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Classical Guitar Making

Author : John S. Bogdanovich
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"Renowned luthier John S. Bogdanovich crafted the project shown inside for his own personal use. The design he presents is simple but elegant and is a composite of ideas borrowed from several different guitars admired for their tonal qualities and aesthetic details. In close-up photographs Bogdanovich invites you to stand by his side and follow the entire process from start to finish. He offers guidance through every step, and explains every decision, from the arrangement of his workbench and the selection of the wood, to tuning and setting up the instrument. Bogdanovich also provides a choice of alternative methods and materials -- to help you find your own style of working, and to enable you to add your personal touches to your project. By the time your instrument is finished, you'll have acquired a world of knowledge, from the difference between quartersawn and flat-sawn wood to the pros and cons of lacquer versus French polish. You'll have mastered dozens of skills, including bending and aminating wood and cutting and seating wire frets. Best of all, you'll have a beautiful instrument, designed to your own specifications, that will give pleasure to everyone who hears it." -- Book jacket.

The Art and Craft of Making Classical Guitars

Author : Manuel Rodriguez
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(Guitar Reference). 100th anniversary updated edition! Rich in beauty, sound, and history, Manuel Rodriguez and Sons' classical and flamenco guitars have been handcrafted in Madrid since 1909, and the company's creations are still acclaimed today. This book presents master luthier Manuel Rodriguez's thoughts on the history of the instrument he loved, including how the guitar attained its prominent position among musical instruments. Filled with fabulous historical photos, memorabilia, and more, this book is essential for all admirers of the guitar. A special new section on "Music with World Leaders," sponsored by the King of Spain, promotes the importance of music for children and much more.

Building a Classical Guitar

Author : Ray Duffill
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Instructions to Build a Classical Guitar in an Easy to Follow Step By Step Format.Primarily written for those with little or no Woodworking experience to construct a Full sized Instrument of which they will be proud.For more Experienced Luthiers the sections on making Specialised Luthery Tools will be of great interest as well as Detailed Dimensions and handy Hints & Tips.

Making a Concert Classical Guitar With John S Bogdanovich

Author : John S. (PRD) Bogdanovich
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In response to readers of his popular book Classical Guitar Making: A Modern Approach to a Traditional Design, luthier/author John S. Bogdanovich has produced a DVD series on guitar building. This 10 DVD series demonstrates the construction of a concert classical guitar from beginning to end. Every step of the way has been captured in amazing clarity in widescreen video format help guide you to make a true concert level instrument. This video is the first of its kind on classical guitar making. The content has been painstakingly edited to make the viewing always interesting and to flow nicely. All processes are carefully explained with graphics where necessary leaving no stone unturned. This DVD series comes with a complete set of printable full size color drawings and acetates for the guitar as well as printable drawings for many of the jigs and fixtures used in the video. The following color drawings are included on the disc 10 (PDF format): Full sized Guitar drawings Top acetate Back acetate Solera with rims Side Slot Cutting Jig Purfling Cutter Revised Inside Heel Cutting Sled Shooting Boards Bench hook Wheat Gluing Fixture I & II 30 Degree Wheat Cutting Jig Bridge Locator Upon completion of the guitar there is a special appearance by international concert performer and recording artist Stanley Yates. There is both an interview with Mr. Yates and footage of his recording session which was preformed with the guitar built in this DVD series. If you enjoyed the book you will love this DVD series.

Making a Classical Guitar

Author : Gary Brenchley
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Make a superb Classical Guitar using a simple Step by Step method with easy to follow descriptions coupled with detailed drawings of every section.The making of Specialist Luthiers tools are shown.

Guitarmaking Tradition and Technology

Author : William Cumpiano
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A complete reference for the design and construction of the steel-string folk guitar and the classical guitar.

How to Make the Ramirez 1A Classical Guitar

Author : raymond wells
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José Ramírez III (1922-1995) was a luthier and the grandson of José Ramírez, founder of Ramírez Guitars. He was responsible for major changes both to the company and to the classical guitars it produces.Ramírez was raised in a guitar making family, and served his luthier's apprenticeship in the family business founded by his grandfather and by then run by his father José II. Ramírez worked closely with top performers, which brought acceptance to his innovations. In Andrés Segovia, whom he first met in 1952, he found a performer who was like him passionate about achieving greater volume and clarity, to allow the classical guitar to be accompanied by a full symphony orchestra.View or download the Full Scale Guitar plans


Author : David Lewis Edwards
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""Luthierie, The Art of Building Classical Guitars"" presents making classical guitars from a non-technical perspective. It describes the creative process for those interested in music and musical instruments but who might not ever pick up a chisel. It explores the construction of these "functional works of art" and perhaps gives the reader a better appreciation of the classical guitar.

Classic Guitar Construction

Author : Irving Sloane
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Making Master Guitars

Author : Roy Courtnall
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Making Master Guitars is a craftsman’s handbook about the exciting and challenging pursuit of making classical guitars, a craft that the author reveals to be surprisingly accessible by following his instructions. The book is unique in that it includes nine separate detailed plans of instruments constructed by internationally famous guitar-makers. The author has had the rare opportunity of examining these instruments in detail, and has made many replicas of each one.Part one: The Master Makers and their Guitars is devoted to separate chapters on each famous maker, including Antonio de Torres, Hermann Hauser, Santos Hernández y Aguado, Ignacio Fleta, Robert Bouchet, Daniel Friederich and José Romanillos. The reader will find historical information about the life of and influences on each makers, as well as detailed sets of working drawings for their guitars. Also included are rare photographs of the guitars.Part two: Workshop, Tools and Materials provides essential information about the tools, working environment and material needed by the guitar-maker.Part three: Guitar Construction – The Spanish Method comprises a step-by-step method of guitar construction, illustrated by numerous photographs and drawings. The method of making a guitar is presented with great clarity. So that even the newcomer to this fascinating craft will be able to produce a superb instrument. This book will be essential for the guitar-maker and the historian, providing as it does a unique record of the different methods of guitar design and strutting systems that have evolved since Antonio de Torres first defined the essential characteristics of the modern classical guitar in the 1850s.

Classical Guitar Answer Book

Author : Sharon Isbin
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In this update of the Acoustic Guitar Answer Book, Sharon Isbin, the classical guitar virtuoso who heads the Juilliard School Guitar Department, answers 50 essential questions about performing, practicing, and choosing and caring for your guitar. The questions were asked by Acoustic Guitar magazine readers and answered by Isbin in four years of Master Class columns in the magazine. This book collects all this vital information together in an easy reference format - an absolute must for every classical guitar player. Includes new appendices of resources for classical guitarists and students. 88 pages, 9 inch. x 12 inch.

A Guitar Maker s Manual

Author : Jim Williams
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General Reference

Step by step Guitar Making

Author : Alex Willis
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GUITAR. In this title, the Sussex based author provides accessible text, clear instructions, step-by-step photographs and a full-size plan of the guitar. Readers will learn how to make a steel-stringed OM cutaway guitar with 14 frets from scratch, following the clear step-by-step photographs and straightforward instructions. Suitable even for woodworkers with a basic level of skills, this is a rewarding project to undertake and will no doubt become a family heirloom. Packed full of handy information and expert tips, close guidance through the whole process from choosing the materials to the final stringing up and a full-size plan of the guitar to follow, readers can't go wrong. Plus this revised and updated edition features new and expanded material on: power tools and jigs, bolt-on and dovetail neck joints, alternative ways of making a guitar body, soundboard bracing for a Classical guitar and much more.

The Phoenix Guitar Company s Guide to Guitarmaking for the Small Shop

Author : George S. Leach
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The Phoenix Guitar Company's Guide to Guitarmaking for the Small Shop is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide describing how three very different types of guitars (steel string, archtop, and classical) can be built using very similar methods. In a small shop, where space (and manpower) is limited, a guitarmaker needs to optimize his or her working area and methodology. This book demonstrates how to simplify procedures in a shop, allowing the guitarmaker to build several types of guitar without needing lots of room. The Phoenix Guitar Company's Guide to Guitarmaking for the Small Shop includes over six hundred photos and illustrations, along with tips, recommendations, and jigs to help beginners and advanced builders alike.

An Integrated Approach to Beginning Music making on the Classical Guitar

Author : Klondike Steamboat Steadman
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Classical Guitar For Dummies

Author : Jon Chappell
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A reference for aspiring and beginner-level guitar players offers hands-on instruction in the fundamentals as well as a series of practice exercises, in a guide that is complemented by a bonus CD of songs, chords, and audio/MP3 files. Original.

The Guitar Maker s Workshop

Author : Rik Middleton
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A practical introduction to the art and skills of making classical guitars.

Acoustic Guitars

Author :
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Acoustic Guitars: The Illustrated Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive guide of its type ever produced, covering decades of great instruments and the people who played them. You will find here the highest quality photos of acoustic guitars produced by every significant maker, from Alvarez to Zemaitis, plus detailed information, and a host of action pictures of important players from pop, rock, jazz, country classical, blues, and folk. An acoustic guitar need not be a simple brown box with a neck attached. Acoustic Guitars: The Illustrated Encyclopedia celebrates the unusual, the different and the purely bizarre in addition to the assured roots-based craft of the finest unadorned instruments, underlining the sheer diversity and variety of the acoustic stringed instruments that have been built and sold and played through three centuries. Here are resonator guitars made since the 1920s by Dobro, National, and others, often with highly decorated metal bodies; revered flat-tops from Martin, Taylor, Gibson, and more; peculiarly shaped and oddly featured creations from many of the custom builders; early 20th-century harp guitars with extra strings and extended bodies; creative archtops from D’Angelico, Epiphone, Benedetto, and more; and plastic-equipped constructions from Ovation. The comprehensive and informative text is in a clear A-to-Z format organized by brand name, written and researched by a unique team of the world’s leading authorities on the subject. Acoustic Guitars: The Illustrated Encyclopedia shows in words and pictures just why and how the acoustic guitar continues to be the most popular musical instrument in the world.

Make Your Classical Guitar

Author : Outlet
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Discusses the tools and materials of guitar-making and explains the woodworking techniques for the construction of a guitar

The Classical Guitar

Author : Maurice J. Summerfield
File Size : 36.53 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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