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Author : Hélène Cixous
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A prose-poem on two married couples involved in the revolutionary struggle. One is Nelson and Willie Mandella of South Africa, the other Russian poet Osip Mandelstam and his wife, Nadezhda. In drawing parallels, the author stresses the contribution of the wives.

Disjointed Perspectives on Motherhood

Author : Catalina Florina Florescu
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Disjointed Perspectives on Motherhood seeks to reevaluate the concept of unconditional maternal love and the global emancipation of motherhood as recorded from 17th century onward and as analyzed in various genres: cinema, poetry, novel, drama, and mystery fiction series. By using unprecedented comparative critical approaches such as phenomenological, medical, feminist, and re-enchantment theories, and by analyzing works from literature, cinema, and visual arts, this collection attempts to reestablish and redefine a canonical concept with the intention to revitalize an otherwise taken-for-granted image and role.

French Feminists on Religion

Author : Morny Joy
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French Feminists on Religion: A Reader offers the first representative selection of important writings by French feminist thinkers on the topic of religion, including the most influential and provocative texts on the subject from Luce Irigaray, Julia Kristeva, Hlne Cixous, Monique Wittig and Catherine Clment. Each thinker is introduced by a bibliographical preface, while individual essays are preceded by an editorial commentary explaining the context and significance of each piece for the study of religion. The collected texts cover a broad range of religious practices and discourses focusing primarily on Jewish and Christian concerns, but including elements of ancient Goddess traditions, Witchcraft, Hinduism and Buddhism. Critically examined themes include: * Jewish and Christian notions of sin, defilement, purity and redemption; * the relationship between subjectivity and divinity, as conceived in the feminine; * the feminist re-imaging of the Virgin Mary, and of Catholic theologies of love; * the repression of the maternal in Judeo-Christian culture. Brought together for the first time in French Feminist on Religion: A Reader, these essays demonstrate the central importance of French feminism for the study of religion, and at the same time make evident the significance of religious themes, figures and concepts to the world of French feminists.

The Martial Art of Writing and Other Essays

Author : Alan Baxter
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“The thing about an art — and one of the things I love about both Kung Fu and writing — is that you’re never finished. No matter how good you get, no matter how much you achieve, you can always get better.” In these essays, Alan Baxter—the author of cult horror hits like The Roo, the Eli Carver series, and the Australian Shadows Award-winners Crow Shine and Best Served Cold—explores the relationships between horror fiction, a writer’s craft and discipline, and the lessons brought to writing from his almost 40 years as a kung-fu practitioner and instructor. Drawn from presentations, blog posts, and articles exploring his own process, The Martial Art of Writing features Baxter’s interrogation of the similarities between his kung fu and writing practices, the next steps that need to be taken when you realise you book is broken, writing killer fight scenes, embracing your darker impulses as a writer, and much more. Whether you’re a fan of Baxter’s dark imagination looking to plumb the origins of his nightmarish fiction, or an aspiring writer with a penchant for action and dark themes, this chapbook provides a glimpse into the mind and processes of one of Australian’s most prominent writers of horror fiction.

Spirituality in the Writings of Etty Hillesum

Author : Klaas Smelik
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Drawing on Etty Hillesum’s writings, this book offers a comprehensive account of international scholarship on the life, works and vision of the Dutch Jewish writer Etty Hillesum, whose life was shaped by the totalitarian Nazi-regime, and who lived a courageous spirituality in the darkest period of the twentieth century.

Migrant Nation

Author : Paul Longley Arthur
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Focusing on particular historical blind spots by telling stories of individuals and groups that did not fit the favoured identity mould, the essays in 'Migrant Nation' work within the gap between Australian image and experience and offer fresh insights into the ‘other’ side of identity construction. The volume casts light on the hidden face of Australian identity and remembers the experiences of a wide variety of people who have generally been excluded, neglected or simply forgotten in the long-running quest to tell a unified story of Australian culture and identity. Drawing upon memories, letters, interviews and documentary fragments, as well as rich archives, the authors have in common a commitment to give life to neglected histories and thus to include, in an expanding and open-ended national narrative, people who were cast as strangers in the place that was their home.

French Thought and Literary Theory in the UK

Author : Irving Goh
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This collection presents a sort of counter-history or counter-genealogy of the globalization of French thought from the point of view of scholars working in the UK. While the dominating discourse would attribute the US as the source of that globalization, particularly through the 1966 conference on the Languages of Criticism and the Sciences of Man at Johns Hopkins University, this volume of essays serves as a reminder that the UK has also been a principal motor of that globalization. The essays take into account how French thought and literary theory have institutionally taken shape in the UK from the 70s to today, highlight aspects of French thought that have been of particular pertinence or importance for scholars there, and outline how researchers in the UK today are bringing French thought further in terms of teaching and research in this twenty-first century. In short, this volume traces how the country has been behind the reception and development of French thought in Anglophone worlds from the late 70s to the present.

Worldwide Women Writers in Paris

Author : Alison Rice
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Worldwide Women Writers in Paris examines a new literary phenomenon consisting of an unprecedented number of women from around the world who have come to Paris and become authors of written works in French. It takes as its starting point a series of filmed interviews conducted in the French capital, a set of recorded conversations motivated by a desire to pay homage to these discrete voices and images at a moment characterized by impressive diversity. Their individual paths to France and to French are noteworthy, and these authors of different generations and varying places of origin emphasize their singularity. However, the juxtaposition of their reflections reveals that many have faced similar difficulties when learning the French language, adapting to life in France, and many have encountered forms of prejudice in the publishing world related to their ethnicity or gender. These challenges have led them, each in an idiosyncratic manner, to tackle tough topics in their work and to respond to adversity by finding effective creative expressions. Taken together, the innovations and interventions in oral and written form of these authors collectively contribute to significant change in the specialized score that is the Parisian literary landscape: Hélène Cixous (Algeria); Zahia Rahmani (Algeria); Leïla Sebbar (Algeria); Bessora (Belgium); Julia Kristeva (Bulgaria); Pia Petersen (Denmark); Maryse Condé (Guadeloupe); Eva Almassy (Hungary); Shumona Sinha (India); Chahdortt Djavann (Iran); Yumiko Seki (Japan); Evelyne Accad (Lebanon); Etel Adnan (Lebanon); Nathacha Appanah (Mauritius); Brina Svit (Slovenia); Eun-Ja Kang (South Korea); Anna Moï (Vietnam).

A Survival Kit for Doctoral Students and Their Supervisors

Author : Lene Tanggaard
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A Survival Kit for Doctoral Students and Their Supervisors offers a hands-on guide to both students and supervisors on the doctoral journey, helping make the process as enjoyable as it is productive. Drawing on research from peer learning groups, contributed narratives, and their own programs, authors Lene Tanggaard and Charlotte Wegener emphasize the value of the doctoral partnership and the ways in which shared knowledge can facilitate a rewarding journey for students and their advisors. Grounded in theoretical and empirical material, the book helps participants navigate the doctoral process with personal stories and examples from a variety of researchers. A discussion of common challenges and the inclusion of practical tips further enhance the book’s diverse range of helpful resources.

Stranger at the Door

Author : Kristjana Gunnars
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At the beginning of a new writing project—whether it’s the first page of a new novel or a less ambitious project, writers often experience exhilaration, fear, or dread. For Kristjana Gunnars, the call of a new project is “like someone you don’t know knocking on your door—you either choose to let the person in or not. It’s both exciting and dangerous to start a new manuscript.” This book is an engagement with that “stranger” called writing. Creative or imaginative writing is a complex process that involves more than intellect alone. Writers make use of everything: their sensibilities, history, culture, knowledge, experience, education, and even their biology. These essays seek out, and gather into a discussion, what writers have said about their own experiences in writing. Although the writers are from around the world and of very different backgrounds, the commonality of their remarks brings home the realization that writers everywhere are grappling with similar problems—with the seemingly simple problems of when, where, why, and what to write, but also larger questions such as the relationship between writer and society, or issues of privacy, appropriation, or homelessness. While none of these questions can be definitively answered, they can be fruitfully discussed. Originating as questions posed in creative-writing seminars, these essays have grown into companion texts for both writers and readers who want to participate in a conversation about what writers do.