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Conversational Spanish Dialogues for Beginners and Intermediate Students

Author : World Language Institute Spain
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It can be very frustrating when you cannot communicate with Spanish speaking people and trivial things can be a cause of major annoyance, especially when you cannot explain yourself using Spanish. The best way to improve your Spanish is by reading a book from which you can learn realistic Spanish conversation. This book contains 100 Spanish short stories for beginners and intermediate students and allows new Spanish speakers to hone their reading skills and learn dialogue and typical expressions used in daily life. The first 40 conversations are most suitable for beginners, the conversations are casual, and each story is followed by simple learning questions.The next 40 short stories based on dialogue are more for intermediate students and those who are interested in reading good short stories with entertaining content. The last 20 short stories are longer and are more for advanced students and those who need to expand their Spanish vocabulary. The book offers the best of both worlds, combining a conversational Spanish learning book for beginners and an entertaining Spanish short story book for intermediate students. Learning Spanish dialogue has never been more fun! Get your copy now!

100 Spanish Short Stories for Beginners and Intermediate Students

Author : Lingua Magisterium
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100 Spanish Short Stories For Beginners And Intermediate Students Learning Spanish can be challenging, but not with this book. Our aim with this book will be to supply you with entertaining, helpful and challenging learning material that will not only allow you to learn Spanish fast, but also help you to make the experience more pleasant, as any language learning book should be. This book has been well-written and revised by native Spanish and English linguists that will allow you to: * Interpret and understand the Spanish short stories for beginners with the use of a list of Spanish English vocabulary. * Follow the longer stories for intermediate students with English parallel text and slightly more challenging vocabulary. * You can follow the longer stories stories by listening to the audio and thereby enhance and adapt your pronunciation skills. All the short stories are unique and hopefully entertaining in content, new vocabulary is gradually added at a manageable pace so you wont get overwhelmed. This book will help you to learn Castilian Spanish and improve your reading skills. You will also learn many useful Spanish expressions and phrases used in daily life. This Spanish language learning book offers you a wide range of important information you can use when you travel to Spain or study there, and frankly, this book is not only for Spanish language learners, but also for anyone interested in Spanish culture in general. There are many Spanish learning books for beginners out there, but this book can help you in many ways; if you would like to become a reader of the Spanish language this book is for you. To learn Spanish with stories you should also listen to quality audio recordings. At the end of this book, you get access to mp3 audio files which include the longer stories.

Eating out in five languages

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The essential companion for travellers and anyone who has ever been faced with a menu in a foreign language, Eating Out in Five Languages should help you decipher menus whether they are in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish. With over 10,000 food and drink terms translated to and from English, the dictionary covers dishes, ingredients, methods of cooking - as well as useful phrases for ordering and asking for service. The dictionary is arranged by language: French-English, English-French, English-German, German-English etc. for ease of use. 'A handy resource for any intrepid, travelling foodie' - A Place In The Sun

Exploraciones Curso Intermedio Enhanced

Author : Mary Ann Blitt
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EXPLORACIONES CURSO INTERMEDIO Enhanced is an engaging and accessible solution for your intermediate Spanish course that accommodates the diverse needs and motivations of today’s learners at a value-based price. It is a student- and instructor-friendly program that supports today’s contemporary students while building proficiency in all the language skills through communicative and contextualized activities. Consisting of 10 thematically based chapters designed to facilitate teaching for cultural and communicative competence, activities are varied, personal, and represent an approach that encourages students to engage at their current level while moving them to do more with their language learning in varied contexts. EXPLORACIONES CURSO INTERMEDIO Enhanced includes a full suite of teaching resources, including IPAs, additional quizzes, feedback for students on their answers, new grammar videos, and ADA-compliant PPTs. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Conversaci n Y Controversia

Author : Nino R. Iorillo
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For courses in Spanish Conversation and Intermediate Spanish. This text encourages the exploration of "free expression" in Spanish on universal topics of importance and interest. It stimulates class discussion by motivating students to talk about controversial and interesting topics such as abortion, capital punishment, and euthanasia. The exchange of ideas brought about by the use of this text allows students to develop their oral conversation and confidence in an atmosphere of friendly controversy, rather than simply learning in an environment focused upon having the "right answer" and reviewing grammatical concepts.

Monterrey Magazine

Author :
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Finanzas Personales Para Dummies

Author : Eric Tyson
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Lo ayuda a mejorar su puntaje crediticio "Consejos detallados y orientados a la acción . . . Un excelente manual básico de finanzas personales." —Kristin Davis, Kiplinger's Personal Finance ¿Necesita ayuda para planear su futuro financiero? ¡Está de suerte! Esta guía práctica ha sido actualizada con información sobre sus opciones de ahorro para la universidad, problemas de crédito y nuevas leyes de impuestos y bancarrota. También encontrará formas para solicitar y revisar su reporte crediticio. Tome el control de sus finanzas —para que pueda vivir mejor, gaste dinero de forma más juiciosa, y esquive los hundimientos financieros. Alabanzas para Finanzas Personales Para Dummies ". . . proporciona una magnífica perspectiva y ayuda en el mundo de las inversiones y otros asuntos de dinero." —PBS Nightly Business Report "Tyson dice lo que uno debe hacer o considerar, siempre acompañado de una explicación del cómo y el porqué —y las trampas a evitar— en un lenguaje claro." —Chicago Tribune "Consejos inteligentes. . . . Premia su honestidad con asesoría y consuelo." —Newsweek Descubra cómo: Determinar sus prioridades y no abandonarlas Evitar el robo de identidad y los engaños Invertir de manera inteligente Protejer lo que ha ganado Identificar los mejores recursos

Mundos en palabras

Author : Ángeles Carreres
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Mundos en palabras offers advanced students of Spanish a challenging yet practical course in translation from English into Spanish. The course provides students with a well-structured, step-by-step guide to Spanish translation which will enhance and refine their language skills while introducing them to some of the key concepts and debates in translation theory and practice. Each chapter presents a rich variety of practical tasks, supported by concise, focused discussion of key points relating to a particular translation issue or text type. Shorter targeted activities are combined with lengthier translation practice. Throughout the book, learners will find a wealth of material from a range of genres and text types, including literary, expository, persuasive and audiovisual texts. An answer key to activities, as well as supplementary material and Teachers’ Notes are provided in the companion website. The book covers common areas of difficulty including: frequent grammatical errors calques and loan words denotation and connotation idioms linguistic varieties cultural references style and register Suitable both for classroom use and self-study, Mundos en palabras is ideal for advanced undergraduate students of Spanish, and for any advanced learners wishing to acquire translation competence while enhancing their linguistic skills.

Diccionario Bilingue Cambridge Spanish English Paperback Compact Edition

Author : Cambridge University Press
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A Spanish-English bilingual dictionary specifically written to meet the needs of Spanish learners of English. The best bilingual dictionary of Spanish and English for beginner to upper-intermediate learners. It has been especially written to meet the needs of Spanish speakers learning English and includes over 110,000 headwords and phrases, as well as a wealth of information geared specifically to enhance understanding and improve communication skills in English. It includes extensive notes highlighting the most common mistakes made by Hispanic learners (informed by the Cambridge Learner Corpus). The grammar boxes concentrate on the most difficult and problematic aspects of learning English.

Los espacios de la cocina mexicana

Author : Ma. Cristina Suárez y Farías
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