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Catch the Age Wave

Author : Win Arn
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It is time to reexamine our ideas of senior adult ministry. Comfortable assumptions and outdated programs are being challenged in a time when an increasing number of seniors do not regularly attend church. Authors Win and Charles Arn have updated and supplemented their classic book, Catch the Age Wave, in an effort to provide ideas, examples, and advice for starting and maintaining a senior adult program. In addition, they have added practical program ideas to use in any local church setting.

Ministering to Older Adults

Author : Donald Koepke
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Learn how to focus your ministry’s programs and services on the elderly By 2030, 20% of the people living in the United States will be age 65 or older, with unique spiritual needs that can affect their physical and mental well-being. Ministering to Older Adults answers the critical need for a ministry that doesn’t center primarily on youth and families in its outreach, instead presenting a step-by-step guide to developing a ministry for the aged that is focused on the needs and resources of each congregation. This program has been used effectively with nearly 50 congregations, both large and small, to create a focused older adult ministry. No two congregations are alike. The resources, perspectives, and skills of each congregation are different, as are the needs of its members. Ministering to Older Adults provides a framework for use by planning groups within communities of any religious tradition. The book presents a process that includes essential questions that allow planning groups to develop answers that fit the needs, cultural, history, and structure of their individual congregations. Ministering to Older Adults is divided into three sections: “The Fundamentals”—defining your audience, your mission, and the skills and existing programs that can be brought to the planning process “Programming Possibilities”—spiritual needs based on the aging process, continued learning for older adults, opportunities to serve and be served, providing quality pastoral care, and community building “Putting it All Together”—deciding on a direction, using desired outcomes for evaluation, establishing target dates, and ongoing evaluation Ministering to Older Adults also includes forms and charts to help in the planning process. The book is an invaluable resource for clergy, ministry committees and planning groups, and staff persons responsible for older adult ministries.

How to Start a New Service

Author : Charles Arn
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Why, when, and how to start a new church service, encourage attendance, evaluate the service, and more.

Practical Theology for Aging

Author : Derrell R. Watkins
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Learn new approaches for strengthening the religious bonds of our aging population! Through Scripture, studies, and the personal experiences of religious leaders and congregants, Practical Theology for Aging offers new concepts for ministering to our older population. Each chapter looks at a different concern for the elderly and addresses it with the assurance that aging is part of God’s great work. From scientific models and case studies to passages from both the Old and New Testaments, this volume illuminates the power of faith in keeping the elderly whole and well. Practical Theology for Aging reveals several barriers to the spiritual wellness of our elders. These include society’s stereotypical views of frailty and incompetence in older people, the lack of common support by communities of faith, and the dissatisfaction of the elderly with outdated, traditional answers to their concerns of aging, suffering, and death. Each barrier can be overcome by utilizing the practical theology you will find in this book. Restated throughout the volume is the message that the journey into old age does not have to be filled with dread and fear but can be seen as a path to spiritual maturity. This book has practical suggestions that address: God’s purpose for aging—why do we have to grow old? sexual health for senior citizens the suffering and physical debilitation that sometimes accompany aging afflictions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and how to minister to the unresponsive the inclusion of spirituality in rehabilitation to heal the whole person after catastrophic illness or injury preaching to senior citizens as opposed to preaching to a younger congregation so much more! Practical Theology for Aging presents tips and strategies for spiritual advisement as well as traditional quotes and references reminding us to respect and honor our aging men and women. Whether you are a religious leader, caretaker, family member, or esteemed elder, this book is vital for strengthening spirituality in the elderly and promoting their inclusion into the religious community.

Intergenerational Space

Author : Robert Vanderbeck
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Intergenerational Space offers insight into the transforming relationships between younger and older members of contemporary societies. The chapter selection brings together scholars from around the world in order to address pressing questions both about the nature of contemporary generational divisions as well as the complex ways in which members of different generations are (and can be) involved in each other’s lives. These questions include: how do particular kinds of spaces and spatial arrangements (e.g. cities, neighbourhoods, institutions, leisure sites) facilitate and limit intergenerational contact and encounters? What processes and spaces influence the intergenerational negotiation and contestation of values, beliefs, and social memory, producing patterns of both continuity and change? And if generational separation and segregation are in fact significant social problems across a range of contexts—as a significant body of research and commentary attests—how can this be ameliorated? The chapters in this collection make original contributions to these debates drawing on original research from Belgium, China, Finland, Poland, Senegal, Singapore, Tanzania, Uganda, the United States and the United Kingdom. .

Aging Death and the Quest for Immortality

Author : C. Ben Mitchell
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This is a print on demand book and is therefore non- returnable. Aging is a fact of life, and issues surrounding it are hot. There are currently 35 million Americans over the age of sixty-five -- more than ever. This demographic shift is noteworthy not only because the ranks of the elderly will continue to swell in coming years but also because it is taking place in what the editors of this book call an "ageist society," one that increasingly loathes every facet of aging. Indeed, the ethical issues associated with aging are among the thorniest in medicine and public policy today. Aging, Death, and the Quest for Immortality is a timely volume by physicians, healthcare professionals, pastors, and ethicists who explore the experiences, dilemmas, and possibilities associated with aging. The book opens by offering three distinct perspectives on aging; this section includes practical suggestions for dealing with retirement, disability, healing, and death. Several contributors then analyze controversial ethical issues raised by aging and health care, including medical decision-making, the moral standing of patients with dementia, health-care rationing, and assisted suicide. A third group of essays applies a theology of care to ministry to and through older adults, the counseling of seniors, and the application of palliative care. The book closes by discussing some of the emerging technologies and interest groups aimed at achieving immortality, also asking, appropriately, what insights the Christian faith brings to the discussion. Reflecting much wisdom and sensitivity, this book will give welcome help to care providers and to those who are themselves in the later stages of life. Contributors: R. Geoffrey Brown Jackie Cameron William P. Cheshire Jr. John Dunlop Robert W. Evans Stephen P. Greggo Vernon Grounds John F. Kilner C. Ben Mitchell Robert D. Orr Stephen G. Post Susan A. Salladay Linda L. Treloar Gregory Waybright

On the Other Side of Oddville

Author : Dwight Allan Moody
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With a compelling mixture of humor and insight, Moody offers his reflection on religion and American life. Standing at the intersection of the public and the private, and speaking with authentic faith unfettered by fear, Moody offers words of clarity and compassion about some of the more troublesome issues of our time. Many readers will find this collection of newspaper columns most refreshing. "This book of short essays transports the reader into the realm of life's rhythms and every day surprises, writes Bob Mong, president and publisher of the Dallas Morning News in the preface. Moody's stories are not soggy and sentimental. There is fire and pathos intermingling naturally, with passages of love, forgiveness, and tenderness. Moving easily from the personal to the public, Moody offers a word that needs to be heard--"at times powerful and prophetic--"but also pastoral, often poignant, and always with a view toward the common good. Moody speaks to a broad range of topics--"books, family, church, friends culture--"with titles like "Did Jesus Know about Jabez?," "One Hell of a Prayer," "Survival, Guide for Orthodox Churches," "I'm in the Jailhouse Now," "Autism and Easter," and "Howard Finster--"Man of Visions." Moody describes candidly the joys and sorrows that have come his way and how the simple gifts of faith hope, and love have served as sources of both endurance and delight. Do not be surprised if these stories do not warm your soul even as they inform the mind.

Astoundingly Joyful Amazingly Simple

Author : Timothy D. White
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The meta church is a group of culturally varied congregations combined together as one family with one dream that can only be fulfilled by our differences combined together as a fulfillment of the priestly prayer of Jesus Christ. If youre looking for the hard science of what it takes to build a thriving church, look no further than Dr. Whites Astoundingly Joyful, Amazingly Simple. Biblically sound and culturally relevant, Dr. Whites strategy reveals the secrets every church leader longs for. More importantly, he has put them into practice at his amazing church, Washington Cathedral. If youre in church leadership, you dont want to miss out on this transforming message. Dr. Les Parrott, Author of Love Talk Like the TV commercial where theyre building an airplane while flying it, Dr. Tim White reworks todays institutional church while reading the Book of Acts. Readers feel both his passion and his struggle, but we also see the joy and simplicity of the model represented by Washington Cathedral. Their meta approach involves Tiny Little Churches that undergird everything they do, nonprofit foundations that minister to the community, and diverse cultural congregations that share the singular dream of building the greatest care network the world has ever seen. If you want practical ways for your church to move closer to the ideals found in the Book of Acts, this book is for you. Dr. Warren Bird, Research Director for Leadership Network, and co-author of Better Together: Making Healthy Church Mergers Work Whites book is born out of a 25-year education in the school of hard knocks in founding and leading Washington Cathedral into one of the most profoundly incarnational churches in North America. Jim Palmer, author of Divine Nobodies, Wide Open Spaces, & Being Jesus in Nashville

Aging Matters

Author : R. Paul Stevens
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Academy of Parish Clergy’s Top Ten Books for Parish Ministry Vocational discernment, says R. Paul Stevens, is a lifelong process — one that takes on even more significance in later life. In this book Stevens argues that our calling does not end with formal retirement; to the contrary, we do well to keep on working, if possible, till life's end. Stevens delves into matters of calling, spirituality, and legacy in retirement, showing that we must continue to discern our vocation as we grow older in order to remain meaningfully engaged for the rest of our lives. He reframes retirement as a time of continued calling and productivity and points to biblical wisdom that can help us redefine aging as an extraordinarily fruitful season of life.


Author : E. Dean Cook
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This book takes us beyond the usual writings about religious ministry. It invites us iinto closed communities, some more closed than others, and allows us to observe the day-to-day crisis ministries in which the chaplains are engaged. We visit battlefields, prisons, hospitals, hospice settings, college campuses, veterans' centers, and retirement facilities. The writer draws some interesting conclusions about the uniqueness of the chaplaincy and what the greater church can learn from this growing model.