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Claiming the Call to Preach

Author : Donna Giver-Johnston
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Few debates divide the contemporary church more than the issue of call. The question of who can be called to preach segregates denominations, divides people within churches, and undermines its public witness. Yet, curiously little homiletic attention has been paid to the issue of call. Because the practice of call has not been subjected to critical inquiry, it has taken on power. Power lies hidden in the crevices of the question of who can be called to preach; power lies in the institutional narrative and approved stories of call; power lies in the discordant debates, equally in the stifling silence. Claiming the Call to Preach critically examines the dominant historical narrative that overtly or covertly has exercised its power to keep women from preaching. Donna Giver-Johnston here recovers the histories of four notable female preaching pioneers who affected change in the religious landscape of nineteenth-century America: Jarena Lee, Frances Willard, Louisa Woosley, and Florence Spearing Randolph. These women, diverse in religion, race, class, and culture each told their story of call in distinctive ways that articulated strong and effective rhetorical arguments for ecclesiastical sanction to give them a place in the pulpit. Recovering their rhetorical witness helps to fill in the gaps in the history of preaching in America, contribute to research and pedagogies in the field of homiletics, and provide today's women--and all candidates for ministry--with different theological models and narrative strategies by which to effectively interpret and claim their calls to preach. These women who spoke truth to power help us reimagine a church today that no longer questions the legitimacy of one's call to preach, but endorses previously silenced voices, and is therefore strengthened by women's voices from the pulpit.

Claiming the Call to Preach

Author : Donna Giver-Johnston
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"Claiming the Call to Preach traces the history of call through the nineteenth century, at a time when the question of women's call to preach, although seemingly fixed by ecclesial authority and cultural convention, was being raised by courageous women in different settings, through different genres, and to different effect. This book recovers the neglected narrative of women's call to preach through the historical accounts and rhetorical witness of four ground-breaking women preachers: Jarena Lee, Frances Willard, Louisa Woosley, and Florence Spearing Randolph. Scholarship has been written on women who have preached in history, but not on how they managed to claim their call to preach despite the restrictions of gender inequality. This project explores the question: how did women claim their call to preach? Through feminist hermeneutics, this book examines call narratives which used rhetorical strategies to articulate effective arguments for women's call to the preaching ministry of the church. In response, these women received endorsement of their claims to pulpit places, engaged in sacred persuasive speech, and preached as ministers of the sacred office. This project examines women's call to preach-the history and theology, rhetoric and practice, struggle and success, and the necessary work of interpretation and re-interpretation through call narratives. This book concludes with practical applications for contemporary homiletics, showing how historical tradition can be re-invented in order to give women-and anyone struggling with their call to preach-rhetorical tactics and narrative scripts in order to make effective claims to preach today"--

Writing for the Ear Preaching from the Heart

Author : Donna Giver-Johnston
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In Writing for the Ear, Preaching from the Heart, Donna Giver-Johnston teaches preachers how to communicate effectively--how to get away from their notes and make a more personal connection with their listeners. Grounded in a theology of the incarnation, she offers a step-by-step method for writing sermons with the fewest, most impactful and memorable words and delivered by heart to communicate a message that captures the ears and hearts of listeners.

For Every Matter under Heaven

Author : Beverly Zink-Sawyer
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"For everything there is a season," as the writer of Ecclesiastes reminds us, and that includes preaching. Beyond ordinary Sunday morning worship, many other "seasons"--special occasions--arise for preaching in the life of the church, whether by virtue of the secular calendar or celebrations or circumstances in the congregation or community. For Every Matter under Heaven: Preaching on Special Occasions offers preachers a process for creating sermons that are biblically grounded and relevant to the occasion. Two obvious occasions of this sort are weddings and funerals; however, church anniversaries, dedications of new buildings or furnishings, commitment of pledges in stewardship season, and ordination and installation services also call for preaching on a special theme or topic. In addition, some congregations acknowledge secular holidays, such as the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving Day, in worship. Pastors are often called on to preach at events outside the church. And all congregations face local or national tragedies and crises that call for a word from the Lord. These occasions require a different kind of sermon--or at least a different process of preparation. Most preachers have been taught that sermons begin with a biblical text, usually a text prescribed by a standard lectionary. Beverly Zink-Sawyer and Donna Giver-Johnston offer preachers a process for finding appropriate sermon texts for special occasions by considering the occasion itself, the listeners who might be gathered, and the ways God is at work in that time and place. Through this process, preachers can offer a word for every matter under heaven.

The Presbyterian Quarterly

Author :
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Text Messages

Author : John Tucker
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Facebook. Twitter. Snapchat. We live in a rapidly changing world, a world that seems to be increasingly inhospitable toward preaching. In the face of digital technology, social media, cultural pluralism, and pastoral burnout, how can Christian preachers proclaim the gospel faithfully and effectively? This book answers that question by bringing together a selection of important voices from across North America, Asia, and the Pacific. It argues that Spirit-empowered preaching is characterized by five attributes: it opens the Scriptures, engages the culture, addresses the listener, dissects the preacher, and elevates the Savior. With contributions from authors like William Willimon, Darrell Johnson, Lynne Baab, Robert Smith Jr., and Paul Windsor, this is an excellent resource for ordained ministers, lay preachers, theological students, and anyone wrestling with the challenge of preaching God’s word in a smartphone world.

The 12 Essential Skills for Great Preaching Second Edition

Author : Wayne McDill
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In this newly expanded second edition of 12 Essential Skills for Great Preaching, Dr. Wayne McDill draws on decades of experience as a preacher and homiletics professor to inspire other preachers to live up to their God-given potential. Here are twelve proven ways to pack more content and effectiveness into every sermon, covering all of the bases from general preparation to the end result of increasing each listener’s faith. Recent seminary graduates and seasoned pastors alike will identify skills that need personal improvement, and McDill encourages them to strengthen such areas at their own pace and in whatever order they feel is best. Every chapter in this new edition has been revised and updated. Also included are additional worksheet helps and sermon examples.

Religion in the Contemporary South

Author : Don S. Armentrout Susan Bales A. Tiveed
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Religion has always been crucial to the cultural identity of the South. The field ofsouthern religious studies is quite young, however, and most scholarship hasfocused on the kinds of evangelical fundamentalist activity for which the phrase"Bible Belt" was coined. Religion in the Contemporary South is the first book to fully address the emerging religious pluralism in the South today.Featuring an introduction by Samuel S. Hill, Religion in the Contemporary South brings together fourteen essays by both established and emerging scholars that deal with a spectrum of topics. These topics include religious identities in the South that weave in and out of the past; new religious expressions in the South and the shifting position of "old" minority traditions; and a microcosmic look at the Episcopal Church. The collection comes at a time of sweeping change in the South, as the 150-year stronghold of evangelical Protestantism--the Baptist-Methodist hegemony-- gives way to a more diverse religious tradition--one that includes leadership by women, decreasing marginalization for Roman Catholicism and Judaism, and the growing presence of so-called "alien" religious traditions: Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam.In his essay, "A Crumbling Empire," Bill J. Leonard talks about the future of the Baptist denomination, which grows more uncertain as moderates break ties with the fundamentalist leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention. In "Our Lady of Guadeloupe Visits the Confederate Memorial," Thomas Tweed notes the growth of Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim traditions in the South. Susan Ridgely Bales examines the state of southern Catholicism in "Sweet Tea and Rosary Beads," and in "Quiet Revolutionaries," D. Jonathan Grieser, Corrie E. Norman, and Don S. Armentrout discuss the ways in which women priests in the Southern Episcopal Church construct their lives and callings. These and other offerings are varied, comprehensive, and provocative.As the South changes and its religious life evolves, so must scholarship. Religion in the Contemporary South is a guide to the "new" southern religions-- more diverse, sometimes controversial, but as vital to the region as ever.

Finding the Treasure Within

Author : Marie-Louise Ternier-Gommers
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This intensly Personal, hope-filled story reveals one woman's faith and love for God's Word and her struggle to discover her place within the community of God's people. She speaks honestly of her family life, the different ministries she has been involved in, and shares some "homiletic reflections." An inspiring biography.

Preaching as Prophetic Calling

Author : Roger Alling
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Each volume would follow the pattern of: 1) a brief opening introductory essay that would shape the context for that volume. 2) a selection of sermons from preachers active in the pulpit, organized under headings appropriate to the topic of the volume, as well as sub-topics within the volume. 3) several complementary and reflective essays from professionals of distinction in the field of homiletics. 4) sermons from the annual Preaching Excellence Conference, as exemplified in the previous Preaching Through the Year of Matthew, Mark, and Luke.