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Art of Chinese Brush Painting

Author : Caroline Self
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The Art of Chinese Brush Painting is an excellent way for newcomers to experience this ancient Chinese art form. The book introduces traditional Chinese ink painting techniques developed over a thousand years ago. In 35 simple and intermediate lessons, readers will learn to paint towering landscapes; the elegant Four Generals: bamboo, orchid, plum blossom and chrysanthemum; rugged, steadfast pine; animals from the Chinese Zodiac; and basic strokes used in Chinese calligraphy. To better understand "the soft martial art," the book includes an introduction to the Chinese ink painting tradition and detailed discussion of brushes, paper and other tools and accessories. The lessons are instructive for artists at any level of expertise but are directed to the dedicated beginner.

The Simple Art of Chinese Brush Painting

Author : Qu Lei Lei
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Paint beautiful works of art using the special brush-and-ink techniques cultivated for centuries by Chinese artists—techniques that allowed them to represent the structure and spirit of any subject. Every image here provides inspiration, while background information enlightens you on how the style developed, and practical guidance helps beginners select brushes, paper, ink, and other supplies. Master the skills of both the Literati (freehand) and Meticulous (more formal) styles, and see how to create each of the classic and meaningful Four Gentlemen—the blossom, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum—as well as a range of elegant birds. More than 15 exquisite projects include a flower-and-bird parchment fan, bamboo greeting cards, and lantern with a nightingale in peach blossom.

Chinese Brush Painting

Author : Caroline Self
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Presented in an easy-to-understand way that is perfect for children, Chinese Brush Painting teaches the ancient art of Chinese calligraphy. For more than a thousand years, a traditional Chinese style of art—brush painting—has been used to make pictures that are more than just pictures. These are images that harness your imagination, and capture on paper the true spirit of an animal…or a landscape…or a tree. All you need is black paint, white paper, and your best mental focus! Step by step this calligraphy for kids book shows you how fun it can be to paint Chinese characters in the traditional way. Once you learn the basic strokes, you can put them together to create everything from a pine cone to a mountain scene. you will even be able to write some Chinese calligraphy. You'll find that Chinese brush painting will help you learn to center your mind and thoughts. And your masterpieces will be inspiring decoration for your walls or great gifts for your friends and family. Open this book, pick up your brush and let's get started!

The Art of Chinese Brush Painting

Author : Maggie Cross
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Introduces the materials, principles, and techniques of Chinese brush painting and includes step-by-step demonstrations.

Chinese Brush Painting

Author : Rebecca Yue
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Full of gorgeous brushwork, easy-to-follow instruction, and exciting art materials, this complete kit is the perfect introduction to the ancient art of Chinese brush painting. After an introduction to the philosophy behind painting with Chinese brushstrokes and techniqes for holding and guiding the brush, aspiring artists are guided through step-by-step painting projects. Several accomplished artists show their process of painting subjects ranging from traditional bamboo and animals to a landscape and figure. And this kit contains everything needed to complete all the projects in the 32-page lesson book. The hardcover case includes a 40-page paperback book with corresponding Spanish translation, watercolor paints, Chinese paintbrushes, ink stick, ink stone, palette, and watercolor paper.

Special Subjects Beginning Chinese Brush

Author : Monika Cilmi
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From choosing brushes to painting techniques, composition, and development, Special Subjects: Beginning Chinese Brush is bursting with valuable skills and lessons to help beginning artists master Chinese brush painting.

The Chinese Brush Painting Handbook

Author : Foster, Viv
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Demonstrates the techniques used in the art of Chinese brush painting and discusses tools, color-mixing, special effects, trouble-shooting, Chinese graphic style, and color composition.

Chinese Brush Painting

Author : Jane Evans
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"How-to" manual provides all levels of students with detailed methods for painting such simple subjects as bamboo and plum blossoms as well as more ambitious motifs. 150 illustrations, including 82 in full color.

Chinese Brush Painting

Author : Yan
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The Chinese Brush Painting Bible

Author : Jane Dwight
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Chinese brush painting uses minimal strokes to describe the essence of a subject and capture its rhythm and grace. This beautiful book contains 200 exquisite motifs to re-create, from flowers and fruits to wildlife and scenery. Each motif includes an explanation of its symbolic meaning, a palette of colors, and step-by-step instruction in the order, direction, and type of brushstrokes. An introductory section explains all the tools, materials, and techniques required, from choosing brushes and paper to achieving perfect color mixtures and the correct consistency of ink. Includes advice on composing and combining images to create perfectly balanced, harmonious paintings, and ideas for using and displaying your finished art.