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Global Talent Management During Times of Uncertainty

Author : Francine Schlosser
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Exploring the uncertain contexts related to socio-political and socio-economic change, Global Talent Management During Times of Uncertainty investigates how rapidly evolving national policies, social and cultural contexts influence and continue to affect post-pandemic global talent management.

Chaotic Signal Processing

Author : Henry Leung
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An authoritative guide to up-to-date research results on chaotic signal processing aimed at researchers and graduate students in chaos, applied nonlinear dynamics, signal processing and radar communications. This book examines the applications of chaotic signal processing to radar, communications, system identification and computing.

Artificial Intelligence with Uncertainty

Author : Deyi Li
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This book develops a framework that shows how uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (AI) expands and generalizes traditional AI. It explores the uncertainties of knowledge and intelligence. The authors focus on the importance of natural language – the carrier of knowledge and intelligence, and introduce efficient physical methods for data mining amd control. In this new edition, we have more in-depth description of the models and methods, of which the mathematical properties are proved strictly which make these theories and methods more complete. The authors also highlight their latest research results.

IUTAM Symposium on Dynamics and Control of Nonlinear Systems with Uncertainty

Author : H.Y. Hu
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This is a state-of-the-art treatise on the problems of both nonlinearity and uncertainty in the dynamics and control of engineering systems. The concept of dynamics and control implies the combination of dynamic analysis and control synthesis. It is essential to gain insight into the dynamics of a nonlinear system with uncertainty if any new control strategy is designed to utilize nonlinearity.

The Politics of Uncertainty

Author : Ian Scoones
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Why is uncertainty so important to politics today? To explore the underlying reasons, issues and challenges, this book’s chapters address finance and banking, insurance, technology regulation and critical infrastructures, as well as climate change, infectious disease responses, natural disasters, migration, crime and security and spirituality and religion. The book argues that uncertainties must be understood as complex constructions of knowledge, materiality, experience, embodiment and practice. Examining in particular how uncertainties are experienced in contexts of marginalisation and precarity, this book shows how sustainability and development are not just technical issues, but depend deeply on political values and choices. What burgeoning uncertainties require lies less in escalating efforts at control, but more in a new – more collective, mutualistic and convivial – politics of responsibility and care. If hopes of much-needed progressive transformation are to be realised, then currently blinkered understandings of uncertainty need to be met with renewed democratic struggle. Written in an accessible style and illustrated by multiple case studies from across the world, this book will appeal to a wide cross-disciplinary audience in fields ranging from economics to law to science studies to sociology to anthropology and geography, as well as professionals working in risk management, disaster risk reduction, emergencies and wider public policy fields.

Managing Uncertainty Mitigating Risk

Author : Nick Firoozye
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Managing Uncertainty, Mitigating Risk proposes that financial risk management broaden its approach, maintaining quantification where possible, but incorporating uncertainty. The author shows that by using broad quantification techniques, and using reason as the guiding principle, practitioners can see a more holistic and complete picture.

Borrowed Knowledge

Author : Stephen H. Kellert
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What happens to scientific knowledge when researchers outside the natural sciences bring elements of the latest trend across disciplinary boundaries for their own purposes? Researchers in fields from anthropology to family therapy and traffic planning employ the concepts, methods, and results of chaos theory to harness the disciplinary prestige of the natural sciences, to motivate methodological change or conceptual reorganization within their home discipline, and to justify public policies and aesthetic judgments. Using the recent explosion in the use (and abuse) of chaos theory, Borrowed Knowledge and the Challenge of Learning across Disciplines examines the relationship between science and other disciplines as well as the place of scientific knowledge within our broader culture. Stephen H. Kellert’s detailed investigation of the myriad uses of chaos theory reveals serious problems that can arise in the interchange between science and other knowledge-making pursuits, as well as opportunities for constructive interchange. By engaging with recent debates about interdisciplinary research, Kellert contributes a theoretical vocabulary and a set of critical frameworks for the rigorous examination of borrowing.

Mechanical Engineering in Uncertainties From Classical Approaches to Some Recent Developments

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Considering the uncertainties in mechanical engineering in order to improve the performance of future products or systems is becoming a competitive advantage, sometimes even a necessity, when seeking to guarantee an increasingly high safety requirement. Mechanical Engineering in Uncertainties deals with modeling, quantification and propagation of uncertainties. It also examines how to take into account uncertainties through reliability analyses and optimization under uncertainty. The spectrum of the methods presented ranges from classical approaches to more recent developments and advanced methods. The methodologies are illustrated by concrete examples in various fields of mechanics (civil engineering, mechanical engineering and fluid mechanics). This book is intended for both (young) researchers and engineers interested in the treatment of uncertainties in mechanical engineering.

Uncertainty and Surprise in Complex Systems

Author : Reuben R. McDaniel
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Complexity science has been a source of new insight in physical and social systems and has demonstrated that unpredictability and surprise are fundamental aspects of the world around us. This book is the outcome of a discussion meeting of leading scholars and critical thinkers with expertise in complex systems sciences and leaders from a variety of organizations, sponsored by the Prigogine Center at The University of Texas at Austin and the Plexus Institute, to explore strategies for understanding uncertainty and surprise. Besides contributions to the conference, it includes a key digest by the editors as well as a commentary by the late nobel laureate Ilya Prigogine, "Surprises in half of a century". The book is intended for researchers and scientists in complexity science, as well as for a broad interdisciplinary audience of both practitioners and scholars. It will well serve those interested in the research issues and in the application of complexity science to physical and social systems.

Economic Uncertainty Instabilities and Asset Bubbles

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