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Carrier Scale IP Networks

Author : Peter Willis
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Communications networks are now dominated by Internet protocol (IP) technologies. This book comprehensively reviews the design, provision and operations of carrier-scale Internet networks. Every aspect of networking, from access to the core network to the surrounding operational support systems has been radically affected by the rapid development of IP technologies and this book presents a good balance between leading edge technology and many of the practical issues surrounding carrier-scale IP networks. This makes for essential reading for those with a technical or business interest in this rapidly changing area.

Telecommunications Performance Engineering

Author : Roger Ackerley
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This book provides an insight into the rich diversity of techniques, tools and knowledge used in performance engineering, covering the whole life cycle from design through to operation - of both networks and systems.

Voice Over IP

Author : Institution of Electrical Engineers
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Voice over IP (VoIP) hit the headlines during the mid-1990's amid claims concerning its impact upon existing Switched Circuit telephony services. Whilst VoIP has clearly provided a focus for much debate within the telecommunications industry, there has been a clear gulf between hype and reality. This book examines VoIP as a technology and its consideration within the industry, the motivations for VoIP networks, a review of the status of the major components of a VoIP network and their development, and both current and emerging applications. This makes for essential reading for those with a technical or business interest in this rapidly developing area.

Global Networks

Author : G. Keith Cambron
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The telecommunications industry has advanced in rapid, significant and unpredictable ways into the 21st century. Global Networks: Design, Engineering and Operation guides the global industry and academia even further by providing an in-depth look at the current and developing trends, as well as examining the complex issues of developing, introducing, and managing cutting-edge telecommunications technologies. The author draws upon his considerable experience in the telecommunications industry to educate engineers designing equipment and systems on the hardware and software features essential to fault tolerant operation. He describes how to design networks that are fault tolerant and global in scope; how to identify best engineering and operations practices; and examines the role of technology labs in carrier networks. Software and hardware engineering practices are covered in depth. Hardware and software designs are explained with an emphasis on application and interaction of craft and operators with equipment and systems. The author proposes that equipment, systems and network designs should be integrated with the engineering and operations teams that run them. Practice, experience and a historical background are used to describe which designs and technologies fit which network services and applications. Global Networks is a complete and thorough assessment of the communications industry today, written by an author of international renown. Key features: Comprehensive treatment of the key theories and technologies associated with the design of modern communications networks, including equipment, systems and network design Coverage of equipment and software design, mobile networks, integration and the characteristics of large network outages Written in an accessible style and fully illustrated, it offers a complete and up-to-date picture of communications technologies from initial design through to application Includes a section on future challenges such as the Exabyte traffic growth and an assessment of the dual roles of IPV4 and IPV6

Design Measurement and Management of Large Scale IP Networks

Author : Antonio Nucci
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Sets out the design and management principles of large-scale IP networks by weaving together theory and practice.

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Broadband Infrastructure

Author : Shailendra Jain
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Broadband Infrastructure: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding and Delivering OSS/BSS is a "how to" book for Internet infrastructure companies to help them prepare for the decisions they will face when constructing their core OSS strategies and infrastructure. This book provides a source of reference and education to learn the language, methods, and technologies associated with the OSS market. It examines the Internet infrastructure supply chain and how it will be automated. Finally, it brings together a wealth of proven knowledge and advice, gathered from BusinessEdge Solutions' extensive OSS experience, that broadband providers can use to minimize their OSS risks while maximizing their ability to differentiate and compete.

Delivering Voice over IP Networks

Author : Daniel Minoli
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Includes new coverage on the advances in signaling protocols,second-generation switching and the development of non-switchedalternatives, and the implementation lessons learned. Contains in-depth coverage of network architectures used tosupport VoIP, performance and voice quality considerations,compression and integration methods for IP tranmissions.

Annual Review of Communications Volume 59

Author : International Engineering Consortium
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An indispensable reference publication for telecommunication and information-industry professionals. Each year, the IEC brings together into one unique resource the most current thinking and practical experience of industry leaders around the world on a variety of topics facing their areas of specialization. This 700+ page reference tool is a must for executives, managers, engineers, analysts, and educators in all sectors of today's changing information industry.

Gigabit News

Author :
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Selected Readings on Global Information Technology Contemporary Applications

Author : Rahman, Hakikur
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"This book offers articles focused on key issues concerning the development, design, and analysis of global IT"--Provided by publisher.

Management Enabling the Future Internet for Changing Business and New Computing Services

Author : Choong Seon Hong
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 12th Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium, APNOMS 2009, held in Jeju, South Korea in September 2009. The 41 revised full papers and 32 revised short papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 173 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on network monitoring and measurement, configuration and fault management, management of IP-based networks, autonomous and distributed control, sensor network and P2P management, converged networks and traffic, engineering, SLA and QoS management, active and security management, wireless and mobile network management, and security management.

High speed Networks and Multimedia Communications

Author :
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VoIP Handbook

Author : Syed A. Ahson
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The number of worldwide VoIP customers is well over 38 million. Thanks to the popularity of inexpensive, high-quality services, it's projected to increase to nearly 250 million within the next three years. The VoIP Handbook: Applications, Technologies, Reliability, and Security captures the state of the art in VoIP technology and serves as the comprehensive reference on this soon-to-be ubiquitous technology. It provides: A step-by-step methodology to evaluate VoIP performance prior to network implementation An invaluable overview of implementation challenges and several VoIP multipoint conference systems Unparalleled coverage of design and engineering issues such VoIP traffic, QoS requirements, and VoIP flow As this promising technology’s popularity increases, new demands for improved quality, reduced cost, and seamless operation will continue to increase. Edited by preeminent wireless communications experts Ahson and Illyas, the VoIP Handbook guides you to successful deployment.

Carrier Grade Voice Over IP

Author : Daniel Collins
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In 2002 voice over IP will constitute more than 25% of all long distance voice calls, according to Network World. That’s more than a 30% ramp-up from 2001. The emergence of SIP, MPLS and new quality of service tools is making carrier grade voice over IP a service reality, and a potentially huge margin booster and revenue driver for service providers. The first edition of Carrier Grade Voice over IP played a roll in VoIP growth, in less than year becoming an essential tool for carriers working to provide high quality IP telephony. This new edition vastly updates the SIP chapter, details MPLS, and takes the explanations of the previous edition a step further in a final chapter that shows, step by step, how to design working VoIP networks.


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Creative Destruction

Author : Lee W. McKnight
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A collection of essays discusses the primary challenge facing firms, governments, and other players, stressing the importance of national regulations promoting competition and nonmonopolistic market structures.

Mobile computing

Author : David Taniar
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"This multiple-volume publication advances the emergent field of mobile computing offering research on approaches, observations and models pertaining to mobile devices and wireless communications from over 400 leading researchers"--Provided by publisher.

Conference Record

Author : GLOBECOM.
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Sourcebook of ATM and IP Internetworking

Author : Khalid Ahmad
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Provides a comprehensive, detailed description of thefundamental architectural principles and protocols used inATM-based networks, as well as interworking with IP and Frame Relaybased networks Begins with general coverage of ATM, but moves quickly into themost important new area of ATM--IP switching, which allowscommunications companies to combine IP routing with ATMswitching Offers the reader a clear understanding of the evolutionarytrends in the development of ATM A Wiley-IEEE Press publication