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Chinese International Investments

Author : Ilan Alon
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This book provides authoritative academic and professional insights into the strategies of Chinese Foreign Direct Investments in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Distinguished authors from across the world will make a contribution to the growing literature on OFDI (outward foreign direct investment) from China.

International Investment Law

Author : Guiguo Wang
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Increasing and intensified cross-border economic exchange such as trade and investment is an important feature of globalization. In the past, a distinction could be made between capital importing and exporting countries, or host and home countries for foreign direct investment (FDI). Due to globalization, FDI is presently made by and in both developed and developing countries. Differences in political, economic and legal systems and culture are no longer obstacles for FDI, and to varying degrees the economic development of almost all countries is closely linked with the inflow of FDI. This book conducts critical assessments of aspects of current international law on FDI, focusing on cases decided by the tribunals of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) and other tribunals as well as decisions of annulment ad hoc committees of the ICSID. In examining such cases, Guiguo Wang takes into account the Chinese culture and China’s practice in the related areas. The book explores topics including: the development and trend of international investment law; unilateral, bilateral and multilateral mechanisms for encouraging and protecting FDIs; determination of qualified investors and investments and consent as conditions for protection; relative and absolute standards of treatment; determination of expropriation in practice; assessment of compensation for expropriation; difficulties in enforcing investment arbitral awards; and alternatives for improving the existing system. The book will be of great use and interest to scholars, practitioners and students of international investment law and international economic law, Asian law, and Chinese studies.

China and International Investment Law

Author : Wenhua Shan
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The first volume in the Silk Road Studies in International Economic Law Series, China and International Investment Law: Twenty Years of ICSID Membership examines cutting-edge issues of international investment law and arbitration in interaction with China, the second largest economy of the world.

China s Offensive in Europe

Author : Philippe Le Corre
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A portrait of China’s new economic passion toward Europe. For years China’s international investment interests focused on a search for natural resources in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Recently China’s focus has shifted to Europe as well as the United States, and to new fields as diverse as real estate, energy, hospitality, transportation, and heavy industry. Chinese foreign investment is expected to grow throughout Europe in the years to come. For instance, the financial crisis centered in Greece and the fall of the euro have helped China and some of its corporations create a new partnership within the European Union, working to expand the country’s power through finance and infrastructure. China’s Offensive in Europe studies the trends, sectors, and target countries of Chinese investments in Europe. It looks at cases of outbound investment trajectories and journeys by some key Chinese private and state-owned companies. It also takes a look at European perceptions of China, a country with a very different history and very different traditions from the Western world. Philippe Le Corre and Alain Sepulchre examine how China’s presence in Europe can serve as a benchmark to other developed economies—especially the United States, which is also seeing a rise in Chinese investments.

The Determinants of Chinese Outward Direct Investment

Author : Hinrich Voss
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The rapid international expansion of Chinese enterprises since the 1990s has attracted considerable attention in scholarly and policy circles. This book sheds fresh light on the phenomenon by explaining its determinants using the analytical lens of international business theory. The author focuses in particular on how Chinese firms interact with the institutional environment both at home and abroad. Drawing upon evidence and analysis from official statistics, Hinrich Voss concludes that the institutional change and market imperfections in China, combined with host country effects and the mediating role of trans-border social and business networks, are key facilitators of the rise of Chinese multinationals. This book provides the most up-to-date analysis of the determinants of Chinese outward foreign direct investments, and will appeal to academics with an interest in international business and management, as well as those researching China specifically and Asian business more broadly. Postgraduate students in international business, Asian business studies and international relations will find this book invaluable, as will practitioners dealing with Chinese multinational enterprises.

Foreign Investments on Chinese Capital Markets

Author : Rüdiger Veil
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Over the last decade, Chinese stock markets have developed rapidly. Most importantly, their opening to foreign investment has meant a steady increase in international influence, but also confronted China with a number of challenges in ensuring stable and well-functioning markets. This volume discusses these developments and analyses the efforts needed to secure market integrity and investor protection, particularly through enforcement mechanisms in both capital markets and corporate law. It sheds light on the tasks and experiences met along the way and provides further food for thought on possible reforms of Chinese capital markets law.

China s Outward Foreign Investment

Author : Xiaofei Li
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This book explores the characteristics of China's outward foreign investment, its motivation, its sector distribution, and its geographical distribution to illustrate the current pattern of 'merchant-state dualism' in China's overseas foreign direct investment. It thus concludes that merchant-state dualism is the most suitable model for explaining contemporary Chinese government-business relations.

Institutions and Investments

Author : Jun Fu
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China s Open Door to Foreign Investments 1978 1984

Author : Kenny Chin
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Chinese Direct Investment in Europe

Author :
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Although ODI from emerging economies is gaining ground, it remains very much a developed-country phenomenon. China's direct outbound investment flows accounted for only 1.1 per cent of the world total in 2007 and in terms of stocks, China still lags behind many industrial and emerging economies. For fiscal reasons, most Chinese ODI is officially reported to flow to Hong Kong and tax havens. Europe and the rest of the world have only a modest share. Market-seeking considerations rank first and strategic-asset-seeking motivations second in Chinese ODI. State intervention in Chinese ODI is generally exaggerated. The domination of state-owned enterprises in Chinese ODI reflects the fact that government policies generally favour the public sector within the Chinese economy. Chinese investment in Europe is growing but remains relatively insignificant. It is biased towards service activities; in manufacturing it is heavily concentrated in ICT and the automobile sector. Through mergers and acquisitions, Chinese investors seek access to brands and distribution networks or to engineering know-how and customer networks. Greenfield investments aim to access the European market and help to customize products for local needs. Overall, Chinese firms' performances in Europe tend to be disappointing, particularly in terms of profitability. The current economic crisis may provide new investment opportunities but it is also a major challenge for Chinese firms which invested in ailing European firms.

Chinese Foreign Relations

Author : Robert G. Sutter
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This comprehensive introduction to Chinese foreign relations explores the opportunities and limits China faces as it seeks growing international influence. Tracing the record of twists and turns in Chinese foreign relations since the end of the Cold War, Robert G. Sutter provides a nuanced analysis that shows that despite popular perceptions of its growing power, Beijing is hampered by both domestic and international constraints. This text's balanced and thorough assessment shows China's leaders exerting more influence in world affairs but remaining far from dominant. Facing numerous contradictions and tradeoffs, they move cautiously as they deal with a complex global environment.

Foreign Direct Investment in China

Author : Yingqi Wei
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'The data used is rich, including national, regional and industry-level statistics.' - Yue Ma, The China Journal 'Wei and Liu provide a comprehensive analysis of the determinants and impact of FDI on the economy of China. The book is to be recommended to students of international business for its elegant use of sophisticated econometric techniques and economic theory in exploring the role of FDI in a major emerging economy that hosts a substantial volume of FDI.' - V.N.Balasubramanyam, Lancaster University, UK China is now among the top hosts for foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows in the world. This fact, combined with recent developments in internationalisation and economic growth in China, ensures a perfect opportunity to identify the determinants and impact of FDI in the largest transition economy in the world.

Chinese Company and Securities Law

Author : Chengwei Liu
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China enjoys the highest level of foreign investment of any country in the world today. Yet, despite substantial liberalization in last decades, investment in China remains tightly circumscribed. For complex reasons stemming from China's protection of its own internal economy, the government hedges foreign investments, either green field Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) or Mergers and Acquisitions (MandAs), with a complex system of laws, regulations and guidelines, bristling with challenges and uncertainties for even the simplest investment or restructurings. This detailed, systematic explanation - by a practicing lawyer with over ten years experience at one of the top law firms in China - provides thorough and up-to-date guidance on the rules and procedures affecting FDI, MandAs, and listings in China today. Focusing on such practical matters as key regulations, regulatory requirements, and transactional procedures and structures, the author leads the practitioner through the maze of interconnected national and local authorities, with expert knowledge of when and under what circumstances various rules apply and when they do not as well as practical skills on how to structure a particular deal under current regulations. Included in this superb analysis are detailed descriptions of such factors as the following: * establishment of a new Foreign Invested Enterprise (FIE), including a substantial review of the establishment of both common FIEs (either whole foreign ownership or joint ventures with Chinese parties) and particular FIEs (such as a foreign invested holding company, stock company or partnership); * the cross-border acquisition of a domestic company by foreign investors including the restructuring of existing FIEs by way of domestic re-investment or equity transfer or mergers; * the takeover of a PRC listed company by foreign investors through such ways as a Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (QFII/RQFII) or strategic investment; * the acquisition of a State-Owned Enterprise (SOE), either listed or non-listed SOE; * the merger control review and national security review involved in an MandA transaction; and * the Initial Public Offering (IPO), follow-on offerings including private placement on Chinese capital market, as well as the issuance of corporate bonds in China. Since the year 2008 when the first edition was published, lots of significant developments were made in regard to the laws and regulations in FDI, MandAs and capital market. Such developments and new regulations are given an up-to-date analysis in this second edition. For law firms advising companies on investing in China, or for in-house counsel, this book is without peer as a comprehensive, reliable and easy-to-use resource. At every stage of a project, from the initial business decision to problems arising after successful start-up and during day-to-day operations, it will provide clear, authoritative guidance for years to come.

Chinese Investment Treaties

Author : Norah Gallagher
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This is a comprehensive commentary on Chinese bilateral investment treaties (BITs), which are being increasingly used in Chinese foreign investment policy. It will define BITs' role analyse and interpret their key provisions, and discuss the future of China's investment programme.

Report on the Downturn in the International Tropical Timber Market

Author : Geoffrey J. Pleydell
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Diasporas and Foreign Direct Investment in China and India

Author : Min Ye
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A comparative and historical analysis of foreign direct investment liberalization in China and India, explaining how the return of these countries' diasporas affects such liberalization.

Investing in China and Chinese Investment Abroad

Author : Xiuping Zhang
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The book provides a study of the investment environment for international enterprises in China and overseas investment by Chinese enterprises. Applying statistical methods and up-to-date data analysis, it examines every aspect of the investment environment in China. The author’s ideas are further illustrated with 39 figures and diagrams. Its 18 chapters discuss topics ranging from history, the current situation and problems of foreign investment in China, to China’s policies for attracting foreign investment, the top 500 global companies in China, urban competitive analysis and multinational corporations in Beijing. It also analyzes Chinese investment in foreign countries. It is a valuable investment guide, and is also a useful reference resource for academic research and teaching related to international business and the Chinese economy.

China International Business

Author :
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China s Sovereign Wealth Fund Developments and Policy Implications

Author :
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The Rise of Transnational Corporations from Emerging Markets

Author : Karl P. Sauvant
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Having undertaken billions of FDI in many continents and nations, between Argentina and the PRC, I consider Dr Sauvant s book an eye-opener, a new page, showing us a new super highway. The OFDI volume of emerging markets today, surpassing the entire FDI volume of not even 20 years back, is a signal of success of the free market economy. It signals also the end of privileges for the Europeans. It reflects entrepreneurship at its best on the part of the fast developing nations of Asia. It shows that free access to know how and capital has permitted Asia to catch up at an unprecedented speed. Contrary to often repeated but wrong opinions, the poor of the world have benefited the most by globalization. A market place of unimaginable potential is under construction in the first half of the 21st century, accelerated by FDI. This book should find many readers, particularly among the political leaders of today and tomorrow. Carl H. Hahn, Chairman Emeritus of Volkswagen AG This comprehensive analysis deals with the range of issues raised by the rise of transnational corporations from emerging markets. This insightful book shows that foreign direct investment (FDI) from emerging markets has grown from negligible amounts in the early 1980s to $210 billion in 2007, with the stock of investment now being well over $1 trillion. This reflects the rise of firms from these economies to become important players in the world FDI market. The contributors to this book comprehensively analyze the rise of emerging market TNCs, the salient features of the transnational activities of these firms, the relationship of outward FDI and the competitiveness of the firms involved, their impact on host and home countries and implications for the international law and policy system. The subject of this study is both topical and important and poses a number of challenges that will require considerable policy attention in the future. It will appeal to academics interested in FDI as well as emerging markets. Karl P. Sauvant has gathered together a group of leading academics that makes this an informative and valuable read for anyone interested in the subject, including academics, students at all levels and private sector entities, as well as government officials dealing with outward FDI.