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Projective Modules and Complete Intersections

Author : Satya Mandal
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In these notes on "Projective Modules and Complete Intersections" an account on the recent developments in research on this subject is presented. The author's preference for the technique of Patching isotopic isomorphisms due to Quillen, formalized by Plumsted, over the techniques of elementary matrices is evident here. The treatment of Basic Element theory here incorporates Plumstead's idea of the "generalized dimension functions." These notes are highly selfcontained and should be accessible to any graduate student in commutative algebra or algebraic geometry. They include fully self-contained presentations of the theorems of Ferrand-Szpiro, Cowsik-Nori and the techniques of Lindel.

Complete Intersections

Author : S. Greco
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Higher Multiplicities and Almost Free Divisors and Complete Intersections

Author : James Damon
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In this book, the author considers a general class of nonisolated hypersurface and complete intersection singularities called 'almost free divisors and complete intersections', which simultaneously extend both the free divisors introduced by K. Saito and the isolated hypersurface and complete intersection singularities. They also include discriminants of mappings, bifurcation sets, and certain types of arrangements of hyperplanes, such as Coxeter arrangements and generic arrangements. Topological properties of these singularities are studied via a 'singular Milnor fibration' which has the same homotopy properties as the Milnor fibration for isolated singularities.The associated 'singular Milnor number' can be computed as the length of a determinantal module using a Bezout-type theorem. This allows one to define and compute higher multiplicities along the lines of Teissier's $\mu ^*$-constants. These are applied to deduce topological properties of singularities in a number of situations including: complements of hyperplane arrangements, various nonisolated complete intersections, nonlinear arrangements of hypersurfaces, functions on discriminants, singularities defined by compositions of functions, and bifurcation sets. It treats nonisolated and isolated singularities together. It uses the singular Milnor fibration with its simpler homotopy structure as an effective tool. It explicitly computes the singular Milnor number and higher multiplicities using a Bezout-type theorem for modules.

Minimal Free Resolutions over Complete Intersections

Author : David Eisenbud
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This book introduces a theory of higher matrix factorizations for regular sequences and uses it to describe the minimal free resolutions of high syzygy modules over complete intersections. Such resolutions have attracted attention ever since the elegant construction of the minimal free resolution of the residue field by Tate in 1957. The theory extends the theory of matrix factorizations of a non-zero divisor, initiated by Eisenbud in 1980, which yields a description of the eventual structure of minimal free resolutions over a hypersurface ring. Matrix factorizations have had many other uses in a wide range of mathematical fields, from singularity theory to mathematical physics.

Isolated Singular Points on Complete Intersections

Author : Eduard Looijenga
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This book will be of use to professional mathematicians working in algebraic geometry, complex-analytical geometry and, to some extent, differential analysis.

The Monodromy Groups of Isolated Singularities of Complete Intersections

Author : Wolfgang Ebeling
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Complete Intersections on an Algebraic Variety

Author : James Michael Hornell
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Smoothness Regularity and Complete Intersection

Author : Javier Majadas
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Written to complement standard texts on commutative algebra, this short book gives complete and relatively easy proofs of important results, including the standard results involving localisation of formal smoothness (M. André) and localisation of complete intersections (L. Avramov), some important results of D. Popescu and André on regular homomorphisms, and some results from A. Grothendieck's EGA on smooth homomorphisms. The authors make extensive use of the André–Quillen homology of commutative algebras, but only up to dimension 2, which is easy to construct, and they deliberately avoid using simplicial methods. The book also serves as an accessible introduction to some advanced topics and techniques. The only prerequisites are a basic course in commutative algebra and the first definitions in homological algebra.

Gorenstein Liaison Complete Intersection Liaison Invariants and Unobstructedness

Author : Jan Oddvar Kleppe
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This paper contributes to the liaison and obstruction theory of subschemes in $\mathbb{P}^n$ having codimension at least three. The first part establishes several basic results on Gorenstein liaison. A classical result of Gaeta on liaison classes of projectively normal curves in $\mathbb{P}^3$ is generalized to the statement that every codimension $c$ ""standard determinantal scheme"" (i.e. a scheme defined by the maximal minors of a $t\times (t+c-1)$ homogeneous matrix), is in the Gorenstein liaison class of a complete intersection. Then Gorenstein liaison (G-liaison) theory is developed as a theory of generalized divisors on arithmetically Cohen-Macaulay schemes. In particular, a rather general construction of basic double G-linkage is introduced, which preserves the even G-liaison class.This construction extends the notion of basic double linkage, which plays a fundamental role in the codimension two situation. The second part of the paper studies groups which are invariant under complete intersection linkage, and gives a number of geometric applications of these invariants. Several differences between Gorenstein and complete intersection liaison are highlighted. For example, it turns out that linearly equivalent divisors on a smooth arithmetically Cohen-Macaulay subscheme belong, in general, to different complete intersection liaison classes, but they are always contained in the same even Gorenstein liaison class. The third part develops the interplay between liaison theory and obstruction theory and includes dimension estimates of various Hilbert schemes. For example, it is shown that most standard determinantal subschemes of codimension $3$ are unobstructed, and the dimensions of their components in the corresponding Hilbert schemes are computed.

Dynamical Systems VIII

Author : V.I. Arnol'd
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This book is devoted to applications of singularity theory in mathematics and physics, covering a broad spectrum of topics and problems. "The book contains a huge amount of information from all the branches of Singularity Theory, presented in a very attractive way, with lots of inspiring pictures." --ZENTRALBLATT MATH