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Complaining as a Sociocultural Activity

Author : Kyung-Eun Yoon
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This book examines the role of complaining in conversation and online interaction in Korean, analyzing linguistic characteristics for complaining, organizational features of complaining including the responses, and socio-cultural norms and identities constructed in the course of complaining.

Vygotsky in Perspective

Author : Ronald Miller
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Lev Vygotsky has acquired the status of one of the grand masters in psychology. Following the English translation and publication of his Collected Works there has been a new wave of interest in Vygotsky, accompanied by a burgeoning of secondary literature. Ronald Miller argues that Vygotsky is increasingly being 'read' and understood through secondary sources and that scholars have claimed Vygotsky as the foundational figure for their own theories, eliminating his most distinctive contributions and distorting his theories. Miller peels away the accumulated layers of commentary to provide a clearer understanding of how Vygotsky built and developed his arguments. In an in-depth analysis of the last three chapters of Vygotsky's book Thinking and Speech, Miller provides a critical interpretation of the core theoretical concepts that constitute Vygotsky's cultural-historical theory, including the development of concepts, mediation, the zone of proximal development, conscious awareness, inner speech, word meaning and consciousness.

Sociocultural Psychology

Author : Laura Martin
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Presents applications of activity theory; in honour of Sylvia Scribner.

Context and Cognition

Author : Paul Light
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Originally published in 1993, the study of cognitive development in children had moved from a focus on the intellectual processes of the individual studied in relative isolation, as in the classic work of Piaget, to a concern in the 1970s and 1980s with social cognition characterized by Vygotsky's views. In the years following, the trend toward an understanding of the situated nature of cognition had evolved even further and the extent to which thinking and knowing are inextricably linked to contextual constraints was at last being defined. Experts of international repute, the authors of this important book examine the recent literature on situated cognition in children. They explain contextual sensitivity in relation to ecological theories of cognition, and contrast intuitive reasoning in mathematical and other scientific domains with the failure of such reasoning in formal school contexts. Centrally concerned with the question of generalizability and transfer of knowledge from one situation to another, the contributors point to practical implications for understanding how intellectual competence can be made to generalize between "informal" and "formal" situations.

Contemporary Socio Cultural and Political Perspectives in Thailand

Author : Pranee Liamputtong
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This volume examines contemporary Thailand. It captures aspects of Thai society that have changed dramatically over the past years and that have turned Thailand into a society that is different from what most people outside the country know and expect. The social transition of Thailand has been marked by economic growth, population restructuring, social and cultural development, political movements, and many reforms including the national health care system. The book covers the social, cultural, and economic changes as well as political situations. It discusses both historical contexts and emerging issues. It includes chapters on social and public health concerns, and on ethnicity, gender, sexuality and social class. Most chapters use information from empirical-based and historical research. They describe real life experiences of the contributors and Thai people who participated in the research.

Participation in Public and Social Media Interactions

Author : Marta Dynel
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This book deals with participation frameworks in modern social and public media. It brings together several cutting-edge research studies that offer exciting new insights into the nature and formats of interpersonal communication in diverse technology-mediated contexts. Some papers introduce new theoretical extensions to participation formats, while others present case studies in various discourse domains spanning public and private genres. Adopting the perspective of the pragmatics of interaction, these contributions discuss data ranging from public, mass-mediated and quasi-authentic texts, fully staged and scripted textual productions, to authentic, non-scripted private messages and comments, both of a permanent and ephemeral nature. The analyses include news interviews, online sports reporting, sitcoms, comedy shows, stand-up comedies, drama series, institutional and personal blogs, tweets, follow-up YouTube video commentaries, and Facebook status updates. All the authors emphasize the role of context and pay attention to how meaning is constructed by participants in interactions in increasingly complex participation frameworks existing in traditional as well as novel technologically mediated interactions.

Sociocultural Dimensions of Language Use

Author : Mary Sanches
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Presents detailed articles that shed light upon the ritual and social elements of verbal behavior.

Language Change

Author : Ian Cushing
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Essential study guides for the future linguist. Language Change is an introduction to how English has developed, grown and changed through history. It is suitable for students at advanced level and beyond. Written with input from the Cambridge English Corpus, it explores the nature, origins and process of language change, as well as the attitudes towards it. Furthermore, it looks at the policies and politics behind encouraging or halting change. Using activities to help explain analysis methods, this book guides students through major modern issues and concepts. It summarises key concerns and modern findings, while providing inspiration for language investigations and non-examined assessments (NEAs) with research suggestions.

Selling to the Masses

Author : Marjorie L. Hilton
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A captivating history of consumer culture in Russia from the 1880s to the early 1930s. Hilton highlights the critical role of consumerism as a vehicle for shaping class and gender identities, modernity, urbanism, and as a mechanism of state power in the transition from tsarist autocracy to Soviet socialism. She follows the evolution of retailing and retailers alike, from crude outdoor stalls to elite establishments, through the competition of private versus state-run stores during the NEP, and finally to a system of total state control, indifferent workers, rationing, and shortages under a consolidating Stalinist state.

Complaints Controversies and Grievances in Medicine

Author : Jonathan Reinarz
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Recent studies into the experiences and failures of health care services, along with the rapid development of patient advocacy, consumerism and pressure groups have led historians and social scientists to engage with the issue of the medical complaint. As expressions of dissatisfaction, disquiet and failings in service provision, past complaining is a vital antidote to progressive histories of health care. This book explores what has happened historically when medicine generated complaints. This multidisciplinary collection comprises contributions from leading international scholars and uses new research to develop a sophisticated understanding of the development of medicine and the role of complaints and complaining in this story. It addresses how each aspect of the medical complaint – between sciences, professions, practitioners and sectors; within politics, ethics and regulatory bodies; from interested parties and patients – has manifested in modern medicine, and how it has been defined, dealt with and resolved. A critical and interdisciplinary humanities and social science perspective grounded in historical case studies of medicine and bioethics, this volume provides the first major and comprehensive historical, comparative and policy-based examination of the area. It will be of interest to historians, sociologists, legal specialists and ethicists interested in medicine, as well as those involved in healthcare policy, practice and management.

Socio cultural Dimensions of Reproductive Child Health

Author : Rabindra Nath Pati
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In This Book, Socio-Cultural Dimensions Of Reproductive Health Have Been Critically Analysed. Eminent Social Scientists And Demographers Of India Have Contributed Empirical Articles On Various Issues Of Reproductive Health Of Women.

Ancient Medicine in Its Socio Cultural Context Volume 1

Author :
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This collection of papers aims at promoting an integrated approach to medical theory and practice in classical antiquity. The first volume offers articles (from an archaeological, historical and philological point of view) dealing with social, institutional and geographical aspects of medical practice. It also has a special section on medical views on women, children and sexuality, and on female medical activity.

Handbook of Clinical Depression

Author : Santosh K Chaturvedi
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This book is for family physicians and general practitioners to understand diagnose and treat clinical depressive disorders.

L2 Spanish Pragmatics

Author : Domnita Dumitrescu
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L2 Spanish Pragmatics is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art overview of current research into pragmatics and Spanish language teaching. It presents the research on the teaching of pragmatics and Spanish language as a multifaceted discipline. Written by an international cohort of scholars, the breadth of topics includes innovative topics in the teaching of Spanish, such as genre analysis, discourse markers, politeness and impoliteness, nonverbal communication, irony, and humor, as well as web-based pragmatics resources. Key features: An overview of new trends in Spanish pragmatics research and the growing need for instruction in intercultural communication; Insights derived from important theoretical and empirical works that may contribute to integrate pragmatics in the teaching of the language; Explanations with great clarity, plenty of examples and references, as well as connections to language teaching and learning; Tasks and activities that can help teachers move from a traditional curricular approach to a more innovative and engaging one; Descriptions of numerous activities or guidelines for the classroom, supplemented with additional materials; A bilingual glossary of terms in pragmatics that will help teachers in their implementation of activities to teach L2 Spanish pragmatics. L2 Spanish Pragmatics constitutes a reference book on current research on learning and teaching Spanish pragmatics. It will be of interest to university lecturers, researchers, and graduate students. It will also be an excellent resource for language educators and K-16 teachers willing to expand their knowledge and apply the teaching of pragmatics as an integral component in the teaching of the Spanish language.

Family Medicine

Author : Robert B. Taylor
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Family Medicine: Principles and Practice is a comprehensive reference text providing clear guidelines for diagnosing and managing acute and chronic illnesses regularly seen in family practice. The sixth edition will follow the format successfully established with the fourth edition. In addition, it will include new chapters on: Herbal Medicine, Hospitalist Medicine, Telemedicine, Evidence-Based Medicine, Osteopathic Medicine, Effective Office Management. Also, a whole new section on The Future of Family Medicine will be added. All chapters will be completely updated and with new clinical guidelines and references. Websites will be included in the references as well.

Contemporary Society

Author : Georg Pfeffer
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Contributed articles in honor of S.N. Ratha, former professor at Sambalpur University, Orissa -- v. 7. Identity, intervention and ideology in tribal India and beyond / Deepak Kumar Behera, Georg Pfeffer.

A Socio cultural Perspective on Patient Safety

Author : Justin Waring
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This edited volume of original chapters brings together researchers from around the world who are exploring the facets of health care organization and delivery that are sometimes marginal to mainstream patient safety theories and methodologies but offer important insights into the socio-cultural and organizational context of patient safety. By examining these critical insights or perspectives and drawing upon theories and methodologies often neglected by mainstream safety researchers, this collection shows we can learn more about not only the barriers and drivers to implementing patient safety programmes, but also about the more fundamental issues that shape notions of safety, alternate strategies for enhancing safety, and the wider implications of the safety agenda on the future of health care delivery. In so doing, A Socio-cultural Perspective on Patient Safety challenges the taken-for-granted assumptions around fundamental philosophical and political issues upon which mainstream orthodoxy relies. The book draws upon a range of theoretical and empirical approaches from across the social sciences to investigate and question the patient safety movement. Each chapter takes as its focus and question a particular aspect of the patient safety reforms, from its policy context and theoretical foundations to its practical application and manifestation in clinical practice, whilst also considering the wider implications for the organization and delivery of health care services. Accordingly, the chapters each draw upon a distinct theoretical or methodological approach to critically explore specific dimensions of the patient safety agenda. Taken as a whole, the collection advances a strong, coherent argument that is much needed to counter some of the uncritical assumptions that need to be described and analyzed if patient safety is indeed to be achieved.

Exploring Food and Urbanism

Author : Susan Parham
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Exploring Food and Urbanism looks at the ways food and cities interconnect in a diversity of places across the globe. The book’s focus moves from transformations in feeding the city and its hinterland in Istanbul, Turkey, through neighbourhoods struggling with food access in Blantyre, Malawi, to the challenges in making convivial public food spaces in Cairo. It explores everyday buying practices in Islamabad food markets that reflect wider changes in food cultures in Pakistan. The possibilities for growing food in suburban Cape Town in South Africa are tested, while possibilities for sharing meals using online methods to bring cooks and eaters together are considered across the Netherlands. This edited volume makes clear that globally food is critical to sustainable urbanism everywhere across cities from kitchens to gardens, food markets, food shops, streets, squares, neighbourhoods, cities, suburbs, and hinterlands. It shows how food cultures, practices, and economics are closely intertwined with how places are planned and designed even if this is not always fully recognised. The editors of the book conclude that food can and should contribute to responding to the challenges presented by the worsening climate emergency through a focus on sustainable urbanism. The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of the Journal of Urbanism.

Language Religion and Ethnic Assertiveness

Author : K. E. O. Dharmadasa
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Explores the relationship of Sinhalese nationalism to the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka

Identity Language and Belonging on Jersey

Author : Jaine Beswick
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This book examines transnational identities, integration and linguistic practices on Jersey, one of the Channel Islands. Within the context of major historical events and migratory flows, the author considers the significance of the multicultural small island space, ideologies regarding long-standing as well as emergent identification practices and language use, and conceptualizations of belonging, focusing in particular on the Madeiran Portuguese diaspora. The juxtaposition of historical and contemporary migratory flows opens up a compelling discussion concerning the maintenance and use of heritage languages in a multilingual environment, allowing a rare comparison of the symbolic role as ethnic identifiers of Jersey French, Standard French, English, and more contemporary migrant languages such as Portuguese. The author analyses the role of language in social integration and the potential for consequent shifts in group allegiances, as well as receptor community ideological and legislative responses, concluding with a hypothesised look at the future of migration to Jersey. This book advances research on migration, transnational lives and language use in an era of globalization, and will be of particular interest to students and scholars in the fields of sociolinguistics, multilingualism, migration studies, and intercultural communication.