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Catfish Dream

Author : Julian Rankin
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Explores "the experiences, family, and struggles of Ed Scott Jr. (born in 1922), a prolific farmer in the Mississippi Delta and the first-ever nonwhite owner and operator of a catfish plant in the nation, ... [who] provides an example for economic mobility and activism in a region of the country that is one of the nation's poorest and has one of the most drastic disparities in education and opportunity, a situation especially true for the Delta's vast African American population"--Back cover.

Catfish Dream

Author : Julian Rankin
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Catfish Dream centers around the experiences, family, and struggles of Ed Scott Jr. (born in 1922), a prolific farmer in the Mississippi Delta and the first ever nonwhite owner and operator of a catfish plant in the nation. Both directly and indirectly, the economic and political realities of food and subsistence affect the everyday lives of Delta farmers and the people there. Ed's own father, Edward Sr., was a former sharecropper turned landowner who was one of the first black men to grow rice in the state. Ed carries this mantle forth with his soybean and rice farming and later with his catfish operation, which fed the black community both physically and symbolically. He provides an example for economic mobility and activism in a region of the country that is one of the nation's poorest and has one of the most drastic disparities in education and opportunity, a situation especially true for the Delta's vast African American population. With Catfish Dream Julian Rankin provides a fascinating portrait of a place through his intimate biography of Scott, a hero at once so typical and so exceptional in his community.

The Thaw

Author : Paul Genova
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Paul Genova's finely crafted essays, which proffer a humanistic and humanizing vision of psychiatry in the face of his profession's preoccupation with target symptoms, "correct" thinking, and medication, have won him a wide and appreciative readership in the pages of Psychiatric Times. This expanded edition of The Thaw, the first collection of his writings, adds seven of Genova's recent pieces, along with one older one, his elegiac "Is American Psychiatry Terminally Ill?" of 1993, to the original collection. An eloquent defender of psychodynamic psychotherapy in an era of generic "trauma stories," drug-driven treatment, and managed care, Genova joins deep erudition, lightly worn, to a pragmatic sensibility that is respectful of the real-world options - behavioral, symptomatic, interpersonal, and otherwise - available to patients from different walks of life. Whether he is reflecting critically on the therapeutic claims of the latest treatment modalities, grappling with the meaning of boundary violations, paying homage to the transformative potential of suffering, or recounting episodes from his own personal and professional odyssey, Genova is a luminous guide, elegant and down to earth, unfailingly thoughtful and thought-provoking, to the trials, tribulations, and healing promise of day-to-day psychotherapeutic work. With vivid immediacy, The Thaw celebrates the renascent healing potential of a contemporary, person-centered psychiatry that is analytically, neuroscientifically, and politically informed. All mental health professionals and many interested lay readers will find much here to illumine their daily struggles.


Author : Liz Swados
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Twelve-year-old Cobra Kite discovers she is a dreamtective--someone with the power to enter other people's dreams--and that like her parents, who belong to a secret organization, she must learn to use her powers against the forces of evil

A Modern Translation of Animals In Dreams

Author : Ivan J. Thomas
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Dreaming reflects a pivotal aspect of the processing of memory. Human beings, throughout history have sought to understand the meaning of dreams. Till today many struggle to understand their dreams in relation to their lives. They come in different types depending on one’s mood and/or stress levels. Most reveal answers to one’s questions and provide spiritual guidance to the dreamer. It is of great importance that the dreamer remembers their dream, which isn’t that easy but can be harnessed. This reference material is solely dedicated to the interpretation of animals symbolizing situations in our present or future lives. For example, ones dream of lions represents a need to control or dominate others. Either your own need to control others, or your projection of other people who you feel want to control you. Understanding our dreams may help you patch your relationship with loved ones, career, own businesses or any circumstance that may unfold itself in form of a vision.

Dreams Myths and Fairy Tales in Japan

Author : Hayao Kawai
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Addresses Japanese culture insightfully, exploring the depths of the psyche from both Eastern and Western perspectives, an endeavor the author is uniquely suited to undertake. The present volume is based upon five lectures originally delivered at the prestigious round-table Eranos Conferences in Ascona, Switzerland. Readers interested in Japanese myth and religion, comparative cultural studies, depth psychology or clinical psychology will all find Professor Kawai’s offerings to be remarkably insightful while at the same time practical for their own daily work.

Korean folktales

Author : Hŭi-ung Cho
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Catfish Joe Double Double Toil Trouble

Author : CAROL ANN
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Catfish Joe is a poor, black, street preacher who has opinions about everything from women's hair to Machiavelli. He is always helping people if with unorthodox methods and he audits courses at University of Pennsylvania. He is a chunk of life and southern wisdom, a florid, engaging and tough character. Double, Double, Toil & Trouble is about three fat, rambunctious married socialites who are wild as March Hares. They pick up gigolos, have affairs and drink to every occasion. Myrtle and Gladys are the nicer ones: Lavinia is like a tigress. They even visit a Baptist church to get in touch with their spiritual side. They are described as being more bitchy than Macbeth's three witches.

Dream City

Author : Harry Jaffe
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Arguing that citizens of Washington, D.C., live without basic American rights, two respected Washington journalists show how the country's capital contains huge and often vicious contradictions and devastating race, class, and power problems.

Understanding the Dreams you Dream Vol 2

Author : Ira Milligan
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Many people believe that God speaks to us in our dreams. Understanding the language God uses in dreams will open a whole new world of understanding His plan for each of us. Every Dreamer's Handbook is the latest book from the best-selling author of Understanding the Dreams You Dream.

Catfish and Mandala

Author : Andrew X. Pham
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A Vietnamese Bicycle Days by a stunning new voice in American letters. Andrew X. Pham dreamed of becoming a writer. Born in Vietnam and raised in California, he held technical jobs at United Airlines-and always carried a letter of resignation in his briefcase. His father had been a POW of the Vietcong; his family came to America as "boat people." His sister committed suicide, prompting Andrew to quit his job. He sold all of his possessions and embarked on a year-long bicycle journey that took him through the Mexican desert, where he was treated as a bueno hermano, a "good brother"; around a thousand-mile loop from Narita to Kyoto in Japan; and, after five months and 2,357 miles, to Saigon, where he finds "nothing familiar in the bombed-out darkness." In Mexico he's treated kindly as a Vietnamito, though he shouts, "I'm American, Vietnamese American!" In Vietnam, he's taken for Japanese or Korean by his countrymen, except, of course, by his relatives, who doubt that as a Vietnamese he has the stamina to complete his journey ("Only Westerners can do it"); and in the United States he's considered anything but American. A vibrant, picaresque memoir written with narrative flair and a wonderful, eye-opening sense of adventure, Catfish and Mandala is an unforgettable search for cultural identity.

My Substitute

Author : Angel-heart Garrison
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Dreams That Speak

Author : Antoinette M. White
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Birth from her mother womb as the mouth piece for God, evolved the anointed infallible, woman of God, Prophetess Antoinette M. White. As God molded her in His hands, He purposed her for His works and for His people. From the cradle to the pulpit this Prophetess was destined to bring forth the word of God with the anointing and power. Hearing the call in her tender years, Antoinette began her ministry with a Yes Lord, her am I, and sojourns her call in the path of ministerial greatness. With an ear to hear His voice, and her affections toward heavenly matters, this Prophetess is unmovable and unstoppable on her mission. In her childhood years it was evident Antoinette was a gifted child; peculiar, anointed and called to ministry. As the gift of prophecy manifested through her voice, and prophetic dreams became perceptible through full materialization, the mantel as Gods Prophetess was apparent. Prophetess White is the wife of the powerful Apostle Michael S. White Jr. and mother of six children. These two anointed vessels established Remnant Apostolic Prophetic Outreach (

Eranos Annales

Author :
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Channel Catfish Fever

Author : Doug Stange
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Fishing experts blend science with catfishing experience to sweep aside myths in this in-depth how-to book focusing on understanding and catching channel catfish.

Dream Noises

Author : Miriam Grace A. Go
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Noveller fra Philippinerne.

DreamMoods com What s In Your Dream An A to Z Dream Dictionary

Author : Michael Vigo
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Author : Orion
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The Dream Maker

Author : Arnaldo Ricciulli
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On the way home from visiting their eldest son at university, Dan and Malou Politano had stopped in Pahokee and had both decided to take up an offer from an old Seminole Indian to re-visit their past. During their journey, they went through an incredible adventure which drove them to relive many of Dan's childhood memories and some fantastic ancestral events while completing twelve tasks. These tasks were all designed to reinforce or ignite desires for Dan to redress his family life after a horrible skiing accident, which had occurred thirteen years earlier, had left him questioning his destiny and ignoring his future - or the future that was staring him in the face. While returning to the present, Dan and Malou were separated. Malou was the only one who made it back to 2013. As for Dan, he had unfortunately returned further in time and had lost all memory of his travels into the past with Malou. He had been found in a forest clearing - unconscious - and had been transported to the nearest hospital in Key West, Florida. When he woke up and regained his senses, he soon realized that he didn't even know his name. Suffering from post-traumatic amnesia, the only name he remembered was the one of an old shepherd - Damianos. Not having anywhere to stay - he couldn't remember where he lived either - Dan was sent to a shelter where he was to share a room with another man named Gustavo.

The Calling Dream

Author : Karlyle Tomms
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At the age of ten, in 1945, Ronald Dennison, the son of a backwoods Arkansas preacher, began having profound and religiously laden dreams about a strange redheaded woman. Throughout his life, she seduced him, called him to preach, to become a televangelist, while she berated him for his sins of lust. Yet she held a secret so dark that he dared never admit it, even to himself. The more famous and wealthier he became, the more he struggled with himself about his lust, his adultery, his fetish, and his shame until, one day, his life reached a breaking point, and his torment could no longer be contained.