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Catcher in the Wry

Author : Bob Uecker
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The Catcher and the Wry

Author : Brad Stephens
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Drama and Pride in the Gateway City

Author : Society for American Baseball Research (SABR)
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By 1964 the storied St. Louis Cardinals had gone seventeen years without so much as a pennant. Things began to turn around in 1953, when August A. Busch Jr. bought the team and famously asked where all the black players were. Under the leadership of men like Bing Devine and Johnny Keane, the Cardinals began signing talented players regardless of color, and slowly their star started to rise again. Drama and Pride in the Gateway City commemorates the team that Bing Devine built, the 1964 team that prevailed in one of the tightest three-way pennant races of all time and then went on to win the World Series, beating the New York Yankees in the full seven games. All the men come alive in these pages--pitchers Ray Sadecki and Bob Gibson, players Lou Brock, Curt Flood, and Bobby Shantz, manager Johnny Keane, his coaches, the Cardinals' broadcasters, and Bill White, who would one day run the entire National League--along with the dramatic events that made the 1964 Cardinals such a memorable club in a memorable year.

Milwaukee Braves

Author : William Povletich
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During their thirteen years in Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Braves never endured a losing season, won two National League pennants, and in 1957 brought Milwaukee its only World Series championship. With a lineup featuring future Hall of Famers Henry Aaron, Warren Spahn, Eddie Matthews, Red Schoendienst, and Phil Niekro, the team immediately brought Milwaukee "Big League" credentials, won the hearts of fans, and shattered attendance records. The Braves' success in Milwaukee prompted baseball to redefine itself as a big business—resulting in franchises relocating west, multi-league expansion, and teams leveraging cities for civically funded stadiums. But the Braves' instant success and accolades made their rapid fall from grace after winning the 1957 world championship all the more stunning, as declining attendance led the team to Atlanta in one of the ugliest divorces between a city and baseball franchise in sports history. Featuring more than 100 captivating photos, many published here for the first time, Milwaukee Braves preserves the Braves' legacy for the team's many fans and introduces new generations to a fascinating chapter in sports history.

September Swoon

Author : William C. Kashatus
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"September Swoon" is important because it not only chronicles how the Phillies disintegrated, but also looks at the racial tension surrounding the Phillies star rookie, Richie Allen."

Catcher in the Wry

Author : Dan Zamudio
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The only poetry I understand is Baseball. In sparing lines and with a reluctant irony reminiscent of Holden Caulfield, Dan Zamudio deadpans his way through more than 100 poems on baseball. It is a teen’s smirk the speaker wears, telling us that a “slight distraction / always helps” when you’re tendering a month-old ticket for today’s game (“Say, who’s pitching today?”)—and when the teacher leaves the room, “Long / unsharpened / pencils / swing across / desk tops, / connect with / inside pitches” (“Hurry, she’s coming!”). In Chicago, the poet’s hometown, the South Side may have Buddy Guys, but Wrigley is still the best known venue for the blues (“Blues”). Sharing the delights of poetry and baseball without condescension, the author meets young adults and thus all of us on common ground, engaging with familiar language and anecdotes that part of life still pretending to distrust anyone over the age of 30.

The Phillies Reader

Author : Richard Orodenker
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A collection of works following the up-and-down history of the Philadelphia Phillies encompasses subjects such as Chuck Klein, Mike Schmidt, the bizarre shooting of Eddie Waitkus, and the heartbreak of '64, updated with several new essays, including one about Citizens Bank Park. Original.

Catcher in Wry Can

Author : Bob Uecker
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The Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and American Culture 1998

Author : Thomas L. Altherr
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This is an anthology of 20 papers that were presented at the Tenth Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and American Culture, held in June 1998, and co-sponsored by the State University of New York at Oneonta and the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Commencing with a perceptive speech by keynote speaker G. Edward White, this Symposium examined such topics as whether a city can support two--not just one--major league team, how television broadcasters and their ball clubs interrelate and how masculine dominance in baseball mainly curtailed female advancement in the game and business. These essays, divided into sections titled "Baseball as a Business," "Baseball and Communication," "Baseball and Racial and Ethnic Perspectives," "Baseball and Gender Matters," "Baseball and Images" and "The 'Other' Leagues of Baseball," cut through the quick and easy judgments of the media and offer instead the longer, more informed view of scholars and researchers.

Killing for Dummies

Author : Dr. flylow Drummand
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Leaving on Top

Author : David Heenan
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Leaving on Top: Graceful Exits for Leaders explores what it means to move on from a career with a class and a view for what's next. While most graceful exiters pursue a variety of interests throughout their professional lifetime, others are content to reach the top and then cling to it. Through this research, David Heenan has found that most leaders can be categorized into four exiting types: Timeless wonders: With their skills very much intact, these white-haired prodigies have no need to call it quits. Aging Despots: Reluctant to leave the spotlight, they are past their prime and should turn the reigns over to a new generation. Comeback Kids: Whether to return their enterprises to their former glory, or simply save themselves from boredom, these once-departed leaders have returned with a vengeance. Graceful Exiters: Quitting while ahead, they leave a sterling reputation as they move on. Heenan understands how to exit gracefully from his profession - he's done it several times. In Leaving On Top, he pairs wisdom derived from his experience with dozens of high-profile exits, both graceful and untimely. Heenan's examination includes ten exiting lessons from leaders of industry, such as: Know Thy Situation: Situations change, and the intuitive know when a great career has fizzled. Take Risks: Accept change as a natural part of your transition, push your comfort zone to confront new challenges. Keep Good Company: Build alliances to help plan your exit strategy, then stay connected. Keep Learning: Graceful exiters remain curious. They are intellectually interested, alert, and adaptable. Know When to Walk Away: Blind determination often backfires. Don't let professional success cloud your personal life.

Memories from the Microphone

Author : Curt Smith
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Voices of the Game Curt Smith is “…the voice of authority on baseball broadcasting.” ―USA Today #1 New Release in Photography, Baseball Statistics , Photo Essays, and Photojournalism In this second in a series of Baseball Hall of Fame books, celebrate the larger-than-life role played by radio and TV baseball announcers in enhancing the pleasure of our national pastime. Commemorate the 100th anniversary of baseball broadcasting. The first baseball game ever broadcast on radio was on August 5, 1921 by Harold Wampler Arlin, a part-time baseball announcer on Pittsburgh’s KDKA, America’s first commercially licensed radio station. The Pirates defeated the Phillies 8-5. An insider’s view of baseball. Now you can own Memories from the Microphone and experience baseball from author Curt Smith. He has spent much of his life covering baseball radio and TV, and previously authored baseball books including the classic Voices of The Game. Relive baseball’s storied past through the eyes of famed baseball announcers. Organized chronologically, Memories from the Microphone charts the history of baseball broadcasting. Enjoy celebrated stories and personalities that have shaped the game―from Mel Allen to Harry Caray, Vin Scully to Joe Morgan, Ernie Harwell to Red Barber. Also discover: • Images from the Baseball Hall of Fame’s matchless archive • A multi-layered narrative exploring cultural, technological, and economic trends that changed fans’ experience of the game • Anecdotes and quotes from Curt Smith’s original research • Interviews with broadcast greats • Little-known stories, such as Ronald Reagan calling games for WHO Des Moines in the 1930s • Accounts of diversity in baseball broadcasting, including the TV coverage of Joe Morgan and earlier Hispanic pioneers Buck Canel and Rafael (Felo) Ramirez • A special section devoted to the Ford C. Frick Award and inductees since its inception in 1978 Also read the first in the series of Baseball Hall of Fame books Picturing America’s Pastime.

Baseball Myths

Author : Bill Deane
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The Baseball Entertainer #2 by Robert Kuenster (IRD, Sep 2010), 96 pages, paper, $8.95. 978-1-56663-863-0 LTD sales: 1,764 ($7,818 net)A Game of Inches: The Stories Behind the Innovations That Shaped Baseball, New, Revised and Expanded One-Volume Edition, by Peter Morris (IRD, Apr 2010), 664 pages, paper, $26.95. 978-1-56663-853-1 LTD sales: 1,547 ($20,953 net)The Sports Junkies' Book of Trivia, Terms, and Lingo: What They Are, Where They Came From, and How They're Used by Harvey Frommer (Taylor Trade, 2005), 400 pages, paper, $16.95. 978-1-58979-255-5 LTD sales: 2,623 ($21,459 net)

The New Biographical History of Baseball

Author : Donald Dewey
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In a special collector's edition format, this revised edition of The New Biographical History of Baseball presents updated statistical research to create the most accurate picture possible of the on-field accomplishments of players from earlier eras. It offers original summaries of the personalities and contributions of over 1,500 players, managers, owners, front office executives, journalists, and ordinary fans who developed the great American game into a national pastime. Each individual included has had an impact on the sport as mass entertainment or as a cultural phenomenon, and as an athletic art or a business enterprise. Also included are first-time entries on players like Sammy Sosa and Albert Belle, and expanded entries for such players as Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds. This special resource for fans of baseball reflects the breakout talent and enduring fan favorites from all eras of the historic game.

Wisconsin Library Bulletin

Author :
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Baseball s Funnymen

Author : Lew Freedman
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From Nick Altrock to Casey Stengel, Dizzy Dean to Satchel Paige, Bill Veeck to Bob Uecker, baseball has always admired the clever. This book tells the stories of some of the players, coaches, managers and broadcasters who had the most fun in the Major Leagues and made fans laugh out loud (or shake their heads in disbelief). The author recounts tales both famous and little known that capture the character of unusual and offbeat players, unique and engaging personalities and the succession of eccentrics who were officially dubbed “Clown Prince of Baseball.”

The Kindest People Who Do Good Deeds Volume 3

Author : David Bruce
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The Funniest People in Sports and Neighborhoods

Author : David Bruce
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This book contains such anecdotes as these: 1) Bob Zuppke coached the football Illini for years. In a discussion of football rules, someone described a play and asked whether the officials had made the right call. Before answering, however, Mr. Zuppke asked, "Which team made the foul-Illinois or the other one?" 2) At a Westminster Dog Show in Madison Square Garden, a woman was selling an expensive coat made for dogs. Saying "We want her dog to look as smart as madame," the saleslady held up a pink cocktail coat made out of embroidered silk with a lining of mohair. Sportswriter Robert Lipsyte asked her, "When would a dog wear that?" The saleslady replied, "After five o'clock." 3) Shannon Martin was six years old when she won an age-12-and-under roping contest, for which she was written up in the "Roping Sports News." Because she hadn't learned to read yet, she kept saying to her father, "Come on, Dad. Read it again."

Lust Loathing Lunacy

Author : Frank Sherry
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Philip Francis Parkman, Democrat Congressman from the 14th District of New Jersey, fortified by his unexpected victory at the polls and motivated by high ideals and good intentions, embraces his perceived role as not only spokesman for his constituency, but also as caretaker of the Constitution of the United States. However, intervening reality soon crushes his idealism and vanquishes his hope he can make a difference. Thus begins his slide on the “greasy griddle” as he calls it. He turns to alcohol to alleviate his disappointment. On his way down, forty-eight-year-old Parkman falls under the spell of a precocious teenage seductress—Catherine Taylor Quinter, the beautiful eighteen-year-old daughter of his political mentor. Parkman is, at the same time, falsely charged with campaign fraud and faces disgrace before the Ethics Committee. His long-suffering wife, Elaine, embarking on her own personal journey to secure her identity while professionally experiencing success, finds she must choose to save her own life or her husband’s. Parkman’s slide lands him in a mental institution, called “the Facility” by the inmates, where he meets the enigmatic Winslow whose wisdom provides him with a new vision on life.


Author : Stephen Davies
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Trogon: The Awakening, takes place a long time long ago in the Tryphenian Empire where Emperor Khabah XXIII is fighting a rebel group on his northern borders led by the wily rebel leader Turabath. The Emperor is also desperately in need new land for his ever-growing population and as a dumping ground for his over crowded prisons. Palento Island a former province of the Empire is home to three communities. The Highlanders to the north, the Lowlanders to the south and the Trogons who remain out of sight in the great western caves. Trogons have unique telepathic and fighting skills as well as the ability to move rapidly without being seen. Because of a previous betrayal by the Islanders they do not become involved in Island affairs unless there is a grave threat to the Island or themselves but they continue to conduct regular patrols of the Island to watch for invaders. Palento is eventually invaded and the Island warriors prove no match for the well-trained legionnaires. The Islanders have limited means to defend themselves and are greatly outnumbered and ill equipped to fight the well-trained legionnaires. Sacha and the Trogon warriors plan a surprise for the invading forces but not without some close encounters and a few dangerous setbacks.