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Commercial Agents and the Law

Author : Séverine Saintier
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Commercial Agents and the Law is a practical approach to the modern law relating to commercial agency agreements, a complete guide to the workings of the relationship between commercial agents and their principal within its domestic and European context. This book is a complete guide to the workings of the relationship between commercial agents and their principal within its domestic and European context. The common law rules governing the relationship between principal and agent were pretty well established and well understood by English lawyers when, in 1993, the Commercial Agents (Council Directive) Regulations were enacted. The 1993 Regulations implement EC Directive 86/653 on self-employed commercial agents. The 1993 Regulations, like the EC Directives, are not, however, a complete code of rules governing the relationship, so they have to co-exist with the pre-existing common law rules. Both sets of principles therefore have to be applied.

Agency Law in Commercial Practice

Author : Danny Busch
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This book explores a range of problems in the application of agency law in commercial practice. Moving beyond the limited introductory resources currently available, it "tests" abstract agency law concepts in specific commercial contexts, with reference to jurisdictions around the world. There is an enduring commonality of concepts and principles within agency law, both within the Commonwealth and within the jurisdictions of the United States. The book's comparative approach, drawing together analysis of national and international jurisdictions, provides innovative perspectives and insights, as well as practical guidance on solving commercial problems. The book opens with a detailed introductory chapter which provides a broad overview of the agency issues arising in specific commercial contexts. The subsequent chapters are grouped thematically: company law, financial transactions and services, sale of goods; as well as agency in procedural contexts. Topics covered include the role of the director and directorial board in company law and agency law, agency in shipping law, undisclosed principal in sale of goods cases, regulation of conflicts of interest in securities transactions, poseur-agents and transactional intermediation, the operation of agency in retail financial services, the agent's warranty of authority, and power of attorney. This book is an invaluable resource on both agency theory and commercial practice.

Commercial Agency Agreements Law and Practice

Author : Susan Singleton
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Examines the standard commercial agency agreement where an agent is self-employed and paid a commission on sales he or she generates for the principal as it is those agents that fall within the Regulations. It addresses the drafting of such agreements as well as termination and compensation and includes examples of agency contracts and coverage of the majority of UK judgments. The fifth edition has been updated to include: Ramsay v Typhoo Tea 2016 Software Incubator 2016 and application of the agency regulations to agency contracts Monk v Largo 2016 Invicta v International Brands 2013 Medsted Associates Ltd v Canaccord Genuity Wealth (International) Ltd (2119 Court of Appeal) relating to secret commissions and fiduciary duties of agents. W Nagel (a Firm) v Pluczenik Diamond Company NV 2018 Court of Appeal - about "commodity exchanges" and the agency regulations Agro Foreign Trade & Agency Ltd v Petersime NV (2017 CJEU) Choice of law issues - Belgium and Turkey. One Money Mail Ltd. v (1) Ria Financial Services (2) Sebastian Wasilewski (Court of Appeal) - 2015 post termination restrictions on agents Brand Studio Ltd. v St. John Knits, Inc 2015 ( indemnity and compensation clauses) Bailey v Angove's Pty Limited [2016] Authority of agents to recover debts (Supreme Court decision)

Commercial Agency Franchise and Distribution Contracts PEL CAFDC

Author : Martijn Willem Hesselink
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The Study Group on a European Civil Code has taken upon itself the task of drafting common European principles for the most important aspects of the law of obligations and for certain parts of the law of property in movables which are especially relevant for the functioning of the common market. Like the Commission on European Contract Law's "Principles of European Contract Law", the results of the research conducted by the Study Group on a European Civil Code seek to advance the process of Europeanisation of private law. Among other topics the series tackles sales and service contracts, distribution contracts and security rights, renting contracts and loan agreements, negotiorum gestio, delicts and unjustified enrichment law, transfer of property, and trust law. The principles furnish each of the national jurisdictions a grid reference. They can be agreed upon by the parties within the framework of the rules of private international law. They may provide a stimulus to both the national and European legislator for moulding private law. Beyond this, they aim to further discussion about the creation of a European Civil Code, or a Common Frame of Reference in the area of patrimonial law, by submitting a concrete model. The "Principles of European Law" are published in co-operation with Stämpfli, Bern (Switzerland). For other co-operation-partners and for more information see

Commercial Agents Indemnity Under European Community Law

Author : Lothar Hofmann
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Principles of Commercial Law 2 e

Author : Furmston
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First published in 2001. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Commercial Agency Law in Europe

Author : Orgalime Legal Committee
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Author : Roderick Munday
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This new follow on work from An Outline of the Law of Agency provides a useful and accessible reminder of the principles of agency law for experienced practitioners as well as being of interest to students looking for an approachable text on this topic. This new works takes into acccount all recent changes and developments including coverage on the Commercial Agents (Council Directive) Regulations 1993 and focuses more specifically on particular classesof commercial agents, for instance those acting within the banking and finance sectors.

Principles of the Law of Agency

Author : Howard Bennett
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Agency is a pervasive institution, fundamental to commercial activity, inherent to legal personality, enabling against deteriorating capacity. This new work provides a fresh, succinct examination of the principles of agency law exploring the rules of attribution, the rights and obligations arising within the agency relationship, the impact of agency in the fields of contract and tort, and the termination of an agent's authority. Throughout the book, full consideration is given to the issues arising under the Commercial Agents (Council Directive) Regulations 1993. The discussion is informed not only by common law authority that constantly nourishes the development of agency law principle, but also by international soft law instruments and the Restatement of the Law, Third: Agency.

Law of Contract Report on the Proposed EEC Directive on the Law Relating to Commercial Agents

Author : Great Britain. Law Commission
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[Law Comm. no.84]

Q A Commercial Law 2013 2014

Author : Howard Johnson
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This book is intended to be of help to students studying commercial law who feel that they have acquired a body of knowledge, but do not feel confident about using it effectively in exams. This book sets out to demonstrate how to apply the knowledge to the question and how to structure the answer.

Commercial Law

Author : Peter Mankowski
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The Introduction of the European Directive on Commercial Agents Into English Law

Author : Julian and Murray Pickering Cooke
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Approximation of Agency Law and the Proposed EEC Directive on the Law Relating to Commercial Agents

Author : Elisabeth Thuesen
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Appointing Commercial Agents in Europe

Author : Alex Roney
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To have an agent in every European country to represent your company?s business interests and create new markets for your product can be an effective strategy ? but it can be fraught with commercial and legal dangers. If the principal hasn?t been paid, is the agent still owed commission? To what degree is a principal responsible for the agent?s actions? Can this risk be minimised? Is the agency agreement affected by local legislation? How can a principal monitor an agent?s performance? How do you get rid of an agent who is not performing? Should the agent be insured for product liability? How do you deal with any disputes arising with the agent? Appointing Commercial Agents in Europe answers these and many more questions, and offers advice on establishing and maintaining the most efficient agency arrangement for your business. Throughout the EU there is a wide variety of rules and practices, and to reflect this Appointing Commercial Agents in Europe has been divided into 15 country chapters, each of which is structured around the key questions which must be answered. Local experts for each country have written many of the chapters and all are edited by Alex Roney the legal counsellor of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Appointing Commercial Agents in Europe is the essential guide for all business managers and their legal advisers who want to check their current position or are looking to expand commercial operations into Europe.

Law of Contract

Author : Great Britain. Law Commission
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Israel Law and Business Guide

Author : Alon Kaplan
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After a chapter providing a profile of Israel, the chapter on business law deals a.o. with: incentives for investment, business entities, commercial agents and distributors, law of agency, law of trust, free trade agreements, taxation, VAT, double taxation relief, law of contracts, law of tort, law of real property, law of intellectual property, insolvency, and criminal law.

The Report Morocco 2009

Author :
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Memorandum by the Law Society of Scotland on the Proposal for an EEC Council Directive to Co ordinate the Laws of Member States Relating to self Employed Commercial Agents

Author : Law Society of Scotland
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Commercial Agents

Author : Law Society of Scotland
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