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Case Study Analysis in the Classroom

Author : Renee W. Campoy
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Presented in an engaging and stimulating manner, Case Study Analysis in the Classroom: Becoming a Reflective Teacher provides beginning teachers a variety of typical classroom problems to analyze and solve. Solving the case study problems helps new teachers develop the knowledge bases they need to solve real problems in their own classrooms. More than a book of cases, it is an important starting point for students learning about case study research, especially the analysis of cases and their potential uses in the classroom. In addition, readers will also be guided through the process of reflective problem solving, developing an educational philosophy, and writing their own case studies.

Case Study Methodology in Higher Education

Author : Baron, Annette
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In higher education, case studies can be utilized to have students put themselves into problems faced by a protagonist and, by doing so, address academic or career-related issues. Working through these issues provides students with an opportunity to gain applied perspective and experiences. Professors in higher education who choose this method of teaching require navigational tools to ensure that students achieve stated learning objectives. Case Study Methodology in Higher Education is an essential research publication that focuses on the history and theories relating to case study methodology including techniques for writing case studies and utilizing them in university settings to prepare students for real-life career-related scenarios. This publication features a wide range of topics such as educational leadership, case writing, and teacher education. It is essential for educators, career professionals, higher education faculty, researchers, and students.

Case Study Applications for Teacher Education

Author : Mary R. Sudzina
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This book shares the personal stories of fifteen talented educators, their successes, shortcomings, and growing pains about teaching with case studies in 12 different content areas. Case studies are slices of life which illustrate a myriad of dilemmas from moral issues to classroom management. Teaching with cases can offer educators a variety of opportunities to expand and extend their teaching skills, problem solving abilities, and grasp of contemporary issues in classrooms today. Case discussions also offer a window into pre-service, in-service or graduate students' experiences, opinions, perceptions, or misconceptions of educational dilemmas. Resources, examples, assignments, and cases are included. For any pre-service or in-service teacher.

Policy Belief and Practice in the Secondary English Classroom

Author : Bethan Marshall
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Studies of comparative classroom practice in the teaching of secondary English are limited, especially when it comes to exploration of the day-to-day practice of English teachers in the secondary classroom. This book presents a case study analysis of secondary classroom practice in three countries: Canada, England and Scotland. Each country has had different degrees of state involvement within the secondary English curriculum over the last twenty years. England has had the highest degree of state involvement in that it has had several statutory national curricula and a variety of assessment regimes. Scotland has had a non- statutory curriculum and no national tests and Canada has had no national curriculum at all, with education being determined at province level, and each province varying its policies. The research adopts a case study approach involving both classroom observation and interviews with teachers. Through this, the authors explore the impact of state involvement on the reality of what happens in secondary English classrooms. The book invites readers to consider the applicability of the findings to their own contexts, to examine their own practice in the light of this and to consider the nature of the relationships between policy, personal belief and practice in the teaching of English.

The Literacy Teaching and Learning in a Classroom

Author : Firman Parlindungan
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Results from the analysis showed that regarding the research question #1, the teacher situated the classroom literacy events as social practices deriving from her interpretation of the State’ learning standards, the school’s ELA curriculum (i.e. Wit & Wisdom), conception of reading instruction, and teacher’ roles in the classroom, as well as her effort to integrate Islamic knowledge and values. Findings on research question #2 indicated that the students’ learning the new culture and the larger U.S. socio-historical context were mediated through both secular and sacred texts. Finally, answers to research question #3 showed that the student response to teacher-led discussion, particularly in discussing textual information was short and limited in which the pattern of interaction followed I-R-E routine. The student response was longer with better argumentation in discussing extratextual information, language features of literary texts, and Islamic knowledge and values in which the pattern of interaction was more dialogic. Pedagogically speaking, this study suggests that ELA teachers need carefully interpret the State learning standards, school curriculum, and school principle into specific learning objectives and classroom practices. Although explicit teaching on specific skills of literacy is crucial (e.g. vocabulary, comprehension, fluency), integrated teaching that orchestrates literacy skills together is more promising that is by conducting classroom discussion in which teachers have less control over the discourse to extend greater student participation.

Case Studies in Classroom Teaching

Author : Leah Klepper
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An Evaluation of Classroom Noise Exposure in an Urban Primary School Classroom

Author : Dorothy A. Carty
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Foreign Language Teachers Beliefs

Author : Gabriel Cote Parra
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The purpose of this multiple-case study was to understand the beliefs, classroom practices and experiences of four foreign language teachers using LinguaFolio, a self-assessment tool that allows learners to reflect on their language knowledge and cultural experiences. This study involved four Spanish teachers in four Midwestern towns. Data were collected using different methods including in- depth interviews, observations, field notes, and document analysis.

Why Writing Matters

Author : Awena Carter
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This book brings together the work of scholars from around the world – UK, Pakistan, US, South Africa, Hungary, Korea, Mexico – to illustrate and celebrate the many ways in which Roz Ivanic has advanced the academic study of writing. Focusing on writing in different formal contexts of education, from primary through to further and higher education in a range of national contexts, the twenty one original contributions in the book critically engage with theoretical and empirical issues raised in Ivanic's influential body of work. In their exploration of writers' struggles with the demands of dominant literacy the authors significantly extend understandings of writing practices in formal institutions. Organized around three themes central to Ivanic's work – creativity and identity; pedagogy; and research methodologies – the twelve chapters and nine personal and scholarly reflections reveal the powerful ways in which Ivanic's work has influenced thinking in the field of writing and continues to open up avenues for future questioning and research.

Discourse Analysis and the Study of Classroom Language and Literacy Events

Author : David Bloome
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The authors present a social linguistic/social interactional approach to the discourse analysis of classroom language and literacy events. Building on recent theories in interactional sociolinguistics, literary theory, social anthropology, critical discourse analysis, and the New Literacy Studies, they describe a microethnographic approach to discourse analysis that provides a reflexive and recursive research process that continually questions what counts as knowledge in and of the interactions among teachers and students. The approach combines attention to how people use language and other systems of communication in constructing classroom events with attention to social, cultural, and political processes. The focus of attention is on actual people acting and reacting to each other, creating and recreating the worlds in which they live. One contribution of the microethnographic approach is to highlight the conception of people as complex, multi-dimensional actors who together use what is given by culture, language, social, and economic capital to create new meanings, social relationships and possibilities, and to recreate culture and language. The approach presented by the authors does not separate methodological, theoretical, and epistemological issues. Instead, they argue that research always involves a dialectical relationship among the object of the research, the theoretical frameworks and methodologies driving the research, and the situations within which the research is being conducted. Discourse Analysis and the Study of Classroom Language and Literacy Events: A Microethnographic Perspective: *introduces key constructs and the intellectual and disciplinary foundations of the microethnographic approach; *addresses the use of this approach to gain insight into three often discussed issues in research on classroom literacy events--classroom literacy events as cultural action, the social construction of identity, and power relations in and through classroom literacy events; *presents transcripts of classroom literacy events to illustrate how theoretical constructs, the research issue, the research site, methods, research techniques, and previous studies of discourse analysis come together to constitute a discourse analysis; and *discusses the complexity of "locating" microethnographic discourse analysis studies within the field of literacy studies and within broader intellectual movements. This volume is of broad interest and will be widely welcomed by scholars and students in the field language and literacy studies, educational researchers focusing on analysis of classroom discourse, educational sociolinguists, and sociologists and anthropologists focusing on face-to-face interaction and language use.

Technology and Education Reform

Author : Barbara Means
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Addresses the question of whether technology can provide significant support for constructivist, project-based teaching and learning approaches and the associated issue of the elements needed for an effective implementation of technology within an educational reform context. Includes case studies of 9 sites that have been using technology in ways that enhance a restructuring of the classroom around students' needs and project-based activities. Sites selected were those that emphasized education reform and provided challenging, authentic activities for students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Illustrated.

Case Studies in Elementary and Secondary Curriculum

Author : Marius Boboc
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Case Studies in Elementary and Secondary Curriculum provides 21 real-world cases that provide the opportunity for educators to explore the different perspectives that different stakeholders take on the concept of curriculum. The cases examine how curriculum comes to life as a complex process including the whole continuum--ranging from design to implementation and evaluation--and how this process can be analyzed and changed.

Classroom Management for Elementary Teachers

Author : Carolyn M. Evertson
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This book gives teachers the information and skills they need to establish management systems in today's rich, multicultural classroom, based on the authors' 30 years of research and experience in more than 500 classrooms. This best-selling book helps teachers plan, implement and develop the most basic classroom management task - to develop a smoothly running classroom that encourages learning. Written for the prospective or new elementary-level teacher, the book's content is ready to be applied in a classroom setting. The book addresses the planning decisions teachers must make including; arranging the physical space, establishing rules and procedures, planning and conducting instruction, encouraging appropriate behavior, addressing problem behavior, and using good communication skills with particular attention paid to the growth of ethnically diverse classrooms. All examples, checklists, case studies, and group activities are designed for the elementary level.

Teaching Art History with New Technologies

Author : Kelly Donahue-Wallace
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Digital images, Internet resources, presentation and social software, interactive animation, and other new technologies offer a host of new possibilities for art history instruction. Teaching Art History with New Technologies: Reflections and Case Studies assists faculty in negotiating the digital teaching terrain. The text documents the history of computer-mediated art history instruction in the last decade and provides an analysis of the increasing number of tools now at the disposal of art historians. It presents a series of reflections and case-studies by early adopters who have not just replaced older materials with new, but who have advanced the discipline's pedagogy in doing so. The essays illustrate how new technologies are changing the way art history is taught, summarize lessons learned, and identify challenges that remain. Given the transitional state of the field, with faculty ranging from the computer-phobic to the computer-savvy, these case studies represent a broad spectrum, from those that focus on the thoughtful integration of new technologies into traditional teaching to others that look beyond the familiar art history lecture or seminar format. They provide both practical suggestions and theoretical models for historians of art and visual culture interested in what computer-mediated applications have been successful in art history teaching and where such new approaches may be leading us.

Classroom Interactions and Social Learning

Author : Kristiina Kumpulainen
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Today's classroom presents a wealth of opportunities for social interaction amongst pupils, leading to increased interest in teachers and researchers into the social nature of learning. While classroom interaction can be a valuable tool for learning, it does not necessarily lead to useful learning experiences. Through case studies, this book highlights the use of new analytical methodologies for studying the content and patterns of children's interactions and how these contribute to their construction of knowledge. Classroom Interaction and Social Learning will be of interest to students and in service teachers and researchers concerned with classroom discourse and learning.

A Case Study of Chemistry Teaching and Learning in a Tenth Grade Classroom in Jordan

Author : Fathi Hasan Malkawi
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Improving Behaviour and Raising Self Esteem in the Classroom

Author : Giles Barrow
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This book will help all teachers who face challenging behavior in their classrooms. It offers support and guidance for dealing with issues of behavior and offers suggestions for building creative relationships in school. Through a combination of case study illustrations of key Transactional Analysis concepts, practical proformas, planning notes and resources that have been tried and tested with schools it will give you the confidence and skills necessary to develop effective classroom management.

Learning and Doing Policy Analysis in Education Examining Diverse Approaches to Increasing Educational Access

Author : Maria Teresa Tatto
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This book originated in a policy analysis class at Michigan State University taught during 2010. Using Professor Tatto’s unique approach to teaching policy analysis, the professor and students agreed to construct a class that represented a reflective and grounded experience in the policy analysis of a current and relevant issue with global ramifications; we began exploring policies that were developed at the global level and that were implemented locally. We investigated the surge of globally developed standards and regulations in an effort to improve education. Our goal was to learn cross-nationally about policies that seek to reform curriculum and instruction under efficiency and global competitiveness arguments, such as Education for All (EFA) and its USA cousin No Child Left Behind (NCLB). We knew our work would be bounded by the time available in a one-semester class, and by resource constraints. We did exploratory inquiry supported by literature reviews, reports on rigorous research studies, and in one case an exploratory case study. The policies we chose to explore, such as EFA and NCLB, offered us the opportunity to examine current reform tendencies that are intended to provide access to quality education for all children, the preparation of teachers to support diverse populations, the organization of schools to accommodate these children in response to vague policy mandates, and power issues affecting the different constituencies and stakeholders. The effects of these and other policies were difficult to track because research is scant and decisions are frequently made based on ideology or political persuasion. Our purpose was to explore the critical issues that originated such policies, and to search for documented evidence regarding policy implementation and effectiveness. We investigated the factors that seemed to interfere with successful implementation, from conceptual, theoretical, and methodological perspectives. In this class we learned that there are not ready-set frameworks for policy analysis, but rather that these have to be constructed according to the issues that emerge as policies are conceptualized and implemented to fit local contexts and needs. The book pays particular attention to the contexts of policy, including the evolving conceptualization of global and local systems of governance, knowledge regimes, and policy spaces. The book is designed for faculty and doctoral students in education who are interested in understanding diverse frameworks for policy analysis, and for those in the general public who are interested in the policies we analyze here.

The Gifted Classroom

Author : Illinois Gifted Program Evaluation
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A Case Study of Input and Classroom Interaction in a Multilingual Chemistry Class at the Port Elizabeth Technikon

Author : Sally Potgieter
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