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Cleaner Combustion and Sustainable World

Author : Haiying Qi
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Cleaner Combustion and Sustainable World is the proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Coal Combustion which has a significant international influence. It concerns basic research on coal combustion and clean utilization, techniques and equipments of pulverized coal combustion, techniques and equipments of fluidized bed combustion, basic research and techniques of emission control, basic research and application techniques of carbon capture and storage (CCS), etc. Professor Haiying Qi and Bo Zhao both work at the Tsinghua University, China

Fundamentals of Low Emission Flameless Combustion and Its Applications

Author : Seyed Ehsan Hosseini
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Fundamentals of Low Emission Flameless Combustion and Its Applications is a comprehensive reference on the flameless combustion mode and its industrial applications, considering various types of fossil and alternative fuel. Several experimental and numerical accomplishments on the fundamentals of state-of-the-art flameless combustion is presented, working to clarify the environmentally friendly aspects of this combustion mode. Author Dr. Hosseini presents the latest progresses in the field and highlights the most important achievements since invention, including the fundamentals of thermodynamics, heat transfer and chemical kinetics. Also analyzed is fuel consumption reduction and the efficiency of the system, emissions formation and the effect of the flameless mode on emission reduction. This book provides a solid foundation for those in industry employing flameless combustion for energy conservation and the mitigation of pollutant emissions. It will provide engineers and researchers in energy system engineering, chemical engineering, industrial engineers and environmental engineering with a reliable resource on flameless combustion and may also serve as a textbook for senior graduate students. Presents the fundamentals of flameless combustion and covers advances since its invention Includes experimental and numerical investigations of flameless combustion Analyzes emission formation and highlights the effects of the flameless mode on emission reduction

Oxy fuel Combustion

Author : Chuguang Zheng
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Oxy-fuel Combustion: Fundamentals, Theory and Practice provides a comprehensive review of various aspects of oxy-fuel combustion technology, including its concept, fundamental theory, pilot practice, large-scale feasibility studies and related practical issues, such as the commissioning and operation of an oxy-fuel combustion plant. Oxy-fuel combustion, as the most practical large-scale carbon capture power generation technology, has attracted significant attention in the past two decades. As significant progress has been achieved in worldwide demonstration and the oxy-combustion concept confirmed by Schwartze Pump, CUIDEN, Callide, Ponferrada and Yingcheng projects in the past five years, this book provides a timely addition for discussion and study. Covers oxy-fuel combustion technology Includes concepts, fundamentals, pilots and large-scale feasibility studies Considers related practical issues, such as the commissioning and operation of an oxy-fuel combustion plant Focuses on theories and methods closely related to engineering practice

Computational Modeling of Pulverized Coal Fired Boilers

Author : Vivek V. Ranade
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Harness State-of-the-Art Computational Modeling Tools Computational Modeling of Pulverized Coal Fired Boilers successfully establishes the use of computational modeling as an effective means to simulate and enhance boiler performance. This text factors in how computational flow models can provide a framework for developing a greater understanding of the underlying processes in PC boilers. It also provides a detailed account of the methodology of computational modeling of pulverized coal boilers, as well as an apt approach to modeling complex processes occurring in PC boilers in a manageable way. Connects Modeling with Real-Life Applications Restricted to the combustion side of the boiler (the authors assume some prior background of reaction engineering and numerical techniques), the book describes the individual aspects of combustion and heat recovery sections of PC boilers that can be used to further improve the design methodologies, optimize boiler performance, and solve practical boiler-related problems. The book provides guidelines on implementing the material in commercial CFD solvers, summarizes key points, and presents relevant case studies. It can also be used to model larger boilers based on conventional, super-critical, or ultra-super critical technologies as well as based on oxy-fuel technologies. Consisting of six chapters, this functional text: Provides a general introduction Explains the overall approach and methodology Explores kinetics of coal pyrolysis (devolatilization) and combustion and methods of its evaluation Presents computational flow modeling approach to simulate pulverized coal fired boiler Covers modeling aspects from formulation of model equations to simulation methodology Determines typical results obtained with computational flow models Discusses the phenomenological models or reactor network models Includes practical applications of computational modeling Computational Modeling of Pulverized Coal Fired Boilers explores the potential of computational models for better engineering of pulverized coal boilers, providing an ideal resource for practicing engineers working in utility industries. It also benefits boiler design companies, industrial consultants, R & D laboratories, and engineering scientists/research students.


Author : Mohamed Samer
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This book provides useful information about pyrolysis, which includes the pyrolysis of biomass and pyrolysis of fossil fuels and petrochemicals. Additionally, this book elucidates and illustrates further innovative pyrolysis processes such as catalytic pyrolysis, spray pyrolysis, and microwave-assisted pyrolysis. This book discusses the production of semiconductors and nanomaterials through the pyrolysis process.

Biomass Chars Elaboration Characterization and Applications

Author : Lionel Limousy
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Biomass can be converted to energy, biofuels, and bioproducts via thermochemical conversion processes, such as combustion, pyrolysis, and gasification. Combustion technology is most widely applied on an industrial scale. However, biomass gasification and pyrolysis processes are still in the research and development stage. The major products from these processes are syngas, bio-oil, and char (called also biochar for agronomic application). Among these products, biomass chars have received increasing attention for different applications, such as gasification, co-combustion, catalysts or adsorbents precursors, soil amendment, carbon fuel cells, and supercapacitors. This Special Issue provides an overview of biomass char production methods (pyrolysis, hydrothermal carbonization, etc.), characterization techniques (e.g., scanning electronic microscopy, X-ray fluorescence, nitrogen adsorption, Raman spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and temperature programmed desorption and mass spectrometry), their properties, and their suitable recovery processes.

China and Europe s Partnership for a More Sustainable World

Author :
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This book gathers the main scientific outputs of POREEN, a four-year project on partnering opportunities between Europe and China in the renewable energy and environmental industries. It investigates the main challenges and opportunities related to Sino-European dialogue and cooperation in the green sector with a focus on sustainable growth.

Cleaner Combustion

Author : Frédérique Battin-Leclerc
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This overview compiles the on-going research in Europe to enlarge and deepen the understanding of the reaction mechanisms and pathways associated with the combustion of an increased range of fuels. Focus is given to the formation of a large number of hazardous minor pollutants and the inability of current combustion models to predict the formation of minor products such as alkenes, dienes, aromatics, aldehydes and soot nano-particles which have a deleterious impact on both the environment and on human health. Cleaner Combustion describes, at a fundamental level, the reactive chemistry of minor pollutants within extensively validated detailed mechanisms for traditional fuels, but also innovative surrogates, describing the complex chemistry of new environmentally important bio-fuels. Divided into five sections, a broad yet detailed coverage of related research is provided. Beginning with the development of detailed kinetic mechanisms, chapters go on to explore techniques to obtain reliable experimental data, soot and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, mechanism reduction and uncertainty analysis, and elementary reactions. This comprehensive coverage of current research provides a solid foundation for researchers, managers, policy makers and industry operators working in or developing this innovative and globally relevant field.

The Sustainable World

Author : C. A. Brebbia
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This book contains a collection of papers presented at a series of meetings organised by the Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) dealing with sustainability, the environment and ecological issues. The complexity of the modern world presents new challenges to scientists and engineers that requires finding interdisciplinary solutions. Any problem solving carried out in the isolation of a particular field of expertise may give rise to a series of damaging effects which can create new and unintentional environmental and ecological problems. Specialisation, while required in our culture, needs to be kept under control by the understanding of the whole, which leads to the need of relying on interdisciplinary teams. Nowadays this can be easily achieved thanks to the massive advances in information technology which ensure continuous and immediate contact between all partners. This collaboration needs to be effective and to produce results that will lead to a better world. For this to happen, it is necessary that different groups of scientists and engineers acquire the necessary skills to be able to talk to each other. Furthermore, they need to understand the social and economic aspects of a given problem, in addition to the scientific and engineering issues involved. The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) has a long and very successful record in organising interdisciplinary conferences. The papers in this book are a reflection of the proceedings of some of those meetings.

Combustion Chemistry and the Carbon Neutral Future

Author : Kenneth Brezinsky
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As the demands for cleaner, more efficient, reduced and zero carbon emitting transportation increase, the traditional focus of Combustion Chemistry research is stretching and adapting to help provide solutions to these contemporary issues. Combustion Chemistry and the Carbon Neutral Future: What will the Next 25 Years of Research Require? presents a guide to current research in the field and an exploration of possible future steps as we move towards cleaner, greener and reduced carbon combustion chemistry. Beginning with a discussion of engine emissions and soot, the book goes on to discuss a range of alternative fuels, including hydrogen, ammonia, small alcohols and other bio-oxygenates, natural gas, syngas and synthesized hydrocarbon fuels. Methods for predicting and improving efficiency and sustainability, such as low temperature and catalytic combustion, chemical looping, supercritical fluid combustion, and diagnostic monitoring even at high pressure, are then explored. Some novel aspects of biomass derived aviation fuels and combustion synthesis are also covered. Combining the knowledge and experience of an interdisciplinary team of experts in the field, Combustion Chemistry and the Carbon Neutral Future: What will the Next 25 Years of Research Require? is an insightful guide to current and future focus areas for combustion chemistry researchers in line with the transition to greener, cleaner technologies. Provides insight on current developments in combustion chemistry as a tool for supporting a reduced-carbon future Reviews modeling and diagnostic tools, in addition to key approaches and alternative fuels Includes projections for the future from leaders in the field, pointing current and prospective researchers to potentially fruitful areas for exploration