Sustainability in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Operating Mechanisms and Enterprise Growth is a collection of innovative research that systematically explores the operation mechanism of sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem from macro and micro aspects so as to provide value for promoting economic vitality and regional economic development. Covering a broad range of topics including sustainability, economic development, and stakeholder management, this book is ideally designed for entrepreneurs, managers, investors, analysts, academicians, researchers, and students.

Pioneers Hidden Champions Changemakers and Underdogs

Author : Mark J. Greeven
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An insider's view of China's under-the-radar, globally competitive innovators. Chinese innovators are making their mark globally. Not only do such giants as Alibaba and Huawei continue to thrive and grow through innovation, thousands of younger Chinese entrepreneurs are poised to enter the global marketplace. In this book, Mark Greeven, George Yip, and Wei Wei offer an insider's view of China's under-the-radar, globally competitive innovators. The authors, all experts on Chinese innovation, distinguish four types of innovators in China: pioneers, large companies that are globally known; hidden champions, midsize enterprises that are market leaders in their niches; underdogs, technology-driven ventures with significant intellectual property; and changemakers, newer firms characterized by digital disruption, exponential growth, and cross-industry innovations. They investigate what kinds of innovations these companies develop (product, process, or business model), their competitive strategies, and key drivers of innovation. They identify six typical ways Chinese entrepreneurs innovate, including swarm innovation (collectively pursuing opportunities) and rapid centralized decision making. Finally, they look at how Chinese innovators are going global, whether building R&D networks internationally or exporting disruptive business models. The book includes many examples of Chinese innovators and innovations, drawn from a range of companies—from pioneers to changemakers—including Alibaba, Haier, Hikvision, Malong Technology, Weihua Solar, Mobike, and Cheetah Mobile. Greeven, Yip, and Wei offer an essential guide to what makes China a heavyweight competitor in the global marketplace.

Handbook of Research on Strategic Fit and Design in Business Ecosystems

Author : Hacioglu, Umit
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With advancing information technology, businesses must adapt to more efficient structures that utilize the latest in robotics and machine learning capabilities in order to create optimal human-robot cooperation. However, there are vital rising concerns regarding the possible consequences of deploying artificial intelligence, sophisticated robotic technologies, automated vehicles, self-managing supply modes, and blockchain economies on business performance and culture, including how to sustain a supportive business culture and to what extent a strategic fit between human-robot collaboration in a business ecosystem can be created. The Handbook of Research on Strategic Fit and Design in Business Ecosystems is a collection of innovative research that builds a futuristic view of evolving business ecosystems and a deeper understanding of business transformation processes in the new digital business era. Featuring research on topics such as cultural hybridization, Industry 4.0, and cybersecurity, this book is ideally designed for entrepreneurs, executives, managers, corporate strategists, economists, IT specialists, IT consultants, engineers, students, researchers, and academicians seeking to improve their understanding of future competitive business practices with the adoption of robotic and information technologies.

China s Quest for Innovation

Author : Shuanping Dai
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The transition from a catching-up style economy to an innovation-driven economy poses a major challenge for China. This book examines the major issues at stake, outlines developments in crucial business fields and industries, and discusses the roles of top-down politics and bottom-up entrepreneurship. It focuses in particular on the institutional foundations of innovation, arguing that successful innovation relies on the favourable interplay of business, politics, and society, and that comprehensive institutional and organizational changes will be required in China in order for innovation to succeed. Overall, the book assesses how far China will be able to depart from the Western paradigm of successful innovation regimes and create its own innovation system with Chinese characteristics.

China As an Innovation Nation

Author : William Lazonick
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This volume assesses China's transition to innovation-nation status in terms of social conditions, industry characteristics and economic impacts over the past three decades, also providing insights into future developments. Defining innovation as the process that generates a higher quality, lower cost product than was previously available, the introductory chapter conceptualizes the theory of an innovation nation and the lessons from Japan and Untied States. It outlines the key governance, employment and investment institutions that China must build for such transition to occur, and examines China's challenges and strategies to innovate in the era of global production systems. Two succeeding chapters explain the evolving roles of Chinese state in innovation, and the new landscape of venture capital finance. The remaining chapters provide studies of major industries, which contain analyses of the evolving roles of investment by government agencies and business interests in the process. Included in these studies are traditional industries such as mechanical engineering, railroads, and automobiles; rapidly evolving and internationally highly integrated industries such as information-and-communication-technology (ICT); and newly emerging sectors such as wind and solar energy. Written by leading academics in the field, studies in this volume reveal Chinese innovation as diverse across industries and enterprises and fluid over time. In each sector, we observe continued co-evolution of state policy, market demand, and technology development. The strategies and structures of individual companies and industrial ecosystems are changing rapidly. The sum total of the studies is a great step forward in our understanding of the industrial foundations of China's attempt to become an innovation nation.

Growth of New Technology Ventures in China s Emerging Market

Author : Haiyang Li
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New ventures have played a significant role in the world's economic and social development. In particular, the development of high technology ventures has been viewed as both a revitalization tool for developed market economies, such as the USA, and a driving force for economic transformation in transition economies, such as China. With a focus on new technology ventures in China's emerging market, this volume brings together researchers from a variety of disciplines and countries to provide a comprehensive understanding of this phenomenon.New technology ventures are highly vulnerable to environmental selection because they lack adequate knowledge of their environments, new product experience, and managerial and financial resources. Thus, these ventures tend to have high failure rates. Not surprisingly, a major stream of research in strategic management and entrepreneurship literature has focused on identifying the strategies that new technology ventures use to offset their liability of newness in order to improve their performance. However, previous studies have been done in the context of developed markets. This volume explores how new ventures successfully grow in China's transition economy where strategic factor markets and institutional frameworks have not been developed in this context. Significant issues addressed in this volume include:* Factors contributing to the growth of technology entrepreneurship in China* Ownership and survival of technology ventures in China* Challenges faced by venture capitalists in China* Growth strategies and environment-strategy interaction in Chinese technology ventures * Organizational control and reward and technology innovation in Chinese technology ventures* Political risks of foreign ventures in China's emerging market* R&D globalization and internationalization strategy of Chinese technology ventures.The contributors' conclusions will be highly valuable to managers of new technology ventures and to Western firms attempting to enter the high technology industries in China. Researchers interested in new technology ventures and innovation will also find this volume a useful addition to their libraries.

Competing Through Innovation

Author : David J. Teece
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This cohesive collection brings together David J. Teece's most important work on the nexus of innovation and competition policy. He was one of the first to flag the importance of innovation issues to competition policy 25 years ago. He has also pioneered the application of economic and organizational principles to issues in the management of innovation.Throughout these essays, Professor Teece shows how technological advances, the advent of the Internet and other recent shifts in the global business landscape have placed businesses in a radically altered situation from even just a few decades ago. He clearly elucidates the need for both businesses and policymakers to adapt to this rapidly evolving landscape by embracing and fostering next-generation competition policies. Topics discussed include antitrust policy, technology strategies, competition policy, market power and intellectual property issues.Students and professors of business and management, innovation studies, intellectual property and competition lawyers will find this volume a critical asset to their work. Policymakers and regulators will also benefit immensely from this lucid and comprehensive collection.

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity in Business and Enterprise

Author : Joshua Bishop
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This book is a product of the TEEB study (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity). It provides important evidence of growing corporate concern about biodiversity loss and offers examples of how leading companies are taking action to conserve biodiversity and to restore ecosystems. This book reviews indicators and drivers of biodiversity loss and ecosystem decline, and shows how these present both risks and opportunities to all businesses. It examines the changing preferences of consumers for nature-friendly products and services, and offers examples of how companies are responding. The book also describes recent initiatives to enable businesses to measure, value and report their impacts and dependencies on biodiversity and ecosystem services. The authors review a range of practical tools to manage biodiversity risks in business, with examples of how companies are using these tools to reduce costs, protect their brands and deliver real business value. The book also explores the emergence of new business models that deliver biodiversity benefits and ecosystem services on a commercial basis, the policy enabling frameworks needed to stimulate investment and entrepreneurship to realize such opportunities, and the obstacles that must be overcome. The book further examines how businesses can align their actions in relation to biodiversity and ecosystem services with other corporate responsibility initiatives, including community engagement and poverty reduction. Finally, the book concludes with a summary and recommendations for action.

Ecosystem Services and Management Strategy in China

Author : Yiyu Chen
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"Ecosystem Services and Management Strategy in China" is a two-year international cooperation project that culminated from the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development’s Task Force on Ecosystem Services and Management. It combines case studies, scenario analysis, and stakeholder consultations that focus on Chinese forest, grassland and wetland ecosystems and assesses the economic and social benefits of sustainable ecosystems management. It also identifies better practices in ecosystem management from Chinese and international experience and recommends a more intensive integration of ecosystem services into decision-making processes. In November 2010, the Task Force presented five strategic policy proposals for the implementation of sustainable management for Chinese ecosystems. These proposals were extremely well-received by senior decision makers and have since been adopted by national government agencies. The book represents a valuable reference work for researchers and professionals working in related areas. Professor Yiyu Chen worked as president at the National Natural Science Foundation of China from 2004 to early 2013 and is Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Professor Beate Jessel works as president at the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, Germany. Professor Bojie Fu works at the Research Center of Eco-Environment Sciences, CAS and is Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Professor Xiubo Yu works at the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr.Jamie Pittock is a Senior Lecturer at the Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University, Australia.

Entrepreneurship and Talent Management from a Global Perspective

Author : Huiyao Wang
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Talent has become the most important resource for organizations across a wide range of sectors throughout the world including business, non-profit, and government. These organizations are now engaged in an increasingly fierce competition to acquire the best talent as they seek to gain the upper hand in today’s fast changing environment. By combining the body of knowledge on entrepreneurship and talent management from a global perspective, this book provides a synthesized understanding of entrepreneurial mobility and talent management in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem. The expert contributors combine empirical evidence and case studies to provide a nuanced understanding of global talent management from an international comparative perspective. The topics discussed include China’s return migration and its impact on Chinese development, local engagement and transformation of Chinese communities in England, and reverse migration from the US to China. Furthermore, from a comparative perspective, contributors examine global talent and entrepreneurial mobility in the contexts of Silicon Valley, European university spin-off practices and entrepreneurial ecosystems in France, Italy, and South Korea, respectively. Scholars and students in entrepreneurship and talent management will find the scope for future research useful in their work. Entrepreneurs, managers, and policymakers will benefit from the examination of global perspectives and different national contexts.

Mapping National Innovation Ecosystems

Author : Amnon Frenkel
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Increasingly, researchers and policymakers alike recognize that innovations are generated by complex and dynamic national ecosystems that include government, industry, universities and schools.

Managing Supply Chains on the Silk Road

Author : Çağrı Haksöz
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Historically important trade routes for goods of all kinds for more than 3000 years, the Silk Road has once again come to prominence. Managing Supply Chains on the Silk Road: Strategy, Performance, and Risk present emerging supply chain practices from the Silk Road regions that include China, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Iran, Central Asia, Lebanon,

An Integrated Assessment of China s Ecological Restoration Programs

Author : Runsheng Yin
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China has been undertaking unprecedented ecological restoration efforts to deal with its problems of soil erosion, flooding, dust storms, and habitat loss. While there have been studies of these efforts, questions remain concerning whether they have been effectively implemented, what their induced socioeconomic and ecological impacts are, and how their performance can be improved. Tackling these important questions in an integrated manner, “An Integrated Assessment of China’s Ecological Restoration Programs” is extraordinary for its broad coverage and methodological rigor. It provides a substantial improvement over the conventional approach of simply reporting projects undertaken and accepting uncritically the government assessment, and thus fills an important knowledge gap of the restoration efforts being implemented upon a variety of ecosystems in China.

Governance of Biodiversity Conservation in China and Taiwan

Author : Gerald A. McBeath
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Written in a readable and concise manner, Governance of Biodiversity Conservation in China and Taiwan makes an interesting contribution to the study of Chinese environmental politics. Kathleen Burton, The China Quarterly McBeath and Leng s work on contemporary Chinese environmental governance and conservation provides an excellent overview of the key issues in the People s Republic as well as a timely comparison with environmental issues in Taiwan. . . McBeath and Leng s book is written in an concise and readable manner appropriate for undergraduate courses, while the breadth and depth of information makes it equally useful for graduate research. This book on China s environment makes a worthy contribution to contemporary conservation studies and policy issues, and should be essential reading for specialists and students working on biodiversity governance issues in China. Jack Patrick Hayes, Pacific Affairs This fascinating volume highlights the ongoing conflict between economic development and environmental protection in both mainland China and Taiwan. The authors value biological diversity and examine its loss and conservation from historical and comparative perspectives. Despite significant differences in institutional frameworks and environmental NGOs on the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, the authors also note a similar approach to biodiversity conservation and the entailed success or failure. This volume is a must read for people who are concerned with the endangered global ecosystem. Students in public policy comparison may find this volume instructive in combining institutional analysis with behavioral observation. Lin Gang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, People s Republic of China China and Taiwan have roughly one-eighth of the world s known species. Their approaches to biodiversity issues thus have global as well as national repercussions. Gerald McBeath and Tse-Kang Leng explore the ongoing conflicts between economic development, typically pursued by businesses and governments, and communities seeking to preserve and protect local human and ecosystem values. China and Taiwan have sharply different political and economic systems. In Taiwan, a public relatively more supportive of sustainable development, a free press, a more transparent decision-making process, and an autonomous civil society have influenced governance. Yet democratization has not guaranteed better environmental outcomes. In China, on the other hand, fragmentation of power and softer forms of authoritarianism than in the Maoist era have created openings for NGOs, scientists, journalists, and officials seeking a sustainable future to participate in the environmental policy making process. The authors provide an explicit and comparative treatment of the national policies preserving rare, threatened, and endangered species and ecosystems. Considerable attention is paid to the actors involved in policy formation and implementation as well as to recent cases concerning biodiversity conservation in China and Taiwan. This comprehensive volume will appeal to students and researchers in the areas of political science, environmental science and politics, environmental activists in national and international NGOs, and members of multinational corporations working in developing countries.

Software Business

Author : João M. Fernandes
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This book contains the refereed proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Software Business, ICSOB 2015, held in Braga, Portugal, in June 2015. The theme of the event was "Enterprising Cities" focusing on a noticeable spillover of software within other industries enabling new business models: Companies bundle their physical products and software services into solutions and start to sell independent software products in addition to physical products. The 16 full, five short, and three doctoral symposium papers accepted for ICSOB were selected from 42 submissions. The papers span a wide range of issues related to contemporary software business—from strategic aspects that include external reuse, ecosystem participation, and acquisitions to operational challenges associated with running software business.